Our Swingers Club Experience 4.3/5 (41)

We are 46 and 43 and have been married for almost 17 years now. When we were younger we had the chance to live abroad in Europe for some time and jump at the opportunity. We ended up being close enough to Amsterdam that we were able to escape to Amsterdam for long weeks of partying and playing.

Since moving to Europe Lynn and I had begun to explore our fantasies more and more and for some time now we were talking about visiting a swingers club. We came close to going to one a few times but Lynn would always get cold feet at the last minute. That was until one weekend…

We were in Amsterdam for a long weekend and out of the blue Lynn decided it was time so we went to Club Paradise. It was quite late by then, but we got ready and jumped into the cab and headed out. When we got there we were very nervous. When you get the place they give a few towels and you have to change into lingerie, so we quickly got changed and walked around to check out the place. We weren’t sure what to expect so at first we just checked the place out and walked around.

There several guys following us from room to room to see what we might end up doing. After looking around Lynn suggested we hit the sauna for a bit. We entered the sauna and sat down with just our towels around us. Lynn took her towel and placed it on the bench and sat on the towel completely nude. Within minutes four other guys walked in and sat down as well. Lynn was sitting on one side with me to her side.

When the guys came in one guy sat on the other side of Lynn while the other three sat on the opposite side of the sauna. I started kissing her neck and rubbing her leg while the other guys watched on. As I moved my hand to her inner thighs the three guys on the other side all took out their cocks and started to stroke. I gently pulled her legs apart so that her legs were spread showing off her waxed pussy.

At the same time I look over the guy on the other side of Lynn and asked him if he wanted to touch her, which he quickly said yes and started to rub Lynn’s other leg. I continued kissing her neck and playing with her tits while the guy next to her started to finger her pussy and play with her clit. I could tell she was getting into it as she started to moan and opened her legs even bigger.

After a bit of that I asked one of the guys on the opposite us if he would like to eat her out. He came right over and started to lick and suck on her clit and made her cum in now time. After her orgasm Lynn said she need some cool air so we thanked the guys for helping her and went exploring the club some more. After that we ended up having sex with just the two of us in a room while others watched.

The only down side to the place, for us being our first time at least, was that single men are also allowed in the club and they all pretty much just followed us around like vultures. Not quite what we wanted for out first time but we did have fun in the sauna and for our first time we felt it was pretty adventurous. On a good note though we did meet a very nice couple from France, and ended up talking for quite some time. They were the ones that told us about Fun4Two. After that night we decided to try out Fun4Two on our next outing.

First of all the Fun4Two website does not do it justice. The club is even better in person. We spent a lot of time in and out of the different rooms playing with each other. It was so cool to be able to watch others having sex while we were doing the same thing and being watched by them. Plus all the sex sounds going on makes it even better. We were in one room and another couple came over and laid down right next to us and they started to have sex also.

They were mere inches from us but nothing really happened. A bit latter on in the evening we were in another room and another different couple came over. Lynn was lying on her back and I was doing her missionary style. The girl from the other couple was on her hands and knees and her guy was fucking her doggy style. At one point she was right on top of Lynn and she was playing with Lynn’s tits and Lynn was playing with hers.

I was also playing with her clit while her guy was fucking her and he was playing with Lynn’s clit while my cock slid in and out of Lynn. That was very erotic. So a bit latter in the night we ventured into the orgy room. We found a nice little corner and started to play with each other right next to another couple. We were both eating out our wives and eventually we ended up switching wives.

I continued to eat her out and he started to fuck Lynn doggy style. Then out of the blue Lynn leaned over and helped me eat out the girl. I never did fuck his wife though. I really wasn’t that attracted to her. Lynn said that she really enjoyed herself and that he had made her cum which was good. We then finished off the night by having sex with each other a few more times. Then we returned to the hotel and continued to play with each other until 830 in the morning.

Now for the second time we went to the club. The club opens at 9 pm and at 10 pm everyone has to change into lingerie or sexy clothing. The first time we went there, we got there just after 10 pm and had to change into lingerie right away, so this time we wanted to get there at 9 pm. That was really nice, as we got to dirty dance with each and meet different people and talk to them.

That was really nice to talk to other couples and realize that they are just like us. Regular people that want to try new things. We also realized that the last time we were there; we never took advantage of the tantric massage room or the hot tub. So once 10 pm came around we changed into lingerie and headed to the massage room. The lights are dim in that room and there is soft music playing.

I massaged Lynn’s naked body (front and back) and then she massaged me. I then returned to massaging her and we started to make love with each other. We spent about an hour and a half in there and it was a perfect way to start the evening. That night was also went into the hot tub where I sat on the side and she blew me while the tub was filled with other couples doing the same thing.

We spent most of the night going in and out of the different rooms and having sex with each other. We hadn’t done anything with anyone else however right near the end of the night we were heading to a room and Lynn grabbed a guy that was standing next to the room and invited him into the room. She lay on her back and I started to eat her out and the guy knelled down next to her head and she started to suck his cock.

I then slide my cock into Lynn for a while as she continued to suck him off. At one point I pulled out and sat back and just watched her, while stroking my cock. He then slid his hand down and started to finger her until she came so hard she squirted. That was really cool. He then pulled out of her mouth and she jerked him off until he came. He thanked her and left the room at which time we continued to have sex with each other. At the end of the evening we returned to our hotel and had crazy kinky sex until 9 in the morning.

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  • myfunwife

    Reply Reply November 30, 2018

    Hot story from an online friend. Nonfiction. Like how willing to explore Lynn is and how cool the husband is in gently encouraging the outcomes. Need to get my wife to be open to the same things.

  • Greg

    Reply Reply November 30, 2018

    Its a very erotic story and i can’t lie, reading this story makes me hard, very hard. I would love to have same luck with my wife. Lynn is a huge fantasy for me. Great story again,congrats.

  • Rob

    Reply Reply December 2, 2018

    I hope you are all enjoying our story. Please leave your comments if you like it! It is 100% true real story!

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