Pulling on the Train!  4.5/5 (69)

Within a couple of minutes I knew I was going to cum, which was fine. The good thing about being a woman is that our orgasm are rarely messy, and we can cum without giving too much away unless we want to. The problem was that I also felt the man behind me was about to cum and he was wearing trousers that would surely show signs of a mess if I managed to wank him off right there on the train!

I glanced back as I pulled his cock and he fingered me.

He nodded and smiled.

It was my signal to finish the job.

I started to fuck the finger inside me, my legs bobbing up and down ever so slightly, allowing a nice fucking motion in my pussy as my hand worked on his cock, bringing him rapidly towards orgasm.

Finally my release was nigh, and as he pushed a second finger into my sopping wet cunt on the train, I orgasmed and my whole body started to shake and writhe as I managed to enjoy the orgasm enveloping me in public.

Sensing my cum, the guy behind me started to jerk his cock in my hand, and then, just as the train began to move again in the dark tunnel, he thrust his hips forward and filled my hand with a large few dobs of cum as I jacked him off in the crowded carriage! Finishing him off completely, I lifted my pussy off his finger, and he slipped it from my panties, before zipping me back up with one hand.

I reached deeper into his trousers, and rubbed his gooey load all over the inside of one of his pocket liners, hoping to clean my hand, but not make too obvious a stain for him to have to hide.

The train burst forth into the light once more, and as we approached my own station, my guy was still behind me, silent.

I smelled his odour, the smell of cum a nice change from the body odour of the guy to my side.

As the doors opened, I took out my earphones, turned to the sexy man who had just given me one of the best orgasm I had ever had, and smiled.

“Thanks!” I said, before getting off and heading home.

So, the next time you get on a crowded train or bus, just feel your way around the mass of bodies. You might just find me in front or behind you, and our hands and pelvises might help us both pass the time!!

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