Playing With Two 4.8/5 (39)

It was a friday night, and my husband, Dean and I had gone to one of the local dance/pool bars. The main fare was country music (what do you expect, in Texas!), but there was also a good mix of pop and ‘light’ techno (if there is such a thing). We go to hang out, play pool, watch the dancers and the pretty girls, and dance. That is, I like to dance.

My husband is a better dancer than he thinks he is, but he really has to be in the mood to get on the floor. So, usually, I dance alone, with a girlfriend, or sometimes a nice, cute guy, who isn’t scared off by my rings. My man watches unobtrusively, (he says he isn’t jealous, really, he just likes to watch me dance) and watches the other women move as well. I can’t say I blame him, besides, he has good taste!

Well, we had been at the club for about two hours, when the DJ started up a really strange version of the ‘Macarena’. I have to get up and dance, whichever version it is, because it feels good, it’s easy, and it’s playful, everyone has a good time. As usual, my hubby sat it out, and I danced with my usual ‘sultry’ attitude.

The guy next to me was staring at me the entire time, and I was giving him plenty of teasing ‘come-on’ glances, the bobbing of my C’s and the wiggle of my bottom giving him a bit of a thrill. I felt a little shy afterwards, and fled to my husband as the song ended. He gave me a big hug and a look that said ‘you are such a tease’.

He told me that it was very obvious the guy wanted me, and that he was probably curious to see how my bottom moved when I was being fucked. Dean never talked like that in public, and it shocked me. I looked at his face for a sign of anger, but I found a flicker of mischief instead. I asked him, “What do you mean by that?”

“What do you think I mean?”

“Don’t answer a question with another question! What are you thinking?”

I felt like a little girl with her hand in the cookie jar.

He looked at me, looked in my eyes, and smiled at me. He said: “I know how hot you get when you read and think about those stories with one girl at the mercy of two men, and I know how much you want to try it for yourself. Why don’t you go find your dance partner and see if you really like him enough to consider taking him home?”

Yes. I wanted to. I really did get excited thinking about all the possibilities for pleasure I could have with two men in my bed. But I always allowed myself to bask in the fantasy, in the safety that it was only that, and would never be able to bring harm to our marriage or our bodies or our Love for each other so long as other men were not actually brought into our relationship or sex play. Now it was real.

I might actually be able to touch it, feel it. I was scared. I felt a small fear twinge in me. Maybe I really didn’t want this after all.

Dean smiled at my frowning and said, “It’s ok, Love. I just thought you might want to see if your dreams might be as good in reality as they are in your mind. Don’t worry about it. I Love You.”

That decided me. “No, it’s ok, I just feel a little scared. It might be horrible, or it might turn into a real jealousy thing, or it might be really, really hot and wonderful. I just want to know how you are on this, is it ok to do this?”

He sighed and said: “I don’t know. We’ve never really done this before But, I love you, and I want you to enjoy sex, so long as we are exploring together. You are mine, and I intend for you to stay Mine.

Just so long as he knows this, and accepts it, and you know who your man is and where your home is. It actually does turn me on to think of watching you with another man.”

“Ok!”, I smiled up at him and kissed him lovingly, “I’ll go fetch me another man for my harem!” He laughed.

A slow song came on and I approached the guy with the hungry eyes.

“Want to dance?”

He looked at me, a little taken aback, and finally said: “Sure, but aren’t you married?”

“Shhh”, I said, taking his hand and finding a relatively unpopulated corner of the dance floor.

We danced very close together, and rubbing my soft body against him, I carefully and gradually found out more about him. His name was Jake, he was a Sophomore at William and Mary, and he was spending the Summer house-sitting for some friends he had in Texas. The DJ continued to play slow songs, easy to dance to, and easy to talk during.

Jake got a bit bolder, and was beginning to respond to my soft warm femininity pressed so close to him. He asked me about my husband, and if he was going to deck him. I smiled at him and reassured him and gradually explained what I wanted, that it was okay with my husband, and that we were clean and healthy, and … was he interested in helping me become a very happy, well-filled little girl?

He responded by grabbing my ass firmly through my jeans and pulling me against his erection, tilting my hips so that he brushed my (by now)

very warm, engorged, and well-lubricated clit. I gasped and kissed him to muffle the noise, then broke off and whispered that we needed to go.

