Our Wives, Their Party Favors


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Section 1

Soon after meeting him, Tom quickly became Maria’s favorite bull. She began seeing him more often, and even introduced her girlfriend Deb to him. Deb was Maria’s only other close friend in the lifestyle.

In her mid 50s and on her second marriage, Deb had been a swinger with her first husband but when he left her for another woman in the lifestyle, she shifted the dynamic of her sexuality to cuckolding. As an assertive, brash woman this was a natural fit for her personality.

Her current husband of 15 years, Tim, was absolutely devoted to her but after years of progression in his cuckoldry, he now only got pussy once a year on his birthday, and for exactly five minutes. Other than that, he was much like me, getting relief by jerking off or the occasional handjob or Fleshlight fuck in the presence of his wife.

Deb had her share of bulls but was always looking for more big hard cock and so when Maria recommended Tom, she eagerly began seeing him as well, sometimes alone and sometimes bringing Tim along to watch, stroke and clean up Deb’s pussy and ass after Tom seeded it.

Before long, Tom began seeing Maria and Deb together. Tim and I would get group text messages at two in the morning from Tom, talking about how much he was enjoying our wives. Sometimes we would get pictures as well. Maria and Deb sucking on his balls and cock. Maria and Deb with their tits pressed together and Tom’s huge load strewn across their tits, a video of Maria riding Tom’s cock as Deb recorded them and encouraged her.

Both Tim and I wanted to watch their threesomes in person and Tom was more than happy to oblige, however, when the time came, he upped the ante in order to make it a special occasion. Instead of a threesome with Tom fucking Maria and Deb, he arranged a full gangbang at his house with seven of his hung friends and our two wives as party favors.

The date was set two weekends after he came up with the idea. Tim and I exchanged text messages where we commiserated on our erotic torture. We both jerked several times a day. During this time, Maria gave me one handjob while she sat on my face and then threatened to cage me if I bothered her for any more relief. Tim was allowed to suck his wife’s big pink nipples and jerk off twice before he actually was caged for the last few days before the party.

When the day finally came, Deb and Tim pulled up at the house party at the same time Maria and I pulled into the long driveway. I noted the similarities between the other couple and us as soon as we stepped out of the car. Like me, Tim was dressed in a button-down oxford shirt. His was light blue whereas mine was light green. We both wore khakis and slip on loafers that made us the picture of suburban normalcy.

In his mid 50s, Tim was somewhat older than me but like me was tall and slim.

If Tim and I appeared normal, then Deb and Maria were our polar opposites in their attire. Both wives, per Tom’s instructions, were wearing micro bikinis that Tim and I ordered online for them. Tom chose a website that sold swimwear that would be outrageous anywhere in the world except perhaps swinger resorts, nude beaches and the very most permissive beach communities.

Tim and I were allowed to pick out anything on the site but everything available was so small that it left nothing to the imagination. If anything, the tiny strips of fabric accentuated their exposure more than covered it. Deb’s bikini was red while Maria’s was black but besides that they were very similar.

The tiny puff of blonde pubic hair that Deb maintained at the top of her otherwise clean shaven slit peeked out from underneath the tiny patch of red material. Maria was totally shaven clean, her wet slit showing through the sheer fabric. Both women wore heels that accentuated their thick, curvy bodies when they walked.

Tom answered the door. As soon as Maria and Deb stepped inside, the wives were met with cheers and wolf whistles from a room full of men. Tom had invited seven of his friends over, some from his office and some he had met through his years of swinging.

All were in their 40s and 50s and all had been selected for being well hung and experienced. Andy and Jake, bulls who had both already fucked my wife several times were also there. Dave, Pat and James were married men from Tom’s office softball team; ex collegiate athletes that never gave up chasing pussy after they married.

Tom further corrupted them by introducing them to the wives he often fucked leading to them either fucking the wives on their own or along with Tom as an additional cock. Rob and Ron added a kinky twist; they were identical twins that had been sharing women their whole lives. They were both tall with muscular, tan physiques from years of bodybuilding. Now in their mid 50s, they were still stuffing women together on the local swinger scene where Tom met them.

Tom introduced our wives to each of the men. The bulls greeted the women by squeezing their tits, slapping their asses or pulling them in for a quick, deep kiss; in some cases all three. Deb and Maria instinctively fondled the bulges in their slacks and since they had all taken Cialis in preparation for the long evening, they were soon tenting out the front of their pants as the wives cooed at the size of their bulges.

