Out Of Town Visitor 4/5 (35)

For Christmas the family got Maria a nice Smartwatch. As soon we gave it to her my pervy mind kicked into gear. I thought it would be perfect for when Maria went out to meet a guy on her own and then give me a call so I could listen. I thought the sound would be better through the watch than her phone. At least I wanted to give it a try. Maria thought it sounded like a fun idea also. 😉

It had also been a long time since Maria had gone out on a date by herself. We had talked about it and she wanted me to set something up for her. I was on a swinger/kink website and I was looking at the Group Events postings about a week ago when I saw one that I thought looked interesting. “BBC Visiting Chicago for a week looking for company”. I checked out his profile. It looked like we had some mutual friends. It also looked like he was very much for real, experienced, used condoms, and did indeed have a huge cock. He was looking for a couple or a hotwife to play with.

I sent him a quick note asking him to perhaps check out the pix of my lovely wife Maria on our profile and was he interested? He quickly wrote back that yes, he was very interested! Oh my…

On Monday I showed Maria the notes and his profile. Maria was intrigued. He didn’t have any face pix. But he hadn’t seen any of Maria either. Maria suggested that I write back to him and see if he would be willing to exchange face pix? Then see if he was still interested? We got each other’s names on KiK and started to communicate there. On Tuesday I sent him a few g-rated face pix of Maria and he sent a few of himself. Later that night I showed them to Maria. She thought he looked slightly familiar but in any case he looked like a nice guy. We agreed that I should write him a note asking him if he was free the coming weekend. It had been a long time since Maria had gone out on a date by herself and called me and let me listen. She said I should ask him if Friday night would be better or Saturday night? I wrote him a note and went to bed. I also asked Maria if I should set up a group chat in KiK? She said not right now but soon…

I had to work the next day but I wasn’t going to be too busy. At around 9:15 or so Derick sent me a message. Friday night would be perfect for him. Then I asked him if he would be able to get a hotel room near us. No problem. I asked him what he did for a living. Not that we think it’s usually a big deal but after our recent ICE agent incident we wanted to know. He said he did high end corp financial analysis. Number crunching. Super boring math. So not an ICE agent!

On Thursday we chatted more. He wanted to know more about what things Maria liked and what we were looking for. I asked him if he would mind it if Maria visited him and gave me a call. He said he would love that and thought it sounded fun and kinky. I asked him about pictures and he was fine with taking a bunch. I told him I would have to talk to Maria when I got home. I wasn’t sure what she would feel comfortable with. Did she want to go on her own? Did she want me to go with and watch? Maybe the three of us meet at a bar and the two of them go off together? He was fine with any of those.

I got home from work and wanted to talk to Maria but it seemed like family stuff got in the way. Finally we got to bed a little early. I told her about our chat and let her know the various options we were talking about. It was late and Maria said she would think about it and let me know in the morning. She also said I might as well add her to the group.

On Friday morning I woke up and added Maria to the chat. I got a text message from Maria privately that she had decided she wanted to just go and meet him on her own. Leave me at home to listen to her. It was going to be a crazy day for me at “work”. I was going to go to C2E2. Chicago’s biggest comic book and cos play convention for the day. It was going to be a lot of fun but I also get totally worked up there because there are so many hot women all dressed up. It’s amazing. I was sort of busy but soon my phone started buzzing with notifications. Maria was started to chat with Derick and they were making plans. It was driving me crazy all day watching the two of them text and tease each other. They agreed that they were going to meet around 9pm. This was all coming together so easily it seemed.

I got back home from C2E2 just in time for dinner with Maria and our kids. After dinner Maria asked if I could help her in the bedroom. When we got there she asked if I could help her decide what to wear tonight. She knows it drives me crazy watching her pick out what lingerie to wear first and then what to wear over it. She wanted to wear some nice lingerie under her clothes and then wear things over it that were sexy but not too flashy. The hot Mom look. She also let me know that she decided that she would like me to drive her there, drop her off, and then pick her up when she was done. There is something hot about driving her to her dates, dropping her off and watching her walk away from the car, knowing that she’s going to meet someone and she’ll be fucking him soon.

We have a few “rules” when Maria goes out on a date. For a few days before her dates I’m not allowed to fuck her. She likes to keep her pussy fresh as she says. On the day before she goes out I’m allowed to masterbate but I’m not allowed to cum. On the day of her date I’m not allowed to touch my cock except for to pee. No playing with myself. I also put on a pair of her panties before her date. She said once, “I won’t be wearing any panties tonight and someone has to wear the panties in this house!” So I took out a pair of red frilly panties and put them on. For the rest of the evening I could feel the silky material rubbing against my cock. A constant reminder that Maria would be going out that night to get fucked.

Maria took a shower and then put on some makeup. At around 8:45 Derick sent us a note to let us know he was running a little late. We told him it wasn’t a problem and to feel free to text us know when he was good to go. The hotel he got was about a ten minute drive from our house. We waited for Derick to let us know when he was checked into the hotel and was good to go. I was starting to get a little nervous. Was he going to flake out on us?

Nope! At 9:26 he sent a message with the room number. Maria was ready to go! We hopped in the car and drove there. On the way there I asked her if she could send me a text or something once she got there and it looked like it was on. That he was legit. We rolled into the parking lot at around 9:45. I saw Maria go into the lobby and I parked. She sent a message to the group chat. “Lobby or Room?” Derick wrote back. “Room”. I saw Maria cross the lobby and head towards the elevators from where I was parked. I decided to head home as fast as I could.

I got home in record time. One of those times when the lights all turned green right when I got there. I pulled into our garage and ran upstairs to our room. Right at about 10:00 my phone rang. I put on my Bluetooth headphones and connected to my phone. I could hear some laughing and chatting and then I could hear the very distinct sounds of Maria sucking a cock and a man groaning in appreciation. My cock was now rock hard.

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