He told me that his friends were out of town for a few days, and that he had a large house on the golf course all to himself. I nodded and said that that sounded good, and would he please hurry before we really make a scene?

We got off the dance floor and left the club, with my husband an inconspicuous distance behind us. We met near our car, where I introduced the two men. All three of us got in our car (Jake had taken a Taxi) and proceeded to Jake’s friend’s house.

Jake and I were in the backseat, fully clothed, with his hands inside my clothes, Dean watching the rear view as he navigated his way to our playhouse, with occaisional prompting from Jake.

It was only a fifteen-minute drive, but I was feeling very frustrated by the time we rolled up to the beautiful three-story house. The only drawback was that all the houses were so close together. (Why do people do that? Huge houses on itty bitty lots?) A barking dog was behind the front door. Jake said that he doubted the dog would bite us since he was with us, and unlocked the door.

We made our way inside to be greeted by a beautiful Collie! A very male Collie, who immediately stuck his nose right into my damp crotch. I pushed him away, not particularly wanting the attention, and Jake chuckled and pulled ‘Sam’

to the backyard. My husband gave me a naughty grin that said: “I know what other kinds of stories you like to read.”, and I blushed and said:

“No! Not for real.” He cuddled me and told me that that was okay with him.

Jake came back into the house, and I ran upstairs, looking for a large bed. The boys were quick to follow.

On the way up, I made a decision that changed things a bit. I opened the door to room number two and found a California King-sized bed.


I faced the two men and held up my hand. “Now, since you seem to enjoy being a voyeur, husband of mine, I am going to let you watch Jake seduce your pretty young wife, undress her, and take her with his naked young cock. No condoms.

I want to feel every hot inch of my new lover’s cock, I want him to feel every caress and feel the slippery hot wetness that is dripping from me bathing his cockhead when he takes me.

I want his come in me. I want to taste it, and feel it mingle with my own come, as my orgasm dips my cervix into our juices. I want you to watch as your wife is filled with the fertile seed of another man.

Just as you said you wanted it.”

Dean’s eyes popped from their sockets, and his jaw went slack. I thought he was going to balk, but after a few seconds he said: “Yes, I do want that, but it’s just a fantasy… I never really meant… I understand, Baby. Okay.”

Jake seemed taken aback and scared, but I smiled at him, and pulled him into the bedroom, leaving the door open. We stood, Jake’s back to the door as I kissed him. He relaxed, and began touching me through my clothes.

I pulled his shirt from the waistband of his jeans, and ran my hands across his warm skin. He felt wonderfully exciting, new, and electrically charged. I slipped off my shoes, and knelt to kiss his belly. I shot a quick glance at my husband, who was watching with a mixed look of love, jealousy, and lustfulness.

Jake pulled me back up to taste my mouth, and untied the blue-and-black checkered shirt I had tied under my breasts, and pushed the shirt over my shoulders and down my arms. I slipped out of the sleeves, and lifted my right leg to wrap around his waist, something that my husband LOVES for me to do. Jake responded by grabbing a double handful of my ass and biting my neck with a moan.

I rubbed him through his jeans with my left hand, and stroked his back and neck with my right. He was nipping and kissing at my ears and raising the fine hairs on the back of my neck as I felt a rush of goose-pimples from my ear down my body, collecting in my aching breasts, my swollen, slippery vulva, and my knees. I gasped.

I looked again at my husband, not wanting him to be hurt. He nodded encouragement at me and licked his lips. I threw away all trepidations I had and allowed myself to relax fully, knowing that Dean was not upset with how things were going, and that everything was safe because he was there. I finished removing Jake’s shirt and undershirt as he rubbed and pressed and pulled at my body.

I allowed him to remove my snug-fitting tee shirt and stopped him from taking off my deep, almost burgundy, red bra from Vicky’s. “Not Yet,” I whispered, and knelt down before him. I unlaced his shoes slowly and deliberately, and then removed them, and put them under the bed. I removed his socks, giving his feet a short rub to relax him some.

