Rascal Returns

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Section 1

My husband was going to Arizona to help his sister settle in after her husband passed away. Now I had no problem with that but I have to admit I get nervous thinking about being alone and sent an e-mail off to Rascal. Racal had visited us some months before and had fucked me as I had never been fucked before. While I love my husband I love Rascal’s cock. He had fucked me good plenty on his last visit. Sounds like a candy and for me it was.

I e-mailed Rascal that my husband was going to be gone for a least a week and hoped he could drop by. He answered that he and a buddy were going to be in our area that week. If it was OK they would both drop in to see me. Did I have a problem if his buddy came? I was not sure how it would work out, I had visions of two of them fucking me and my cunt started getting moist. I told him that it was no problem. Once when I was much younger I had this knockout babe as a roommate.

We did not have a lot of money so we shared a queen sized bed. One night she brought home this dreamy guy. We sat around smoking pot and drinking wine until they went into the bedroom. I could tell they were having a wonderful time. Finally I ended up finger fucking myself to climax. Sometime later it had been quiet for a while and I was getting sleepy so I peeked in and since they appeared asleep I went in, took off all my clothes and got into the bed.

In those days I liked to sleep naked. My roommate was on the outside and her date, Kevin I later learned his name, was in the middle. I was just settling down when I felt Kevin rolled over facing me then put his hand on my left breast. Then he was kissing my shoulder as his hand went down to my cunt and a finger went inside of me. I reached over and grabbed a thick hard cock with the biggest head I had ever felt.

Then he was in me and that head kind of popped when it entered my canal. I could feel the edges of it running up and down inside of me. I whispered to him that I wanted to be on top and he let me. This way I had better control of the depth and angle and started fucking harder. To my surprise I felt lips starting to suck my nipples and realized it was my roommate. We ended up having a night long fuck fest, laced by wine and pot and later some whip cream which was very interesting.

I never did a threesome with two guys but my memory of that night fueled my excitement at the thought of Rascal and his friend. My husband left on Sunday and bright and early Monday morning I heard the sound of two motorcycles. I took off my bra, put on a fuck me tee shirt and a pair of short pants over nothing and answered the door. There was a tall, bald headed biker named Art. He took one look at me and said “I hope you like cum cause I have a lot to give you.” I stood there in semi shock until Rascal appeared.

Rascal was about the same height as Art but stockier with a Santa Clause white beard. I remembered the feeling of his beard running all over my body on his last visit and felt a drop of juice drip out of my overheated pussy. I offered them a beer which they took and Art said, “Rascal said you were a hot older lady and he was fucking right.” “We are going to fuck you every way there is.” Rascal looked at me and said, “Dani, we want to see those big tits of yours bounce around this week.

Take off your shirt and plan on being topless all week.” I did as I was ordered to do, thrilling to the fact that I was a secret submissive and these men were going to use me for a week. With that they asked for another beer, took off their clothes and went out and into the pool. I stripped off my shorts, got the beers and went out to join them. I knew Rascals beautiful cock but wanted to see Art’s. Like a dream come true it was standing up waiting for me. It was a couple inches longer than Rascals, thicker with a huge head.

My weakness. I grabbed Arts cock and started sucking as he played with my breasts. I licked him up and down, deep throated him and when I felt him start to tense up I got ready to swallow his load. Then he started shooting, being a true slut I held his cum in my mouth until he finished then leaned back and let some of it drip out and down on my breasts. I took both hands, one on each breast, and scooped his spilt cum up and sucked it into my mouth. At this point I noticed that Rascal had a hard on and a look of need.

I went over to him and took him in my mouth. From before I knew just what Rascal loved, I teased him with my tongue and mouth and could tell I was driving him crazy. When I felt him start to tense up I took him out of my mouth and jacked him off onto my generous boobs. The feeling of cum running down my breasts almost made me come again. At this point they picked me up, carried me to my bed and took turns fucking me.

If I had tried to count the cums I would have failed. The beauty of being in your 60’s is that you don’t need condoms so I was awash in cum and loving it. In my mind I was thinking, I could do the whole gang if they were here. Tuesday morning started with two doses of cum, two fucks and breakfast. It was a wonder that we ever got to breakfast. Even in my twenties, when I admit I fucked anyone that struck my fancy, I was never like this.

Can I count the times I climaxed or the gallons of cum I drank. Duh! Wednesday we just spent in bed. These two guys are not young but one of them seemed to be up all the time. My cunt was getting sore from all the fucking and I told them I would have to switch to BJ’s only. Surprisingly nobody objected and it seemed like the rest of the day I had one cock or the other in my mouth all the time. For all the protein I drank I was never hungry that day. Thursday AM my husband called to tell me he would be back that night.

I told the guys and we had farewell fucks. Well many farewell fucks. Not to mention some farewell sucks. They left about noon and I went to pick up my husband at four. I guess he knew what I had been doing because as soon as we left the airport grounds he directed me to a deserted side street. Unzipped and pulled out a surprisingly hard cock and asked me to blow him. He came within a minute.

We went home and he went off to look at the security tapes. Within minutes he was back with another hard cock and off we went to my well used bed. He said, “I hope I can go on another trip soon.”


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