“Why hello big boy!” Maria exclaimed as Rob pulled out his long thick cock for her to see and stroke while Ron spanked her ass and then pulled her tiny thong to the side and spread her cheeks, exposing her holes for inspection.

“Nice tight asshole!” Ron remarked.

He pushed his thumb into my wife’s mouth and then rubbed the thick, wet digit in circles on her dark rosebud before pushing it in, to the first knuckle.

“Oh yeah, my cock is going to enjoy that!” he remarked as he pulled his thumb back out.

Tim and I stood towards the back of the room and watched as our wives were displayed and fondled. Per Tom’s instructions, our wives had also fed us a large dose of Cialis so our cocks were painfully hard and strained against the front of our khakis.

One of the bulls had produced a tape measure and the men were playfully measuring our wives, comparing ass and bust sizes. Maria had a slightly larger ass at 42" and her bust measured 38". Both Deb’s ass and bust were 40". After the men had completed their inspection, our wives started measuring the bulls, pulling their cocks out and stroking them to full erection before comparing their length and thickness.

Most of them were over 7" long. Andy was 7" long and 6" girth. Jake was only 6.5" length but he matched his length with the thickest cock in the room at a hole-stretching 6.5". Dave, Pat and James were all slightly less than 7.5" and about 5.5" in circumference.

Rob and Ron, the twins, had identical sized uncut cocks at 7.5" long and 6" girth. Tom, our host, was the last of the bulls to be measured. He was overall the largest in the group measuring 8" in length and 6" around. Like the twins, he was also uncut.

“Now that is a beautiful cock!” Maria proclaimed as she lovingly licked a drop of precum off the broad, pink head that was partially unsheathed from his foreskin.

“Oh yum, let me taste that!” Deb said, kissing Maria deeply and then briefly sucking Tom.

“Shall we see how your hubs compare?” Tom asked.

“Sure!” my wife chirped.

“Over here, boys!” Deb stated, looking at Tim and I and motioning us over with her finger.

We approached our wives as the bulls watched us. With 50mg of Cialis onboard and the visual stimulation of watching our wives handled, I was about as hard as I could get. I stood in front of my wife with my cock taut against the front of my pants.

“Take it out,” Maria told me.

I unzipped my pants and my erection jutted out into the air. Maria held my cock between her thumb and forefinger, avoiding the wet tip while Deb measured the length and then wrapped the tape around me for the girth.

“Hmmm, about six and a quarter long and then four around,” Deb observed.

“Yep, long and skinny,” Maria remarked.

Section 2

My wife looked up at me and blew me an air kiss before they turned to Tim. He had already taken his penis out. It was curved upwards and freely leaking precum. Deb drew the tip down and Maria measured it. He was somewhat smaller, measuring 5.5" long by 4".

“And now back to the big cocks!” Deb announced, lightly pushing Tim and I away.

“Have a seat and enjoy the show,” Tom said before gesturing to two wooden chairs that were placed towards the back of the room for Tim and myself.

The other men were gathered around our wives. Tom and Jake had produced two padded black leather collars that they then attached to a matching leather leash.

“Who likes their bitches on a leash?” Tom asked rhetorically.

The men had mostly stripped by now and eight thick bull cocks jutted towards the ceiling around our wives as they casually stroked themselves. Tim and I had taken our pants off and were lightly stroking ourselves as well. Tom noticed this.

“Girls, are you forgetting something?” Tom asked, grinning.

“After all we do believe in safe sex right?” he continued.

Tom handed Deb and Maria a wrapped ‘snug fit’ condom and nodded towards us cuckolds. I knew what was coming from my last experience watching Tom and my wife. For now, Tim and I would not be allowed to shoot our sperm freely, even if it would only be onto the floor or ourselves.

“Here honey, so you don’t make a mess,” Maria cooed at me as she tore open the package and unrolled the condom on my achingly hard penis.

She pursed her lips and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. I reached for one of her full breasts, my palm briefly touching her hard, dark nipple but she quickly brushed my hand away.

“None of that you bad boy!” she giggled and then walked back to the center of the room.

Deb rolled the condom onto her husband’s eager cock before giving it a few quick strokes. Tim was so keyed up that he groaned and thrust his hips into the air at the slight touch of her hand.

