One Night Of Lust

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Section 1

“Oooo…That feels so good, baby,” Sharon said to her husband as he slid his cock pass the outer folds of her moist pussy. She could feel the familiar filling sensation as he eased his way in deeper, treating it as though it was their first time. It took almost an entire minute before he was completely inside of her, his pelvis rubbing against her clit as his cock throbbed inside.

Their eyes met. He leaned down and kissed her pink lips gently. Sharon felt the cock inside her pussy begin to slide out as her husband raised his hips until only the head remained in her. Their kiss broke while their eyes remained locked on one another’s.

“Don’t tease me,” she cried. “I need this.”

With that he began to slide his cock in and out of her pussy at a steady pace. Each stroke filled her as it had the first time they made love. She loved the way his shaft touched her inner walls. He knew what she liked and enjoyed giving it to her. He dropped his face between her soft breasts and began to kiss all over her right tit. His mouth soon found her nipple and immediately trapped it between his lips. The hard bud was teased by his tongue for a moment before he lightly nibbled it with his teeth.

“Damn that’s good,” Sharon moaned. “You know just what to do to me. Don’t stop.”

He continued to fuck Sharon’s pussy as he switched his attention to her other breast. This time, instead of taking the nipple between his lips, he lightly traced the outline of her bud with the tip of his tongue. Sharon writhed beneath her husband. His hard cock did not miss a beat as he gradually increased his tempo.

Sharon’s heart began to beat faster. Her breasts were always sensitive during sex and her pussy was already flooding from her husband’s stimulations. With each down-stroke of his cock came contact to her burning clit. She was loving every second of their lovemaking. She always wanted it to last forever, but the familiar pre-orgasmic tingle was reminding her it would not.

Sharon thought back to what had lead to this sexual event with her husband. She had gone out with some friends after work that day. A few drinks normally got her moist between the legs and this time was no exception. After the third round the bartender came by with a drink and placed it in front of Sharon. He explained it had been sent from a young man at the end of the bar. Sharon looked over and saw a typical 21yr-old guy.

Decent build with a mop-top hair style and about two beers away from being hammered. He smiled at her and she smiled back while drawing his attention to her wedding ring. He hung his head and she returned to her friends who wasted no time in ragging her and calling her a cougar. She did not pay much attention to their chidings.

At 40yrs of age Sharon knew she still had it. Her olive skin was the perfect shade to contrast with her pink lips. Her long brown curly hair hinted at a bit of a wild side. Her long hours at the gym had given her a tight body and great ass. To top it all off, her 5'9" frame was the proud showcase of a firm set of breasts nestled snugly in a 36C bra. She was hot, she knew it, she loved making young men drool, and she was faithful to her husband.

The young guy’s interest at the bar changed Sharon from being slightly aroused to full blown horny. This is why she had jumped on her husband when he came home and why he was now on top of her about to give her the orgasm she desperately needed.

“Oh…oh…faster, baby….harder….almost there…,” Sharon managed to say between her panting. Her husband redoubled his efforts so as to give her what she wanted.

“Yes…yes…that’s sooo good. I’m so close…don’t stop…fuck me!”

He was close as well and knew just what to do to make Sharon go over the edge. Her husband raised his head off her breast and heard her whimper as he did so. With a little bit of effort he was able to raise her hips off the bed as he got on his knees.

He moved her legs onto his shoulders and continued to fuck her sloshing pussy as some of her juices spilled out and dripped down onto the bed. He kept his pace while he reached down and took a breast in each hand. His grip was gentle but firm as he began to massage her tits. Her panting increased as her orgasm built deep within her. His fingers found their way to her nipples and quickly pinched them.

“Ahh, fuck!” Sharon cried out as a shock of pain/pleasure ripped through her body. Her husband began to lightly twist and pull on the nipples clamped between his fingers. Sharon could not hold back anymore. The dam broke inside her and her juices flowed over her husband’s cock.

“I’m cummmmmmiiiiinnnngggg!!!” was all Sharon could say as the orgasm she had needed since being at the bar finally found her. Her pussy tightened around her husband’s cock and he soon followed his wife’s lead. Sharon felt the dick inside of her spasm and shoot warm ropes of cum into her core. The warm and full feeling of having her husband’s cum inside her sparked another mini-orgasm and kept her juices flowing out of her and onto the bed.

When they both came down from the rush Sharon’s husband slipped his softening cock from her pussy and cuddled with his wife.

“I always hate when you have to go away on business like this,” said Sharon’s husband while they stood in the terminal of the airport.

“Me too. But it will only be for a few days. I love you.”

“I love you too,” he replied and leaned in to kiss her goodbye. She met his lips and they embraced. Their tongues soon found each other and their simple goodbye kiss was quickly turning into a steamy public make out session. Before they both lost control Sharon broke away.

“Save something for when I come back,” she said as she picked up her bag and headed down the ramp. Soon she was out of his sight and on board the plane.

Sharon settled into her first class seat. She had placed her carry-on in the overhead bin and began to browse one of the in-flight magazines in front of her. The plane soon took off and before she knew it the flight attendants were serving a meal. The meal was the typical grade dog food served on an airline. The only thing that made it palatable was the amount of liquor available to her as a first class passenger.

The alcohol began to have its usual effect on her. Sharon could feel a slight dampness between her legs. Knowing her husband would not be available to her for the next couple of days she tried to take her mind off of her arousal. She plugged her earphones into the port and tried to watch the movie. It was useless. The movie was not very good which gave her mind and her eyes an opportunity to wander. Sharon began to scan the seats around her and soon found a passenger of interest.

