The "Overcucked" Phenomenon, Part 1


On January 25th, 2017 a certain post was blogged into the Tumblr-sphere. That post was so captivating it’s gotten more notes than you’d ever believe.

This article is going to be a four part exposé on that post and on the phenomenon of being “overcucked.”

And who better to help me with this exposé than the very man who experienced it himself—Tom, along with his sexy hotwife Louise.

So sit back, relax, and settle in, because this article is going to take you on one hell of a journey. We’re going to start it with the actual post itself, written by Louise herself.


The Post

When I can stand on my own two feet we nip outside for a cigarette and catch Tom on the stairs. It is clear at this point that he is not happy and we learn that the remote camera hasn’t been working - I can see he is upset and frustrated so I head upstairs to try to chat to him. It doesn’t go too well. He is tired, had a few beers and he explains that with the camera not working he had been outside trying to watch and film on his phone in the cold and wet, and when we had spotted him and laughed he felt we were making fun of him. He pretty much stopped enjoying the experience at that point.

l was completely mortified but couldn’t console him and it was clear he needed some time out. When I came back downstairs to update S we felt it would be insensitive to continue but at the same time Tom was adamant that we just carry on as he didn’t want to spoil the weekend.

Back downstairs with S, after explaining the situation about Tom, for about an hour we went round in dilemma circles about where each of us should sleep and in the end we figured it was probably best just to head up to bed together with sex off the agenda.

I was pretty stressed and upset - my best friend in the world was hurting and I felt responsible and at the same time I felt unable to resolve the situation. S and me cuddled for a while and then tried to sleep.

I was still wide awake in the small hours when Tom texted me to say he was fine and ready to talk so I went to our room and got into bed with him and we discussed what had happened. The crux of the issue was that he hadn’t been present at our last couple of meets and he was hoping to have more involvement in the weekend, which had to be honest been hinted at during my build up conversations with S, Conversations I had shared with Tom, and he had subsequently built up a hope for. Then, partly because of remote camera connection problems and partly because of never actually being invited by us into the same room, the denial of what he loves best - to watch and film in person, and from time to time even, to get physically involved - had made him start to feel left out and that it was no longer about our pleasure as a couple.

The final straw was the gradual closing off of his ‘windows’ into his own home - to even view the domination experience (which he could tell was not just several ‘firsts’ for me - but also sexually - utterly incredible). When I closed the door to the room after going in, then eventually the curtains (he had been trying to watch at that point, from outside in the rain) and then finally when we both laughed about him trying to film with his phone (which he heard through the open window), he felt like he was being ‘shut out’. At this point, without any intention or malice on anyone’s part, he went into what he describes as ‘total subdrop’. His only option as the weekend continued, and not wanting to create a scene or spoil our ongoing enjoyment, was to try his best to sleep it off…

That’s Some Heavy Stuff

Man Sweating

Pretty intense, right? In case you’re wondering how it all ended up, Tom recovered, and he and Louise are closer than ever. But before we get into that, I’d like to give you some context into Tom and Louise’s situation. Before they decided to explore the hotwifing lifestyle, they were just your average couple. What happened to get them into the lifestyle was a conversation they just happened to have had one day about what they would do if they split up.

“What had led to that was a recent ‘rocky patch’ caused somewhere between my secret online life, a mid-life crisis and short affair that I’m not proud of. (Not proud in terms of how much I had hurt the two people involved, one of them obviously being my wife.)”

That said, why they had the conversation is far less important than the fact that they had it, because that’s where it all started.


The Conversation

Cuckold Conversation

So as Tom & Louise are talking about what would happen if they split up, Louise had said there would be things she would like to do and try if she were single, that she wouldn’t do while she remained married.

“Being every bit as much soul mates and best friends as loving husband and wife, I replied something like, ‘What if you could do those things anyway, without having to split up?” and over the following days and weeks, she further explained that it wasn’t so much specific things, but more that we were both pretty young when we got together, and that if she’d later found herself single, then she would take the opportunity to play the field a little and fully enjoy doing that…”

“So that I guess is what led to me eventually telling her of my lifelong fantasy of watching her having sex with another man. Or men even… women too for that matter… and in fact – exactly what I was referring to… i.e. why should being married, especially to me stop her from doing that? What if I supported her ‘playing the field’ and in fact enjoyed and got off on it, every bit as much as she did?”

