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Section 1

My husband has a friend, Neil, who comes over to hang out with us often. He usually brings along a little pot and if the kids are away at grandma’s, we will go outside and smoke a bit with each other, come inside and watch stand-up comedy or movies that we love to quote. We banter with each other, joke around, and just generally have a good time.

Neil is a fairly shy guy. Kind of short with dark hair, hopelessly single, decent looking, and very sweet. He is just too shy to approach people.

He makes subtle comments that he thinks I am pretty when he is high, but that is all. Little things, like I am hot in stockings, joking around calling me “sexy wife”, or telling me I sell myself short and I’m in great shape. He would never make a pass at me, and I would never make a pass at him, but there is a little sexual tension around just the same.

My husband and I have noticed something recently that we are not totally sure what to do with. Anytime my husband drinks or smokes, he gets really horny and doesn’t want to keep his hands off me. Likewise, when I drink or smoke, I tend to forget to keep quiet during sex. This generally results in us telling Neil goodnight, to stay here until he sobers up or to crash on the couch, and hubby and I heading upstairs for a nice romp in the sack.

Hubby was the first to notice, that on these occasions, Neil tends to come upstairs to use the bathroom. The bathroom is right next to our bedroom, so we hear the door shut. However, we do not hear it OPEN again until well after we are done having sex.

This turned into a fun game for hubs and I. He knows that I have a major tendency toward exhibitionism and voyeurism. He also knows that I am very aroused by masturbation. So during these times he has taken it upon himself to growl in my ear during sex about how Neil must be in there masturbating to the sound of me moaning and the bed squeaking. How hot he thinks I am and he is so worked up he can’t help but go in there and relieve himself. What a dirty girl I am enjoying the idea of it when he can’t have me.

Okay, I will admit it. It REALLY turns me on. Yes, it’s mean of me to have that turn me on, but it does! The idea of a guy sitting on the other side of the wall, stroking himself to the thought of ME while I moan? Ummmm. Yes, please! Call it vanity if you will, but as a mom, I don’t have too many moments when I feel that sexy, so I will take what I can get!

I often imagine that one night Neil comes over and we do our usual. We are laughing and having fun, but I have noticed that Neil is sneaking little glances at my low cut shirt and legs in my shorts. Maybe he always sneaks the glances and I am too high to notice, but this time I did, and now my brain is very busy indeed!

“I’m headed out for another smoke. Who’s coming with me?” I ask.

“I’m good.” Hubs replies back, still watching TV.

“I’ll have some more.” Neil says.

Together we head downstairs and outside. The night is warm and humid. We sit on the patio furniture and begin to pass back and forth, laughing and joking. A breeze springs up, giving me goose-bumps and hardening my nipples. My tank top has a shelf bra built in, so I am not wearing another one, and my nipples are evident.

I move to pass back to Neil and see him glancing at my chest shyly. I never thought I would have the nerve to say anything, blame it on the weed, but I am saying something now.

“ok, I’ve got a question for you.” I ask.

“Sure.” He replies back, blowing smoke up into the air.

“And before you get defensive about it, just know that it really turns me on and I’m not mad.”

He looks at me and raises an eyebrow, clearly confused now.

“I know that lots of times when hubby and I head upstairs at night and you are still here that we can be kinda noisy when we have sex. Do you ever hear us?”

He laughs to himself a little, avoiding eye contact and says,

“Well, no offense, but it’s a little hard NOT to. Don’t worry. It’s not a big deal. I don’t care.”

“Okay. Fair enough. Second question for you.”

Again, he looks at me and raises an eyebrow.

“Okay.” He says, a little more cautiously this time.

“We have also noticed that while we are having sex sometimes that you go into the bathroom. We can hear the door shut, but we don’t hear it open again for a while? Are you masturbating listening to us? Like I said, I’m not mad. The idea actually turns me on. I’m probably only asking because I’m high and likely won’t remember it later.”

He stares at me blankly after what seemed to be a giant monologue, but really took less than a minute to say. We look at each other with a thick silence between us. He finally looks away, takes a deep drag, blows it out and softly says.

“Yeah. Sometimes.”

I can tell that he is clearly embarrassed. He passes back to me and I take my own deep drag, holding my breath, letting it out and watching the smoke dissipate before saying,

“Honestly, I actually like it. I know that you and hubs are too good of friends for you to ever make a pass at me, but I am really flattered that you are aroused by me. I don’t feel that sexy often.”

“There you go, selling yourself short again, sexy wife.” He says joking around.