He was another young man, probably in his early twenties. He had a nice build to him with what looked like strong arms and a tight mid-section. He was wearing a polo shirt and a pair of khaki pants. Sharon’s eyes examined him from head to toe as best they could from her position.

She saw the crotch of his pants had bunched up due to him being seated. She immediately began to wonder if it was the pants or his young dick that had truly caused the bulge to form. Her imagination soon ran wild with images of his tight, young, naked body standing before her. It was not long before she was completely lost in a fantasy.

Sharon did not realize she had closed her eyes as a scene unfolded in her mind. She imagined exchanging glances with the young man and giving him a look that told him she wanted him. She would get up and go to the bathroom and he would follow soon after her. They both would stand less than an inch apart in the tiny closet, not saying a word. In no time their lips would meet and they would share a passionate kiss.

Section 2

Would it be Sharon or the young man who initiated it? She did not know and did not want to muddy up her fantasy with such details. She pictured her blouse being unbutton just enough for him to slip his hand inside and cup one of her bra-clad breasts. He would squeeze it. She knew he would. There would be no way he would not want to squeeze it once he found how firm it felt in his hand. His fondling would cause her to moan into his mouth as their tongues danced together.

Sharon imagined her own hands unzipping his pants before reaching in to find the young man’s hard cock. Would it be long? Would it be thick? She did not care. It was not about the size of his equipment. It was about being fucked by a stranger. It was about the thrill of possibly getting caught. She would pull his cock out of his pants and stroke it while they kissed and he squeezed her breast.

The young man would be fully hard in no time. He would break their kiss and spin her around so as to make her face away from him. Sharon would know what he wanted. She would allow her skirt to fall to the floor, her panty covered ass finally revealed to his eyes. He would drop his pants and shorts to his knees. His hand would rub her ass through her panties before grabbing the waistband and forcefully pulling them down just below her thighs. He would take his cock in his hand, line the head up with her dripping pussy, and firmly slide inside of her.

Sharon imagined herself leaning forward and placing both hands on the wall in front of her in an effort to maintain her balance. The nameless young man would immediately begin to pound in and out of her pussy. Her fantasy was so vivid she could clearly hear the slapping of flesh as her ass would meet his thighs when he bottomed out on every single stroke.

He would take one hand off of her smooth hips and reach under her blouse to pull one of her bra cups down and expose the skin of her breast to the air and his hand. His palm would cup her breast and his thumb would brush over her erect nipple. His powerful strokes would quicken as he approached the point of no return. Sharon would be close too and would begin to shove her ass back into him as he slid his cock into her.

Being young, he was most likely inexperienced and she imagined him cumming first. She would feel the pulsing of his cock inside her wet pussy as his young balls shot a large load deep into her depths. His orgasm would cause him to pull her as far onto his cock as possible while squeezing hard on her breast. This would be the moment she would cum.

Her pussy walls would contract around his young cock, milking it for all the cum it had. Her warm juices would flow over his tool in a never ending torrent of orgasmic force. When it was over he would lean over her shoulder, his cock softening in her pussy, and turn her head to give her one last kiss before they cleaned up and went back to their seats.

Sharon opened her eyes and looked around the first class cabin. Everyone seemed to be acting normally, completely unaware of the wild adulterous scene which had just played out in her mind. When she convinced herself no one knew what she had dreamt about she noticed three things about herself. First, she was breathing very heavily. Second, she had begun to perspire through her chest. And third, she was about to soak through her panties with the moisture being produced from her pussy.

Sharon quickly got up out of her seat and headed toward the restroom. Once inside she locked the door and looked at herself in the mirror. She was completely flushed. She felt as if she was on fire. She turned on the cold water and splashed a little on her face to try and cool down. It did nothing. The heat was not coming from her face. It was fueled by the desire to have a hard dick in her pussy. Sharon realized there was only one thing she could do in a situation like this.

She began to unbutton her blouse and hung it up on the hook attached to the door. Her bra came off next and her hands roamed over the expanse of her busty chest. Her nipples were hard as her own fingertips grazed over the buds.

Soon she removed her skirt and panties. Sharon looked in the mirror at her beautiful naked body. She knew why young men lusted after her. How could they not? She saw the dampness on her pussy lips glisten under the light of the restroom. Her hand slide down from her breast, across her stomach, and rested on her folds.

Sharon began to slowly rub the outer areas of her pussy. Within moments her clit came out from under its hood. With each movement of her hand she strummed her clit with her thumb. The electricity-like feeling generated by her actions made her escalate the seriousness of her endeavor.

Her index finger found its way inside of her pussy and began to touch all the right places. Her thumb refused to let up on her clit. Her hand was instantly covered in sweet slick stickiness. Her other hand had not left her breasts and switched back and forth between teasing her right and left nipples.

It was not long before Sharon came. The juices which had covered her hand while she played with herself were now pouring out. She pinched her left nipple hard as her orgasm overtook her entire body. She felt her legs begin to quiver. Fearing she would loose her balance, Sharon leaned against the wall and allowed herself to slide down to the floor. Her vision became blurry until her orgasm subsided and she took her hand away from her pussy.

