Pat's Awakening

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Section 1

“Oh yes, you lovely slut, just as instructed”. Pat had opened the door and now stood in full view of the road dressed exactly as I had told her. 4" stilettos, black stockings with matching suspender belt and panties and a black under the nipple bra. For a woman in her early fifties she still had a tremendous body and thanks to me was just learning what to do with it.

I reached forward and ran my fingers over her freshly shaved pussy mound. “Open your legs a bit more, that’s it.” Looking warily over my shoulder she did as she was told. I watched as her large nipples started to stiffen and small shudders ran through her body. I let my fingers glide between her soft wet pussy lips, careful not to touch her clitoris.

“Please Tony, lets go inside, someone might see us.” Now I let my fingers run across her sensitive clit. “OK, you first.” I knew I had her. She stood routed to the spot as my fingers worked their magic on her little bud. Her breathing was getting rapid and the tremors worse. Her eyes would close in sheer bliss before springing open again to search the road just twenty yards away from the where she stood.

“Well, if you really want to stay here where everyone can see what a real slut you are it’s OK with me,” I said, slowing slightly to keep her on the edge. She clutched hold of me. “God you bastard, don’t stop, please. I’m nearly there, please Tony, please.” One hard pinch on her now protruding clitty and it was all over. She buried her head in my neck as her orgasm tore through her. Her knees went weak and I half carried her into the house and laid her down on the sofa.

Without a word I undid my flies and pulled my very hard cock from its confines. Instinctively she sat forward and took it into her mouth. “Don’t forget what I taught you.” She looked at me as she sucked my cock and then brought her tongue into play, running it under the sensitive ridge and swirling it round my shaft each time I thrust forward. She hadn’t quiet got the hang of deep throating yet, but it had only been three weeks, there was plenty of time.

I knew her husband would be home shortly so I withdrew from her mouth and kneeling between her thighs I pulled her to the edge of the sofa and rammed it up her waiting cunt. “Oh yessssssss, fuck me hard, that’s it, oh God that’s lovely.” I fucked her hard and fast, pulling on her erect nipples as I slammed into her. She stared open mouthed into my eyes as I pounded her cunt, the wind being knocked from her on each down stroke.

“Tell me what you want Pat,” I teased. “I want you to spunk up me, I want you to fill my cunt with spunk.” She really was a quick learner. “Tell me what you are?” “I’m your slut, your cum slut, oh yessssss, I’m cumming…” And so was I. As she raised her hips to meet my final thrusts I thought my balls were going to burst. Jet after jet shot through my cock filling her lovely cunt. “See you next Tuesday,” I said tucking myself in and making for the door.

Pat was my wife’s best friend and I had known her for the best part of fifteen years. Her husband, Gary, liked his drink a little too much and would normally end each working day in an alcohol induced sleep. As Gary had been the only man ever to get inside Pat’s panties, this left her one frustrated woman. Our affair started three weeks ago when she asked me to teach her Word on the PC.

I work from home and She arrived at my house one afternoon after work dressed in a nice business suit; she was a receptionist at a doctor’s surgery. I knew from my wife that Pat always wore stockings and as she sat next to me the nylon rustled as she crossed her long shapely legs. It was warm in office and soon her jacket was discarded.

Under it she wore a lacy black blouse that was completely see through. Under that she wore a pretty black bra that just about covered her 36" tits. I’d often lusted after this woman and soon my mind was wandering. What would she do if I simply reached round and cupped her tits in my hands?

I was standing behind her looking over her shoulder when she hit a problem. I leant forward and placed my hand over hers on the mouse, my head was now almost on her shoulder. When I looked down I had a clear view down her blouse to a wonderful full cleavage and two heaving tits. I moved her hand to the various icons and explained what each one did.

“Now you try,” I said standing up and placing both hands on her shoulders. As she worked the mouse, I stared at her tits. It was too much. Throwing caution to the wind I let both my hands slowly slide forward, down inside her blouse until they were clamped over her bra covered tits.

