Rascal and my Wife

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Section 1

If you have been reading my stories you know that I am in my early 70’s and my wife just turned 60. Sex for the last ten years or so has been oral or sometimes with me wearing a strap on. I have taken all the pills and they just don’t work anymore and I expect that Type 2 diabetes has played a part in that. My wife is five foot five or so, probably 140 pounds now but with nice legs, somewhat small ass and a pair of 36DD+. She has never had any children so her pussy is tight and was a good fit for my almost 6 inch dick when it was working.

Back in the 90’s she was a real fox and got hit on a lot. In her younger days she had a lot of experience comparing her 50 to my 12 although not in a nasty way. It has always been hard for her to cum with intercourse unless she was on top but I have never failed to get her off with oral. Her first partner in school taught her about BJ’s and she has always taken cum in mouth and says she enjoys the various tastes of cum and the feeling of taking it in her mouth but she also likes the feel of it spurting in her pussy.

She had an IUD for years so she got to feel the skin to skin contact and the sperm shooting into her. When I first started having my problems, we tried to get a surrogate for sex for her. It was funny that when she decided to do it and picked someone who she thought would be good, at the question from me as to how often she thought would do it she said, “Maybe twice a week or so.” She fucked him on two occasions, but he turned out to be a poor lay. Then a consultant came along and she had a lot of adventures with him.

Hating her then job she finally went back to college for a graduate degree which entailed some more adventures but when she came home she got a job that restricted her activates and Viagra had come out so we settled down for a long time. When I started on the blue pill the doctor told me that it would not last forever, he was right.

When it finally failed I suggested another lover, but she was older and although she still got horny at least once a week she did not feel like the ordeal of it. Fast forward to now. I have never lost my interest in sex, doing what I can, watching videos and reading stories on various sites.

I posted a few stories my wife had written back in the day and started some of my own. One attracted someone with the alias of Cycle Rider, he wrote me and we started exchanging IM’s and I was able to read several stories he had posted. Next we swapped pictures and when I sent one of my wife standing there with her great tits showing he got all excited.

One of the ones he sent me showed he was fairly tall, kind of stocky which is a body type my wife loves and with a normal sized cock. Over the years she has gotten tighter, so I knew from using dildos that a bigger cock would cause her pain. I knew she would not go for just meeting someone for sex, so I had to come up with an excuse.

In my twenties I worked as a service manager at a motorcycle shop so Rascal (Cycle Riders name) and I worked out a plan where he would become one of my former co-workers who had just found me and I invited him over for a visit. I told my wife that we had company coming for a visit next Sunday and explained the circumstances. She was OK with it. I e-mailed Rascal and told him to bring a swimsuit as we had a pool.

We have a fairly good-sized house with the typical set up of three bedrooms on one side, two off of one hallway with a bathroom and the other, or master suite at the other end. Some years ago I was having breathing problems that kept waking my wife up then she had a surgical procedure that required some recuperation, so she took over the front bedroom and used the middle one as an office. We had a sleeper couch in the living room to accommodate any quests.

On Saturday I told her we needed to have a talk, I explained that when I knew Rascal, he was a real cock hound and the girls seemed to love him. That I thought he was a good guy and that it might be a chance for her to try a real cock as I knew that he was about the same size as me. She did not seem too excited about that but at least she knew that it would be OK with me. Sunday afternoon we heard the roar of a Harley and I knew he was here.

I greeted him, put his bike in the garage and brought him in to meet my wife. I could tell by the look on her face that she liked him at once. We had a wonderful time telling stories and talking about the “old days” at the motorcycle shop.

I suggested that we take a dip in the pool and all agreed. Rascal changed first and came out in a speedo that showed his equipment off fairly well. I changed into my trunks and just as I got back my wife appeared in a neat one piece that was a little small in the top causing her great boobs to display themselves in the best light.

Before going into the pool I put some ribs on to cook and joined those two who were already having a great conversation. Rascal and I were downing the Lite’s and my wife not being a drinker was drinking a soda. We visited in the pool for the next hour then I said, “You two are having so much fun, I will go make the salad.” No one objected.

I got a great shot of the pool from the kitchen window and noticed that they were closer together and my wife kept touching Rascal on the arm and was being very animated. They moved up to the steps, Rascal sat on the top one and my wife was partially in the pool. I noticed that the top of her suit had kind of moved down almost to her nipples which I could see were very extended and poking through the material. I also noticed that Rascal was getting the beginning of a hard on.

At that moment my wife noticed it also and got a little red in the face. We ate dinner on the patio and I kind of acted like I had gotten a little drunk. My wife scolded me and Rascal said that maybe he should be going. I suggested that since we had both been drinking a lot maybe he should stay over since he had nothing going on for Monday. I told him we could give him a toothbrush and shaving stuff. He said he would think about it, looking at my wife.

She had changed into a skirt and a peasant top which was pulled down her shoulders, I did not see any straps so assumed she was not wearing a bra. Looking right in his eyes she said, “Please stay Rascal, I would feel terrible if something happen to you on the road. Here you will be safe for the night.” She got up to go to the bathroom, Rascal looked at me and said “I want some of that, she looks so hot and fuckable.” I told him I was going to play crash soon and he was on his own. My wife came back and we started talking about sex and stuff like that.

