Our Wild Weekend 4.2/5 (27)

This event happened in 1983, we had been married about 2 years.

I’ve been very active sexually since I was too young to drive, first my cousin who is my age and I explored each other. Each too young to cum. A couple of years later a guy friend from my neighborhood felt me up and we started jerking each other off all of that summer.

Then I got girls and 98% of my attention for the rest of my life has been on ladies.

Enough about me, except I’ve always been very shy and insecure about my small penis. I’m 6’4” and at the time of these coming events a well sculpted 200lb athlete with a 5.5 inch dick.

My wife and I had similar pasts but she was very secretive about hers. I on the other hand told her “almost” everything.

She of course is a very attractive girl and always acted like she was very inexperienced sexually.

I had an old friend from childhood who was in the wedding that she had only met that weekend of the wedding coming into town, he was going to stay with us the weekend before he left. We had a small group planning to met up at a bar across town and at the last minute terrible weather prevented it.

I noticed Steve looking at T all the time, he was divorced and I just figured lonely and horny. Hie major focus was her nice 34 c cups.

When the party was off she went to change into casual attire, we had a couple of cocktails first and we all took a half of a qualude.

When she returned to the den where we had the tv on with the volume off and some music on the stereo she had changed into a thin yellow cotton top with no bra. I was pretty surprised, her nipples were prominent and very clear though this top. I remember saying “ geez T Steve’s been looking at your tits all day, at least now he can see them. We all had a big laugh.

After the laugh he was full on just taking long gazes at he tits as she sat between us on the couch. She ended up turning a bit toward him but leaning her back up against me. At some point I realized she was just giving him a better view, she had a augmentation after we married and he had never seen her with those tits and she enjoyed guys looking at her tits. I had observed this after the surgery but not at this level.

We were all pretty loose from the drinks and stuff and I just decided for some reason to start feeling her tits, thinking she would react suddenly stopping me. She didn’t and I started unbuttoning her top to which she just calmly said “ what are you doing?” I remarked something like he’s been looking at your tits all day and it seems like you want to show them to him. She smiled and looked at Steve and he just said “oh please.” She told me if I wanted to I could show him. Soon he was feeling them as she laid back against me and he move a little closer and lowed in to suck and kiss on them.

After she took a couple of deep breaths and wasn’t hiding her arousal at his touch. That was when my fight hand slid down between her legs still thinking she would resist me, she didn’t. She repositioned again and her legs spread as I groped her pussy though her shorts. She had by then taken Steve’s face in her hands and began deeply kissing him. I was in deep then, I thought this was just going to be a little foreplay maybe. Watching her so deeply enveloped in the kiss with him made me insecure and hard as a rock. That’s about when I wondered and thought he must be hard. I gazed down to see a very impressive hard on down his leg through his jeans and right after I see it here comes her hand sliding down his crotch. The instant her hand felt and sort of gripped his dick she broke off the embrace and looked at what she was feeling. She looked at me then back at his cock just saying “omg” very softly and then “ I at least want to see it, okay” as she looked back at me.

I wanted to call a halt right then but I was more turned on than ever, not even close to any other sexual encounter I ever had. I watched while the two of then pulled his jeans off and her hand went straight for him, then the other. She was slowly stroking him with both hands. He was I found out later 8.5 inches and he had to be 2 inches thicker than my 5.5 by less than 5 inch girth little dick.

She nervously excitedly turned and said “ are you sure this is okay” and I just nodded yes. She had me strip down and she played with mine in one hand and his in the other. I had precum flowing, I was close to cumming watching her handle his dick. I kind of whispered to her to slow on me or I’m gonna cum. She let me go and leaned into him sliding her knees to the floor between his legs doing her best to suck his big dick. She had never been an eager sucker on me but she was totally involved on his dick and then as she stroked him her mouth went in low and started sucking his balls. She had never sucked balls, that part was starting to upset me, for a few seconds I was actually fighting back tears and had to look away. She was using her free hand to pull her shorts off and as soon as they were off she says “ fuck me Steve”

She was back on the couch as I watched him kneel on the carpet between her legs and go down on her for about a minute. She kept looking at me with a devilish smile mouthing thank you several times. She reached for my dick and I shivered at her touch as looked and saw that precum had just been flowing out of me.” I never saw that before, you really like this don’t you?” I could only nod and push her hand away.

Watching him slowly penetrate her was more than I could take I was going to ejaculte just sitting there watching. Once he had about 4 or 5 inches in her and slowly maintained a slow rhythm her hands just suddenly grabbed his forearms and she just said “oh shit” and started cumming, shaking coming just repeatedly going “ ohh, ohhh, ohh” for at least a full minute. She orgasmed twice more the last time when he started coming. As he was balls deep by then my eyes were glued on his last strokes as she came. I came as my wife reached for mine and it must have shot three feet up six or seven times. After she sucked on him a bit cleaning him up, something else she had never done to me I thought she was about to suck on me but she mounted my still rock hard dick. With her face in mine she started telling me how big he was and how she didn’t know it could feel even better. She raised up and I was covered in mostly his cum and she went into the bathroom, I sat there with my still rock hard dick looking at Steve standing with his big hanging cock face level about three feet away. I looked up saying I didn’t you were so big as I stroked my dick looking at his. He just watched and moved closer, his penis only inches away I stared at it jerking, wanting so bad to suck him. As I start cumming again I see my wife in the doorway watching and Steve just smiling and turning to T saying “ I think he like my dick too.” As he walked past her to the bathroom. She was looking at me and all she could muster was “ did you just suck his dick while I was in the bathroom?” I just shook my my head no and meekly said as I began to cry a little “ no, but I wanted too.”

The weekend continued, there may be more. Thanks for listening to my shame but we are still married now 35 years later, she had a hard time finding out I had sucked a cock before and later that weekend watching me. That fetish of mine ended any chance of having a repeat performance. She just had a hard time knowing I had those tendencies. She hounded me over the next month wanting to know who I had sucked and when and where, was it still happening, will it happen again?

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