Pulling on the Train!  4.5/5 (69)

This is a true story that happened to me last year. At the time I didn’t tell anyone because I was too embarrassed, but my husband encouraged me to write in and tell you all about it. He thought it was the most erotic thing he had heard of in years.

So here goes.

It was a hot summer day. Really hot.

The train was crowded as I boarded and began the long trip home from work.

As the bell rang and the doors began to close, I was forced backwards even further in the aisle, and the man in front of me pushed me onto the person behind me. The smell of body odour almost made me feint, as the man in front of me sweat through his grey shirt. Poo..he stank!

Behind me I looked around to see a man slightly older than me, and rather non-descript. He was wearing glasses and a dark shirt with grey trousers, and he had an ipod in his ears as the train pulled away from the station.

I put my own ipod in my ears and the music helped me forget the pungent odour of the man in front of me. I love music, and as I held on to the handle above my head to keep my balance in the crowded train, I closed my eyes and drifted into the trance like state I go to on the train when I want to switch off and relax.

As we pulled in to the next station, I couldn’t believe it. Only three people got off ad a whole stack forced their way in, making it even more squashed. Thankfully this forced Mr Smelly to one side of me, but a large, ok, FAT woman made her way in front of me and I was pushed hard back against the guy in the suit behind me.

As the train took off once again, the whole carriage rocked and I stumbled as my grip on the handle was wrenched away. Luckily the man behind me caught me, his hands grabbing my hips and stopping me from falling onto the smelly guy.

“Thanks” I said, my lips emphasizing the words as we both had music in our ears.

He just nodded, and I turned back to find the handle and look the other way once more.

As the song changed and the train slowed at the next station, I felt a push against my buttocks. It was brief, and I wasn’t sure if it was a mistake or intentional. Anyway, I ignored it, and we stopped, some got off, some got on, and we headed off once more.

Another song later, the push was there again, only this time it didn’t stop. It remained there and I swear it felt like the penis of the man behind me who had stopped me from falling earlier.

I swung my head to look at him, but he was looking away, despite the fact his pelvis was jammed against mine by the squash of the crowded train. No-one else seemed to notice, and they were all squashed in tightly anyway.

I closed my eyes once more and tried to inch forward, but the huge woman in front of me now was blocking the way completely, and I was unable to move at all. The pushing bulge against my buttocks was now unmistakable, and, as the heat in the carriage and the music in my ears took over, I felt myself drifting into a sexy state of calm.

I love sex, and my husband and I try all sorts of wild things, so I am always aware of sexual feelings, and this was starting to be a definite sexual feeling. In fact, the cock behind me was no longer just pushing against my buttock.

The man had managed to move a little so that his now even harder cock was pressing against his trousers, and nudging into the gap between my ass cheeks as I stood there in my black skirt and heels.

It felt lovely, and I found myself pushing back slightly to nestle the warm cock even further between my thighs as the train rolled on.

At the next stop no-one got off or on in our carriage as it was already totally full. We moved on quickly and once more my attention was draw to the erotic feelings enveloping my body and mind.

Still clasping the handle with my left hand, my right hand fell to my side and I looked to see if anyone noticed my movement. The coast was clear. I knew there was a long tunnel ahead, and I wanted to see just how bold the plain looking guy behind me was as he pushed his cock into my cheeks from behind.

The moment we hit the tunnel, I reached for his cock and gave it a really long, hard squeeze outside his trousers. It was a lovely, long thick shaft, and I was impressed. The guy didn’t move an inch. I was able to give him a really nice, long feel before the train burst into the light once more as we left the tunnel. I glanced back at him, but he simply kept looking the other direction, letting his hips do the talking.

This was fun, and fuck it was hot too!

The train rolled on and we stopped at a few more stations. My guy was still there, and his cock was now poking lewdly against my ass crack. I had spread my legs slightly, to allow the opening back there to increase a little, and he had taken the bait.

His hips had rolled forward to push his cock further into the warm nest I had made for it. I then pushed my butt backwards as far as I dared without causing anyone to get suspicious. I knew the second, and longer, of the tunnels on the way home was just ahead, and I had a plan to make this trip home eve more erotic for us both.

As we entered the tunnel, I once more dropped my right hand to his trousers. This time, however, I didn’t feel him up outside his trousers. This time, in very close proximity to the others on board, and with a complete stranger pressing his cock into my ass cheeks, I reached back and unzipped his fly.

At first he flinched, easing back a little as the realisation of what was happening took hold. But then, as he calmed, and the train continued in the dark, he relaxed and eased forwards once more, until my hand, totally inside his trousers, reached in and found his bare cock shaft. It was very hot to touch, and I gave him a gorgeous stroking.

Suddenly, just as I felt the heavy balls at the bottom of his cock, the train slowed and then stopped completely! The only lights left on were the small emergency lights, and the whole train was stuck in the tunnel in darkness as my hand played with the strangers cock right there in the carriage!

I rubbed and rubbed, getting totally turned on by what I was doing. Then, just as I thought the sexual adventure in the train on the way home could get no sexier, I felt his hand on the zipper at the back of my skirt!

I rubbed his cock feverishly, as I moaned and felt his hand slide inside my skirt and find the crack between my buttocks. I spread me legs slightly further apart, and the fat lady in front of me grunted in annoyance as I smiled at her, the music still playing in my ears.

The fingers in my panties then reached lower, and as I wanked the cock behind me, I felt a finger reach down and push into my already wet pussy. This was heaven! He managed to finger me right there on the train as we all stood or sat waiting for the train to get moving again. I had his lovely hot cock in my hand and he was fingering me.

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