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Recently, I found that the inspiration and ideas for my photography were becoming more and more erotic. Well, that’s a bit of an understatement. The images I see in my head are getting really kinky. But, I suppose every guy who has a camera and a willing model has dabbled in erotica and porn but I had never crossed that line before. I held to a standard of glamour and boudoir photography that could never be considered obscene or pornographic by anyone who knew anything about fine art.

But, there it was, creeping in to my thoughts when I was sitting quietly in my studio, on long drives or even sometimes while sitting at my desk at work. Women and men performing all kinds of acts together that were more fantasy than realistic and most certainly not run-of-the-mill relationship stuff. The images that popped in to my head were always black & white, submission and domination scenes with a generous amount of bondage.

But, they were still very artistic and they haunted me nearly continuously. My wife, Tina had always been my main model since shortly after we first met and has always been very supportive. No matter what I told her my idea was, she was always willing to either pose or be my assistant if it was another model I wanted to shoot.

She had posed nude with another person in the scene a few times and had never seemed even the least bit hesitant to do it, but there had never been any hint of erotica in the shots. What I had in mind now was completely off the scale of anything I had ever attempted.

It took weeks of the images torturing me until one evening it was really eating at me. We had been discussing some of my photographs and she told me a small gallery in town wanted some local artists’ work of local sights for an exhibition. There would be an auction afterwards with the proceeds to benefit the improvement of the green space next to the town square. She was insistent that I submit some of my stuff.

I looked at my empty whiskey glass and got up to pour another one. She seemed to sense my mind had wandered off and asked, “Is there something bothering you? You look like you’re a hundred miles away.” I turned around. “It’s OK. If you want to put some of my stuff in it, go ahead, pick out whatever you want, let me know which ones and I’ll print them and get them mounted”.

She watched me for a few moments. “You’ve got something on your mind. So tell me”. I poured myself a rather generous glass of whiskey because I knew there was no way I was getting out of these conversation without telling her and I wasn’t nearly buzzed enough for that. I took a sip and, very hesitantly started, measuring each word to avoid getting it out all wrong and offending or worse, pissing her off.

“I’ve been wrestling with an idea for a project lately and…it’s very, very different from anything I’ve ever done”. “What do you mean different? Different how?” she asked. I had no idea how I was going to answer so I continued to stare at my glass. She studied me for a while then the light bulb came on in her head. She seemed to know where this was going. “I knew, one day, you would decide to try…erotica or porn or whatever.

I don’t have a problem with you shooting it. Surely you know that by now. But, I don’t know if we can afford a model that does that type work. Do you know one that will do it for copies of the images?” “Actually, I will need two models, a male and a female, and…I want you to do it”. I looked up from my glass and she was staring at me with an expression of pure shock. She looked like I had just sprouted a horn out of my forehead.

After a few seconds, she gulped her nearly full glass of wine and asked, “Exactly what would you be wanting me to do?” She grabbed the bottle and refilled her glass. “You wouldn’t actually be having sex. But you would be in bondage and your co-model would be simulating punishing you. There would be some pretty intimate touching but no actual penetration” “So I will be nude, bound and be what? Spanked? Flogged? He would be touching me? Everywhere?” “Actually it would look real but I was talking to another photographer I met and he sort of specializes in this type thing.

His name is Robert and he told me about a couple of tricks that makes it look real but doesn’t really hurt.” I watched her mull this over while she sipped her wine. She looked up, “Are you sure you’re OK with another man touching me..everywhere?” “It’s all an exercise in acting. Honestly, I feel like, as long as you don’t have any emotional attachment to each other, it’s all just a façade.

Actors do it all the time” She went back to staring at her wine. “What if he gets…you know…excited?” “Robert told me about a male model that does this all the time. He’s a professional and when it happens, if it does, he takes a break and goes to walk it off or goes to his dressing room to take care of it himself.” “It sounds like you’ve been planning this for a while and have already arranged it? Were you just waiting on the right time to spring it on me?” “Actually no.

It was the conversation with Robert that got me to thinking about it and naturally, I had a lot of the same questions.” “What about this model’s fee?” “He’s apparently, quite reasonably priced. About half as much as a typical female model charges for nudes. Look, we can work out all the details well ahead of time and make sure he understands what he is to do and not to do.

But, if you can’t do it, it’s not the end of the world and I’ll find the models somewhere that can do it and just shoot it then. It’s not like it’s something that has to be done.” I paused for a moment while she mulled it over. “So, what do you think?” She got up and walked over to the bar and stood in front of me. She looked back down to her glass then shyly asked, “Do I get to touch him?” She looked up and started smiling. I had to hold back the laughter.

“You are a bad girl. I’m thinking maybe you need to get spanked.” We discussed it a few more times over the next couple weeks and I felt like I was very clear on how far she was willing to go. I had made notes as to how each series of shots was going to be set-up and had rented Robert’s studio. When I met him there it was fully stocked with every instrument of torture one could imagine.

It looked more like a dungeon than a photography studio but the lights were set-up and on the wall next to the dressing rooms was filled with shelves and big plastic tubs organizing everything. He got me in touch with the model, Michael, and we discussed what I was looking for. I also communicated Tina’s boundaries and he seemed perfectly fine with all of it. On the day of the shoot, Tina and I got there over an hour early. I started looking around as she took her bags and went in to one of the dressing rooms.

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    I really enjoyed this story, I’d love to have this same experience with my pretty wife

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