After a few minutes of trying to gain her composure on the floor, Sharon stood up, clean herself up as best as she could, and got dressed. She was satisfied. The effects of her drinks had worn off. She was no longer in need of release and could concentrate on the conference she was flying to. She opened the door of the bathroom and felt her breath catch in her throat. It was the young man she had noticed before. She looked at him and saw his eyes quickly run up and down her body, drinking her in as much as possible.

“Excuse me,” she said as she squeezed by him.

She felt her breasts scrape against his chest as she tried to pass in the cramped quarters of the airplane. She could swear she felt something hard rub against her thigh. She returned to her seat. Once she settled in she again noticed a few things about herself. First, she had left her panties in the restroom. Second, she was beginning to become wet again. She knew it was going to be a long two days at the conference.

The first day of the conference seemed to take forever to get through. Lecture after lecture filled the schedule until 8:00pm. Sharon decided to stay in her hotel room and order room service for dinner. She could not believe she was this exhausted from sitting around listening to boring old men talk all day. She wanted nothing more than some hot food, a hot shower, and some sleep so as to be ready for the second day of endless lectures.

Sharon ordered a meal and then shed her clothing to get ready to take a shower. She stood in front of the mirror attached to the bureau against the wall. She slipped off the jacket and hung it up off to the side. Her fingers fumbled with the top button of her blouse but soon popped it open before continuing downward.

Sharon’s blouse gaped open as she unbuttoned and unzipped her pants. She stepped out of her shiny black heels before pulling her smooth legs out of her slacks and hanging them up with the jacket. She then hung her blouse up on a separate hanger.

Section 3

Sharon stood in front of the mirror looking at herself wearing nothing but a white lace bra and matching panties. The brightness of the underwear contrasted sexily with her dark skin. She took a moment to examine her scantily clad body. Her toned thighs came out of her panties like smooth spires supporting her body.

The expanse of her cleavage reminded her of mountain peaks she had seen during the previous day’s flight. Sharon loved her body. She loved her olive skin, her pink lips, and her somewhat wild curly brown hair. She was the embodiment of sex and she knew it.

Sharon placed one hand across the tops of her breasts as her other hand reached behind her to unclasp the bra holding them back. Her own fingertips subconsciously began to press into her tit flesh to feel the firmness that still existed there at 40. While the bra had been unclasped it was still held on her body by the shoulder straps and its cups.

Sharon inhaled deeply. The swell of her magnificent chest rose high as she continued to knead the upper portions of her slopes. Finally, she allowed the bra to fall from her body onto the floor. The coolness of the air conditioned hotel room caused her large light brown nipples to become instantly erect. Sharon cupped a breast in each hand, feeling their weight, and with her index fingers began to play with tips of her tits. She noticed her breathing began to quicken as well and her chest started to heave slightly.

A familiar warm wetness slowly started to form on the insides of Sharon’s pussy. She could feel the crotch of the lace panties stick to her lips. She dropped one hand down under the waistband of her panties. Immediately her fingers were greeted with a sample of her juices leaking from her pussy. Sharon’s palm barely grazed her clit when a sensation of delight traveled up her torso and through the rest of her body. Her mind flashed images of her airplane fantasy fuck. She was just about to slip a finger pass her pussy lips when she came out of her reverie.

Quickly Sharon took her hands away from her body. She felt hot again. Hotter than on the plane. She looked at herself in the mirror again only to find a few beads of sweat forming on her forehead. She was incredibly horny and did not know why. She felt she had to get control of herself or she would never be able to make it through the next day of the conference with dry panties. She grabbed a pair of fresh underwear and a bathrobe and headed into the shower.

The water was set on the cool side in an effort to ebb Sharon’s arousal. Once she had stepped out of the shower she felt much more in control. She had just stepped out of the bathroom, drying her hair with a towel while wearing nothing but a bathrobe and a pair of bikini panties when she heard a knock at the door. Instantly she remembered her dinner order and opened the door.

She was greeted by one of the hottest waiters she thought she had ever seen. He was another young guy much like the one on the plane except a bit shorter and a lot more muscular. He was wearing a white dress shirt, matching black pants and vest, and black dress shoes. The shirt/vest combination accented what she believed had to be an incredibly thick and chiseled chest. His large hands gripped the handle of the dinner cart while the bulging arms they were attached to looked as if they were going to rip through the sleeves of his shirt.

“Hi, did you order room service?” the waiter asked.

Sharon thought a moment before speaking, “Y..yes. Yes, I did. Please come in.” Her left hand gripped the front of the robe, preventing anything from being revealed while her right arm extended to show the waiter into the room.

The young man walked pass Sharon and into the room. When she was sure she was out of his peripheral vision, Sharon took a look hard look at the waiter’s butt. Though it was encased in the black dress pants, it looked firm enough for her. Images of her painted nails digging into the young man’s ass filled Sharon’s mind. She almost did not hear him speak after he was in the room.

“Ma’am? Ma’am?”

“Yes? I’m sorry. Did you say something?”

“I asked where you would like me to leave your order.”

“Oh, you can just leave it on the table.”

She watched him turn and place the various items from the cart onto the table. Her eyes drank his chiseled body in. She stole a glance at his crotch and thought she saw a nice bulge starting to form in the front of his pants. Her thoughts ran wild until she realized he was finished setting the table and was about to leave.

“Will there be anything else?” the waiter asked.

Yea, I’d like to order your cock for dessert was Sharon’s thought. She could not believe that had entered her head. What was wrong with her? Why was she acting like a bitch in heat?

