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My friend really started to speed up, my wife was sucking my cock and kissing him as he fucked her, then all of a sudden he started howling and cumming inside my beautiful wife whom, before tonight, had only been touched by me. As he was cumming in her, it triggered her own orgasm and she came with him, as I started to cum in her mouth again.

It was so hot, they continued to pump each other for a while until his soft cock slipped out of her, totally spent and empty. Her pussy was swollen and red with a tremendous amount of his cum deep in her and some spilling out down to her ass.

We all laid there, panting, spent, reveling in the incredible experience we had just shared, that had been only talk for years, but now finally it had happened and proved to be more than any of us expected. We had a tremendous bond and chemistry and it came out while we fucked. It was very late, after 2am so we invited him to crash at our house.

I Was a bit surprised but not shocked when she invited him to sleep with us in our bed. I didn’t mind it one bit, I love my wife and trust her 100% and besides it was all about her so I wanted her to enjoy the night, the fuck and my friend all she could, and as much as she wanted. No one bothered to clean up or pick up our clothes, we just stumbled into our bedroom and into bed.

My wife came to me, we started kissing and she told me she loved and after tonight more than ever in her life. She thanked me for never giving up on her and for continuing to try and convince her into this. She would have never imagined this being so incredible,

then she turned around and thanked our friend for doing her and for being so kind, gentle and respecting her, she really felt like he was making love to her and not just fucking her, which is the way she always had imagined it.

He told her he was making love to her and had wanted to for a very long time. They kissed some more and my wife mounted him, they kissed and made love for about 10 minutes kissing each other, their faces, neck and ears until they both came again.

Finally we all drifted to sleep with my wife spooning with my best friend, I was so tired I was happy they were enjoying each other. In the middle of the night, or I guess an hour or two later I woke up to them fucking again,

my wife was on top of him again and was riding him like I know she does so well. They were tangled in very passionate kissing and fucking. I just laid there watching his hard cock go in and out of her pussy until they both came.

Since we had been drinking and it was late I just went back to sleep. In the morning I woke up to my wife blowing me and our friend fucking her doggie style. It was fantastic. He came in her again, his 4th load in her and she climbed on top of me and we fucked like out of control maniacs.

She kept on kissing me and telling me she loved and thanking me for letting her fuck him. She then started to speed up and said it was time to claim your pussy back as she started to cum, that did it for me and I sprayed her pussy so hard I felt my cock head was going to blow up. It was such an incredible night we loved every second of it, especially my wife.

After we finished our friend got up and jumped into the shower while we talked and everything was great. We took a shower together while our friend was getting ready and I could tell she was on cloud 9.

She had only had sex with me and last night and this morning been fucked by another man 4 times a cum maybe 6 times. She told me she really enjoyed the experience and still horny from it, almost like she couldn’t control herself.

I told her to fuck him some more if she wanted to after our shower, she said she might but didn’t want him to think she was a complete slut. I then told her he was our closest friend and I had talked to him about for over a year, he was probably hard again and hoping she would put out again.

She made us breakfast and the 3 of us talked for a while and we agreed that this was incredible. I asked our friend if he enjoyed himself and he said it was a dream come true for him and that he had never had that chemistry and sexual and emotional connection with anyone.

I asked him if he would be willing to do it again sometime, he said anytime, any day. I looked at my wife and smiled, she blushed it was so cute to see. I walked over to her and opened her rope and it dropped to the floor. I looked at him and he walked over to her, they kissed and she undressed him, this time it was hot but also very much just fucking.

She got on her hands and knees on the couch and he took her doggie style. They were both cumming pretty quickly. She turned around and cleaned him up good and helped him get dressed. We discussed doing this again but also set some rules.

Well we ended up playing together for 9 years, not every day, but a few times a year until he got married. They both fell in love with each other during that time and he had even told her while fucking her that he wanted her to have his baby. Of course she wouldn’t and didn’t but we knew it was a genuine feeling.

BTW, my wife gave him a private bachelor party a few weeks before he got married and during the first few years they were married he sneaked out a few times to have our bi-annual 3some until we moved. We are all still friends and nobody knows our secret. I always tell my wife that they will probably alway fuck again she agrees. He also says the same thing and it has continued to happen.

Who would have known that, that was just the beginning of us venturing into the swinging lifestyle. Since then we have enjoyed many other mfm, fmf 3somes and have also met several couples we played with.

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    This actually sounds true, as well as hot as hell.

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