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A little history:

I’ve been welding since I was 13. I’ve welded on construction jobs of all sorts from commercial projects to nuclear projects. When I retired, I kept several machines and do small jobs for friends and local farmers to augment my income. My wife and I used to be swingers when we were younger but that was in the past.


The other day I get a call from my young friend Tony. He said, “Pa, I made the mistake of loaning my trailer out to my brother-in-law and that S.O.B. backed it into something and tore it up. Can you help me fix it? I need it for work Monday.” A lot of the young kids call me Pa.

Saturday morning, Tony brought it over to my shop and asked how much I would charge him to fix it. I measured up the materials we needed and sent him off to get them and told him to pick up a bottle of tequila, some margarita mix and a bag of ice. I told him the margaritas were for after we were done and that it was my payment as I was in the mood to drink.

While he was gone, I cut loose all the damage parts and had things ready for his return. Tony returned with the steel and a half gallon of tequila, 2 half gallons of margarita mix, a big bag of ice and a dozen limes. It only took me about an hour to weld it all up once I got started. As I finished the last weld, I handed him a can of black spray paint and told him to finish up.

I then cracked the bottle of tequila and cut one of the limes into eights. Taking a shot with a squeeze of lime brought back memories of my old partying days. I offered Tony one and he took it. I had another one, then Tony had another.

We were on our second lime when Tony said it was getting to strong for him and asked if I would make him a margarita on the rocks instead. He was just finishing up the painting the underside of the trailer and had black paint on his arms and face, so I had him clean up while I made us the drinks.

We sat in the down discussing things and he said, “Pa, you and Ma used to be swingers, didn’t you?”

I nodded and asked, “Why? Is there something you’d like to know?”

Tony was looking at the floor, turning his glass between his legs, I think to put words to his thoughts. After several deep breaths, he said, “You know my Marisa?”

Remembering his cute little Latina wife I said, “Yes, what about her?”

I looked over at him, waiting for an answer when he said, “She was a virgin when we married and for a while now, I’ve felt that she missed being with other men. Me on the other hand I had lots of girls before I met her. I’ve been trying to get her to play with another man and she insisted she didn’t need another, that she was very happy with me.”

I asked, “So what’s the problem?”

Tony gulped down his drink and asked, “May I please have another, and make this one stronger, if you would.”

I looked at him and said, “Is it that bad?” He just closed his eyes and sort of nodded.

When I brought the drinks he continued, “I started showing her porn that showed guys with big cocks. I’m average size and some of these guys had really big ones. Marisa couldn’t believe that these women were really having sex with men with cocks that big and I told her she really should try it at least once in her life. She playfully slugged me but kept watching.

Marisa said, “Who’d want me. I’m just a fat old married lady.” Pa, she’s 29, 5′ tall and weighs 120 lbs. that’s not fat, that’s perfect. Every time we’d watch a movie, she’d fuck my brains out, cumming like crazy and I loved it.”

The next day she tells me she could never cheat on me and I would tell her that I would love her unconditionally and that if I was with her, it wouldn’t be cheating, would it? I guess that set her to thinking.

I asked him, “Alright, did she carry through with finding someone?”

Tony paused and took a big drink before answering. He said, “A couple of weeks ago, Marisa went out with some of her girls from work for a few drinks after dinner for Wednesday’s Lady’s night. When she came home, she was all bubbly. Curious, I asked her, “Did you find some guy to play with?” She had this glow about her and she nodded. I held her and nervously asked, “Did you play?”

She said, “No, that would have been cheating. You want to watch, right?”

I nervously said, “Yes. Do you want to tell me about meeting him?”

Marisa said, “Well, Linda, Carol and I had been dancing, drinking and having fun when this very handsome guy comes up and asks Linda to dance but she says no, he’s too young, so he asks me. I said sure and we hit the floor. It was a fast one and I enjoyed myself. Hector is tall, about 6’2″ with long black hair, over his shoulders and he looked so sexy. He’s lean and muscular with dark brown eyes.

When the song ended, I turned to head back to the girls but a slow song started up and he softly pulled me back to him and held me in his arms, I at first had my arms around his waist. As he caressed my back and hips, I melted into him and placed my arms around his neck. After a bit we started a little dirty dancing. Then I felt it, His cock was huge, like the ones in the video. It was hitting my stomach because he was so tall.

Hector just looked down at me and smiled then leaned over and kissed me, softly, so softly and passionately. I found myself kissing him back. it was if we melted into one. I found myself wanting him. Someone tapping me on the shoulder brought me back to reality that the song had ended and we found a table away from others to talk.

He told me how beautiful he thought I was. He wanted to take me to a hotel and make love to me. I asked him if he had a place and he said that he lived at home with his mother, his aunt and his three sisters. He was 22, in college as a nursing student and would graduate in another two years.

When I told him that I was married and that I wouldn’t cheat on my husband, he looked like someone had dropped a load of bricks on him. He kept saying how beautiful I was and that meeting me was one of the best things that ever happened to him. I asked him if he really wanted to make love to me and he said yes. I said, Ok, then you will have to do it in front of my husband, can you do it? He looked shocked but agreed.”

Tony continued, “I had this knot forming in my stomach and asked her, “So when is this going to happen?”

Marisa said, “I’ve called my mom and she’s going to watch the kids on Saturday. I told her we were going to a party and wouldn’t be back until late. That way we will have the house all to ourselves until she brings them home after church on Sunday.”

Saturday I was a nervous wreck. Part of me was excited as I wanted to watch my wife taking another man but another part was becoming jealous. I wondered how this would affect our marriage.

After dinner, I took the kids over to my in-laws and dropped them off. My mother-in-law gave me a hug and told me, you and Marisa have fun, but my mind wondered how she’d feel if she knew what kind of fun, we were planning on having.

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