“No, thank you. Let me just give you a tip before you leave.”

Sharon went to reach into her pocket only to remember she was wearing a robe. Quickly she looked around and spotted her pocketbook on the bed. She walked over, opened it, and dug through it for a moment with both hands until she found a five dollar bill. She walked back over to the waiter now standing by the open door. She handed him the money with her right hand while her left hand placed itself on the inside doorknob.

“Th…thank you, ma’am,” the waiter sputtered out before turning and leaving the room in a hurry.

Sharon wondered why he seemed to choke on his words as he left. The answer came to her after she closed the door. While she was walking over to the food on the table she saw herself reflected in the mirror on the dresser. Her robe had gaped open to reveal a tremendous amount of cleavage along with a bit of the edge of her nipples. She was slightly embarrassed at first until a swell of pride emerged from her realizing she was able to make a hot young guy like that all flustered.

Sharon sat down and ate her dinner quickly. She was not overly hungry, but it was getting late and she did want to get some sleep before the second day of the conference began. When she was finished she hung up her robe and climbed under the covers with nothing on but her bikini style panties.

She lay beneath the covers but could not find sleep. With her eyes closed the touch and feel of the comforter on her almost naked body kept her stimulated enough not to be able to relax. The gentle softness of the comforter caressed her breasts while dirty thoughts of the waiter, the guy in the plane, and the guy in the bar back home filled her mind.

There was an internal battle between the Sharon who wanted sleep and the Sharon who wanted to satisfy the fire in her pussy. After an hour of tossing and turning, the latter won out. Both of Sharon’s hands explored her own body as fast as they could. Her nipples were tweaked while her breasts were caressed and squeezed.

Her clit was rubbed while one and then two fingers found their way inside her dripping pussy. It was not long at all before she stimulated herself to a very quick but satisfying orgasm. She smiled to herself as she was finally able to drift off to sleep.

The second day of the conference was just as long and drawn out as the first. Luckily for Sharon it was over. The conference ended with a dinner that wrapped around 7pm. She did not have to be at the airport until noon the next day. She was excited be finally getting back to her husband and her normal life. She did not want to sit in the hotel room all night. She wanted to let loose and have a drink.

Section 4

After a quick shower Sharon picked out an outfit to wear to the bar that evening. She had been wearing dressy style clothes during the conference and decided to slum it a bit since it would just be her at a hotel bar. The clothes she picked out made her look sexier than she gave herself credit for. She wore another pair of bikini panties with a matching bra.

However, her underwear could not be seen through her outer layer. Her top was a semi-tight tan T-shirt which complimented her olive skin and outlined her large breasts. The shirt was tucked into the waist of tight jeans which hugged her legs and butt. Her feet were encased in her black high heels she had worn to the conference. She normally preferred a pair of boots but these worked. She did not bother to look in the mirror before she left. She was comfortable. Though had she even glanced at herself, she may have realized just how much sex she exuded.

Sharon rode the elevator down to the lobby. She stepped out and was instantly greeted by the clacking sound of her heels on the tiles beneath her feet. The sound echoed throughout the lobby catching the attention of everyone there. The bar was carpeted and did not allow for such accompaniment to her walking. Sharon took a seat at the bar, ordered a beer, and finally began to relax as thoughts of the conference left her mind.

A longneck bottle was placed in front of Sharon. She picked it up to take a drink. The cold glass against her palm contrasted with the warmness of the bar air. She raised the bottle to her mouth. The tip pressed against her lips as the chilled liquid flowed into her waiting mouth.

Sharon enjoyed the sensation of the beer traveling down her throat and into her stomach as she swallowed it. She placed the bottle back down on the bar. Her eyes were lightly closed while she felt the tension of the passed two days begin to leave her neck and shoulders.

This cycle of events continued for the next several minutes until the beer was completely gone. Before she had a chance to order her second, another bottle was placed in front of her. Sharon gave the bartender a somewhat bewildered look.

He pointed to the other end of the bar. Sharon followed the bartender’s motion and was surprised to see a man sitting at the end of the bar giving her a wave. He was young, she guessed in his early twenties, with short brown hair. He was white skinned with what looked like a decent build on him.

He was wearing a black t-shirt, blue jeans, and a sport coat. Sharon was flattered at the thought of this young guy buying her a drink. She was reminded of the same situation back home a couple of days ago. As she always did in cases like this, Sharon waved back with her left hand and drew attention to her wedding ring. The young man shook his head as she turned back to her free beer.

Sharon was shocked a few seconds later when the young man walked over and sat down next to her at the bar.

“Hi, I’m Bill,” he said with a grin. “But most people call me Billy.”

“Uh, hi. I’m Sharon.”

“Sharon, eh? Now that is a lovely name if you don’t mind me saying so,” said Bill still with a grin across his face.

“Thank you.” Sharon was caught off guard. She never had someone approach her like this before. “And thank you for the drink too.”

“No problem. I saw you sitting here and just thought I’d be nice. A pretty woman should never have to pay for a drink.”

“Well thank you again. But as you can see I am married,” she replied while pointing to her ring again.

“Yes, I saw that before. That still doesn’t change the fact you are a pretty woman and are alone here in a bar paying for your own drinks.”

Sharon was taken aback by Bill’s boldness. Something about his confidence intrigued her. His brazen flirting despite her being married was a new experience. She wanted to tease him for a while and see just how bold he would be.