“Easy there, stud!” Deb chided her husband before giving him a loud but dry kiss on the lips.

Tim and I were rock hard as our wives again kneeled on the carpet in the center of the big living room. The bulls closed in, some with their cocks pulled out of their pants, some stripped naked. The biology in play was obvious. The bulls were all broad shouldered, thick-cocked males while the cucks sat in the back of the room, their slender penises sheathed in protective latex.

“Who wants to get their cock sucked?” Tom announced, laughing.

In an instant, Maria had Rob’s thick uncut cock plunged into her mouth. She started bobbing her head in an effort to please the bull. For his part he gripped her by the hair and started fucking her face. She jerked two other upright cocks with her hands. Deb was similarly occupied, one bull, driving his fat head deep into her mouth while she stroked two other cocks.

If the wives were concerned about the mess their husbands might make, that concern did not translate to the bulls. Maria and Deb soon had drool flowing down their chins and onto their tits and the pillows they knelt on, dredged up from the big cocks pistoning deep into their mouths. Slobbering and gagging sounds echoed off the high ceiling along with the appreciative grunts of the bulls getting their cocks sucked.

Jake, Tom’s coworker and the oldest bull of the party at the age of 59 was the first to cum.

“Oh yeah, open up you slut!” he ordered my wife.

Maria looked up at him with a wicked grin and opened her mouth wide, wagging her tongue at Jake as he jerked off in her face.

“Aaaahhh!” she exclaimed, encouraging him.

She continued to stroke a cock in each hand as Jake’s balls boiled over and thick strands of semen pulsed out of the fat pink head. About half of Jake’s load went into Maria’s mouth with the other half landing on her upturned face, a big strand hanging off her cheek, another on her forehead and yet another landing in her hair. After seven spurts, Maria ran her thumb along the underside of his fat, veined shaft, milking out the last drop of his seed and sipping it off the end of his cock, swallowing it.

Despite his age and the impressive load he shot, Jake remained hard due to the large dose of Cialis he took earlier. This was going to be a long night.

“I want some of that hot Latina pussy!” said Pat, one Tom’s coworkers.

He laid on the floor as Maria mounted him, balancing on her heels and lowering her plump, wet pussy onto his bare cock.

“Oh fuck that’s good, Papi!” Maria cooed as she felt herself stretched open and then resumed serving the other bulls with her hands and mouth.

Tom was now underneath Deb, who bounced on his long thick shaft. Tim and I stroked our sheathed cocks, sliding the latex up and down our penises over the precum that seeped out of us and into the condoms.

Before long, Ron, one of the twins, grunted and shot his cum onto my wife’s face as she continued to ride Pat’s cock. Unlike Jake’s load that pulsed out and fell onto Maria, Ron shot forcefully, splashing her face with repeated blasts that soaked her skin and hair.

“Aaaahhh!” my wife opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue as if she was having her tonsils inspected at the doctor’s office.

“Oh yeah, all over your slutty face!” Ron crowed as he sprayed his seed on Maria’s cheeks and forehead with some landing across her open mouth and on her tongue.

My balls drew up into a tight sack and my penis twitched and then furiously squirted against the latex barrier, filling the receptacle tip and flooding the length of the sheath with my sperm. Much like Jake, my penis stayed hard due to the stimulation and the large dose of Cialis. However, unlike Jake who emptied his balls on my wife’s face, my seed was discharged into a condom.

This contrast between bulls and cuckolds continued as Ron’s twin held Deb’s cropped blonde hair in his hands and fucked her face until his large, heavy balls tightened.

“Swallow!” Rob ordered Deb as he rooted his cock in her throat and ejaculated.

His sack and shaft pulsed visibly as he fed Deb his load. Deb looked up at him as she gulped his seed down and jerked off another cock while Tom kept fucking her. This was too much for Tim who moaned and shot his unwanted sperm into his condom. No one seemed to notice or care. The bulls and wives were far too occupied with their pleasure. Both Tim and I kept stroking, the condoms easily sliding up and down, lubed with the milky fluid we squirted.

It seemed as though a chain reaction had started. Pat, the bull underneath Maria grunted and came, shooting his load right into my wife’s shaved, dusky colored pussy. Deb cooed with pleasure as Tom came a few seconds later. Both of our wives kept sucking the other men as they took turns with their mouths.

