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Section 1

PJ had it all. Long red hair that cascaded down her back reaching almost to her gorgeous bubble butt, big tits that she loved to put on display by wearing skimpy or see through tops, a pretty face, and a gorgeous shaved pussy that could lure any man she wished.

She reveled in the power she had over men and especially over one special man, PJ’s cucky husband. She loved going out with her hot lovers sometimes male, sometimes female only to know that whenever she returned home her loyal, faithful, cucky husband would be there naked and waiting to serve.

They had started this odyssey five years ago when PJ had actually worked for her cucky husband in the family business he ran after his parents passed away. In those five short years she had used her feminine ways to lure him in, and snap him up by wearing skimpy outfits around the office that accentuated her rubenesque figure and had him drooling over her in a matter of weeks. After that she teased and cajoled him into asking her out and on the first date he was lapping her pussy and loving it.

PJ took over the reins of the business after that and in two years had tripled the company’s market value, and then made a trip down the aisle, and had her cucky husband well under her thumb. She became the sole owner of the company and sold it for a few million dollars all of which went into her bank account. She convinced her cucky husband that it was best this way for tax purposes and that they would never have to work again.

Well at least PJ would never work again. Her cucky husband would spend the rest of his days working to make sure PJ was pleased and never had to raise a finger for anything. PJ was a queen in every sense of the word and she spared no expense proving it. She drove around town in a Jaguar, wore Tiffany jewelry, had the most expensive clothes and perfume money could buy.

Her cucky husband on the other hand had to ride his bike (a second hand pink girl’s bike that PJ found by the side of the road) everywhere. He wore second hand slightly effeminate outfits that PJ would find for him at yard sales or second hand stores that were either too small for his frame or too big always making him look a bit ridiculous. It didn’t matter because it was all about what PJ wanted and he loved her like he loved no other woman or person in his entire life.

He never knew what fate would await him when she returned home at night. Sometimes she would roll in the door drunk after the bars closed with a hot girl in tow and sometimes it was some stud she’d picked up in the bar, other times she’d come home alone but always with a teasing surprise for him. In any event it usually meant he would spend the night fetching drinks, lapping pussy, sucking cock, licking ass, and being at PJ’s beck and call.

Her guests would sometimes stay for the weekend in which case her cucky husband would spend the entire weekend running around dressed in his pink frilly maid’s outfit serving them and being made fun of the whole time, or they would be gone before sunrise in which case he would crawl into ‘their’ bed and have to wake PJ with loving kisses to her ass; her favorite way to be awoken.

To be a good cucky husband was to always be obedient. To never question PJ or an order that came from PJ. It meant knowing what PJ liked and always providing it, from the way she liked her martini’s to the cream she liked rubbed on her feet.

It meant learning to suck cock any size, shape or color or to eat pussy full or empty. It meant knowing that he had to go sometimes months without cumming so as to prove his love for PJ only to be allowed a quick hand job or worse yet, having to hump her thigh or her ass cheeks while she chuckled and made fun of his little cock, calling it a nubbin or a sissy clit.

PJ had seen his weaknesses the day they met and knew what buttons to push and just when to push them to get her way. Like the time right after they were married and she hadn’t let him come for three weeks keeping him locked in chastity and teasing him unmercifully. She came home wearing a white micro mini dress made of spandex, her big boobs hugging it nicely, nipples protruding through the almost sheer fabric, her bare muscular thighs and legs on display for anyone to see made even more prominent by her black high heels.

She teased and taunted him that night for hours, running her long crimson red fingernails over his balls and cock ever so lightly, bringing him to the edge of orgasm and stopping. She proceeded to do that over and over for hours on end constantly talking to him asking him how badly he wanted to cum, what he would do to cum, and him foolishly saying anything, anything at all.

It was then she produced a set of papers and had him sign them telling him they were just some ‘old messy legal forms he didn’t need to bother with’ but if he didn’t sign him she’d put him back in his chastity device for another month and she’d go back out to the bars. He was dying and begged for the pen, in effect signing everything he had over to PJ.

He had no family and the few friends he’d had before he met PJ had disowned him thinking he was a real wimp for letting PJ do what she did to him. But none of that mattered now, because it was all about his love for PJ. Oh he knew most people couldn’t understand it, couldn’t quite wrap their heads around a man being emasculated, chastised, and henpecked by a full figured vixen such as PJ.

But none of them spent any time between PJ’s gorgeous thighs or ass cheeks, worshiping and licking and pleasing her, tasting her and knowing that he was pleasing her that she was his. Oh, of course she belonged to others at times, like her friend Natalie another big boned redhead who PJ had gone to school with and whom she’d shared every major event in her life including the cuckolding of PJ’s cucky husband.

Countless nights he would spend hours licking Natalie’s pussy out while she and PJ lay making out on the bed toying with each others nipples. Natalie knew how he craved humiliation as she had been there on certain occasions when PJ teased and tormented him forcing him to confess his innermost desires of being degraded and humiliated.

Other times PJ belonged to one of her many male lovers. There were four or five regulars some who could not fathom the whole cuckolding scene but had no problem fucking his gorgeous wife, others who totally understood it and reveled in the fact that they could make PJ’s cucky husband jump through hoops as she’d trained him.

One guy would bring his car over when he came to fuck PJ and make her cucky husband wash, wax, and detail it right in the driveway so all the neighbors could see! Another would bring his laundry and the neighbors would see the cucky husband unloading the laundry of another man, and him hanging it out on the line and then putting it gingerly back into the car.

The whole neighborhood knew he was a cuckold, and there was constant snickering behind his back at the grocery store, the dry cleaner, and the mechanics. The snickers turned into whistles and catcalls when the men’s wives weren’t around and PJ loved the attention. Her cucky husband was once confronted by an uptight woman from the neighborhood in the supermarket one day asking him how on earth he could allow his wife to dress in such outfits and be so promiscuous.

He simply bowed his head and told her he had no say in it and didn’t allow PJ to do anything it was her who allowed him to do things. She simply shook her head and walked away.

It takes a lot to put your masculinity in check and constantly defer to your wife’s needs. That heavy burden was eagerly accepted by her cucky husband and PJ knew that and pushed every conceivable button he possessed. For example, the first time he tasted another man’s cum from her pussy he hated it.

But slowly and methodically PJ had trained him to acquire a taste for it, to like and in the end, to crave it. He came to crave many things in his life. The taste of PJ’s ass, the smell of her arm pits, the smell of her used pussy, the absolute control she had over him. Many men couldn’t handle being PJ’s cucky husband but he knew it was his place in life.


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