Opening Pandora’s Box 3.8/5 (49)

My wife and I have been married for a little over 18 years. For me she is as beautiful, as the first day I saw her. We got married very young so me growing up I had my share of girls but she had never experienced Being with other men. I am very sexually active and like to play with toys and my wife has adjusted to my ways. Now to get to when it all began. In those 18 years my wife has cheated on me twice.

The first time was a mistake so she says and we swept it under the rug. A few years pass bye and this time it was different. One day I was watching a show on tv that this couple lived an open relationship life. So we open pandora’s box and started talking about sleeping with other people. I didn’t have anyone in mind but obviously she already had somebody that’s why she touched the topic.

I thought she was testing me so I was kind of afraid to open up to much. So we talked about it a lot more, and everytime we talked about sleeping with other people we will get very horny and have some great sex. meanwhile she started working late at night with her sister to help her out.

One night I stood up waiting for her by the front window I remember feeling so nervous hopping that I was over thinking everything but at the same time my gut was telling me that I’m right. I remember thinking what she might be doing fucking the guy or sucking his dick or both. I waited and waited minutes felt like hours and finally I caught her walking from down the street.

When she came in I confronted her and asked her who dropped her of and why she was walking from down the street. She told me that her sister had dropped her off because she didn’t want to make any noise to wake up the kids. I told her I was going to call her sister and give her five minutes to come back.

She then confessed to me that she was dropped of by a guy from work and told me that she was going to call him so I can know who he is I told her to tell me and she said no I have to wait. She said this is what you want and it was going to happen now so she called him in front of me and Told him to turn back around and come back to the house. She Told him remember what we talked about is going to happen tonight.

So I was here thinking holly shit she has someone this is for real. So she said let’s get ready for our guest so we both jumped in the shower together I remember I had the only hard on but still mad that she has been seeing this guy for who knows how long and kept it all from me. She got dressed very sexy with a nice thong and bra from Victoria’s Secret. There my wife stood in front of me with her brown Latin skin and her 36d cup breast and nice tight ass putting on perfume for our new guest.

I remember looking at her and seeing how sexy and hot she looked like she was in charged and was going to get fucked by to men. Then she got a text she said let’s go he is out front she put on a silk robe and we went and opened the front door.

When I opened the door my heart sank I knew this guy from work he worked with my wife and sometimes will say hello to me when we crossed paths. So I had many questions like how long have you guys been talking how much does this guy knows about our arrangement, what have you guys done alone, have you guys kissed, fucked or what. But she did not want to answer anything all she said is this is what you want so let’s take this to out room.

When we got to our room all I wanted to do is call it off I was so nervous my heart was beating so fast I was mad, sad, confused so many thing racing threw my head that I could not do or say anything. All I said is baby if this is a test just stop now and leave me because I love you and if this is what you want I will give it to you both of us at the same time.

She looked at me and said yes she wants it and with that I said ok let’s go I don’t think she was going to stop anyways if I said no. With that said she dropped her robe on the floor and took a few steps to our guest and got on her knees in front of him. She pulled down his pants and grabbed is cock and took one look back at me and just put it in her mouth. I was feeling and thinking so many different things.

I was mad thinking how fast she just took his cock in her mouth without hesitating like if she has done it before. But the lust was taking over and I was feeling my cock grow and I was getting turned on by watching her suck his cock. This went on for a couple of minutes I can here her slurping and choking on his cock. Then she got up layed on her back on the bed open her legs and told him to start eating.

She was in charge telling him what to do and he was obaying like a little good dog. At this point I was ready to jump in all anger was gone and all I felt was lust. She told me to play with her breast so I took one of her nipples in my mouth while I played with the other one with my hand. She was in total ectasy her eyes wher closed shut and was moaning she was and then she had her first orgasm she was loveing this, two men giving her pleasure.

Then he stopped and took his cock and put it in her she loved it he was saying how soak and wet she was and I knew he was not lying because I can here the sounds her pussy was making. He fucked her for a couple of minutes and then she turned over and told him I want it in my ass. I could not believe what she just said the 18 years we have been together I maybe have been able to get that ass maybe two or three times if that.

So with that I told her I can’t believe you letting him do that when you never let me put it back there. She told my baby it’s that his cock is small and yours is to big so I can take his. What did that mean that she has let him fuck her in the ass before. He then put it in her ass all the way in and all she did is moan and pushed back to meet his thrusts.

I was in front of her watching and then she grabbed my cock and put it in her mouth wow the sight of her taking a cock in her ass and sucking mine was amazing. He then started to really pound on her from behind and after a couple of minutes he said he was going to cum then she said to him cum in my ass. She let go of my cock and started moving and moaning more and he came in her ass as she had her second orgasom.

He then pulled out and got of the bed and she told me it’s your turn baby. She laid on her back and spread her legs for me to enter her. Our guest started to get dressed when she told him where are you going you are not done she told him to start sucking her nipples.

I started fucking her hard and fast and ohh my god she was so wet that I could hardly feel anything I did not last long especially because she was talking dirty to me telling me to fill up her pussy with cum like her ass. Ohh my god I exploded inside her wet juicey pussy. She said you guys are happy I hope you guys enjoyed it like I did and thank you. We then got dressed and I walked out our new friend. We then took a shower and cuddled and fell asleep like nothing ever happened.

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