“Let’s give the hubbies a little action,” Tom announced as he stood up from fucking Deb. A drop of cum leaked from his cockhead. Maria leaned over and sucked it off, tasting her friend’s pussy on his wet shaft before swallowing the bead of semen.

Tom directed Tim and I to lay in the center of the room next to the pillows. The hardwood floor was wet with drool from the facefucking and the sperm that had dripped from our wives. Tim and I were placed next to each other on the slick surface, our condom-covered cocks pointed at the ceiling.

“Kiss your husbands,” Tom directed the wives.

Maria leaned over me, her tits swaying as she lowered her face to mine and kissed me deeply. I could smell her cock breath and her mouth was salty. Deb did the same with Tim as she encircled his cock with her thumb and index finger and lightly stroked him as he bucked his hips off the ground.

“Give them some pussy,” Tom directed.

Maria and Deb squatted over our faces. It struck me that neither of our wives even considered squatting on our cocks. I looked up and saw Maria’s dark, swollen lips being lowered to my face and instinctively started licking and sucking on her used pussy.

Most husbands come to know the taste of their wife’s pussy and I was no different, especially since I spent far more time eating her pussy than fucking it. The difference was that I had also come to know the taste of my wife’s pussy with cum in it. It was a familiar taste, the musky sweetness of Maria’s wet pussy mixed with the salty bitterness of the bulls’ seed.

Section 3

Maria rubbed her wet bald pussy all over my face as I licked her and then settled her clit on my mouth so that I could suckle her the way she liked. Our eyes met as she looked down at me and I licked her. She gave me a wry smile and cooed with pleasure. I could see her tits still wet with drool and semen. I reached for them but she quickly pulled them off, instead holding my hands as she rode my face.

“Oh Kevin, you are SUCH a good pussy licker!” she said as I felt her hips start to twitch.

She might have said more but another fat cock was pushed into her mouth as Andy took his turn with my wife’s face.

“And you are SUCH a good cocksucker!” Andy remarked as he pushed his thick, curved cock into Maria’s mouth, holding her by the head as he pushed deep.

“Ladies, I want you to switch cucks now,” Tom directed our wives.

Our wives looked at each other and laughed. Independent of this scenario, they would never have considered giving each other’s husband access to their pussy, even oral only. However, given that it was Tom’s idea, they eagerly complied. Maria settled onto Tim’s face and went back to sucking.

Deb looked down at me with a wicked smile as she hovered over my face. She pulled back the hood on her large, pink clit to show me how excited she was. Deb settled onto my face with her clit meeting my lips and my nose in the tiny patch of pubes on top of her otherwise smoothly shaved pussy. I sucked Deb’s stiff clit while she continued to service bulls, one after another.

“Yeah, suck!” Deb demanded as she looked down at me.

I focused on her big, hard button, occasionally licking further back all the way to her puckered asshole and then forward again. The mature slut’s pussy had a deep, musky flavor that was accented with the large load of semen that was just shot into her.

“Bet you can taste him, can’t you?” Deb teased me, before taking James deep into her mouth.

I couldn’t see much from between Deb’s thick thighs but I could hear my wife a few feet away, humming with pleasure and gagging on Pat’s cock as Tim ate her pussy. I felt Maria’s hand on mine and then she grasped it.

“Well that is romantic!” Tom remarked as he noticed us holding hands.

I didn’t know if his comment was sincere or sarcastic. My wife gripped my hand harder as she got closer to cumming again. Deb was not far behind. With my free hand I jerked my condom-covered penis. The lubricated latex was making my balls tighten again. I knew my wife was close to cumming as well. Her hips quivered and she grunted onto the cock in her mouth as she came. My sperm jetted out again and was immediately caught within the confines of the already flooded condom.

Deb ground her big pink clit down into my face. Her hips shook and her pussy squirted as she made guttural vocalizations on James’ cock. I gulped down the mouthful of saline fluid that shot out of her, then went back to sucking her engorged clit as she finished her orgasm.

“That taste good, Kevie?” Deb teased me as she looked down with a wicked grin.

“Now stick your tongue in my asshole while I take care of this big cock.”