Our eyes meet for a second and I can tell that he is still clearly embarrassed, but is trying his best to joke his way out of an awkward situation.

Suddenly the patio door opens and Neil nearly leaps out of his chair as my husband says,

“I guess I will have a bit more after all.”

“Okay, me too then.” I agree.

“I’m good for now. I’m going to go up and get a beer.” Neil replies back, trying to be casual.

Neil walks inside and my husband takes the spot he was sitting in. We start passing back and forth and he asks,

“What were you all talking about? Neil was acting kinda funny.”

I take a drag of my own and say bluntly,

“I asked him about the bathroom thing when we are having sex when he is here.”

My husband looks at me with his jaw dropped.

“What! Why would you do that?”

I just laugh at him. I can tell he is pretty mad, but also as curious about it as I was.

“I don’t know why really. It just kinda popped into my head, so I asked. He admitted he is though.”

My husband turns and looks toward the door, thinking about his friend who has been in our house hundreds of times and potentially beating off to his wife a good chunk of those times.

“You aren’t mad are you?” I ask my husband.

“No, not really. I always told you I thought he was and he thought you were hot. I guess just thinking maybe he was and KNOWING he has been is different. I guess I don’t really care much. YOU like it though don’t you?”

He asks me, turning that half grin at me and showing me a little bit of wildness growing in his eyes.

“You KNOW I like it!” I say back.

Now it’s my turn to be bashful about it all. I don’t know why, but confessing fantasies to hubby has always made me feel embarrassed.

We stand up to head inside and my husband grabs my hips, pulling my butt into his crotch and fake humping me like he so often does. But then I feel this isn’t TOTALLY fake, because there is definitely something starting to wake up in his pants.

We head back upstairs and sit down to watch some more comedy. Cracking up and letting the tension relax from the room. My husband pulls me to him and encourages me to lay my head in his lap, playing with my hair and running his fingers down my arms like he knows I love.

Before too long he starts running his fingers down my cleavage as well as my arms. He pulls my hand over to his crotch and rests it over the cloth on his elongated member. I roll my eyes up to him and he just smiles at me like nothing is going on.

Section 2

I start to squeeze and rub my hand over his crotch, feeling my cootchi get hot at the idea of Neil seeing some of this and putting it away in his mind to masturbate too later, maybe even tonight at our house!

My husband lets his hand drop into my tank this time and begins squeezing at my boobs and pinching at my nipples. I glance over to Neil and see him stealing glances at my chest, but obviously trying not to. I also see him adjust himself in his shorts a few times.

My husband pulls me up to him, grabs my hips and has me straddle him. He begins kissing me, I kiss him back for a while and then turn my head so he can kiss down my neck. Much to my surprise not only does he kiss my neck, but he yanks down my tank top exposing my tits.

I cover them with my little hands, not doing much good. My breasts are by no means large, I am a light C cup, but my hands are tiny so they don’t help much. I quickly turn and look at Neil, who is wide eyed.

“Do you need me to leave?” he asks, obviously shocked.

“Nope.” My husband says back. “I have always known you thought my wife was hot and she informed me that my suspicions of you masturbating to her are true. I just thought that I would give you a little more than sound.”

My jaw is dropped, I look at Neil, who is flushed and very obviously embarrassed.

“I’m headed out.” He says, getting up.

“Please don’t!” I call out.

He turns and looks at me.

“Like hell. This is so embarrassing. I didn’t think you were going to go tell anyone about it!”

I feel horrible and embarrassed for him also. I can only imagine how he feels.

“But I told you that I like it!” I stammer.

He looks at me and I look at him. With that my husband pulls my hands away from my boobs and turns me toward him.

“Dude. None of us are sober right now. I don’t care. I think she is hot too, but she never believes me. Maybe you can convince her. Watching never hurt anyone.”

Neil looks to my husband and looks back to me, then his gaze drops to my tits and looks for a long hard while. I’m feeling self-conscious. My boobs are definitely not the best part of my body. They are still pretty perky, nicely rounded, and my nipples are small, pink and quick to respond. However, they are covered in stretch marks from having kids.

However, I am also feeling very excited. I have never had someone just look at my body before and I can see a tightness in the crotch of his pants that shows he is not that turned off from my stretch marks.

“please stay?” I plead.

He stands for a minute, looking at my body. My husband rubs his palm over one breast, trailing it across my nipple until it is hard and poking out.

Neil sighs and sits back down.

“so what am I supposed to do? Just sit here? It’s not like I’ve done anything like this before.”

“tell him what you want.” My husband breathes in my ear.