“I suppose you are right,” Sharon said. “I guess I would be rude to turn down a free beer. But let me ask you, how do you know my husband is not meeting me here and might not be more than a little upset with you talking to me like this?”

“Because I am a man and if you were my wife and I was meeting you somewhere I would be sure to be here on time and not give a good looking young guy the opportunity to flirt with you.”

“Oh, you’re good,” Sharon said with a smile before taking a sip of the free beer.

Bill leaned in closer to whisper, “You have no idea how good I am.”

Chills ran up and down Sharon’s spine. The confidence and sensuality behind his statement excited her. She surprised even herself when she began to feel a tingle between her legs. She thought about ending her conversation, but she liked how it felt to be talked to like this. After two more large swallows the beer Bill had bought her was finished.

“Why don’t you buy me another drink and tell more a little more about yourself, Billy-boy.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Over the course of the next two hours and several more beers Sharon and Bill became very well acquainted. She found he was a 22yr old stage actor who was taking a personal vacation for a few days. He learned she was a career woman of 40 with a husband and teenager back home. The more they spoke the more comfortable they became with each other. It was just after 10pm when things escalated.

“I wasn’t just being nice earlier when I said you were pretty. In fact, you are very beautiful,” said Bill.

“Oh, stop it,” Sharon said and waved her hand at him.

“I mean it,” he continued as he reached out to brush her long curly hair from the side of her face and then run his fingers down through it. “You are gorgeous.”

“Thank you, really,” Sharon replied. Her stomach was full of butterflies. She had not been hit on like this since before she was married. “You know, you’re not so bad yourself.”

“In that case, maybe you won’t hold it against me when I do this,” Bill said as his face leaned in close to Sharon’s. Before either of them could think about what was happening their lips touched.

Sharon’s eyes went wide when she first felt Bill kiss her. It was unexpected, but what was even more unexpected what the fact she liked it. Her eyes quickly closed while she enjoyed the touch of his lips to hers. He was gentle but confident.

The innocent kiss seemed to go on forever but in reality lasted mere seconds before Sharon opened her mouth to accept his tongue. She greeted it with her own and their two separate mouths quickly became one passion filled dancehall. Though they went on like this for a full minute, the kiss broke too soon for both of them.

They each sat back on their bar stools. Sharon concentrated on catching her breath. She looked at Bill. The young man who so boldly flirted with her certainly knew what he was doing when it came to kissing. She watched him sit there across from her for a moment as he waited for her to speak. She felt something. Not necessarily for him, but something physical.

The tingle between her legs which she had been feeling for the last several hours was just replaced by a flood of wetness. The feelings of arousal she had been fighting the last two days returned more powerful than ever. This young guy she had just met, who spoke to her so sweetly and boldly, had created a fire in her that needed to be put out. Though they had just shared a very intense kiss, she wondered if he wanted her in the same way.

“Wow,” was all Sharon could say."

“I guess that means you liked it,” said Bill.

“It was really nice.”

Section 5

“I’m glad you liked it,” he said as his eyes spied Sharon’s legs begin to rub together. “I guess the next question is, you’re place or mine?”

This floored her. The fire between her legs begged her to answer. Her need was greater than it had ever been. She knew she should not pursue this, but at the same time she knew a part of her would regret it if she did not. He was a stranger who wanted her. She knew having him would be better than anything she could do to herself.


The word was barely out of her mouth before he took her hand and led her to the elevator. Once inside his arms were immediately around her waist pulling her into his embrace. Their lips met again. This kiss was just as passionate at the first, maybe more so. There was no hesitation with this one. Each of them knew where it was going. The door of the elevator opened and his kissing traveled across her face and down her neck as she guided him to her door. She fumbled with the key until the lock clicked and they burst through the door.

Within seconds of entering the room Sharon’s arms were wrapped around Bill’s waist pushing his coat off onto the floor. He grabbed her face and kissed her again. Their tongues fought with each other until she untucked his shirt from his jeans and pulled it up over his head causing them to break their lip-lock. Seeing she wanted him as badly as he wanted her, Bill scooped her up in his strong arms and threw onto the bed.

The swift, rough maneuver caught Sharon by surprise. She watched in suspense and anticipation as he began to walk over to the bed. Her chest was heaving as he leaned over her. They both took a deep breath before they kissed again.

Bill’s right hand slipped underneath Sharon’s shirt and soon found her bra clad left breast. He found it to be large and firm, just as it looked to him from outside her shirt. His hand cupped her breast and squeezed it gently. He felt Sharon moan with delight into his mouth.

Sharon’s pussy was a geyser by this point. Her hands were around Bill’s head, pulling his lips tighter against her own. Her fingers ran through his short brown hair and then down his back. Soon they were on the outside of his jeans squeezing what they could of his ass through the tough material. She loved the way she was feeling at that moment, turned on and desired by this young stranger, but she wanted more. She wanted him inside her.

Bill’s hands grabbed the bottom of Sharon’s shirt and pulled it off of her body. The sight of her magnificent tan chest restrained by the bra was almost too much for him. His face dove into her cleavage, covering her exposed tit-flesh with a combination of kissing and licking.

Sharon took in a sharp breath while Bill’s mouth and tongue explored the tops of her breasts. Wanting him to have more access, her hands left his backside to unclasp her bra from behind. Once Bill saw the cups loosen and the straps fall from Sharon’s shoulders, he quickly tore the bra from her body, finally revealing the rest of her glorious bosom.