Deb came further up on her feet and reached back to spread her ass as she lowered her puckered knot to my mouth. Per her instructions, I probed her pink ring with my tongue, pressing the tip inside. Deb was no stranger to anal sex and her hole quickly relaxed, allowing my tongue inside where it could feel the contraction of her sphincter every time she gagged on the cock in her mouth.

“Maria, you didn’t tell me your hubby was such a good ass eater!” Deb remarked, giggling.

“Timmy here isn’t so bad himself!” Maria answered.

I looked over and saw by the angle my wife was squatting that she was feeding Tim her ass as well. We were being used to warm up our wives for the sodomy that was sure to come. Ever the dutiful husbands, I pushed my saliva into Deb’s hole and hoped that Tim was doing the same for Maria.

The bulls guided our wives into position with their leashes. They laid Maria on the floor on top of some couch cushions and then placed Deb on top of Maria in a 69 position.

“Pull up your chairs so you can get a good look,” Tom instructed Tim and I.

Earlier in our marriage, when we were still having sex more often, Maria refused to do a threesome with me because she insisted that she is “just not into women.” Now she was face to face with Deb’s groomed pussy and she immediately started licking and sucking, straining to push her face into the older woman’s cunt.

I looked over at Ted who was seated beside me. His slender, curved penis was bowed back and at strict attention as she stroked the lubricated condom up and down.

One of the men propped up Maria’s head with an additional pillow so she would have better access to Deb’s holes. Tom lined up behind Deb and slid his thick cock into her pussy while Maria licked her clit and sucked Tom’s balls. Andy went the other end of the entangled wives and slipped his cock into Maria’s dusky, shaved pussy while Deb played with my wife’s clit.

For the next hour, the eight bulls took their turns on our wives’ holes, sometimes pulling out so that the other slut could taste her friend on the bull’s cum coated cock. Instead of us cuckolds cleaning their seeded pussies, our wives cleaned each other out, sucking the musky, salty seed from each other’s orifices while the other cooed in pleasure.

James and Pat, the next two bulls also fucked and came in our wives’ pussies before Rob and Ron, the twins, opened up their back doors for sodomy. Both brothers spent a good five to ten minutes fucking pussy before pulling out and switching to the waiting mouth of the other wife and dredging deep for that goldmine of thick mucous in the back of their throats that was even more plentiful than normal given the plentiful face-fucking and cum swallowing that had already occurred.

“Hold her open,” Rob instructed Maria who reached around Deb’s hips and spread her generous white ass, for invasion.

“Open that big ass for me,” echoed Ron.

Deb, still lying on top of Maria, tucked my wife’s fat thighs underneath her armpits and pried open her deep crack. With thick strands of throat-slobber on their fat, uncut rods, Rob lined up with Deb’s anal pucker while Ron pressed his head against Maria’s dusky rosebud and inexorably pressed forward until it popped open and the broad corona disappeared inside the bulging ring of muscle.

“Oooooowoooowoooooo!!” Maria cooed with a knitted brow as seven and a half thick inches pried open her ringpiece and distended her rectum.

The bulls groaned in satisfaction as our wives grunted gutturally at the simultaneous invasion of their assholes. At first the twins surged in and out slowly and deliberately but soon picked up speed so that they were pumping their full lengths in and out at a moderate pace. Each of the men availed themselves of their immediate access to a sucking mouth in addition to the rear vents that they were expanding with every thrust.

“Taste her ass,” Rob instructed Maria as he pulled out of Deb’s now gaping rear hole.

Without hesitation, Maria took his long, wet cock into her mouth, tasting Ron’s leaking shaft along with her slutty friend’s inner depths as Ron continued to plum her own sphincter. Deb was next to get the finger cuff treatment as Rob replaced his cock in her ass while Ron pulled out of my wife’s fundament and offered his shaft to Deb’s sucking mouth. Eventually the twins both deposited their warm seed anally before slowly withdrawing from the yawning holes which they had just used.

The last two bulls followed suit, starting in the pussy before switching over to a potent combination of oral and anal stimulation until they also blew their essence into bowels of our wives.

The bulls took a break and Tom decided to involve the cuckolds again, inviting us in for a handjob from Deb and Maria. After all the intense stimulation, the bulls and wives decided that we deserved a special treat. We were finally allowed to cum without wearing condoms and would even be allowed to cum on our wives’ tits after they jerked us off, but with two conditions.