Now it’s my turn to be embarrassed. I look down, feeling rather shy myself now and gently say,

“well, you can touch yourself if you need or want to?”

Neil looks at me again and sighs. Not knowing what to do.

I turn back toward my husband and he grabs at my shirt and yanks it over my head. Gripping at my hips and eagerly sucking my nipples into his mouth. I have always been a tit kind of girl. I love sucking on tits and having my own sucked on. There are times that I swear I could orgasm just from having my nipples flicked with a tongue.

I breathe deeply, leaning my head back and enjoying myself. Feeling Neil’s eyes on me and feeling my pussy getting wet and tingling with arousal.

My husband pushes me back, “turn around.” He breathes into my ear.

I stand up and turn around, looking at Neil and seeing him adjust a very apparent bulge in his pants.

“You like that you’re doing that to him, don’t you?”

My husband breathes into my ear again as he pulls my ass down into his crotch. He is clad in only some work out shorts and a tee-shirt and his own erection is very apparent. He grips at my tits again and pulls me back so my back is pressed to his chest. He slides a hand down my belly and into my own casual cotton shorts.

I hear Neil suck in his breath and look over at him to see him gripping at his penis through his pants.

“Why not let it out?” I ask softly.

He looks at me and flushes again.

“I don’t know.” He stammers.

But he grips at himself again and I can tell that he is thinking things over.

My husband toys with my lips, feeling them get engorged with my arousal. My labia get thick and fat when I am aroused. Not always the prettiest to look at, but they are definitely fun and squishy to play with! My husband squeezes them together around my clit and begins stroking them up and down, making me twitch and spasm on his lap.

I reach a hand back to fondle at my husband, marveling in the size and hardness of his erection and that he is seemingly very aroused at the idea of being watched, as am I.

I look back to Neil again and see he is steadily rubbing himself through his pants while he watches my husband play with me. He looks up into my face.

“Please?” I mouth at him.

He sighs again, looks down at my body again, and raises his hand to his fly. Pulling the fabric so the button pops out and then drawing the fly down.

My husband follows his cue and slips his thumbs into my short sides, pulling them down to my knees. I wiggle them down the rest of my legs, sitting naked with the 2 men in room.

I watch my husband’s shy friend pull a surprisingly thick and long cock out of his pants and take it into his hand. I can feel my husband’s own boner digging uncomfortably into my back and slide down to floor and begin to take his own shorts into my hands to pull them off.

He resists for a second, not so sure about being naked in front of his friend, but then deciding that it will be worth it. He lets me pull them off and I begin to kiss up and down his shaft, leaning up and rubbing the head against my nipples and between my tits and then back down so I can kiss at his head.

I look back at Neil and he is steadily stroking away while he rolls his eyes up my body and back down to my ass, I look at my husband and he smiles down and me, flexing his cock to smack my lips, giving me a not so subtle hint at what he wants.

I lean forward and deep throat my husband’s cock, listening to him and Neil let out a deep groan. The enjoyment of the 2 men is filling me with excitement and I begin to bob my head up and down on my husband’s shaft as fast as I can.

I have my legs pressed tightly together, not ready to go through the embarrassment of Neil seeing my large lips yet. But they are so swollen and throbbing that they are beginning to hurt. I have to part my thighs a bit and give my labia a chance to swell and breathe a little.

I part them slightly and the cool air conditioned air against them is having the opposite effect of what I was wanting. Instead of feeling relief, I can feel how moist I have gotten. I can feel my juices glistening on my lips and my clit is poking out, dying for a hand to touch it.

I look up my husband and take my mouth off of his cock, grasping it in my right hand and pumping away. Sliding it up and down his spit covered pole, relishing the firmness of it. My left hand I allow to drop between my legs, hoping to fondle myself a little bit without anyone noticing.

Section 3

I roll my fingertips over my lips and they are just as moist and puffy as I thought they would be. As much as I hate how my labia look, I love the way they feel and like to grip them between my fingers, rolling them around and squeezing at them. My clit is large, but hidden under my hood and very sensitive. Moving my fingers up I pull back my hood with my pointer finger and begin to lightly probe at my clit with my middle finger. Just gently teasing at myself.

Keeping up the rhythm of both hands is becoming difficult. So I peek a look back at Neil, who has obviously relaxed a bit, spit into his hand and lubed up his member to stroke more quickly. I see that he is uncut and rolling his foreskin up and down over his head. Yet another big turn on for me!