I looked up at him, and allowed him to absorb the sight of a woman kneeling before him, full breasts straining at the fabric of her bra, dark curls falling around her head, face looking up at him. Then I ran my hands up his legs, cupping his balls and rubbing him through his jeans.

I moved closer and ran my parted lips over the long bulge that was straining at the blue fabric, blowing breaths of hot air through the cotton. I kissed the skin along his waistband and opened his fly buttons. As I released him, the beautiful male scent of him filled my nostrils, and his eager young cock probed from the opening in his cotton boxers.

I licked my lips hungrilly, making sure that both men could see it, as I watched a tear of clear pre-cum leak from Jake’s crown. I licked at it hard, with my full tongue, cleaning his cockhead of all traces of his juice, then took him into my mouth, gently sucking, and stroking him with my fingers. I pulled him from my lips with a *pop* and looked up. “Do you like that, Jake?” “MmmHmm…”

I pulled his boxers down and removed them and his jeans from his around his ankles. I stood and said: “Good, then you’ll love this.” I guided him to the bed and pushed him down onto his back. I quickly removed my jeans and socks and straddled him, making sure he felt the moist heat radiating from between my thighs and through the thin cotton of my panties.

I rubbed my crotch up and down against his length, enjoying the look of tortured pleasure on Jake’s face. After a few minutes, I rolled off him to remove my panties, tossing the damp, snail-tracked fabric at my husband. I returned to rubbing myself against Jake, now coating the sensitive underside of his cock with the juices leaking from my lips.

The warm, slippery bath elicted a hungry moan from his chest, and his hands found my ass and ground me into him. The pressure against my hot, protruding clit sent shivers through me as I came. As I got over the first waves, I turned to Dean and asked him to please help me, to show me it was ok to have Jake inside me by putting him inside me.

He came to our side and asked what I meant by that. “Grab his cock and lift it so I can take him into me, hold him so I can slide down his lovely cock. Show me that it’s ok, Baby, help me fuck him.” I pleaded. He looked a little unsure that he wanted to touch Jake’s cock, but I looked up at him and begged,

“Please, Dean. I need to know it really is okay to fuck Jake naked, have him fill me with his seed. I need you to give him to me. Please.” He nodded, and guiltilly reached down to where our two bodies would join. he caressed my ass, and rubbed the wetness between my thighs, and I kissed him.

I lifted my body up enough to accomodate the gift my husband was giving me as he gingerly grabbed the warm shaft of Jake’s erection. I broke off the kiss, and looked down at Jake, who looked very surprized at the situation. I met the head of his penis with the hot mouth of my vulva and wiggled my hips to give it a good coating of my lube to join his own.

I was a little surprized when Dean took a firmer grip of Jake and began rubbing this other guy’s cock up and down my lips, rubbing my clit and teasing the enterance to my womb. I closed my eyes and sat down slowly, feeling every centimeter of pleasure as I took this new man deep into me (I had honestly never had another man before, only Dean).

As I reached the base of his cock, Dean began rubbing my clit as I rocked back and forth on the warm, hard, column of flesh that was buried in my most secret chamber. I looked up at him with pure lust and told him that that was enough for now, and that he was over-dressed.

I returned attention to Jake, who had placed his hands on my hips, gently pulling and pushing them in rythym with my undulations. I rubbed my clit with two fingers and cupped my breasts with my right hand. I asked Jake if he wanted to see my breasts, and of course he said yes. I stopped rubbing my clit and fed the juice-coated fingers to him. He sucked and licked them clean and told me I was delicious.

I was pleased.

I reached behind my back and unclasped my bra, slipping it from my shoulders and down my arms, letting it fall to the floor beside the bed. I cupped my firm, white breasts, presenting them for Jake’s inspection. He smiled and reached up to grab them, placing his warm palms over my nipples, rubbing in a gentle circle.

I moaned and leaned forward to kiss him and fuck against him with longer strokes. I brushed my breast against the sparse hair on his chest as he again reached down to guide our union. He grabbed a double handful of my naked ass and began to impale me on his cock.

I was on top, but he was fucking me. I relaxed and enjoyed it, rubbing my mound and clit into his coarse pubic hair, as his manhood stroked the sensitive parts of my pussy walls and the enterance to my womb. The gentle stirring effect of him shaking my cervix building up inside me.