Section 2

I mentioned my problems but my wife cut in to say that I took care of her in other ways. Rascal said he was still doing fairly good in that department but had gone on Once A Day Cialis which meant that he was always ready. My wife blushed again. I started acting like I was nodding off, finally my wife got up and told me to go to bed, that she would take care of getting Rascal ready for bed. I got up, told Rascal I was sorry for falling asleep, kissed my wife and went into my bedroom closing the door behind me.

I brushed my teeth, went to the bathroom, flushed the toilet and turned off my light. I could hear them talking quietly and saw the light dim in the living room. At this point I turned on my iPad, knowing that my wife would not remember that we had several IP Cameras in the main part of the house. I brought up the one covering the area where they were sitting and sat back to see what was going to happen.

Well they were a little closer together on the couch than before and both were doing the toughing thing, then he looked toward my room, saying something to my wife, Rascal put his hand behind her head and brought her over for a kiss. My wife did not resist and they continued kissing. Then his other hand went down to fondle her breasts, after a few moments of this he pulled down to top of the peasant blouse and started sucking on her nipples.

As he was sucking her tits he put his hand down between her legs and as he pulled the skirt up I could see she did not have panties on. Now my wife does not shave her pussy but has very fine blond hard which is almost like being shaved. I think at this point he must have put his finger in her pussy because she jumped back, said something and got up.

I guess she was doing the “I’m married” thing or something like that. She pulled up her blouse and started taking the pillows off the hide abed. She showed him how to open it helped him put on the sheets, kissed him again, kind of long, and went toward her room. Rascal undressed, went to the bathroom and came back, turned off the light and just before he got under the sheets he took off his underpants and then laid down under the top sheet.

The wonders of IR IP Cameras allowed me to have a good view of the bed. Something told me this was not over yet, after all my wife seemed to like him and certainly had my permission to fuck him if she wanted. I kept watching the view and in about five minutes my wife appeared again, this time she was in a small pair of crotchless panties and a lace babydoll we had gotten from WickedTemptations. It was her “fuck me” outfit. I can’t count how many times she had worn that for me. She pulled the top sheet back and Rascal was ready for her.

I guess he heard her coming or they had preplanned it but his cock was at full attention. They started kissing, he was feeling up her large breasts and then pulled the shirt up to expose them. His hand went into her panties and I was sure he was finger fucking her as she seemed to be humping his hand. Then she moved over and started sucking his cock.

I have no real idea but I expect that my wife has given thousands of blow jobs in her life, she seems to relish the taste of cum. Being somewhat of a devil once in a while after taking my cum she will get on top of me and force it into my mouth. I think that is her way of giving me a cream pie because in the old days when she was fucking around I used to eat her out when she came home. She was sucking away on Rascal and had moved over to the side so he could hold onto her great boobs , while she sucked him, which was one of my favorite positions.

Suddenly she stopped, said something to him and led him off to her bedroom. After a few minutes I gave up on the view and went to sleep after jacking off my soft cock. Yes you can have a good climax even with a soft one. My wife gives it to me that way a lot. I woke up at about three AM, turned on the iPad and noticed that Rascal was still not back in bed. At Seven I woke up again, checked the iPad and he was back in bed.

I waited a while, got dressed and came out. My wife was in the kitchen just starting coffee, I asked her if she slept well and she said she had a great night. A few minutes later Rascal got up, we had breakfast, they decided to swim again, I said I had to go to Lowe’s and a couple of other stores and left them. Got back right after noon, we had a light lunch and Rascal said he had to go home. We thanked him for the visit and told him to come back anytime. I walked him out to his bike, shook his hand and thanked him for what he did for my wife.

He said, “No thanks needed, she did it for me.” We agreed that we would have to do it again and he rode off. I went back inside and grabbed my wife and gave her a big kiss. I got the unmistakable taste of cum on her lips so I guess there was one more blow job for Rascal. I said, “Tell me all, I saw the first part but what happened in your room.” She realized I had seen her slut action and while slightly embarrassed started to tell me the story.

She led him into her bedroom, they stripped and he laid her on her bed, really laid her. His cock hit the bottom of her cunt and slowly fucked her, in, out, in, out. After a few minutes of this he tightened up and came in her. She was shocked at the amount of cum he had in him. They laid there kissing for a few minutes, he loved her big tits and kept sucking on them then suddenly she felt him getting hard again, this time they 69’ed. She said he was a skilled pussy eater and she finally came with a big climax.

He was hard again and she told him she loved doggy style so they turned around and he fucked her and fucked her and fucked her some more. He then turned her on her back, straddled her and started fucking her tits, he would spit between her tits to get her slippery then put his cock there and slide back and forth. After what seemed like hours to her he came, spurting his cum all over her neck and tits.

She took her hands and rubbed his sperm into her tits and then licked her hands to get a taste of it. After that they fell asleep for a few hours but he woke her again and fucked her long and hard, she wrapped her legs around his body and to her surprise gave her a vaginal climax. She told me he might just be the best lover she had ever had.

Nothing to do with our love but on a sexual plain he was a miracle worker. Finally he went back to the hide abed because “they did not want me to know.” When I went to the stores in the morning she gave him another blow job but this time she let his cum run out of her mouth, rubbed it into his cock and onto her tits saying she wanted him to remember this forever.

After I heard all this I picked her up, put her on the floor, ripped off her clothes and buried my face in her cunt as she sucked my dick. We both came again and then agreed that we had to have Rascal over again.


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