Section 4

“You can cum on our fuck-dolls but you have to clean up after yourselves and you get a maximum of five minutes!” Tom instructed.

Deb and Maria giggled and motioned us over.

“Come on boys, you don’t get all night!” said Deb.

Tim and I stood next to each other as our wives kneeled in front of us and jerked us off. Deb spit on her husband’s cock and then turned and spit on mine as well.

“Oh my god, you are such a slut!” Maria giggled as she spread her friend’s spit all over my aching penis and started jerking it.

The bulls watched, amused. They would still get the final act in this play. I had no doubt that after Tim and I shot our sperm they would fuck them at least one more time. They lazily stroked their much thicker cocks and joked about Tim and I.

“Which cuck do you think can squirt more boy-juice?” Tom asked.

“I’ve got my money on Maria’s cuck, he has slightly larger balls,” said Jake.

“Come on, lets see that juice!” Deb demanded, egging on her husband as she jerked him in short, fast strokes.

Tim moaned and started thrusting his hips involuntarily in response to the stroking. He would not last long. Deb cleared her throat and spit again, making the cuck’s penis even slicker. With her free hand, she held on of her big D-cup tits up to the tip of her husband’s member, one of her her big, pink nipples almost touching it.

“Oh god!” Tim squeaked as his orgasm came.

His breath caught in his throat as his penis pulsed. At first, nothing; his narrow spire only pulsed. Finally, after three or four contractions, his slender rod spewed forth one thin, watery squirt of sperm that landed on Deb’s offered breast.

“Good boy, now suck it off me,” she ordered.

Tim sheepishly knelt in front of Deb and licked his sperm off her tit while the bulls laughed at him.

Maria had me close to the edge myself. She coaxed and teased me.

“Come on stud, cum on your wife! Cum on your slutty wife!”

She spit on my penis, adding her saliva to Deb’s and jerked me with longer, fast strokes. She wet her middle finger in her mouth and then reached under my balls, along my taint. Her fingertip found my asshole and she pushed it in firmly until it was buried knuckle deep.

I gasped at the sharp sensation of the penetration but my penis got even harder, if that was even possible. She fingered me in time with her stroking, rubbing firmly on my prostate. My cock started to leak creamy white fluid from the pressure on my prostate gland. Maria rubbed the viscous fluid around my cockhead with her thumb and cooed.

“Now fuck my hand, you bad boy!” she sneered at me.

My wife held her hand still while she continued fingering me. When I thrust forward, my cock was met with her soft, wet hand, when I pulled back, I was met with her penetrating digit. The effect was driving me wild with lust. I moaned as I thrust desperately into her lubricated fist.

“She is really giving hub the finger,” one of the bulls commented as the others chuckled.

“Mmmm, fuck you!” Maria laughed as she looked up at me, punctuating her words with two extra firm thrusts of her finger.

This brought me over the edge. I cried out loudly as my penis exploded. The first watery burst separated into droplets in the air and splashed against her left breast. The second followed and then a much smaller third squirt. The contractions continued but I was dry. Overall, it was a much smaller load than the bulls had been shooting into and onto my wife all night but it was still larger than Tim’s.

I looked at my sperm proudly. I had cum on my wife’s tits and it was as close to reclaiming her as I had been in several years. One milky drop barely hung onto her big, hard nipple. She slowly pulled her finger out of my ass. I shivered as the last spasms shook me.

“Come here and clean me up, baby.”

I knelt in front of her. She cupped her full tit and offered her nipple to my mouth as she gently guided my head towards her chest with her other hand. I sucked and licked her tit, cleaning my seed off of her.

“You are so lucky. I take such good care of you, don’t I baby?” she purred as I sucked and licked her tits.

I alternated between sucking her left and right nipples. Both tasted like semen from my load and the multiple loads that the eight bulls had either blasted onto her tits and face or shot into her mouth where some dribbled out. My cameo in this scenario was soon to end.

“Oh wow, big cocks again!” Maria commented as she looked up from me sucking on her tits.

Jake and Andy had walked over and put their cocks up to her face. My wife was eye to eye with two broad, angry, pink heads. She parted her soft, full lips and took Andy into her mouth as she jerked Tom with her other hand. I continued to suck her tits until she gently pushed me away from her. I sat back down in the chair next to Tim. We were both still hard despite having shot at least six times.

