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Looking for REAL cuckold stories and hotwife stories? Then you’re in the right place. Every month I’ll be running a cuckold and hotwife story contest. Below you’ll find current and previous story submissions from real cuckolds and hotwives about their sexual escapades.

The Lesson Learned

Section 1 So far it had been a nice weekend. My husband had a convention to attend so we decided to go early and I would join him for a long weekend.

Cabins In The Snow

Section 1 We were heading up to our cabin. My husband and I were avid boarders (snowboards) and had a cabin in ski country.

Wedding Day Cuckold

Section 1 It was my wedding day, my father was about to walk me down the aisle.

Wives On The Prowl

Section 1 Penny was edgy tonight. She sat on the sofa next to her husband watching this cop show.