Roadside Service 4.7/5 (49)

Hello all, I just had to write what happened to me on my way to help a friend in need. My girl friend had called and said she needed help moving out, seems her and her husband were splitting up. I had asked my husband to come with me and help and he did not want to come between his friend had his wife. I told him he was being unreasonable and we had a fight the night before and did not enjoy our usual Saturday night date night or the fantastic sex that follows.

I got up early and was in the shower when my husband decided to join me with his hard cock. He scared me when I felt his cock poke my ass in the shower. I thought he was going to go with me to help, so I started to work his cock with my hands and as I was about to give him a wet blow job I asked him if he was going with me and when he said no I handed him a bar of soap and told him to finish himself.

Our fight was still on. He told me he was going golfing with a buddy and that I should not be upset with him for siding with his friend. I wore a braless tank top and shorts because it is getting hot in the desert. When my husband saw that I was braless he gave me grief saying I never go braless anywhere with him. We live in Scottsdale Arizona and my girlfriend lives two hours south in Tucson. I left Scottsdale around 9:30 and expected to be in Tucson around noon.

I had brought a Harlequin book on tape to listen to on my ride. I was about 90 miles south of Phoenix wet between my legs from the sexy voices reading my romance novel over the radio. My 34D breast were at full attention and I would alternate my free hand between playing with my hard clit and tweaking my hard nipples. Just as the girl in the book was about to be violated by her husbands boss I ran over something and got a flat.

I pulled over and limped my Avalanche to an off ramp. I was outside Eloy Arizona in the middle of nowhere. I used my Onstar to call my husband to tell him he needed to come and help me. He was on his third hole which meant his third beer and told me it was a good thing I was braless and that a passing car would stop and help me. I was pissed and hung up on him. He called right back and asked for the exit I was on so he could call AAA for me.

After he called them he called back and told me they would be an hour to an hour and a half. I grabbed a pillow from my back seat and took the bed covers off and was lying in the hot Arizona sun listening to my romance novel as I got a tan and waited for AAA. I fell asleep and was awoken by two young men who had pulled up behind me in a small RV. The said it looked like I needed help with my tire. I climbed out of the bed of the truck and smiled and told them that AAA was on the way.

Then I looked at my watch and noticed it had only been 25 minutes. I must have fallen asleep really quickly. I showed them where the spare was and they went to work I had forgotten to turn the radio down and as they were jacking up my truck the lady in the book was screaming thru an orgasm. This got the boys attention and when I saw their faces they were blushing. I reached in and turned the radio off, doing so I felt my hard nipples coming back to life.

I called my husband and told him that two nice boys had stopped to change my tire and he teased me about showing them my hard nipples and I told them I was old enough to be their mother, he told me I was still very hot and to call when I was back on the road. I watched as they took off the tire from under my truck and was taken by their fine bodies. They both were around 23-25 and very tan, very lean, not real tall but taller than my husband who is 5’8”.

They were both wearing shorts and tank tops and flip flop sandals. I asked them where they were headed and they told me they were minor league baseball players heading to El Paso to report to a new team. After they had gotten the tire from under the truck they asked me for my special lug nut for my custom rims. I did not have a clue what they were talking about and called my husband and he told me it was in the glove compartment I thanked him and hung up.

I told the boys it was in there and one of them went to get it. He stuck his head out and said it was not there. He got out and I went to look for it and did not find it I called my hubby and he said to look harder it was there, or wait for AAA and they will be able to fix it. I told the boys this and they told me they would wait and invited me into the RV where it was nice and cool.

I found out their names were Josh and Danny they were 22. I told them my son was 21 and my daughter was 20 both in college in Tempe. Josh remarked with a mom as good looking as me my daughter must be beautiful. I smiled and said thanks when Danny asked if I wanted a margarita (my weakness)? I said sure since we had to wait. Danny then said we should call AAAA and tell them about my special lug nut so they would be sure they had the right one.

He called and said the ETA was now officially 2 hours. Josh poured me a large drink and I noticed it was much stronger than my husband makes, but I had two hours to fill and these young men were so nice to keep me company. I called my girlfriend and told her I would be a few hours late and she offered to come and help. I told her not to bother that I was in good company and she should get as much packed as possible before I get there.

I went back into the RV and the boys were on the bed drinking while I sat at the table with my larger stronger margarita. We talked about each other and I told them I was 46 and have been married for 24 years and had two kids. Josh told me he was from Kansas and Danny was from Texas they were in double A ball which is one step from the big show as they said. They had only met each other 3 days ago when they were notified they were assigned to El Paso.

I remarked they seemed like best of friends and made a good team together. Josh said he was a pitcher and Danny was his new catcher and that good chemistry is necessary between pitcher and catcher. As we were drinking there rock music CD ran out and Danny asked me if I wanted to listen to my CD. I turned beet red and told him I was ok. Josh asked me if that is what they call a Harlequin book and remarked his mother reads them all the time.

I asked how old his mother was and he told me she was 55. I told them that my mother had given me my first book about 5 years ago and that they were and escape from reality. They both smiled. I turned red again and could feel my nipples getting hard again. These two boys had been nothing but kind and helpful and I was becoming aroused in their presence. Danny got up and refilled my drink and Josh said it was time for a shot. I declined and they teased me and I relented.

Right before I put to my lips to a shot of tequila a DPS car stopped behind us. The boys told me they had been drinking before and I should tell him everything was ok. I walked out of the RV and when the officer approached he asked if we were ok and I showed him my flat and told him my nephew and his friend were waiting with me. He tipped his dark sun glasses (to my nipples I think) and said he would check back later to make sure I was alright.

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