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Well we had been married for over 10 years, life was good, some ups and downs but in general happy. I had been talking to my wife about swinging and threesomes for some time. Just so you understand this better, we got married young and she had never been with another guy or gal for that matter.

She was raised very conservative and I taught her everything. So back to the story, she would say “no way!” and “are you crazy?” But with time she started to open up.

We had a close friend of ours move in with us for about a year. During sex I would tease her about fucking him and would leave our door open so he could watch us if he ever walked by our room, it didn’t happen but the thought of him watching got us going pretty good. She started getting very hot with the idea but still couldn’t do it.

Fast forward about 1 year after he had moved out, she agreed to fuck him and me together. She didn’t want to set something up she just wanted it to happen. I told my friend what we were thinking and he was all for it.

I knew he had ‘the hots’ for her big time and had even told me, when drinking, that I was lucky and he wished he had someone like my wife to fuck, and more than once told he would love to fuck my wife.

One night he was over and we were having drinks and shooting shit, it was about midnight and she came down to see what was up. We all just sat around drinking and talking when, out of the blue, I said, “I spoke to our friend and he is 200% into having a 3some with us, he said he would love nothing more than to eat your pussy and fuck you all night long.”

My wife got bright red and didn’t say anything, she just looked at me then at him and then asked him if it was true. He said that it was, and he was very happy that we trusted him and considered him that close as to share this very special thing with him.

He also told her that he knew she had never ever been with another man besides me and he would be her second and valued that as if he were taking her virginity. My wife almost melted, I could tell she wanted to get fucked by him very badly, but she just said that it was true and she did want to do it and with him, but still had reservations if it would damage our marriage.

I told her that we had discussed this for years and I was more eager than her to have it happen. She didn’t say anything and my friend simply looked at me and I nodded for him to go to her. She was on the couch and he walked over, actually more like jumped over and started kissing her while he laid her on her back.

I sat back and enjoyed my drink as I didn’t want to rush things and watched as they made out like teenagers that were in love and had been waiting forever for their first time together. It was so hot seeing them kiss with such passion.

They started to take their clothes off until eventually were both naked kissing. My wife was on her back and he was rubbing her pussy and clit while sucking her tits which are very nice firm 34C. She came violently from his finger on her clit and his sucking her tits.

After several mins once she relaxed I told my wife I wanted to see her suck his cock, which without hesitation, she took in her mouth and gave him the most passionate blowjob I have ever seen her give. She was making love to his cock and he loved it! She took his cock all the way in, slowly, kissing it and sucking it as if it were the means to salvation.

She would like and suck up the side of his cock, fondling his balls, licking and sucking them too. My friend was going crazy saying he couldn’t take it anymore and was going to cum, so he made her stop and they proceeded to kiss again like lovers.

They made out on the couch for 15 or 20 minutes, stroking each other when she had another powerful orgasm, then I told him to go down on her. As soon as his tongue hit her clit she started going absolutely crazy with pleasure, twisting and turning and raising her hips into the air.

She was simply in ecstasy and I had been watching them for about an hour, so I decided that I needed to get in on the action; my cock was as big and as hard as it had ever been in my entire life. I walked over to my wife and she didn’t wait for me to get situated,

she simply grabbed my cock and pulled it into her mouth and started sucking it with a tremendous force, and with such passion, desire and need that I was afraid she would suck it completely off my body. It was something I had dreamed of, but never thought would be that hot.

Our friend was licking and sucking her pussy nice and slow and when he noticed she was on the edge, he slipped his tongue all the way into her pussy and rubbed her clit, she exploded with my cock in her mouth sucking it and moaning,

that was all I could take and blasted about a gallon of my cum into her mouth. She hardly ever swallowed my cum. Only on a few rare occasions; usually when she was really turned on, did she let me cum in her mouth. Well this night she took it all, and swallowed it, with absolute love for it.

Our friend slowed down and let her catch her breath, I was spent and sat down, she was panting with her legs open caressing his head and face….he was still very hard and I can imagine very close to cumming from the whole event, I know I would have been.

Well my wife pulled him up towards her and he knew it was time, it was the opportunity he had always wanted, to fuck his best friend’s wife, while having me there to watch.

He was a complete gentleman and a great friend, because he asked us both if we were sure, I said yes I want it to happen and would only feel comfortable if it was with him, she said almost verbatim the same thing.

They looked into each other’s eyes and started kissing again as he laid on top of her, their bodies adjusting trying to find their way to connect, when finally they found each other, he placed the head of his cock which was ragging hard, almost purple inside the folds of her pussy and asked again, if she was sure, she simply grabbed his ass and thrust his hips forward as his cock sank all the way home.

She came immediately as his cock was buried in her, and he just held her. Her orgasm was so hard her body was shaking and her nipples were hard as steel and her breasts were tight and red. He started to pump into her slowly, as she was cumming,

she was almost howling from her orgasm. It was the hottest thing I have ever witnessed in my life and I have been around and done some pretty awesome stuff, but this was incredible, seeing my wife in such ecstasy was something I had only dreamed about.

She came down from her orgasm and our friend was still fucking her but very soft and slow, she went back to making out with him as if he was her husband, you could tell they were both in love with each other and if not in love, there was a lot of love between them not to mention the pent up passion for each other that had lasted years in the making and of my making.

As I sat there watching them my own cock came back to life and I started to suck her tits while he fucked her, she was very close to cumming again and he said he wanted tonight to last forever but wouldn’t be able to and was about to cum. My wife told him she was about to cum too and to cum with her and in her. i knew that would send him over the edge and I put my cock in her mouth.

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  • Malcolm

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    This actually sounds true, as well as hot as hell.

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