“Do you know how long I’ve wanted to do this?” I whispered in her ear. “Tony, no, we mustn’t,” she replied without making any effort to move my hands. I started to lick the side of her neck while tweaking her now very hard nipples between my finger and thumb. “Tony please…”

She turned her head towards me and our mouths met in a full passionate kiss. We continued to kiss as I undid her blouse and she didn’t resist when I suggested we head for the bedroom. At last, I’d often fantasised about fucking Pat and now it was happening.

I continued to kiss her as I undid the button on her skirt and she actually helped me ease it down over her thighs. I stood back to admire the sight. Dressed only in her sexy black underwear, stockings and high heels it was just as I had imagined.

Sue, my wife, often made comments in front of Pat about our marathon love making sessions, things like, “no wonder I’m tired, three hours he was at it last night,” and “once that tongue gets started… hmmmm.” Pat would blush and laugh but I always thought I could see a longing in her eyes, if only that was me sort of look. I also knew that Pat had never enjoyed oral sex in her life.

As I lay her back on the bed I whispered in her ear. “Tell me Pat, what would you like me to do to you?” “I, I, don’t know, I…” “Would you like me to eat your pussy?” Her whole body shock and I swear her eyes filled with lust. “Oh yes, yes.” She lay with her eyes closed as I removed her bra and panties. I like my pussies clean shaven but Pat had a small tuft of blond hair.

It was super soft as I ran my fingers over it and each time she would shudder and give a gentle moan. I gently eased her legs open and played my fingers across her cunt lips, never actually going inside the lips, just gently across the outside. I watched as they responded, filling with blood and becoming puffy, opening slightly to reveal a soft wet lining.

Now I slowly ran my fingers into her slit, enjoying the warmth and dampness. She moaned louder as I flicked across her clit, causing it to poke out like a small prick. Her nipples were pointing upwards and looked rock hard, I brushed my palm over them and again she moaned in pleasure.

“What do you want me to do Pat? You’ll have to tell or I won’t do it.” “Please, I want you to…” “C’mon, do what?” “I want you to lick it.” “Lick what Pat, tell me what you want me to lick.” She was a little stunned at this and for a minute I thought I’d broken the spell. But a few more moves across her clitoris soon had her begging for more.

“I want you to lick my… oh yessssss… vagina,” she finally said, thrashing about on the bed as her first orgasm tore through her body. I waited until she had regained her breath. “Nice?” I enquired. “My God, I came, I actually had an orgasm!” She pulled me to her and started to cover my face in kisses.

Section 2

“You made me cum, it was wonderful, you actually made me cum.” “Bloody hell, steady on girl, anyone would think you’ve never cum before.” She looked at me wide eyed. “I haven’t.” “What, you mean you’ve never had an orgasm with Gary before?”

“Never.” “What, even when you were first married?” “Nope, not even then. He’s a two second merchant, always has been, role on, cum and role off, he’s never ever thought about me.” “Didn’t you ever say anything?” “I thought it must be me.”

Wow, what a revelation. This woman had just experienced the first orgasm of her life and I hadn’t even started with my tongue yet." We talked for a while as we lay together on the bed. I gently stroked her nipples as Pat told me of her life with Gary. She hadn’t even brought herself to orgasm believing that it was a sin to touch herself. “Oh dear, looks like I’ll have to re-educate you, doesn’t it.”

“If it makes me cum again I’ll do anything.” “Good, then lets start with the terms, this,” I said grabbing hold of her pussy, “is a cunt. These are tits and this is a prick or cock, OK.” “Cunt, tits and cock,” she repeated happily.

“So, now will you eat my cunt?” she asked. Over the next half hour I brought her off more times than I can remember. She was like a pent up well of unleashed frustration and emotion, the more she came the more she wanted. The only time she hesitated was when I tried to shove my cock in her mouth.