His eyes were greeted with the sight of large brown nipples capping off well rounded breasts. Without thinking, Bill took a tit in each hand and began to take turns sucking each of her nipples.

“OH!” Sharon cried, loving the attention being paid to her breasts and nipples.

Bill sucked on her as if he were trying to draw milk. As his intensity increased he began to lightly nibble on them with his teeth. His teasing did not go unnoticed. Sharon moaned again; louder this time. Her breasts were so sensitive due to her arousal she thought she might cum right then and there. She fought back pending orgasm, wanting the tension to last as long as possible.

Wanting even more than what she was already getting, Sharon began to unbuckle and unzip her jeans. As soon as her pants were loose enough she shoved her right hand into her panties and started to rub her juicy pussy. Noticing the motions between them, Bill grabbed Sharon’s wrist to stop her busy hand.

“Ah…” she began to protest until he placed a finger to her lips.

“Allow me to take care of that for you,” Bill said while looking straight into her hazel eyes.

Bill slid down her body until he was by her feet. He removed her heels and then his own shoes and socks. He started to massage her right foot for a moment. Knowing this was nice but not what she truly wanted he reached up to the top of her jeans and pulled them off her legs. She lay there before him on the bed wearing nothing but her bikini panties. She looked like a tanned goddess awaiting his worship.

Not wanting to disappoint her, Bill started to kiss his way up the inside of her legs. Slowly and methodically he planted a kiss on first the right then the left calf. Back and forth he went up her legs and her inner thighs. When Bill finally reached her panty covered pussy he heard her speak.

“Damn…I can’t take it anymore…ah…lick me…eat me…” her words broken by her uncontrollable heavy breathing.

Bill smiled to himself. He loved knowing the fact he was making her feel good. His hands grabbed the waistband of her panties and pull them down and off her legs. He could see by now the wetness leaking out of her. With his face a fraction of an inch away from her sex, Bill stuck the tip of his tongue out to taste the nectar running down her taint.

“Mmmmm,” he said once the sweet cream was inside his mouth. She tasted great to him. He was now ready to feast on her womanhood.

Bill kissed Sharon’s pussy as if he were kissing her mouth. Firmly his lips met her’s.

“Ooooooo,” was the only sound Sharon could make.

More of Sharon’s juices flowed onto Bill’s lips before he opened his mouth to taste them. After that, he was able to catch her clit between his lips. His tongue flicked the nubbin unmercifully as Sharon squirmed on the bed. He knew she was close. Bill took two fingers and spread her pussy open. The scent of her femininity filled his nostrils. He savored the aroma for a moment before diving his tongue into her snatch.

“Oh shit!” Sharon wailed. Her hands found the back of Bill’s head and she began to push his face deeper into her cunt.

Bill’s tongue worked furiously inside of her. Sharon could feel the course surface of his tongue rub against her inner walls. Her thighs clamped down on either side of his head preventing him from breaking away even to breathe. With his head trapped in her smooth vice, Bill doubled his efforts on her pussy. He was determined to make her cum. Within seconds he felt her body stiffen and her breathing stop.

“Ahhhhh….Fuck!” was all he could hear through her legs around his head. Sharon’s pussy flooded with her orgasmic juices. Bill could taste her as she came. It was even sweeter than what he had enjoyed up to that point. He felt her grip on him relax and her breathing return. Bill raised his head to see a smiling Sharon.

“That was amazing,” she told him, her naked chest heaving as she tried to catch her breath.

“Glad you liked it,” he said as his tongue wiped the last of her sweet cream from his lips.

“Allow me to return the favor,” Sharon said, “Stand up.”

Bill did as he was told. Sharon sat up on the edge of the bed with lightning speed. Her naked breasts jiggled as she did so. Her hands reached out for Bill’s pants. Within seconds he was unbuckled and unzipped and the jeans and boxers were around his ankles. The sight that Sharon saw made her mouth water. Bill was sporting a seven inch cock, thick and with a nice dollop of pre-cum oozing from the tip. His pubic hair was trimmed close to his groin. The whole package was neat, clean, and ready to be used by her.

Sharon’s hands wrapped around Bill’s member and slowly began to stroke up and down the shaft. The glob of pre-cum grew larger as her hands expertly worked on him. Sharon leaned in, allowing the tip of her tongue to leave her mouth and dip into the clear liquid on the tip of his knob. She rolled her tongue back inside, savoring the sample taste of what he would produce later on.

Section 6

“Mmmmmm….you taste good.”

“If you liked it, I’ve got more,” said Bill looking down at Sharon.

Sharon then went to work. She leaned again and let the tip of his cockhead touch her closed lips. She parted them just enough to allow his head to enter her mouth. Her lips closed, forming a tight seal around his manhood.

Sharon began to suck on the head while continuing to run her hands up and down his shaft. Her tongue swirled around the crown and every few seconds would dip into the tip to taste his pre-cum. Bill’s hands went from his sides to the top of Sharon’s head. His fingers ran through her wild curly hair. Slowly he began to apply pressure to the back of her head letting her know he wanted her to go further down his prick.

Sharon took the hint. Her jaw relaxed and allowed more of his cock to enter her mouth. As the first few inches entered her mouth Sharon used her tongue to massage the underside of Bill’s thick shaft. With about two inches to go she felt the head reach the back of her mouth. Sharon increased her sucking power. Her cheeks hollowed and she felt Bill’s hands grip harder on the back of her head.

