Rivalry 3.8/5 (12)

Most everyone knows a place located away from their home where they seem inevitably run into someone from their hometown. In Kentucky, the rest stop at Beaver Dam on the West Kentucky Parkway, is one of those places. Our story starts there.

David Hancock was on his way to Lexington for a business meeting. Going out of town for business was unusual for him. As an owner of a construction company, he took advantage of the hard rain to have an excuse to go. By coincidence, his wife, Vivian, was at a trade show, also in Lexington. She would probably be on her way back, however, so they might be ships passing in the day.

David made a pit stop at the rest area for bladder relief, coffee and a snack. He would wait until Lexington to eat a real meal. The restaurant choices in Lexington helped make up for the long drive. He looked around in the convenience area for people from Hopkinsville, his hometown. Before long he saw the familiar back of a lovely lady. Normally that would make him feel good, but the arm of a familiar asshole was around her waist. They were laughing and giggling like teenagers.

“Hello, Vivian. Hello, Dipshit. Have fun in Lexington?”

Vivian was flustered. “David! What are you doing here? It’s not what you think.”

“Oh, he didn’t have his arm around your waist? Are you telling me Allen didn’t go to Lexington with you when you swore to me he wasn’t?”

“He was just being friendly. He got chosen to go at the last minute. Really, you’ve got to quit being jealous for no reason.”

“I have plenty of reason. I have had plenty of reason since I caught you two making out at your office’s New Year’s party.”

“We were not making out. Just a little kiss under the mistletoe.”

“There was no mistletoe in the conference room and you could have not seen it if there were, with all the lights out. And I don’t believe the story about he forgot to zip up after going to the restroom. Now I know for sure I cannot trust you to tell me the truth about him.”

“David, this is not the time and place. . . “

“When will be the time and place?”

“David, when you return home, we will have a talk. I think you’ll see that there’s nothing to worry about. Go on to your ball game.”

“Meeting, no ball game.”

“Whatever. Try to enjoy the rest of your trip. I’ll be home waiting for your return. Nothing will have changed. You’ll see. Come on Allen, we need to be going.”

David went on to his car and headed towards Lexington. He was surprised at the location of the confrontation with Vivian and Allen, but he was not surprised at the content of the verbal exchange. He knew Vivian was lying through her teeth. She had already talked to a lawyer. He expected to be served soon. She was not aware David had been planning what to do about her cheating since the New Year’s party.

David remembered that in dating Vivian, his lust had overruled his recognition of the most irreconcilable difference possible in the state of Kentucky: She was a University of Louisville fan while he was a University of Kentucky fan. If you’re not from Kentucky, you don’t realize that no matter the sport, no matter the rankings, any contest between UofL and UK is WAR.

They had met when both attended Western Kentucky University, so they were outsiders together there. She had gotten a volleyball scholarship to WKU; otherwise she would have attended UofL. David needed to attend a college closer to home so he could work in the family business easier; otherwise he would have attended UK. They were physically attracted to each other from the start. When they found out about each other’s true college affiliation, it required a compromise.

Both would cheer for the Hilltoppers. They had agreed to support each other’s team except when they played each other. They both lied. They never supported the other’s team. Although they lived together their junior and senior years, it was quickly established that there could be no sex after any ballgame in which UK and UofL were combatants. Too emotional.

Because David was established in his family’s business in Hopkinsville, Vivian had conceded to living there. David picked a three-bedroom house with unfinished basement for them to live in. One bedroom was the Cardinal Bedroom, one was the Wildcat Bedroom, and one was the master bedroom. The spouse whose team lost spent the night in the opposite affiliation bedroom as shame for the failure of his/her team. Guests got to choose or split bedrooms.

She had agreed to join David in his hometown in a house of his choice but that was the extent of her sacrifices. She got to decide furniture, social activities, and trips. Any hesitation on David’s part to give her what she wanted was met with ‘I agreed to move to UK country. I should get whatever I want.”

Although there was nothing else that should have caused trouble in their lives, neither was there anything to cause excitement. She worked in a local jewelry store and helped with some local charities, but none of these things touched her soul. Vivian began to suggest more exotic trips and adventures that David said were too expensive and that he couldn’t get away for. Vivian became more and more irritated. The lust was no longer great enough to make up for their differences. Sex became less frequent and less passionate.

To Vivian there always seemed to be some reminder that this was Big Blue country and she was an outsider. She began to seek out Louisville fans to counter the overwhelming Kentucky support in the town. That’s how Allen got into the picture. He was a UofL graduate who had married a local girl.

While in Lexington, David received a message from Vivian that she wanted to meet with him at the house after noon on Saturday and told him he needed to be there. It was important. He said that should be no problem since he planned on returning shortly after breakfast and would gain an hour coming back from EDT to CDT.

Just after noon on Saturday, David brought his overnight bag into the house. David had seen Allen’s car in the driveway, so he was expecting he was there for the meeting also. “Hello, Vivian. Hello, Asshole.”

“Really, David? Childish name calling?”

“I am rubber, you are glue . . .”

Turning to Allen, Vivian remarked, “You see what I’ve had to put up with . . .”

David got serious. “Okay, Vivian. It’s your show.”

“Well, Allen has won a trip to the Bahamas for a week. He and I will leave together tomorrow. I feel a big relief that we don’t have to pretend anymore. Our lawyer will have divorce papers served first thing on Monday morning. We wanted to meet with you after noon today because you won’t be able to do anything with your money before you receive the papers which will coincide with the freezing of your assets.

“I have a copy of the latest totals of the accounts so don’t think you can hide them from the settlement. It’s simple. 50% for each of us from our assets, including your business. We’ll sell the house and split the profit. And alimony, of course. Fight it and I’ll go for more and make it difficult for you to access the money to run your business. More importantly, your precious reputation in your Norman Rockwell hometown will be ruined when I tell of all the abuse, neglect and mental cruelty I suffered from.”

“Well, it seems like you’ve thought of everything. I’m curious though, why don’t you want the house? I would be glad to move out so you and assh… sorry, you and buttwipe could live here.” David asked her to aggravate her. He knew she hated the house.

“You know I’ve never liked this house, but you, Mister Construction Man, knew what a good deal it was. And that creepy basement. I get goosebumps just thinking about all those spider webs, roaches, and rats that might be down there. If you hadn’t moved the laundry facility upstairs, I would never have lived here. I still don’t understand why you didn’t build a house yourself?”

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