The “Overcucked” Phenomenon, Part 1 4.6/5 (18)

On January 25th, 2017 a certain post was blogged into the Tumblr-sphere. That post was so captivating it’s gotten more notes than you’d ever believe.

This article is going to be a four part exposé on that post and on the phenomenon of being “overcucked.”

And who better to help me with this exposé than the very man who experienced it himself—Tom, along with his sexy hotwife Louise. .

So sit back, relax, and settle in, because this article is going to take you on one hell of a journey. We’re going to start it with the actual post itself, written by Louise herself.


The Post

When I can stand on my own two feet we nip outside for a cigarette and catch Tom on the stairs. It is clear at this point that he is not happy and we learn that the remote camera hasn’t been working - I can see he is upset and frustrated so I head upstairs to try to chat to him. It doesn’t go too well. He is tired, had a few beers and he explains that with the camera not working he had been outside trying to watch and film on his phone in the cold and wet, and when we had spotted him and laughed he felt we were making fun of him. He pretty much stopped enjoying the experience at that point.

l was completely mortified but couldn’t console him and it was clear he needed some time out. When I came back downstairs to update S we felt it would be insensitive to continue but at the same time Tom was adamant that we just carry on as he didn’t want to spoil the weekend.

Back downstairs with S, after explaining the situation about Tom, for about an hour we went round in dilemma circles about where each of us should sleep and in the end we figured it was probably best just to head up to bed together with sex off the agenda.

I was pretty stressed and upset - my best friend in the world was hurting and I felt responsible and at the same time I felt unable to resolve the situation. S and me cuddled for a while and then tried to sleep.

I was still wide awake in the small hours when Tom texted me to say he was fine and ready to talk so I went to our room and got into bed with him and we discussed what had happened. The crux of the issue was that he hadn’t been present at our last couple of meets and he was hoping to have more involvement in the weekend, which had to be honest been hinted at during my build up conversations with S, Conversations I had shared with Tom, and he had subsequently built up a hope for. Then, partly because of remote camera connection problems and partly because of never actually being invited by us into the same room, the denial of what he loves best - to watch and film in person, and from time to time even, to get physically involved - had made him start to feel left out and that it was no longer about our pleasure as a couple.

The final straw was the gradual closing off of his ‘windows’ into his own home - to even view the domination experience (which he could tell was not just several ‘firsts’ for me - but also sexually - utterly incredible). When I closed the door to the room after going in, then eventually the curtains (he had been trying to watch at that point, from outside in the rain) and then finally when we both laughed about him trying to film with his phone (which he heard through the open window), he felt like he was being ‘shut out’. At this point, without any intention or malice on anyone’s part, he went into what he describes as ‘total subdrop’. His only option as the weekend continued, and not wanting to create a scene or spoil our ongoing enjoyment, was to try his best to sleep it off…


That’s Some Heavy Stuff

Pretty intense, right? In case you’re wondering how it all ended up, Tom recovered, and he and Louise are closer than ever. But before we get into that, I’d like to give you some context into Tom and Louise’s situation. Before they decided to explore the hotwifing lifestyle, they were just your average couple. What happened to get them into the lifestyle was a conversation they just happened to have had one day about what they would do if they split up.

“What had led to that was a recent ‘rocky patch’ caused somewhere between my secret online life, a mid-life crisis and short affair that I’m not proud of. (Not proud in terms of how much I had hurt the two people involved, one of them obviously being my wife.)”

That said, why they had the conversation is far less important than the fact that they had it, because that’s where it all started.


The Conversation

Cuckold Conversation

So as Tom & Louise are talking about what would happen if they split up, Louise had said there would be things she would like to do and try if she were single, that she wouldn’t do while she remained married.

“Being every bit as much soul mates and best friends as loving husband and wife, I replied something like, ‘What if you could do those things anyway, without having to split up?” and over the following days and weeks, she further explained that it wasn’t so much specific things, but more that we were both pretty young when we got together, and that if she’d later found herself single, then she would take the opportunity to play the field a little and fully enjoy doing that…”

“So that I guess is what led to me eventually telling her of my lifelong fantasy of watching her having sex with another man. Or men even… women too for that matter… and in fact – exactly what I was referring to… i.e. why should being married, especially to me stop her from doing that? What if I supported her ‘playing the field’ and in fact enjoyed and got off on it, every bit as much as she did?”

It’s not uncommon for guys to think (or be advised) that they should bring this subject up in bed one day while their wife is already turned on. Can that work? It can, but I don’t recommend that path, especially because the chances of it going wrong are far greater than it going well. In Tom & Louise’s situation, they had stumbled upon the subject in a bit of an indirect way, and Tom used that indirect way to then bring his fantasy up. It’s a very effective approach.

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