She moved her left hand under his sack. Her palm cupped both of his balls. They were big. Sharon could barely hold both of them in one hand. Her cradling felt amazing to Bill. The playing with his balls increased his need. He began to pull his shaft away from the incredible suction of Sharon’s mouth.

Sharon was unsure of what he would do next. With only the crown still being sucked by her warm mouth, Bill slid his shaft back into Sharon face. He repeated this cycle over and over again, gaining speed each time. Sharon realized what he wanted. She relaxed her jaw as much as possible to accommodate his face fucking. Each stroke into her mouth ended with the same two inches of his shaft not entering her. She decided to treat him with a little surprise.

When Bill had removed all but the crown of his cock from Sharon’s mouth she moved both of her hands to his bare ass. She looked up at him before closing her eyes. Her mouth moved slowly down his shaft taking the usual five inches inside. When the tip hit the back of her throat this time she opened up and allowed it to travel downward. The last two inches of Bill’s shaft were finally being treated to the inside of her warm wet mouth. The first few inches were being massaged by Sharon’s tight throat muscles.

Bill threw his head back in pleasure. His hands gripped locks of Sharon’s hair. He stopped breathing for a few seconds. Though she deep throated him for only a few brief moments it felt like his cock was being pleasured for an hour. He did not want it to end, but when Sharon continued to hold him in throat while going back to cradle his large balls Bill lost it.

“I’m gonna cum!” he shouted.

Sharon heard his cry and backed off slightly. She allowed a few inches to slip out pass her lips but retained a large portion of his meaty cock in her mouth. She continued to suck and cradle his balls with one hand while the other hand squeezed his ass. It was not long before Bill delivered on his promise.

“Shiiiitttt…” uttered Bill through clenched teeth.

The first shot of cum traveled from the base of Bill’s cock, up the shaft, and fired out of the tip with tremendous force. The shot flew pass Sharon’s tongue and hit the back of her throat. It was immediately followed by another rope of hot jizz. Bill’s cock continued to shoot wad after wad of cum into Sharon’s still sucking mouth.

His orgasm lasted nearly 15 seconds with a total of 11 shots of cum being fired into Sharon’s mouth. Sharon attempted to swallow as much as she could but was unable to prevent some from breaking the seal of her lips around Bill’s cock.

When Bill was finally finished cumming in her mouth Sharon continued to suck gently on his cock. Her tongue licked every inch of his meat before letting it fall from her lips. She scooped wiped the excess cum on her chin with her finger and sucked her finger clean.

“That was impressive,” said Sharon as she stood up.

Bill leaned in and kissed her on the mouth. His tongue forced its way inside and swirled with her’s. Sharon was pleasantly surprised by this move. She loved a good kiss, but she knew few men who did not mind kiss a woman right after having sucked his cock. They kissed for a few moments until she broke away.

“This was a lot of fun,” said Sharon.

“Was?” asked Bill with a raised eyebrow.

“Well, yeah,” responded Sharon with a confused look on her face.

“I was hoping for round two,” Bill said as he pointed downward to draw her attention to his cock.

To Sharon’s amazement Bill’s dick was fully hard again. It had only been a minute or two since he came in her mouth, but he was ready to go again. The combination of their post orgasmic kiss and his ability to recuperate got Sharon’s pussy wet again. She thought about it for a moment. She had already gone this far, she reasoned, why not take advantage of what was in front of her?

“Let’s see what you got then, Billy.”

Bill smiled. He grabbed Sharon by the waist and threw her onto the bed. He was instantly on top of her. His mouth kissed her neck and then down to her breasts again. He sucked on each of nipples briefly before raising himself up on his knees.

Bill took his hard cock in his hand and aimed it at Sharon’s wet pussy. He ran the tip up and down the length of her slit, stopping only to have it press firmly on her engorged clit. The tension built to incredible heights once again inside of her.

“Don’t tease me, Billy,” Sharon pleaded, “Stick it in me!”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Bill lined up the head of his penis with Sharon’s opening and drove right in.

“FUCK!” cried Sharon as Bill’s cock entered into her.

He slid in right up to the hilt. All seven inches were inside Sharon before either of them knew what was happening. Bill held himself there for a moment. Sharon’s mouth had felt amazing during her blow job but could not compare to the sensation of her pussy.

She was tight. Tighter than he expected an older married woman to be. He could feel her inner muscles begin to relax and contract as they worked around his count. He looked down at her face and leaned in once more for another soul searing kiss. Their lips met and their tongues dueled. When it was over Sharon spoke.

“What are you…gasp…waiting for?” she asked. “Fuck me.”

Bill took his cue and began to move his cock back and forth inside of Sharon’s lovely pussy. It did not take long for him to find a steady rhythm. His speed was just right, not too fast and not too slow. Sharon loved the pace at which the length of his cock ran in and out of her.

Sharon’s pussy allowed it to slide out with relative ease but always tightened up when he tried to re-enter. Occasionally she would changed this pattern and squeeze him as he left her. The massaging of his cock while he fucked her only intensified his actions. Bill quickened his pace and began to slam his pelvis into Sharon’s.

Sharon lay on her back and took all that Bill was giving her. She loved the rough manner in which he was fucking her pussy. His thrusts reverberated through her body causing her firm breasts to jiggle on her chest. Bill slammed into her two more times before grabbing her hips and flipping Sharon onto her stomach. He pulled her up onto her hands and knees. It was time for doggie style.

