Our Fantasy Exchange – Part One 4.6/5 (25)

Chapter: 1 The Challenge

Christy and I have been married for eight years and are as much in love today as we were the day we married. When we met neither of us was very experienced sexually but we were both willing to try just about anything. as a result our sex life has never been boring. The events I am about to relate to you had their beginning about four months ago.

One night as Christy and I were fooling around in bed like we always do before we make love. As I was laying next to Christy slowly sliding my hand up and down her thigh she said, “Do you have a sexual fantasy that you have had for a long time and you wish it could come true but you don’t expect it ever will?”

I was surprised by the question but I knew the answer. The answer was yes but I told Christy, “No, I don’t.” I said no because I knew that Christy would never act out my fantasy and if I told her what it was she would probably get made at me. Then I said, “Why, is there some special fantasy that you want to fulfill?”

Christy replied, “Yes there is but I will never tell you about it because I believe that your lying to me when you say you don’t have a fantasy. You’re just saying that so you won’t have to tell me what it is.”

I said, “All right, you caught me. I do have a fantasy and I am not going to tell you what it is, O.K.?”

“Well does this fantasy involve me or is it about someone else?” “Oh, it’s about you, you can believe that.” For the next hour Christy kept trying to get me to break down and tell her what my fantasy was. I told her that she was the one who brought all this up so she should tell me her fantasy first. Then she said that if she went first how did she know that I would tell her my fantasy when she was done. Finally I said, “What this all about. Why are you so hung up on this fantasy crap?”

Christy replied, “I have had this fantasy for the last two years and it get stronger all of the time. I feel the need to experience it, but because it requires a very large favor from you the only way I could ever ask you to help me with this is if I can return the favor by granting you your wildest fantasy.”

Now suddenly she had my interest. I said, “Well maybe there is some way we can work this out. What you want is an exchange, you will promise to do whatever is necessary to fulfill my fantasy if I will promise to do whatever you want for your fantasy. Is that it?”

“Yes, that’s the idea.”

“Okay then, you tell my your fantasy and if it is something I can do I will tell you my fantasy and if you can grant my wish we’ll go ahead and do it.”

“Just because I brought up the idea doesn’t mean I should have to go first. Besides I asked you first.”

It was apparent that we were not getting anywhere so I suggested “We both write down our fantasies and then tomorrow night we exchange them. That way nobody has to go first and we can study each others fantasy in privacy and decide if the trade is worth it. If we both agree to the trade we have to go through with both fantasies. If either of us doesn’t agree that’s the end of it. Is that agreeable.?”

“Yes, I think that will work.”

With the fantasy issue settled for the night we made love and went to sleep.

Chapter 2 The Fantasies

The next day I left work a little early to get home so I would have time to write my fantasy before dinner. I wondered what fantasy could have Christy so hot to go through all of this to make it come true.

I wasn’t worried that it would be something that I couldn’t agree to because I knew she would never agree to act out my fantasy, and if she wouldn’t agree to mine the whole deal was off anyway. When I got to the house I went into my study and began writing.

My fantasy began about a year ago when I was having a few beers with our neighbor John. As we got a little drunk we began talking about sex. We discussed the relative merits of our wives and how good they were in bed then we started talking about actresses we would like to fuck,

from there we started talking about which of the women in the neighborhood we thought were hot. Finally we started talking about porno movies. We were talking about what kind of scenes made us the hottest. I told John that

the scenes that got me hottest were the lesbian scenes. I said that it would really turn me on to see two women make love. Then John surprised me by saying that when she was in college his wife Suzi had a couple of lesbian affairs. One with her junior year roommate and one with an instructor she needed to get a good grade from.

He said Suzi wasn’t a lesbian, she just enjoyed sex and was always ready to try something different. John and I never talked about that again but ever since then I have had a fantasy about Christy seducing Suzi while I watched.

This fantasy comes back to me every time I see Suzi, which is frequently as she is a good friend of Christy’s and is our next door neighbor. I know Christy will never agree to that but that is the fantasy I wrote up to give to her.

After dinner that night Christy and I exchanged our fantasies and went off to read them and decide what to do about them. I still knew that Christy wouldn’t agree to do my fantasy so it didn’t matter what I decided about her fantasy so I was inclined to agree with hers no matter what it was.

I went into my study and began reading Christy’s fantasy. It started out, “Just remember that I love you more than anything else in this world. With that said my fantasy is to FUCK three men.”

When I read that I felt a shock got through my system. It took me a few seconds before I could continue.

Christy’s note continued “Notice I didn’t say make love to them, I said FUCK them. This would be done one at a time. I know the idea of me having sex with another man is difficult for you to think about but it gets even more difficult for you as we go along. You see, the three guys

I want to fuck are people you don’t particularly like. The first one is Bill Jasper, your boss. I have heard from women at some of the parties we’ve been to at Bill’s house that he likes to have sex with the wives of his employees any time he gets a chance. I was told he has a small cock, about four and a half inches long but that he is an expert at giving oral sex.

I want to experience having my pussy eaten by an expert and I want to see what it’s like to suck a cock that easily fits into my mouth. This fantasy starts when we go to one of Bill’s parties, which is often. You and I have sex before we leave the house. then during the party I let Bill lead me off to someplace private and let him perform oral sex on me.

I won’t tell him that the pussy he is eating has already been filled with cum by you. After he gives me an orgasm or two I let him fuck me and after he leaves a load of cum inside me I suck his little cock until he either cums in my mouth. Then we go home where I will tell you everything that happened while you suck my pussy clean.”

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