I lost track of how many times I came, but I remember Dean coming to lay beside us at some point, stroking my back and ass and telling me how beautiful I was and how fuckable and naughty I looked climaxing around a strange man’s cock.

He started fingering my bottom as I rode Jake to his first climax, combining with Jake’s cervix-stirring to send me into orbit. I could not stop cumming! Jake sent his hot fertile seed into me as I milked his cock with my spasming pussy and clenched my husband’s probing finger with my sphincter.

I went limp and rested against Jake as he and Dean stroked my tingling body. I lay there for what seemed like days, enjoying the afterglow and the affectionate attentions of four hands and two mouths caressing and exploring my spent body.

I recovered enough to raise my head and look up at my wonderful man.

He looked at me tenderly and stroked my cheek. I told him I loved him and that I thanked him for giving me this, and that it I wanted to sit in his lap now. I kissed Jake and slowly got up enough to crawl into my husband’s lap, facing him.

He put his arms around me and I felt his erection growing against my lower belly. I said something like: “Aw, is it your turn now? Do you want to fuck me, knowing that you will be dipping the head of your penis into Jake’s fresh seed? Does it turn you on to know that I’m all lubed and slippery with another man’s come?

Or do you want to fuck your little slut wife to punish her?” I asked, finally.

“No. I don’t want to punish you. But you are a little slut, and I do want a piece, even if you are slick with the fresh sperm of another man.

Get up.” He was trying to play like he was rough and angry with me, but I knew he was playing.

I climbed off of him, and Dean sat on the bottom right corner of the bed, straddling the corner. He beckoned me over and turned me so he could enter me from behind. I sat down on his lap, and he lifted my thighs so that my legs draped over his, leaving me wide open to being touched and fondled. He kissed my neck and rubbed my belly and breasts.

He used one hand to stroke my thighs gently, and teased me as my pleasure grew again. Very little motion was possible in this position.

He asked Jake to come kneel in front of me.

Jake nodded and knelt in front of us. He said: “I don’t believe I’m doing this”, and went right into sucking on my clit, he ran his tongue over me, even licking Dean’s shaft as it rocked slowly in and out of me. Between the two of them I was coming in waves again in very little time.

Eventually, Dean lifted me off him, and laid me back on the bed to fuck me missionary-style. He had better movement this way and began filling me with full strokes. He came quickly this way, throwing his head back and gasping as he continued to thrust into me. I pulled him down against me and we cuddled as Jake lay down beside us. We ended up sleeping in place, with the two men on either side of me, until morning.

We woke up to Sam’s barking at the back door, and Jake went down to let him in and feed him. Dean and I found the shower, and Jake joined soon after. The guys fondled me and made a big show of washing me, soaping their hands with slippery lather and stroking my body into another orgasm,

after which I sucked them both off together, enjoying the novelty of being able to fill my mouth with both of their sensitive cockheads at once, rubbing their warm cocks together inside my mouth.

They gave me a double helping of creamy white man-milk, and I made a big show of swallowing their seed, sucking and kissing their softening members to make sure they were clean.

Afterwards, they towelled me dry, and we got dressed and went down to find breakfast. Dean made cheese and veggie omlets and toast, as Jake and I talked about school and about the town he grew up in. Our talk eventually turned back to sex, and Jake related that the people he was house-sitting for were into some pretty wild things.

He had found pictures and other kinky/interesting paraphenalia while snooping around the master bedroom. He offered to get out some toys so we could try some new games, and Dean was seconding the notion, when I had to beg off.

“Sorry to disappoint you two, but I’m getting hungry, and am much too sore to consider playing around right now, it even hurts to think about cumming. Let’s eat, and leave trying something else new for another time, ok?” I served myself an omlet and two slices of toast, and the boys did the same.

After breakfast, Jake walked us to our car, and invited us back anytime, with the idea that we might want to meet his friend’s family, as well. “I think we can arrange that” I said, glancing at my husband. “Thank you both for a fantasy fullfilled.” “No, Dear”, Dean grinned, “But you can be full-filled next time.” Jake laughed.

We went home to our own bed, and I sucked my husband to let him know I was still all his, and we spent the rest of the day in bed, talking and laughing together.

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