The bulls took turns facefucking our wives again.

“HUUUK! HUUUK! HUUUK!” croaked Maria as Andy held her head and pushed his cock deep into her mouth with long, steady strokes.

“GUK!GUK!GUK!GUK!GUK!” Deb vocalized as Jake pistoned her face more rapidly.

It looked like a repeat of the earlier facefucking session. Amber and Deb kneeled with a circle of cocks surrounding them, going from one bull to another, making their lips and tongues instruments of pleasure. Both our wives drooled onto their tits and bellies as the bulls dredged up their throats.

“Eat my ass,” Ron demanded as he spread his feet and bent slightly at the waist in front of my wife.

Maria reached up and spread his cheeks, snaking her long tongue deep into his crack and driving the tip into his asshole. Deb turned around from the cock she was sucking and took Ron’s large uncut cock into her mouth, doubling his pleasure. Ron looked over at Tim and I sitting in our chairs and stroking our cocks and winked.

“Bet you two get this at home all the time, right?” he smirked.

He had one hand on the back of Deb’s head, pushing her deeper onto his cock while with his other hand, he pressed Maria’s face deeper into his ass. After a few minutes of this, Ron turned around and the two wives switched sucking and rimming duties.

“These sluts are going to make me cum!” Ron crowed as he thrust faster into Maria’s mouth.

He grunted like a rutting boar as he unloaded in my wife’s mouth, holding her head still as he came. My wife hummed with pleasure and then swallowed his seed.

“Let’s make our sluts airtight.” Tom suggested.

The bulls grunted in assent. Jake laid down on the floor and Deb straddled him, lowering her pussy onto his thick cock. Andy laid down next to Jake but facing in the other direction. My wife lowered herself onto his cock, gasping as she settled onto him. Our wives looked at each other and giggled. Maria reached over and stroked Deb’s tits and then kissed her deeply before the bulls reoccupied their mouths.

Tom returned his cock to Maria’s sucking mouth and Dave occupied Deb’s.

“Get that cock nice and wet for your asshole,” Tom instructed as he pushed deep into my wife’s mouth.

My wife gagged on her favorite bull’s deep-seated shaft. Tom pulled out, a few strands of drool stringing from her mouth to his cock. He kneeled behind Maria and lined up with her brown pucker. He pressed firmly forward. With her pussy stuffed, there was some resistance despite the earlier sodomy but he pressed forward until the broad head pushed in past her anal ring.

“Ahhh, that is good!” Tom grunted, satisfied with the additional tightness in her ass caused by Andy’s cock in her pussy.

Dave, followed suit, kneeling behind Deb and slowly burying his cock between her cheeks. Deb let out a throaty groan and arched her back, meeting his advancing rod. Her ass was tightened by Jake’s wide shaft in her pussy but her anus expanded enough to allow Dave to root himself to the balls.

Section 5

Our wives were now both being double penetrated. With the largest overall cock in the room stuffed in my wife’s asshole and the thickest in Deb’s pussy, our wives were stretched to capacity. Tim and I stroked as we stared at the scene unfolding before our eyes. Our wives and the bulls made animalistic sounds as they rutted.

Tim looked like he was going to pass out. He moaned, balls drawn up tight to his body as his hips lifted off the chair but he was out of sperm now so his orgasm was ruined and he got next to zero relief from the maddening sight of our wives being used by a room full of dominant, hung men.

The twins, Rob and Ron each stepped in front of our wives. Rob wasted no time in planting his cock in Deb’s mouth.

“Got one of our sluts airtight!” Rob announced.

“Suck on my balls,” Ron directed my wife.

Maria eagerly obeyed. She sucked one and then the other of his large, tanned balls as he casually stroked and then replaced his balls with his cock so that my wife was now airtight as well.

“Second slut is now airtight!” Ron announced as he held my wife’s head and slowly but assertively pumped his cock in and out of her mouth.

“Let’s see which one can throat better,” said Rob looking over at his twin brother.

“Good idea,” answered Ron.

As if our wives had not throated and gagged on cocks enough already tonight, the muscular twins started feeding their thick uncut shafts down Deb and Maria’s throats.

Out of the two women, Deb was far better at taking cock deep in her throat. Rob had relatively little difficulty in fully rooting himself all the way to the base of his shaft. His trimmed salt and pepper pubes pressed against Deb’s nose and lips as he fucked her face.