“Urgh, sorry, I don’t think I can do that,” she said turning her head to one side. “OK, lets start slowly, you’ve never licked or sucked a cock before right?” She nodded agreement, “how about played with one?” “Well, sometimes Gary would ask me to wank him off, usually when he was too pissed to climb on.” “And did you enjoy wanking his cock?” “I s’pose so, it was OK.”

“Did you like it when he came?” “Yeah, I loved watching it shoot up my arm or all over his chest.” “Good, then lets start with you slowly wanking my cock, only I want you to put your face right next to it.” Pat crawled down the bed and took hold of my cock. She slowly started to wank it up and down while staring intently at it from a few inches away.

“Does it look nice?” I asked. “Hmm, it’s different from Gary’s, his has got all this loose skin and all this muck round the rim.” I explained that I was circumcised. To my surprise she then took her hand away and sniffed it. “Yours smells clean, his always left my hand smelling of piss.”

“Why don’t you give it a little lick, just touch it with your tongue, see how soft it is.” She tentatively poked her tongue out and allowed the tip to touch my cock. She giggled as my cock twitched and then did it again, only this time she licked up the entire shaft. “Hmm, it really is nice and soft.”

Getter braver, she now started to plant kisses on the head and eventually with a little persuasion she took the entire head into her mouth and started to run her tongue round it. “Good?” I enquired, “hmmmmmmm,” was all I heard as she kept on licking and sucking. I didn’t cum in her mouth that first time, after all, why spoil a good thing. But from then on Pat was quite happy to suck on my cock. In fact, I almost had to pull her off it in order to fuck her.

We started of in the missionary position, the only one Pat knew. After a few minutes of vigorous poking she was coming on my cock and clutching me so hard I thought my ribs would crack. I suggested doggy style. Despite her age, her body would pass for a twenty year olds and her perfectly rounded arse stared up at me as I crawled up the bed behind her. I made a mental note to take her arse cherry asap.

I soon had my balls slapping against her thighs and with a finger playing with her clit she was coming almost continuously. “Oh yes, don’t stop, yes that’s it, like that, fuck my cunt, oh my Goddddddddd.” By the time I shot my load my cock, balls and thighs were covered in cum juice, she was literally squirting the dam stuff out.

And that’s how it all started. After that first day Pat would call round at every opportunity. With Sue and Gary safely out the way we would fuck and suck ourselves stupid, she became addicted to sex. If I wanted her to do something, I simply threatened to end the affair. This was how I eventually persuaded her to drink my cum and let me fuck her arse, two things which she now enjoys as much as fucking.

I make her dress in kinky clothes and on one occasion I took her to a porn cinema wearing just her stockings, suspenders and heels. Of course she was covered by a long coat until we got there, then I made her take it off, open her legs wide and play with her cunt. She had more than my prick in her hand that night.

Pat is a nice looking lady in her early fifties but with the body of a 30 year old, which when you consider it’s hardly been used is not surprising. Until a few weeks ago she had never ever had an orgasm and never slept with anyone other than her Husband Gary. In Pat’s own words, he was a RORO merchant (roll on, roll off) and was usually too pissed to perform.

Having come from a Catholic background she even thought it was a sin to play with herself, she just assumed that was how life was. That was until I came along. It seems I’ve awakened a sexual monster and now she just can’t get enough.

Three weeks into our affair and I introduced her to this site. She was amazed at the stories. The ones that really turned her on is where the woman allowed herself to be felt up or fucked by complete strangers. “Do people really do these things? She asked, “Sure, my ex wife used to love being fucked be some stranger, in-fact, she said it was even more of a turn on if she never saw his face.” Pat looked thoughtful.

I’d already introduced her the joys of flashing and she is more than willing to go out without panties and bra, but it’s a bit jump from looking to touching. Wearing a see through blouse she still can’t believe that men want to look at her tits and she will cross and uncross her stockinged legs every chance she gets providing a good view of her shaven pussy. By the time we get back she is always soaking wet and just gagging for it.

