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This was all really turning me on, too, as I watched her slowly lick all the way down the base of Ben?s cock and then take turns gently sucking one of his swollen balls into her mouth and then another, licking them both all over and then slathering her tongue all the way back up his length again, teasing the head of his cock a little, while almost the whole time staring straight into my eyes with a naughty, slutty look in hers.

Then she took him in her mouth again, and I could see by the movement through her cheeks that her tongue was swirling around the head of his cock, moving quickly back and forth, making that little darting, circling pattern against his foreskin at the base of his cockhead that always put me over the edge, while once again she gave me that devilish look in her eyes. I had to take a break or I was going to blow my load right then and there just from watching, so I suggested we change positions.

Mandy just came out and told Ben that she wanted him to go down on her, and he said he thought she?d never ask (she really does like sucking dick!). They both switched positions while I got up and moved to the side. Mandy has a very beautiful bald pussy, and when she?s turned on it really does swell up to look just like the proverbial ?peach?.

She spread the top of her pussy lips apart and showed Ben just where she liked it the best, pointing right at the base of her already erect little pink clit. Ben, who is the same age as us, must have had more than a little experience going down on a woman, because he had Mandy loudly moaning and bucking her hips back and forth against his talented tongue in no time. She has this ability to ride right on the edge of an orgasm for a while before going over the top, and Ben?s tongue had her on it for quite a long time.

Mandy?s moans of pleasure got louder and louder as Ben brought her over that edge and by the time she came down off of this one, I thought for sure that if anyone was in the next room or out in the hallway they would call 911 thinking someone was getting killed in there. Little did I know that she?d be doing a lot more screaming like that over the next few hours! She wasn?t even done coming down from this one when she looked right into my eyes and said, ?I want him to fuck me now?.

I was really getting off myself, seeing my wife enjoy this much pleasure. We had told Ben earlier that Mandy had never had another man before, so he asked again if we were both sure we were ok with it and after one more look at the lust in Mandy?s eyes, I said, ?What are you waiting for, get in there?. He never looked back. I?d seen skin flicks and read nasty stories before, but until that moment when he slid the full length of his manhood into Mandy?s eagerly waiting pussy and slowly started working it all the way in and out of her,

I never really realized how much a woman could crave and enjoy getting worked over (and over and over!) by such a large, thick cock. It wasn’t easy for her at first, and Ben had to take some time and go about it gently and gradually, so he had her apply as much lube onto his giant cock as she thought he would need.

Mandy also rubbed a little bit on the top of her pussy and then she grabbed a hold of the base of his thick rod and slowly brought the head of it up between her eagerly waiting pussy lips, rubbing it up and down inside the length of her horny slit. After doing this for a few seconds, she told him to push it in nice and slow and he did just that, nudging his manhood into my wife about an inch at a time, waiting for her to get used to it with each little push.

She was so turned on and eager to get fucked by this trophy cock by now that whether it was the extra lube they were using, the natural lube her horny cunt was making on it’s own, or just the way her swollen womanhood was getting ready for it, she didn’t seem to have to worry about any problems with him down the road. After a couple minutes he had the whole length of his massive tool buried to the hilt inside her at last, and I could tell by her look of pleasure that Mandy was about to cum just from having him resting inside her like that.

Ben slowly retreated from her warm female folds and then gently eased all the way back in again, repeating this action over and over very slowly at first, then gradually picking up speed until a few minutes later he was banging his full length in and out of her loins, sending her into orgasm and an afternoon full of so much more heavenly, sensual bliss than she ever thought a woman could ever experience.

Only an idiot would believe that size doesn?t really matter (all other things being equal), and maybe some of it was the naughty nature of how we got together that afternoon, but for the next couple of hours Mandy was a total nasty slut for Ben, and let him work her over with that massive tool of his in every position we could think of all over the hotel room. One other thing to note is that Mandy is a squirter. She doesn?t do it very often, only when she?s very, very turned on (she?s only done it for me five times in twenty years).

Well, one of the many times Ben had her on her back in the missionary position, feet towards the ceiling, he thought she was coming down off a very intense orgasm, and as he continued to fuck her pussy with just the head of his big dick – sliding it about 2 inches in and then back out again – her pussy and the inside of her thighs started to spasm and she squirted her female juices all over his cock,

completely soaking his balls and the bedsheet underneath them both, and I could tell it startled him at first, but he could tell she was going right into another intense orgasm, so he plowed his cock back into her and they started fucking hard and heavy again. She started telling him over and over to fuck her pussy, deeper and deeper, harder and harder.

My dick was getting so hard watching her take such an awesome fucking, seeing her eyes roll back in her head with pleasure as she kept cumming over and over, that even though I wasn?t the one having all the orgasms I was still enjoying myself immensely. Every once in a while I would join in the action and we would take turns trading positions on Mandy, one of us pumping her sweet box while she sucked the other one of us off. At one point about halfway through the afternoon,

I was on my back, Mandy was on her knees sucking my cock and Ben was ramming her from behind, thrusting himself in and out of her like a piston. As she was giving me head, her big beautiful tits were brushing back and forth over my balls each time Ben entered her and withdrew again. Her moans of pleasure were muffled because of the mouthful of cock she had and it was kind of funny to watch from my vantage point, but it was also turning me on tremendously,

and the effect her nipples had on my balls was more than I could take. I told her I was going to cum and she just gave me a muffled, ?Uhmm-hmmm? so I blasted one of the biggest loads of semen I?ve ever had into her mouth and she was so turned on being in the position she was with another man?s cock pounding her from behind that she swallowed every last drop like it was the best thing she ever tasted.

I rolled out of the way and they kept going at it doggystyle like that for about another 15 minutes, with Mandy gripping the sheets tightly in an almost constant state of climax the whole time. It ended when she started screaming (louder than ever) in exctasy and squirted her girl juice all over his dick yet again. Wow! Ben got two complete soakings with only about an hour and a half in between. We all took a break for a few minutes to catch our breath and get a quick drink of water,

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