Parking Surprise 4.6/5 (58)

A true and enhanced telling of my first time being had by another man in the presence of my current husband. Raymond and I have been married for thirteen years and have a nice home and family life together. This episode took place about three years ago shortly after our ten year wedding anniversary. Ray has always had some interesting ideas about sharing me with another man. He is very keen on role play and scenarios and I do not mind indulging them sometimes.

We have a small collection of toys and devices we use during these sessions. From a small thumb sized vibrator to a very thick and veiny extension he likes to wear and indulge in my depths occasionally. Outside of that his dynamic five incher is the only thing that has been in my womb besides two c***dren for over f******n years. Previously I was with my ex-fiancé Mickey for two years and before that my first husband Jason for five years.

Jason was a tall and bulky man but his parts were about the same as Rays were. Only with Rays smaller build everything was proportionate. Jason was abusive and liked to have affairs so I divorced him. It hurt me but good riddance. I can’t be hurt constantly. Mickey was a tough guy that liked to drink and work on cars and motorcycles. He was skinny and semi-tall and also the largest packaged man I had been with in a relationship with.

He loved to try to hurt me with it and on many drunken nights would stab his nine inch and thick meat in me repeatedly. I was very fragile minded and coming off a divorce and was eager to please any man. With beer on his breath he would say very obvious things in my ear while poking his timber deep in and out of me. “You like that big dick don’t you”? I did like it. “Oh yes, yes, oh, ouch, oh”.

Then he would come and go to sleep. He had an awesome body and equipment but was lazy and selfish. He used to make me suck his dick on almost a daily basis but would not touch me. He began to drink heavier and I broke my ankle and gained a few pounds during our time together. We split and never looked back. Ray was very loving, handsome, and a good provider. He is very fun to be with and loves every inch of me.

I am not obese but have my mom’s thick butt and chest. Men love my long blonde curls as well. Ray insists it should be shared and opened up. I am still rather tightly bound in the vaginal region and get really wet when aroused. The toys feel good and a deep fuck would be nice, yet I would never do anything to ruin my marriage. Until one warm and early October day at a state run war memorial park near where we live.

There is a body of water near the park and it flourishes with fish and wildlife. We used to camp there and still go there to get fresh air and hike on the miles of scenic trails throughout the park. As we were driving around looking to park our vehicle Ray starts rubbing my neck and back. It feels very nice. I love his massage skills and warm touch. Ray is hinting on sex in the back of the van in the middle of the day in public.

I was getting the hint. We pulled into a secluded bend in the road that was at the back right side of the park area. He leaned over and kissed my lips while grasping my left breast and eventually pinching my nipple under my blouse. Pinching just how I loved it. “Ok, just keep and eye out for cars and hikers” I said as we both got on the bench at the back of the van. I was already pretty moist and feeling oh so very in heat.

I took my panties and shoes off and laid back on the bench and raised my right leg up and over the back of the seat. I lifted my skirt up and started grabbing at his crotch and stimulating my hardening clitoral region. Ray undid my bra and began eagerly sucking on my tits while pulling his pants down allowing me full hands on access to his warm balls and hard stick. I was stroking him while we kissed. He was as excited as I was.

He went to put his fingers in me as I reminded him to be on the lookout as I could not see our surroundings from my vantage point. I opened up so he could put his index finger in me. I was soaking his finger and I felt his bone throb. He was going to come pretty soon. “Put it in! Put it in! Fuck me..” He slipped right in my glistening and soaked pussy. “Yes, fuck me.”He asked me if I was ready to fuck a big dicked stranger.

He whispered. “This pussy needs more dick. This is a hungry pussy”. “Are you ready for some deep fucking? You need it deeper and fatter don’t you”? I went along and said “yes, I do need it. Let him fuck me”. All of a sudden Ray stiffened up and began to come unusually quick for him. He started to come in me but pulled out and spent most of his full thick load on my thighs and stomach.

I was just getting in to it and needed to climax. I was rubbing my clit asking him if he could keep it hard and put it back in me and let me come too. Usually I come with him but he was like Mick the quick dick ex. Done and going soft before me. He told me to wait a bit and I would get it again. “I need it now! Please do something”. I said. He nodded and said for me to hang tight and not to stop what I was doing.

“Where are you going”? I asked as he opened the side door of the van. I heard footsteps and saw a figure out of the corner of my peripheral vision approach the van. ” Ray whispered something to the approaching person. I sat up. “What? Who are you?” I panted trying to cover myself from this strange man looking up and down me smiling and nodding. He looked to be in his mid to late fifties. Maybe sixty even.

Ray knew that I had a thing for older guys. He calls them Silver Daddies. This very nice looking gentleman had a deep voice and a great smile behind his nicely trimmed goatee. “I am Max. I heard you from the trail.” Ray smiled. I was getting a bit of rage welling in me when Max came closer. “I can help you out. Miss um Miss?” “Laurie”. Ray whispered as he looked around the park.

I noticed our new van mate was wearing jogging pants too. Only he had a very large protruding linear bulge in his. I wondered to myself what all he had in there. “But. I.” I whimpered. He chuckled and entered the van telling Ray to keep an eye out and staring right at me with a sexy grin. He touched my leg and his grasp was strong yet sensual. I sat up quick.

He sat next to me on the bench seat and rubbed my leg up to my inner most thigh. He was prying my reluctant yet wanting legs to open. I saw Ray looking around and then snap a picture of us. Looking down I noticed Max was massively erect. He saw me and pulled my hand to it. I brushed it and pulled away not sure if I should give in to this burning feeling of lust.

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