It’s not uncommon for guys to think (or be advised) that they should bring this subject up in bed one day while their wife is already turned on. Can that work? It _can, _but I don’t recommend that path, especially because the chances of it going wrong are far greater than it going well. In Tom & Louise’s situation, they had stumbled upon the subject in a bit of an indirect way, and Tom used that indirect way to then bring his fantasy up. It’s a very effective approach.

Tom’s Fantasy Type

Stag Cuckold

Tom had this fantasy for awhile though. “Happily married for just over two decades, from the very beginning I’d had this fantasy that I’d never really discussed with her. I don’t know why. Life got in the way perhaps, or maybe I just wasn’t confident enough or just assumed the answer would be no and she’d laugh at me, or think me a pervert. In fact, in reality it stayed a secret because it made me feel like a pervert. I mean my wife was not just a petite, fit as fuck, stunning blonde; she was actually drop dead gorgeous! So why on earth would any rational man (other than a TOTAL pervert) fantasize about her fucking someone else?”

“Her ex, her boss, work colleagues, friends or even random people we met on holiday… it didn’t matter so much who they were but was more the fantasy of her being turned on by another guy, and wanting to take that further…and then doing exactly that. I mean having the confidence to all but impose it on me, and having to witness it, either in person, or after the effect when she teased me by telling me how incredible it was…”

“Ok and if I’m totally honest perhaps guys with bigger dicks. Not that I’m small, just average… or ‘adequate’ as she’s once described me… and yes, that had turned me on too.”

Tom describes himself as somewhere in between a cuckold and a stag cuckold. And not fitting perfectly into one category—that’s about par for the course for the majority of men out there who fantasize about their wife sleeping with someone else.


Finding Their Way

It must have been a bit nervewracking to tell his wife all of that, but tell her all of it he did, “including how much I’d enjoyed the games we had played early on where she’d go into a bar alone and get chatted up and I’d come in separately and watch. Nothing had happened back then, but boy I had it in my fantasies…”

So they talked more about it, and considered and played with the idea, and researched online about hotwifing, cuckolding, swinging, etc, and eventually stumbled upon the idea of stag and vixen hotwifing. “Stag and vixen hotwifing seemed to fit us better – Stag’s being husbands or boyfriends who like to watch but usually don’t play themselves  - at least with any woman other than their wife. There’s also no humiliation involved, because it’s not that they don’t satisfy the wife in that way, it’s more that they want to maximize and experience her pleasure…”

“We considered repeating the games we used to play on holiday and hotels, Louise flirting with other guys while I sat back and watched, but this time I was honest about the fact that it wasn’t so much just the flirting that exited me, but more the prospect of her going much further… all the way in fact.”


Bumps In The Road

Cuckold Objections

Now, for the sake of full disclosure, Tom had made it clear that there were so many things to consider; thoughts, feelings, and limitations to work through. What you’ve been told so far are really just the highlights, and it should be made known that each individual and couple is unique, and the way their path unfolds may also be unique. (Side note: that’s why I offer Personalized Cuckold/Hotwife Plans.)

“One of Lou’s overriding concerns initially was that I was only suggesting this because I had the ulterior motive of wanting to sleep with other women. However, that wasn’t the case. Not that I wouldn’t enjoy that, but it certainly wasn’t and isn’t a condition or even an aim… and where some might view that as unequal freedom privileges, it really isn’t like that. So whereas the prospect of my stunning wife’s consensual infidelity massively turned me on, the same didn’t apply in reverse, i.e. the thought or prospect of me with other women didn’t turn her on. It really just made her feel insecure and threatened.”

