Our Wives Were His Personal Fucktoys 3.6/5 (52)

One night at a house party a big arrogant white muscular guy fucked my wife Marie and two of her friends at different times. He made them his personal fuck toy for the night. Marie and I was late getting to the house party. As soon as we walked into the house, the big guy who we jokingly called Hercules, was fucking the hell out of one of her friends. Marie’s young black friend was on all four while Hercules was slamming the hell out of her from behind.

There was a few people having sex throughout the house but Hercules had my wife’s friend the center or attention as she screamed her head off. He wasn’t trying to make love to her. He jackrabbit fucked her from one orgasm to another. We bumped into her black friends husband as he watched Hercules roughly duck his wife. Marie couldn’t help herself. She immediately started making crude jokes to the hubby about how hard Hercules fucked his wife. She was relentless with her crude but funny jokes. When Hercules finish ducking her black friend Marie started making crude jokes to her too. She laughed at her friend for the way she looked when the guy was fucking her. It was all in fun. Marie black friend laughed as Marie gave her a hard time.

Awhile later we heard another lady screaming her head off. Hercules was fucking another of Marie’s friend in the exact manner her fucked her young black friend. He fucked Marie’s mature Asian friend hard and fast from behind. Marie friend, as if she was trying to get away from Hercules big cock, collapsed onto her stomach. Hercules continued pounding her as she lay in the prone position on the floor.

The guy was putting in another show for everybody to watch. When they were finish Marie made fun of her Asian friend just as she did her black friend. She also made funny crude jokes about the way the guy fucked them to both of their husbands. Marie, while pointing at Hercules big cock, jokingly asked her friends if that’s what had them making all that noise. Marie was relentless as she mimic both of her friends screams and mannerisms while being fucked by Hercules.

After a few hours of drinking and hanging out (and not doing anything) me and the wifey started saying our goodbyes to our friends. When we reached the door Hercules walked out the shower and had a bath towel around his waist. He quickly and playfully picked up my petite wife. Marie let out a little shriek until she saw it Hercules that picked her up. My startled wife started laughing as she wrapped both legs around his waist.

He sarcastically told Marie he heard what she said about his small dick. She thought the guy was playing around and would soon put her down. I thought the same thing too. Hercules towel fell off and now his hardening cock was less than an inch below her uncovered pussy. My wife wrapped her hands around his neck to pull herself up and away from his cock. She laughed and stuttered as she tried to tell Hercules she was just joking.

Marie Asian friend told her that the guy had Asian and Soul food and now he want some Mexican dessert. Marie quickly shot her friend the rod. Marie has never played at a house party so I was sure she wouldn’t do anything thing with a complete stranger. Boy was I wrong. The whole time this was happening the guy slipped on a condom with one hand while holding Marie up with one arm around her waist. Hercules was dancing while holding Marie. After a few minutes of dancing and talking, he looked into my wife’s eyes and slowly lowered her onto his cock. I was in total shock.

Hercules carried Marie into one of the bedrooms and closed the door. Soon we heard Marie moaning. Me and Marie two friends peaked into the room and saw Marie legs on the his shoulders. When Hercules notice is he got Marie off the bed and onto the floor. It was obvious he was going to fuck her the same way he fucked both of her friends. As if was possible Hercules fucked her just as hard and fast as he fucked both of her friends.

Marie’s nonstop screaming far exceeded her friends. Marie, just like her Asian friend, collapsed onto her stomach to get away from Hercules relentless fucking. Marie was climaxing as she writhed on the bed. Hercules quickly picked her up and roughly bent her over the edge of the bed. Now there was nowhere for her run. He started going into her as deep as he could as he slammed into her. Marie took her screaming to another level. My poor wife started doing some deep guttural grunts every time Hercules went deep into her. Me and her friends walked out of the room after awhile.

Almost thirty minutes later Marie walked out the bedroom looking like a hot mess. Her hair and make up was disheveled. When she walked out all of our friends approvingly gave her a standing ovation. It was her first time that she’s ever done anything at a house party. It was also the first time she’s ever had sex with a total stranger. A good looking, well endowed stranger but a stranger nonetheless.

Of course Marie friends and their husbands reveled in giving her a hard time about the way she looked when Hercules fucked her. The girls laughed their heads off when they realized that none of them knew the guys name. So the girls named him Hercules. My crazy wife wanted to name him”Bam Bam”. He selfishly fucked the hell out of Marie and her two friends that night and made them his personal fuck toys.

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  • Steve

    Reply Reply March 16, 2020

    I was surprised that Hercules used a condom on Marie and apparently he didn’t with the two other women.

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