Our Fantasy Exchange – Part Two 4.5/5 (25)

Chapter 4 The Banker

For the next couple of weeks after the party Christy and I didn’t speak about our fantasies. I began to think that Christy was satisfied having lived out one fantasy and was not interested in continuing any further and I wasn’t sure how I felt. I was still a little confused. I never believed that my wife’s fucking another man would be such a turn on for me.

Then one afternoon Christy called me at work and told me that she would be a little late getting home that evening as she had some errands to run. Christy often ran errands after work so I didn’t think anything of her call. That evening Christy came home around nine o’clock. She walked the house and came over to the chair I was sitting in and dropped down into my lap with her arms around my neck.

She gave me a big open mouth kiss and then kissed me several times along my cheek and around my neck ending at my ear. She sucked my ear into her mouth and let it pop back out then she whispered into my ear. She said “Honey, I want you to put your hand inside my panties and put a couple of fingers into my pussy.”

The combination of her kisses and this request gave me an instant hardon. I slowly ran my hand up Christy’s leg and realized when I reached her upper thigh that instead of wearing panty hose like she normally does when she goes to work, Christy was wearing thigh high stockings with a garter belt.

When my hand brushed the crotch of her panties I felt a dampness that I wasn’t expecting and when I slipped my hand inside Christy’s panties I was surprised to feel that her pubic hair was dry and crusty feeling in some places and wet and sticky in others. When I slipped my fingers inside her pussy I felt the obvious presence of semen in her dripping cunt.

As the realization of what all this meant was registering in my brain, Christy began whispering again. “Can you fell the load of cum that Wendell left inside me? If you go down on my pussy now and clean me up with your mouth and tongue, I will tell a the details about how I got fucked by Wendell Bradley tonight.”

I was so horny I thought I would explode before I could hear Christy’s story. I told Christy to stand up in front of me and remove her dress. She did as I asked and was soon standing in front of me in just her bra and panties. As Christy stood there I got down on my knees in front of her. I ran my hands up the inside of her thighs and Christy spread her feet farther apart giving me better access to her pussy.

As I looked at Christy’s panty covered pussy I noticed some spots of drying cum on her upper thighs just outside the gusset of her panties. I leaned in close to Christy’s pussy and inhale deeply. Now for the second time in a month I was smelling the scent of hot sex created by my wife’s juices being mixed with another man’s. I found that this scent aroused me. I began licking the dried cum off Christy’s thighs.

When I had removed these few drops of cum from her legs I pulled Christy’s panties off. As I studied Christy’s exposed pussy I noticed how the lips were swollen and the hair was matted and sticky. I ran my fingers through her pussy hair and felt different sensations;

the downy softness of her clean hair, the wet and slippery hair along her pussy lips and near the opening to her love hole, the damp sticky hair near her pussy lips where the cum had begun to dry, and finally the course bristly hair where the cum had completely dried. I looked up into Christy’s face and she smiled down at me then pulled my face up against her pussy..

I put both hands into Christy’s crotch and used my thumbs to open her cunt hole. When I did this a thin but steady stream of semen began to leak from Christy’s cunt. I watched as this cum began to collect on her pussy lips, then I leaned forward and liked the drip off of Christy’s pussy. I watched as more drips formed and each time one did I licked it off.

When the flow from her pussy was nearly stopped I had Christy sit in the chair and I sat on the floor between her legs. I looked up and told Christy to start telling her story while I ate her pussy. Then I put my mouth over her pussy and inserted my tongue into her love hole. Christy jumped a little and let out a little moan then she began to talk.

Christy began, “As I was getting dress this morning I noticed that my only black panty hose had a run in them. I was in a hurry so I put on my thigh highs and a garter belt to keep them up all day and finished dressing. You know I only wear those stockings when I want to look sexy, and the last time I wore them was at Bill’s party.

Thinking about what I was wearing at work began to make me horny. All morning I was thinking about how badly I wanted to fuck you. At lunch time I had to run over to the bank to cash a check and when I went inside I saw Wendell Bradley talking to a customer and I suddenly decided that I was going to make part two of my fantasy come true today.

After work I went over to the bar I had heard he frequents and he was there. I stood at the bar next to Wendell and acted like I was waiting for someone that was late. When I cursed under my breath but just loud enough for him to hear, Wendell turned to me and asked what was wrong. I told him that I was waiting for my boy friend and he was late. I said that we had a fight the day before and I was hoping we could patch things up.

Then I said that I was mad enough to leave with someone else just to teach him a lesson. Wendell tried to act caring and suggested we go to his apartment for a couple of drinks while I decide what I really want to do about my insensitive boy friend.

I told Wendell that I would like that I we left the bar. He only lives a couple of blocks from the bar so we were sitting in his living room sipping a very strong gin and tonic within ten minutes of leaving the bar.

When I finished about half of my drink I pretended to be a little tipsy. I started complaining about my boy friend again. Wendell moved over close to me on the couch and put his arm around me as if to comfort me.

Then Wendell said, “If you really want to punish this guy you should find some nice guy and have sex with him.” I though this was a pretty lame attempt at a seduction but I had to play along so I could get what I wanted. So I agreed with Wendell. I said “Yes, that would show him. I should just go fuck someone else.”

Then Wendell asked, “Do you have someone in mind. You should do this tonight or you may not have the nerve to do it later.”

I said, “What about you. . Would you like to make love to me tonight?”

Wendell almost jumped out of his clothes. He had me strip to my stockings and garter belt. He asked me to leave those on. Wendell isn’t much on technique but he makes up for that in enthusiasm. He began by kissing his way to me breasts which he squeezed and sucked for a few minutes the he worked his way to my pussy.

He wasn’t hitting the spots I like but he was bringing me toward an orgasm. Oh honey, I have to stop for a minute. You are making me cum now!” With that Christy went into an orgasm. She humped her pussy against my face until the orgasm passed.

Now her pussy was very wet and messy. I had to start cleaning it all over again, but I wasn’t complaining and I was sure that Christy wouldn’t complain. As soon as Christy recovered from her orgasm she started her story again.

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