“Part of progressing into the lifestyle is talking about all these things with each other. Then totally accepting each other and working out compromises. That’s different for everyone but for us I was happy for Louise to experience the freedom to explore her sexuality, and was certain that would enhance my pleasure (and therefore our pleasure as a couple too.) I didn’t expect the same in return.”


Here’s Where It Starts To Get Kinky

So many cuckold or hotwife stories you read on the internet have certain popular themes running through them: interracial, boss, an ex, etc. Tom and Louise even chatted to a sub girl online who likes her dom partner to choose for her (I told you there’s lots of different shades to this fantasy). But Tom wasn’t a dom.

“It turned out Lou had always fantasized about being dominated. Now our conversations and joint fantasies really got exiting. For me, and I was honest with her about this, it was more exiting if she picked someone she seriously fancied… I guess because for me, it is really her arousal and sexual pleasure, and the thought of seeing that as a fly on the wall that really took my breath away.  So it wasn’t just about watching a feelingless fuck… just sex for sex’s sake I mean, but for me, the more connection and intimacy the hotter it felt; the more real and raw and passionate, the absolute better…”

“All of this conversation, by the way, had an incredible effect on our sex life. It was honestly more heated and incredible than at any time since the first few months. Neither of us could believe it could be like this for a married couple of over two decades. It was incredible. And not just our joint sex life either. I’d often find myself replaying little things she’d said in our conversations, things she thought would turn her on or when I could tell she was actually considering it…. And I’d find myself utterly gripped with arousal, and masturbating to it for days, sometimes weeks!”

Agreements, Boundaries, & Getting Started

Cuckolding boundaries

Part of the overcucked phenomenon that we’ll get more into soon comes about by crossing pre-set barriers and boundaries. In Tom and Louise’s case, it was more of a misunderstanding than anything, but perception is reality. And in Tom’s case, his emotional experience was his reality.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, they set boundaries and agreements. “An important one we made is that, no matter how far we went with it, if either one of us was unhappy and wanted to stop then that was a given. And also that it would never be bought up and thrown at the other in an argument. If we were going to do this, then we were in it together and ultimately, despite the ways we might individually enjoy it - it was our joint pleasure that we were really doing it for.”

“So at first, we thought we would set up some kind of hotwife profile, with some hot pics of Lou and see if there was any interest from men. Still not fully with the intention of taking it further but really just to fuel the rising heat of our own now joint fantasy.

“And that really brings me to a moment that only those who have experienced it will understand. You thought up until this point that your own sexual pleasure must surely have peaked. Either at some point while talking to her openly about it or in having sex with her after… but the total arousal explosion that occurs when your hot filthy fantasy, the one that has been your ‘go to’ wank for years and years is no longer safely contained by your own scull…now it’s very much in head of your stunning young wife too, and she is really fucking turned on by it. – Yes that ‘total arousal explosion’… Is absolutely beyond comprehensible. (oh and not to wish to spoil it for you – but that’s actually still nothing!) My own memory of this realization goes something like this…”

Before I let Tom recount his experience, I wanted to point out that his reaction to that “arousal explosion” as he called it is spot on. It’s very common for men to want their wife to tow the line of being almost not in control of her desires as regards being a hotwife. They want her to tell them there’s no turning back; they want her to tell them she wants to do it more, even that she _needs _it. They want their own idea to spread and take over their wives…It’s a hot thought, isn’t it?


Tom Recounts His Experience

“I’m away on business, and in my hotel room the conversation has continued both by text and skype. We’ve been sending each other porn links that turn us on. One of mine was of a stunning woman using her wand, and the close-up orgasm that resulted… I haven’t been wanking to this extent since I was in my teens, and I can think of virtually nothing but our conversations…”

“The following day, back at my hotel, I get a video. My stunning wife has recreated the video I sent her, with herself as the star. It is incredible. She has never done that – or anything close to that. She explains that it is because I told her how much seeing her arousal turns me on… and the conversations we’ve been having…”

“So she showed me, everything.  Ok and I mean everything… Her dripping arousal… the orgasmic contractions… her moans… her breathing… everything. To try to explain what that feels like. If indeed it’s been a fantasy for you for as long as it had been for’s like having all of the sexual arousal you have ever experienced whilst watching such porn and imagining your wife, collected and stirred and heated in one big boiling pot, then all fired back at you at high velocity in one go…”

“My resulting ejaculation almost hit the ceiling! As did the next three before I finally slept.”