I feel my cootchi clench and know that it needs some attention. So I lower my mouth back to my husband’s cock, again, bobbing away, and spread my legs a little farther so I can play with myself a bit more.

My pussy is hot as I press my middle digit into myself and curl it toward my belly to pull at my g-spot. My back arches. There is no hiding that I am playing with myself now, so I go ahead and start finger fucking myself, sliding my middle finger in and out and pressing against my g-spot. My hand and fingers are getting soaked, my labia are absolutely throbbing, I can HEAR how wet I am.

“Want me inside you?” My husband asks.

“Always.” I respond back.

I turn around and lower myself into my normal position on my hands and knees with my ass in the air for him. My husband is definitely an ass man and he loves to look and grab at mine. But he surprises me by grabbing my shoulders and pulling me back.

“Huh-uh. You wanted him to watch, let him see it all.”

I don’t understand at first, and then realize that he wants me to ride him facing toward Neil with my legs open. I freeze, looking to Neil and back to my husband again.

“Come on,” My husband urges, “it’s your fantasy!”

I stand up and move toward him, look back at Neil and then shake my head. I just can’t do it. It’s one thing for someone to see my lips when they are getting ready to have sex with me. It’s another to just have them look at me.

“Neil!” my husband suddenly calls out.

He rips his eyes away from my body at looks to my husband, stopping the stroking on his own fat cock.

“Yeah?” he asks breathlessly.

“You want to see her pussy, don’t you?”

It’s my turn to be embarrassed. Neil looks up at me, standing in my living room naked, with what has to be a look of terror on my face. He rolls his eyes over my body, paying special attention to my closed legs and shaved pussy. I drop my hands in front of it. He looks at me and smiles and then turns back to my husband.

“Yeah, I do.” He boldly states.

“Come on, honey.” My husband coaxes.

He smacks my ass, grabs my hips and pulls my butt back to him, giving it a quick bite before sitting me down on his lap and putting his hands between my legs.

“No…” I say softly.

“Yes. This is what you wanted, right? Your fantasy to have a guy watch you and look at your body and beat off?”

“yeah…” I say softly.

“Please?” Neil says, looking at me. “I showed you mine, now show me yours.” He jokes.

“I’m not built…normal though. My lips are different.”

“There you go, selling yourself short again.” He jokes as he begins to slide his hand over himself again.

My husband presses his hands between my legs again and pulls them apart, spreading them wide and moving me so that Neil can get a full view of my wet pussy. Neil sucks in his breathe over his teeth and begins stroking even more vigorously.

My husband looks at him and whispers in my ear,

“See how hot he is? How much he wants you?”

And then begins to lower me onto his cock. He feels positively huge inside me and at the moment, I do not care who is there, watching, listening, whatever. The pleasure of being filled up is all I can think about. He bucks his hips, slamming his dick into me and making me gasp and moan.

“Touch yourself. Let him see what he can’t have.”

My husband whispers to me, and then rams his cock hard inside me again to make his point. I raise a hand to my pussy, feeling my husband’s largeness filling me. I fondle my lips for a second, pulling at them and feeling them throb, then reaching down and pulling my hood back again.

Again, I hear Neil gasp and see him looking directly at my pussy and my exposed clit. I am feeling rather bold now and pull my hood back even farther, making my clit stick out as far as I can. I slip my fingers into my mouth, tasting my own musky pussy juices and lubing up my fingers to glaze over my clit.

I arch my back to allow my husband to buck underneath me, use one hand to keep my hood back and the other to rub at my engorged clit. My body is positively on fire. I am dying to orgasm. I gather up some more juices on my fingers and briskly rub at my clit, panting and clenching my pussy.

“Come on, honey, cum for Neil. Let him see it all.” My husband says to me.

I look up at a badly flushed Neil who is yanking at his dick with an eye blurring speed, puffing away and gazing at my body. I can feel my orgasm is ready to peak, and must be clenching down harder than I thought, because I can feel my husband’s cock begin to twitch and finally start to unload into me.

My husband pants into my ear, grunting through his orgasm and giving hard final thrusts. The movement is enough to tip me over the edge and I scream out my orgasm, pushing so hard that I push my husband’s own softening cock and much of his load right out of me to drip onto the couch below.

The site of it all pushes Neil over the edge, and he erupts all over his shirt, splattering semen nearly up to his face.

We all sit, catching our breath, looking at each other bashfully, before rising to clean ourselves up.

“Happy now, honey?” my husband teases.

I look down and nod, smiling to myself.

“ummmm. Dude, I’m gonna need to borrow a shirt!” Neil laughs.


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