Maria was having a harder time throating. She gagged and coughed every time Ron pushed more than half his length past her lips but she kept trying to get him deeper.

Ron pulled out to give my wife a chance to catch her breath.

“You want this?” Ron asked.

“Oooo, yes! Give me that cock back!“Maria responded, snarling with lust.

Ron pinched her nose, a trick I had heard about from chatting with Tom. This did two things. First of all it suppressed the gag reflex. Secondly, it created a vacuum when he thrust in and out of my wife’s mouth, amplifying the guttural throat-fuck sounds. With one hand holding her by her brown curls and the other hand closing off her nostrils, Ron was finally able to thrust balls deep.

“Oh yeah! Finally! Taking it! All! The! Fucking! Way!” Ron bellowed, punctuating each time he pressed my wife’s face into his trimmed pubes.

He pulled out, giving Maria a chance to breathe again. She spit the copious drool that he had dredged up back onto his cock and stroked his slobber covered shaft.

“Gonna fucking cummm!” Maria shouted as her big Latina hips rolled involuntarily with the two thick cocks wedging open her pussy and asshole. She later told me that Andy’s curved cock, which pressed on her G-spot anyway, was rubbing even harder from the anal pressure Tom was creating.

“Ughhhh!!Ugh! Ugh!” Maria grunted as she came.

Her last few grunts were muffled by Ron stuffing his cock back into her mouth.

Tom and Andy came soon afterwards, groaning and flooding her pussy and asshole with their viscous sperm. From where I was sitting I could see their heavy ballsacks contract rhythmically as they pollinated my wife, front and back with their thick stamens.

Tom’s big cock popped out first. Maria’s dark hole gaped and bubbled with his semen as the cock in her pussy finished its last contractions. Andy’s cock flopped out a few seconds later, followed by a trickle of semen.

“I want that ass again!” Ron declared as he pulled his cock out of my wife’s mouth. Andy and Tom stepped back as Ron positioned Maria with her knees together and her ass high in the air as he kneeled behind her.

Ron wrapped one hand around Maria’s leash, keeping it taut in order to keep her back arched. With his other hand, he pointed his drool covered shaft between her deep cheeks, seeking out her swollen bullseye.

“Here comes trouble!” Maria laughed as Ron’s twin Rob stepped from Deb to Maria and offered his cock to her mouth.

The twin bulls fucked my wife orally and anally. She grunted and gagged and made animalistic noises as they pistoned into her. My rock hard penis twitched but I was out of semen so my orgasm was ruined and I just stayed hard.

The rest of the bulls had finally tired while the twins finished out the night on Maria while her vulgar friend Deb assisted, alternately licking balls or ass to add the bulls’ pleasure as they used my wife.

Finally, and mercifully, they came. Rob added to the loads collected in Maria’s back door while Ron pumped her mouth deeply before pulling out and blasting his semen all over her face. When Rob’s shaft finally slipped out of my wife, her used hole bubbled and dripped onto the floor as the rest of the room applauded.

As the bulls started to depart the gathering, Tim and I approached our wives, taking off their leashes. Deb gently but firmly placed Tim on the floor and squatted on his face as he lapped at her sore, used holes, swirling his tongue at first in the front and then the back.

Maria, for her part, had me start on her tits, sucking her nipples again before giving me a deep, spermed kiss. Then she too straddled my face as I soothed her used passages with my lips and tongue. Almost absentmindedly, she started to play with my penis which miraculously had rallied one last time.

“How many times did you shoot tonight?” my bride mused.

She swiveled her hips as my trained tongue found her clit.

“Mmmm, that is a good boy, don’t forget the other parts!”

She slid her hips forward on my face, moving my tongue into the wet folds of her pussy and then further back where it slipped into the slackened ring which was perhaps the ‘star’ of the night before settling her button back onto my mouth.

Her hips began to twitch and for the first time in months we shared a mutual orgasm as her fingers made my balls tighten.

“Be a good boy and squirt for me,” she insisted before her breath caught and her hips quivered in orgasm.

“UGGGGHHHH!” I groaned as my penis twitched and then, against all odds, managed to spit a few clear drops onto my belly.

“There you go, you are such a lucky guy!” Maria commented as she unmounted my face, her holes now significantly cleaned.

And in that moment, I agreed.

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