Sharon lowered her head in order to see Bill position himself behind her. As soon as she saw his cockhead line up with her pussy she took initiative and backed herself onto his pole. Bill’s cock was once again enveloped by Sharon’s soft sugar walls.

Section 7

Bill immediately resumed his hard thrusting in and out of Sharon’s cunt. With every inward stroke of Bill’s cock his large balls swung forward to tap on her sensitive clit. The sensations felt by Sharon were exquisite. Nothing on Earth could compare to the hammering Bill was giving her.

“OH! Fuck! That’s it…gasp…right there…Fuck me!” Sharon cried through panting breath.

Her words spurred on Bill’s efforts. His hands roamed from her hips to her ass cheeks. Bill squeezed and rolled Sharon’s ass roughly while his cock pistoned in and out of her cunt below. Sharon laid her head down on the bed and screamed into the mattress. Her moans were uncontrollable now. She was afraid the adjacent rooms might hear and complain.

The thrill of getting caught she had imagined in the airplane bathroom returned to her. Here she was cheating on her husband and loving every second of it. The thought of someone finding out caused her pussy to become even wetter than it already was. She knew they had been going at it for a while now and wondered how long they could hold out before cumming again.

While Sharon’s thoughts wandered, Bill’s hands wandered up her sides and below her until they were able to grab a hold of her hanging breasts. The weight of each tit felt perfect in his hands. He started squeezing and massaging them both. Moans of ecstasy poured from Sharon into the mattress. Her cries intensified when she felt her nipples become trapped between Bill’s thumbs and forefingers. It was almost too much for her. She knew she could not last much longer, but she wanted this to end on her terms.

Sharon broke free of Bill’s wonderful foreplay. She managed to pull herself forward causing his cock to fall out of her pussy. The cool air of the room shocked the skin of Bill’s shaft as it left her. Sharon turned around to see a puzzled look on the young man’s face.

“Don’t worry,” she said, “It’s not over yet. Lay down.”

Bill was not about to argue with the lusty woman. He lay on his back and watched as Sharon crawled toward him. Her body was over his in seconds with her legs on either side of his hips. This time it was her who initiated a kiss. It lasted seconds but felt like days. While their lips were locked on one another’s Sharon’s hand reached between them to grab a hold of Bill’s now wet and sticky cock. She lined up the flesh rod with her pussy once more and impaled herself on it.

“OHHHH FUUCCKK!” she screamed once he was back inside.

Sharon wasted no time in finding her rhythm. She leaned slightly forward and raised her hips. She dropped herself back down on his cock with all her weight. She repeated this again and again. Up and down she went, each time allowing her body to collapse in order to feel the maximum force of Bill’s dick inside of her.

The room smelled of a sweet combination of sweat and sex. Perspiration poured from both Sharon and Bill’s bodies. The sheets of the bed were a sodden mess. The slapping of flesh, the squeaking of the bed springs, and the moaning from both of them bounced off the walls. There was no way anyone in the next few rooms did not know what was happening. Sharon was beyond caring at this point. She was too close to climax to care.

“I’m…gonna…cum…” she said while running out of breath.

“Good…cum for me baby…cum for me,” Bill replied

And come she did. With a final fall onto Bill’s hard cock Sharon’s damn burst and a torrent of her feminine cum flooded her pussy.


Unable to support her own weight at this point, Sharon stopped bouncing on Bill’s cock. He was close too and needed to cum badly. He sat up with Sharon still on his dick and began to rock her back and forth. The slickness of her orgasm riddled pussy and his rocking motion brought Bill over the edge.

“OHHH SHARONNNNN!!!!” cried Bill as his cock blasted the insides of her pussy with another powerful orgasm.

Bill and Sharon held each other tight as they rode the waves of the most intense orgasm either of them had ever felt. When they finally came down they disengaged from one another. Bill’s cock was finally softening and a mixture of their juices ludely leaked from Sharon’s thoroughly worked pussy.

Once their breathing returned to normal both of them leaned in for a goodnight kiss. This kiss was different from the many they had shared during their tryst. This was gentle and tender. They were no longer driven by the desire to have each other’s bodies. They only wanted to savor the taste of each other’s lips.

Bill and Sharon held each other until the drifted off to sleep. When morning came Sharon found herself alone. It was almost 9am. Her body ached with the sweet soreness only produced from a hard night of sex. The night stand held a note. Bill explained how he had to leave earlier that morning and how he had enjoyed their night together. He said she was the most amazing woman he had ever met and that her husband was a lucky man.

Sharon smiled when she finished reading it. She cleaned herself up, packed her bags, and headed to the airport. The flight home gave her mind time to wander. However, no longer was it filled with random fantasies. It was only concerned with memories of the one amazing night she spent with a stranger who rocked her world.

Her husband was waiting for her when she got off the plane. She kissed him before any words were exchanged between them.

“Wow,” he said.

“I missed you so much,” she told him. “Let’s go home.”

They could not get home fast enough for Sharon. As soon as they were in the house she was all over her husband. They spent the night getting reacquainted with each other. Sharon lovingly sucked and fucked her husband until the morning sun dawned over the horizon.

As the two lay together in their bed Sharon could not help but think about Bill. She did not want to have another night like the one they shared. She was content with the memory of her one indiscretion and how good it had felt.


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