Her favourite pastime is giving me blowjobs in public places, or me fingering her pussy in a busy restaurant or train; in-fact anywhere where people might see. She claims it’s the risk of getting caught that’s so exciting. A few days ago she was reading a story about an older man that takes a young woman to a porn cinema, leans her over the front seat and fucks her stupid with other men watching.

When she got to the bit where other men were actually joining in she just couldn’t contain herself, one hand shot down her panties and the other jammed my cock into her mouth. We both came at the same time. “Wow, talk about turned on, your becoming a right little fuck slut.”

“Well you taught me,” she laughed, licking her lips to catch the last drops of spunk. “Fancy doing that?” I asked, indicating the story. “Hmm, I like the idea but I don’t know if I could really do it, all those strange men touching me.”

“I bet you’d love it, all those cocks after your body.” We both agreed it might be fun but left it at that.

Two weeks later I had to go to Amsterdam on business and suggested that Pat make some excuse to Gary and come with me, it was only for two days. She told him she was visiting her sister and Tuesday night found us both safely tucked up in a small hotel. We did the usual tour of the red light district and Pat found it fascinating looking at all the tarts exposing themselves in shop windows.

Section 3

Mind you, she got nearly as many looks, dressed in a black skirt with a slit up the side that exposed her stocking tops and a silky black see through blouse with no bra underneath. Every now and again, I would push her into a dark doorway and run my hand up her stockings to her shaven exposed cunt. She wanted to give me a blowjob but I had other plans.

I took her back to the hotel and had her dress in just her stockings, high heels and a full length leather coat. “I can’t go out like this,” she giggled, looking at herself in the full length mirror. I opened the coat and made her face the mirror again. “Just think how you’ll look when I undo your buttons and open your coat in front of some one.” I started to finger her clit again and before she could argue, we were out of the door.

Back on the street and Pat really got into the flashing bit. She left the buttons undone and held the coat closed by placing her hands in her pockets. This allowed her to vary the gap depending on how much she wanted to show. We played a game where I would walk on the other side of the narrow street while she would stand in the shadows and completely expose herself. If I could see everything then chances are some one else was looking too.

The hotel ported had given me the address of a sex cinema and I wanted to see just how far Pat would go. “C’mon, give me that nice cock,” she teased running her hand over my bulge. “OK, but lets go in there,” I said pointing to the picture house. I don’t think the penny dropped as we entered the dimly lit arena and with my hand under the coat firmly on her bare arse I guided her towards the back row.

There were several people already seated but we had the entire row to ourselves. No sooner had we sat down than her head went down to my lap and my cock was in her mouth. “Hang on, I want to see your stockings while you suck me.”

She allowed the coat to fall open but not once did she stop sucking. It was a lovely sight and her white thighs were nicely framed between the black stockings and suspender belt. The coat was completely undone exposing both lovely tits, I could feel them brushing across my thighs as her head bobbed up and down.

On the way I’d really teased her, and she’d had at least three orgasms, now, the little bitch was getting her own back, bringing me to the point of coming and then backing off a bit. It was a great blowjob and we were both so engrossed that I didn’t see the man approaching until he sat down next to Pat. He was staring at her stocking covered legs.

I was on the verge of coming when the man looked at me. I nodded towards her legs as though giving him approval to touch, he didn’t need a second invitation. As his hand felt along her thigh Pat froze but I was too far gone to stop and holding her head tightly I fucked her mouth. As the man’s hand felt between her legs I let rip. Pat drank the lot and opened her legs.

As she sat up in the chair the coat fell open, exposing both tits to this total stranger. Pat didn’t even look at him, she simply slid down in the seat opening her legs even wider, giving him complete access to her naked pussy while resting her head on my arm. The guy had two fingers of his left hand inserted in her juicy cunt while with the right hand he wanked himself off. “Like it?” I asked Pat. With her eyes shut tight she just sighed. “Why don’t you play with his cock?”

