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I am a 40 year old average white guy married to my loving 30 year old wife Katie. Katie is a hot Irish girl with pale skin. She has very dark hair with bright blue eyes. Katie is a workout nut. She works out during the week and does yoga regularly. We do have a good sex life and I get it as much as I want to. The problem is that I have a bad back.

I’ve had surgery, but it still isn’t right yet. This keeps me physically and mentally not in the mood sometimes. Along with Katie’s energy, this becomes a problem sometimes. We both work and Katie travels a lot with her job. When we are home, I like to watch sports and drink beer. Katie likes to workout and have sex. My friends always ask me how I keep up with her energy.

To supplement my not being able to perform moments, I introduced Katie to porn and sex toys. When I am not in the mood for sex, she regularly will watch porn and use her toys. Katie even takes a dildo or two on her business trips to help satisfy her needs.

One day I came home from work and Kelly was at the store. She just returned earlier from a business trip and her computer and luggage was still in kitchen. I was having a snack and wanted to check yesterday’s sports scores. Instead of going upstairs to my computer, I just opened Katie’s. When I opened up the internet browser, it resumed Katie’s last session. It didn’t shock me that it was a porn site because we always watch it.

What was surprising was that the video she was watching was older black men fucking younger white women. I am 40 now so when I say older, I mean 50 to 60 year old black men. I was confused because Katie never mentioned anything about a black fantasy. Now I was curious so I looked inside her suitcase and found a black dildo. I never have seen this one before.

When Katie came home I mentioned the porn site with black guys on her computer along with the black dildo. She blushed a little and asked if I was mad. I told her no, but surprised because she has never shared this fantasy with me before.

Katie told me she just got the dildo before her trip. She started having this fantasy lately, so she experimented with it on her trip. I told her I would of expected her to fantasize about a young, muscled black guy. I didn’t expect it to be an old, grey haired black guy with a beer gut. Katie told me the young guys don’t turn her on like the old guys do.

That night before bed Katie wanted to know if I wanted to have some fun. I told her that I was too tired and sore. Katie then wanted to know if I would like to watch her play with her new toy. She then pulled out the black dildo from her bag. The sight of it in her little white hand was erotic. I told her that I think I could get into that.

Katie got naked and climbed onto the bed. Katie and I have never had kids yet because of our jobs. Katie’s body is like it was when she was inr 20’s still. Katie’s boobs are average sized but firm. Her nipples are bigger than average and she keeps her pussy waxed bald. She knows I love the smooth feel.

Katie layed on her back and spread her legs while smiling at me. She then teased me by asking me if I could handle watching a black dick fuck her little pussy. I was so turned on now that I forgot about my back pain and fatigue.

Katie took the dildo and started licking and sucking it while she looked at me. Katie had her other hand playing with her pussy. I noticed that Katie was getting into this. Katie then closed her eyes and started pushing the black dildo into her tight pussy. She slowly moved it in and out. The sight of her white pussy lips wrapped around this dildo was too much for me. I then told Katie that I wanted to help her with that.

I took hold of the dildo and withdrew it almost all the way from inside her. I then pushed it all the way back in slowly. Katie was really into this so I went a step further. I started role playing and talking dirty to her like I was a black guy. I asked her if she liked this black dick in her pussy. Katie was getting close to cumming and I told her that this black dick is going to cum. Katie started moaning yes! yes! yes! loudly. Katie then had an incredible orgasm.

Katie usually cums pretty hard but this time was unbelievable. I was so turned on that I pulled off my shorts. I moved in and started fucking my wife harder than usual. I only lasted a minute and came hard inside her.

Katie had another powerful orgasm and I then thought about protection. I only cum inside her on the safe time of the month. Usually I wear a condom because we were not ready for kids yet. I was lost in the excitement but Katie told me it was ok. She kissed me and told me that it was incredible.

After several weeks of Katie and I role playing with black porn and dildos, I told her I had to ask her something. We had a few drinks already and were fooling around. I wanted to know if she really wanted to fuck a black guy or was it just fantasy. She paused for a minute then told me that it is a fantasy, but not to be mad. She then told me that she kind of wanted to try it one day. I told her I was not mad but I didn’t want her to sneak around.

I told her if she wanted to try it, she should. I just want her to tell me about it. Katie told me that she would not want to go through it by herself. She told me that if the right situation comes around, she wanted me there to watch. She told me that it is part of her fantasy. To have me there watching her. I was surprised and told her it sounds like it might be fun. We then had great sex again.

A few months later we were invited to a friends wedding. It was far away so we booked a hotel room for that night. Katie looked amazing as usual. She wore a tight brown dress with brown high heels. Katie didn’t wear a bra because the dress was so tight, it pushed her firm boobs together nicely. The dress really showed off her toned legs too. We went downstairs to the banquet room for the reception. We were a little surprised when we walked in.

Apparently our old friends had a good amount of black friends since we last hung out. Probably a third of the guests were black. We found our table and we sat with two black couples. The couples were older and I guessed them to be around upper 50’s. We grabbed some drinks and sat down. We started talking with the couple next to us. The guy sitting to the left of Katie was Clinton. His wifes’s name was Shirley. The couple next to me was Mike and Jeanie.

During dinner I picked up on Clinton checking out Katie several times. Clinton looked to be about 5 feet 9 inches tall, and about 220 pounds. He wasn’t what you would call fat, but he was chunky. He still had his hair and it was still black. Shirley was definitely fat. She never really got up from the table, and it appeared that she had some health issues. We all kept drinking and talking.

When dinner was over the music started. People started dancing and this is the part of weddings that I get more drinks. I don’t dance and like to people watch. Katie on the other hand, loves to dance. Katie went out to dance and I was at the bar. Clinton came over to me. We had a drink and were watching some of the women dance.

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