Out Of Town Trip 4.8/5 (32)

My wife is now 65 and I am ten years older. We have been married for thirty years which have been fairly good except for my continuing ED. It started a couple of years after we married then went away when Viagra came out but finally came back for good about ten years ago. We have oral sex and I am able to have fairly good climaxes even without a hard on. Early on my wife tried to take a lover but he turned out to be a dud and she gave up on that idea.

I used to be 6’1” but have shrunk down to maybe 5’11”, I still have my hair and am just a tad overweight. My wife is 5’5” tall, dirty blond, 36DD at least and I think has a great figure, she thinks she is fat. She is twenty pounds heavier then when we met. Never having had children she has a very tight snatch and her blond cunt hair almost makes her look shaved.

Since her retirement we have been having oral sex three maybe four times a week. She also has very strong climaxes, sometimes within a minute or two of me starting to eat her. She always wants to blow me to climax but sometimes I know it is just not coming. Her ex, who was in his sixties, used to make her suck him for sometimes up to an hour before he could come. I never wanted to be like that.

On morning she said, “Can I ask you a personal question.”

“Of course.” I said.

“Remember the short affair I had with my co-worker, and how you kept wanting me to find another lover.”

“Yes, I still would love that, just to know you were getting a nice hard cock would excite me.” I added.

“A friend told me about this site where married people could hook up discretely and I think I might like to try it.”

“Go for it.” I said.

She started spending a lot of time on her computer, often with her door closed. We had several vibrating dildos and a couple of strap on penises. One had an insertion length of five and a half inches but was slightly over one and a half inches in diameter. She would never try it saying it was too big. Now she asked me for it. At night sometimes I would sneak up to her bedroom door and I could hear a vibrator running and her groaning. We also were keeping up the regular sex.

Three weeks later I asked her about her progress.

“I signed up for a site called AshleyMadison, it is for married people who want to hook up. I posted a picture with a mask on and filled out a lot of info so the men would know what I wanted.”

“Did you get any answers,” I asked.

“I would have never thought how many I could get. It’s been hundreds although a lot are way too young and since they also post pictures I have been able to rule out types I was not attracted to.”

“So did you find anyone interesting?”

She blushed and said, “Yes, a man who lives in Tampa, he is a few years younger than me but has that stocky body type I love and seems great.”

“So how far along are you two.” I asked.

“Many messages on the site, then I got a hot mail account and we have exchanged pictures. Then I called him on my TracFone several times and he has called me.” “Darling” she said. “I really think I want to fuck him.” “He is so nice to talk to, and his cock, it’s so beautiful.” “He took a picture of himself hard and he was just over six inches long but almost two inches in diameter.” “He said his wife just does not want sex anymore and he wants more than masturbation.”

Another blush, “I have been practicing and I know I can handle his cock.” “You know how hard it is for me to come unless I am on top, well with the thick dildo I find that it pulls my clit in such a way that it’s easy for me to come.” “I hope you are not upset about this.”

I assured her that I was OK with it all and was benefitting from her increased interest in sex.

Then I asked her, “Do you all have plans.”

Another blush. “Weekend after this, can we go and stay at the Tampa Airport Hilton?”

“OK” I said, “Why me there.”

She looked at me and said, “To keep me safe and give me confidence. I thought we could rent two connecting rooms and if necessary you could come save me.”

“Deal.” I said.

Early Saturday afternoon, two weeks hence, we pulled up to the Hilton Airport. When we checked in the clerk gives us a strange look about the two connecting rooms but I just said, “I snore,” That seems to placate him.

We went to the rooms and settled in. She had told me that the friends name was Steve and they were going to meet for dinner at six in the Hilton dining room. We took a brief nap, I knew she was horny but I had left her alone the last week because I wanted her hot and bothered. We worked out safety arrangements, condom supply and other things. I was going to keep my door locked but her connecting door would be unlocked. Steve had agreed to this with the stipulation and I would only come in if she yelled “Yellow” which was to be the safe word.

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  • Abdul Abbasi

    Reply Reply October 28, 2018

    Seems a real story.Specially when told about anal fuck.It is fact that wivies does not let husband to fuck anal.But when sex with other man also let him to try her both holes. very hot.

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