“When I get home she asks me if I liked the video, and I breathlessly reply that it is incredible. She takes me by the hand and leads me through to the lounge. And shows me the hot-wife profile she’s created for us, on fabswingers, a site she’s discovered while I’ve been away. ‘And’ she explains, her stunningly pretty face all flushed with arousal, ‘there isn’t just one guy interested, there are literally hundreds!’ But it doesn’t stop there so now we can introduce arousal explosion after arousal explosion. I guess for a man, that’s the equivalent of a mental multiple orgasm.”

“Anyway, she’s been chatting to a few of them. I am able to read back the conversations, and with two or three she has even swapped naked photo’s.

“We settle down to have the most incredible sex, but even the foreplay goes further than my wildest dreams when she asks me to get her pocket rocket clit vibrator from her bedside table, and then proceeds to spread her legs and masturbate right in front of me… As she approaches orgasm, she looks right at me and asks ‘How serious are you about actually doing this?’ (talking about hot-wifing) ‘because if you set me off down this path, I’m going to go for it in a big way…’ "

“It’s like, after twenty years of marriage I have somehow come home to some kind of parallel dimension version of my own house, in which all of my fantasies have come true.”


Finding The Right Guy

One of the things you’ll hear me talk about on a fairly consistent basis is that women like to be seduced by ideas. So if you take a step back and look at how all of this unfolded, there’s quite a seductive nature to all of it. It doesn’t happen all at once, it unfolds in its own way, sometimes slowly, other times with pockets of sharp progress. It’s completely organic, natural, and to a woman, seductive.

But what’s a little seduction without running into some challenges along the way, right? If you can keep your wits about you and realize it’s all part of the process, it’ll be easier to get through. That said, in the moment, it can be particularly frustrating, especially if you’ve both decided to jump in, but you can’t find the right guy.

“Over the next few months, she continues to chat to guys online and I experience the thrill of sitting next to her on our sofa while she sexts other men. She is really choosy though about who she wants to meet, and there always seems to be a reason why it’s never the right guy. You really do have to expand your patience at this point, but it will feel like it’s being tested, because it’s difficult to see through your own excitement about what might be next, and when and with whom that might be.”

“Then we get the odd one who looks more promising, and even arrange to meet, but they turn out to be timewasters (or what we now call ‘keyboard wankers’) - guys who for some reason get off on the idea, or on talking to a woman about it, but actually have no intention of following through. And we both experience the frustration of several occasions of building excitement, only to be followed by the disappointment of a let-down.”

In the end we decided on a change of tack. We were both desperate to take things further so we found a local swingers club and booked in for a ‘greedy girls’ night.”


The Swinger’s Club

“The build up to that night was erotic beyond belief – getting ready to actually go there was something on another level of eroticism…”

“Lou dressed classy sexy but really not wearing much. We booked into a local hotel first and stood outside talking before we went to the club. Watching almost every guy letch after my wife was utterly incredible, it was as if everyone could subconsciously tell.”

“As for us, well we had no idea what to expect. We’d discussed everything between nothing happening, through one, two guys, three, possibly to an all-out gangbang. Lou really wanted to experience DP but in reality there was so much going on in both our heads that we were like rabbits in the headlights. We weren’t even sure if we would make it to the club. We’d been chatting to a local guy with pics that worked for Lou and we’d told him we were at the hotel but then, like so many he vanished…”

“Eventually we made it to the club… Perhaps needless to say Lou got a lot of attention… In fact it really wasn’t what we were looking for, but we did meet some really lovely people and that resulted in getting our first ‘real couple’ verifications on the swingers profile. In fact there was a young black guy Lou had noticed. But we’d got there a little late and he’d finished already and left shortly after.”

