Our Neighbors  4/5 (19)

Susan just came back from Ann’s house, I asked how did it go she said fine an Interesting chat and nice coffee, time flew, sorry for been so long darling, no problem Susan nice to see you get on so well with Ann, you know I love to see you happy.

You see Ann and her husband David moved in next door about 6 months ago and Susan and Ann hit it off straight away, they spend a lot of time together are similar in ways both quite beautiful, fine shapely bodies nice long shape legs and good firm breasts, both girls wear sexy lingerie judging what I see on Ann’s washing line.

As we are both young couples we do not have children yet.

My Susan is a simple devoted housewife, I am a quite effeminate young man, if anything Susan is the more outward of the two of us. We were almost the same size, Susan is beautiful, petite and sexy looking, I had a little fetish for panties, lingerie and I noticed so many beautiful panties on Ann washing line next door, sometimes I used to wear Susan’s as I loved the feel of silky panties on my cock, if I wanted to masturbate, it was my little secret. It was the strangest feeling putting on silky satin panties I wished to go further but was afraid of my female feelings.

We have been out together with Ann and her Husband to the local bar and have had them over for a meal and we have been to them for a BBQ. We get on well but I don’t see David that often, he works a lot. I would say it appears Ann is in control in that house. David seems quite and reserved.

Our sex life was pretty routine, she had spent the evening up chatting with Susan, that night we went straight to bed when she got back, soon when we were horny in bed , Susan took off her panties, she had them in her hand, she kissed me with passion, and for the first time ever put them on my cock caressing me rock hard, the silky feeling was powerful and real sexy, you love that baby don’t you, oh yes Susan, she caressed me saying so nice babe you love my silky panties, it did not take long and soon I exploded before I could get her off, I said how sorry I was as we did not do more, she said it was the panties. I then finished her off with my fingers and she had a massive orgasm.

I said sorry Susan I should have waited for you, She said no darling I like making you happy and you love my panties, she got up and got a clean fresh pair, told me to raise my feet and she slipped them on and up me, I like you in panties Liam, please me darling and wear them, oh Susan I don’t know, different! but they feel nice, yes Liam I knew you would like them.

Then she laid down and with one hand on my satin cock, her other hand for the first time fingering herself in front of me.

After a while she came loud and hard, her moans settling down, the second time so quick, calmly said oh Liam that was so good I was really horny as I love you in my panties, I hope you did not mind me doing that Liam, no Susan not at all, I really did enjoy watching you cum.. I want you to be so happy darling, I did wonder what she was thinking of with her eyes closed as she came. But I said nothing.

The next morning I was getting dressed and she asked did i like wearing her silky panties, yes Susan very much, yes Liam I think men should wear silky panties like women, i never understand why men have to wear those ugly boxers.

Liam so now please put on these for today, Susan I can’t wear them to work, nobody will know Liam they can’t see them. Oh Liam please, come on be like a good girl, ok Susan and I put them on she watched and putting her hand over my cock, it got instantly hard, Liam your cock loves them so much. They are lovely on you, yes Susan. But I will have to be careful at work..well girl don’t walk around with your pants off. Ha ha

Now Liam you thought it was a secret but I know you have very often worn my panties to masturbate, …..but Susan….shhhhh liam……. I really did not mind, I never said anything I thought it was nice to see you had a feminine side, so don’t worry darling many men do, its natural it’s your feminine side coming out, all men have a strong feminine side its just to find it and help let it flow out and develop, its a pleasure to enjoy. Its nice to feel a girl sometimes.

I think we have found your feminine side girl. And its quite strong. And you look a girl in panties I love you so much…

So now off to work my little darling, enjoy wearing girly panties all day, feel nice and girly. see you this evening. If you are going to be my good girl I might treat to something else in the lingerie wear.

When I got home Susan asked me was it nice wearing my girl panties, I said yes it was lovely actually. It felt silky and sexy all day.. good girl Liam…I said you keep calling me Girl Susan, of Liam it’s only a pet thing when you have panties you look like a girl, don’t worry about it girl.

The rest of the evening was uneventful, and when we rested in bed, both in panties, Susan said liam I got the idea of panties on you from Ann, she loves David in panties and does not like boxers either. He does not have boxers just lots of lovely panties. And I knew you did like wearing my panties anyway to masturbate.

And your not going to believe this but yesterday she confided in me that David used to wear her lingerie, like you did with my panties…., but now he has his own lingerie, as he is slightly smaller than her, so I thought you can be as good as him, and you always love my panties so much, yes Susan I did wear them sometimes, its lovely to feel the silky feeling, but you did not tell Ann I am dressing in your panties, no of course not Liam,… oh good Susan.


  • Joe Frey

    Reply Reply June 18, 2019

    The neighbors was OUTSTANDING! I really enjoyed it! Couldn’t stop reading. Made me cum 4 times thru the whole story. Sure wish I could meet a girl like Susan or Ann. I’m already a pretty crossdresser. My favorite cuckold story is still, Charity Auction but the Neighbors is a close 2nd. Thankyou!!

    • Lisa

      Reply Reply June 20, 2019

      Thank you for such a lovely review, it’s nice to make someone happy (4 times happy)
      Enjoy your dressing in lingerie and I hope you have someone to talk with and share your feelings . I know…

  • I love the story so hot best story I read didn’t want it to end I hope to read more of it think I will read it against

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