Without looking, her right hand reached over the man’s lap until she found his cock. He happily took his hand away and let Pat take over. I felt her left hand on my own cock. I started to tweak her left nipple as the man continued to finger her and felt her hand tighten on my shaft, Pat was near to coming, it was now or never. “Do you want his cock up your cunt?” I asked rolling the nipple harder. “Yeassss, oh yesssss.”

I motioned to the guy to stop and made Pat stand up and lean over the seat in front. “Put this on,” I said handing the man a condom. I watched as he lifted the coat up over her back exposing her lovely round arse before feeding his long slim cock into Pat’s waiting cunt. Holding her by the hips he started to thrust in earnest.

As the man fucked her, her big tits were swinging wildly beneath her. She was making a lot of noise and I was worried in case everyone turned round. Fortunately the film was good and loud and kept their attention. As our friend banged away another man entered the cinema, he couldn’t fail to notice the proceedings in the back row and immediately headed our way.

He entered the row in front and walked right up to us. He said something in Dutch to the guy fucking Pat, who simply nodded at me and continued to fuck. He repeated the question to me but I didn’t understand. “English?” I said. “Ah, English, may I?” He was indicating Pat’s head. “Hang on a sec,” I said. I removed Pat’s coat completely exposing her lovely body to these two men.

“Help yourself.” He unzipped his fly and before Pat realised what was happening he shoved a very fat cock into her mouth. She looked amazing, standing there in just high heels and black stockings, her big tits hanging free and a cock in each end. I really got hard when I realised how big the guy fucking her mouth was, not particularly long, but very fat.

The guy fucking her started to grunt and was obviously filling his condom. When he pulled out I suggested the other guy might like to fuck her while I filled her mouth. We changed round and I held her face up while he fed his fat cock into her. “Oh my God, he’s so big.” The expression on her face was one of pain and pleasure as the man slowly inched his fat cock up her. “Does it feel good?” “Ohhhh, does it ever.” He was fully home now and ramming away as Pat sucked on my cock. The other guy was leaning over the seats playing with her nipples, pulling them as though they were elastic, then he would mash her tits together in his hands. Pat was in heaven and for the second time that night I filled her mouth with spunk.

The guy fucking her was using long slow strokes as the other guy continued to maul her tits. I leaned down and whispered in her ear. “I’m going to let every man in this cinema have your cunt, tits, arse and mouth, your not leaving here until you are full of other men’s spunk, no condoms, just loads of spunk, you want that?”

“Oh yes, yesssss.”

“Lets invite them back to the hotel, I want to see you on your back with your slut legs open, looking into their faces as they shove their cocks up you, one after the other.”

“Oh God, I’m cummmmmmmmmming …..” Her body shock as the orgasm tore through her. The guy on her tits clamped down hard on her nipples as the guy fucking her pulled out, whipped the rubber off and came all over her arse. “You ready to play the slut?” I asked her. Pat’s legs were shaking and she flopped back into her seat.

The two men said their thank you’s and disappeared. I climbed over the seats and sat next to a very exhausted and excited Pat. “Well, you ready for some more,” I said grabbing her cunt and ramming two fingers straight up it. “There must be at least twenty other guys in here who would like some of this, shall I invite them?”

I was busy using my thumb on her clit and once again her orgasm was building. “Tell me Pat, do you want to be gang banged? Lots of fat horny cocks fucking your brains out. Shall I asked them?”

“Yesssssssss, yes, please yes, I want them, I want them all, I want them all to fuck me!” She was writhing on my fingers, coating them with cum juice, her eyes shut tight as she thought of all those men lining up to fuck one of her holes.

Just then, the lights went on and as if by instinct Pat grabbed her coat and quickly covered up. We joined a queue of men as they left the cinema. They were surprised to see a woman leaving the show, especially one with large prominent nipples barely covered by a half open leather coat. As we headed back to the hotel I asked her, “would you really have taken them all on?”

Pat looked at me and smiled.


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