“The sex we had together back at the hotel was incredible.”

But that’s not the end of the story….


It Finally Happens

Up until now, we’ve heard only from Tom. That’s why you’re going to hear what happened in the following days in Louise’s own words.

Our first experience of hotwifing was arranged following a spontaneous trip to a swingers club (also a first). We didn’t play that night, but I had caught the eye of a good looking black guy and he messaged me, inviting us for a hotel meet.

We had been chatting to various potentials on a swinging website for weeks but there had been a lot of time wasters and so many disappointments and no-shows. By the time we had the opportunity for a genuine meet we were almost beside ourselves with excitement.

My husband and I were both so nervous on the night and really had no idea what to expect; but the man I was set to meet was a regular on the scene and a true gent. We had a drink and a chat - much to the amusement of the fellow hotel guests; to better explain I had, perhaps naively, gone for it totally.

Classy more than outright slutty in terms of what I was wearing, but very much dressed to impress… Even including the anklet. It was liberating at least, for the first time in a long while, to notice that I was turning so many heads… (I’ve read since, that hot-wives perhaps give off particular pheromones so maybe it was that too!) but to attempt to paint the picture for you, I walked into the hotel bar like that, every bit as nervous as my accompanying husband and met with probably the only black guy in the hotel. We sat at the quietest darkest corner table and began to talk.

I wasn’t really thinking of anything else but from the looks I did notice, pretty much everyone, including the staff at the hotel, either knew exactly what was going on, or they were all fantasizing about it!

I guess we talked for forty minutes or so; the nerves and excitement making it difficult to hide what we were talking about; and eventually he confidently sat back in his chair and said “So you want to come up to my room?”. Believe me - I certainly did!

Tom took a spare key card and made himself scarce for 15 minutes. After he had left us, and I had downed my drink, we walked hand in hand, my heart beating out of my chest, through the busy hotel bar and reception and took the lift together to his floor. It is honestly one of the most erotic and sexy things I have ever experienced…

By the time Tom let himself in to the room, my dress was off, my panties were being pulled down and our new friend was lapping up my wetness, like an alley-cat with a saucer full of cream.

Needless to say, it wasn’t long before I came hard all over his tongue…

Most of the next three hours was a complete blur but we fucked in just about every conceivable position with the TV turned on loud to mask my moaning and the sound of the headboard banging on the wall…

Tom took some video footage and joined in; it was blowing my mind as I was blowing his cock, whilst being fucked from behind - we were actually doing this! I was cumming over some random guy’s black cock. And I loved the erotic thrill of the whole scenario.

After a few days of letting the experience sink in, I still could hardly believe it. I had not had sex with anyone but my husband for 20 years and yet here I was in a hotel room, fucking a stranger…and we had the video footage to prove it. The effect on our own sex life before and after was just incredible. We had opened Pandora’s box and we were hooked. No going back…


And There It Was

There it was. They had crossed that line together, and Louise was hooked. And that turned Tom on in such an intoxicatingly appealing way.

So that’s how Tom and Louise’s journey had all started. I wanted to lay all that out there in such a detailed way because it’s going to give us a real life lens to look at the overcucked phenomenon through. Part 2 is Tom’s attempt to help us understand the aspects that lead up to ‘the weekend’ of experiencing feeling ‘overcucked’. In Part 3, we’ll explore Tom’s specific thoughts and feelings as that fateful weekend of overcucking unfolded, and what that was like for him.

Part 4 will be even better still, and we’ll tie it all together in a way that’s going to not only be very entertaining and interesting, but extremely valuable for you as well.

I’d like to express my sincere thanks to Tom & Louise for sharing their experiences in such detail with us. If you want to read more about their escapades since we’re not going to be going into detail about them, save for the weekend Tom got overcucked, I encourage you to check out their Tumblr which can be found here: Now that you’ve arrived at the end of Part 1, I encourage you to read Part 2, which is bound to take you on a one-of-a-kind emotional-sexual journey. You can find Part 2 here: The “Overcucked” Phenomenon, Part 2.

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