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Ok, so I am officially a cuckold. There is no other term which so perfectly encapsulates the role I have accepted. I was totally complicit in my wife’s infidelity and am just coming to terms with the realisation that some doors, once opened, can’t be closed. Hannah and I have been married for five years now. We have an amazingly open and honest relationship although until recently she was unaware that I was interested in cuckold porn. It’s a bit of a cliché but forgetting to clear my browser history was my undoing; I suspect Hannah’s reaction was less common. She confronted me immediately and asked why I hadn’t shared my fantasy with her. She seemed more upset that I hadn’t told her I imagined my wife fucking other men than by the fantasy itself.

“How do you imagine it, David?” She wanted to know. “Are you there when it happens? Is it just one guy or several? Am I a total slut?” She quizzed.

“I really should have known you wouldn’t be phased” I laughed, “you’re really too horny for one man anyway.”

After that, cuckoldry became normal conversation between us. Hannah had always enjoyed teasing me and now I had given her the perfect ammunition. She would constantly comment on men she saw, tell me which ones she found attractive and/or which ones she’d like to fuck. She surprised me one night as we were preparing to leave for dinner by wearing a small gold ankle chain.

“I’ve heard this is what hot wives wear,” she said smiling, “you know, to advertise that their husband is on board with the whole thing.”

She seemed to find my fantasy quite liberating especially as she made it clear I was not allowed to stray.

“You may not be jealous,” she maintained “but I am… Very much so.”

And so the tone was set. She was free to take another lover, if she so chose, but I was to stay faithful to her. Actually, in theory this didn’t bother me. I have never been a jealous person, I don’t seem to have that instinct but I was very much in love with my wife. I still thought she was the most sexy and beautiful woman I’d ever known in real life and rarely noticed other women except in a perfunctory manner. We were lying in bed one night when the deal was officially sanctioned. Hannah was idly stroking and playing with my cock when she brought up the subject of cuckolding.

“Would you really be ok with it, if I slept with another man? I mean honestly?” She asked.

“Yes, honey, I would. As long as you still love me and want to stay married to me.” I replied honestly, although a little distracted as Hannah was giving my erect cock her most of her attention.

“And would you be ok if he came in me, you know, like in those pictures you look at all the time?” She pressed, stroking firmer and more insistently.

She was referring to the various memes we had sent each other over the last few months. We both used memes and captions from porn sites and other sources as a way of ‘sexting’ when we were working or just couldn’t be together. It was very disconcerting to open a message from my wife in a meeting, because it could easily be a romantic image of lovers on a beach under an enigmatic caption or just as easily be a submissive husband licking his hot wife’s cream-pie.

“Well, you know I’m not all that squeamish.” I answered smiling.

“Really? So you’re honestly saying you could watch a well hung stud fucking me?”

She was smiling and really working my stiff cock now.

“Yes.” I murmured.

“Watch him cum hard? Watch him pump his load into me as I lay moaning and squirming beneath him?”

Her hand was pumping furiously now and I closed my eyes, on the edge of a huge orgasm. “Yes…” I gasped.

And then, as I lay there, you’d slide between my legs and clean up all that nasty cum? That’s really dirty baby!”

As she said this and just before I started to cum, she withdrew her hand, and suddenly I was thrusting against empty air. With the filthy images she had created in my head, I was powerless to stop myself ‘tipping over’, but now instead of a mind blowing release at her hands, I dribbled ineffectively onto my stomach. A perfectly timed ruined orgasm.

“Noooo…” I screamed. “Oh baby, why?”

I was distraught. Hannah was howling and laughing.

“Oh poor baby, I only give proper orgasms to my lovers, you know. Dirty little perverted husbands like you get what they deserve.” She teased.

She scooped up some of the cum that had pooled on my stomach and slid her fingers into my mouth.

“There’s no cream-pie tonight honey, will this do?”

She was still laughing as I reluctantly licked her slick fingers.

“That was really cruel.” I complained as she continued to slowly feed me my discharge.

“I disagree,” she quipped, “and you definitely said I can fuck around, that’s official now. No backing out.” She threatened.

A few weeks after that we spontaneously booked a week on the Spanish island of Tenerife. We had both been working too hard and miraculously a window opened up in both our work diaries at the same time. It was a fairly large fully-inclusive resort but all that we cared about when we booked it was that there was a pool and a bar. We’re not particularly adventurous when we go away, preferring to lay like lizards on our loungers and soak up the sun.

We were booked from Saturday to Saturday and our first few days there were very lazy and relaxing. Admittedly Hannah took every opportunity to remind me of her new found freedom to stray but I assumed that it was harmless teasing. She would comment on the guys around the resort informing me which ones she fancied or who had ‘checked her out’. She seemed much more confident too, strutting around the pool area in her bikini. Hannah has an amazing figure and even without her prompting I was aware of other men admiring her.

On the Thursday, two days before our holiday ended, I left her in the piano bar to exchange some currency at the reception desk. I was probably away from her for about twenty minutes and when I had left, she had been contentedly reading from her kindle. When I returned however she was standing at the bar chatting to a stranger. As I approached, taking note that he was about mid-twenties and very well built, not over muscular just very fit and athletic looking, Hannah waved me over saying,

“And here he is now…”

The stranger turned towards me in a friendly welcoming manner but my heart nearly missed a beat as Hannah introduced me.

“Jerry, this is my brother David.” she was grinning at me. “David, this is Jerry.”

I tried not to hesitate and held my hand out to him.

“Hello.” I said carefully.

He shook my hand as Hannah continued in my direction,


  • Babakdal

    Reply Reply January 29, 2018

    As a wanna be cuck for more than 5 years, this is the most amazing picture of cuckoldry that a man like me desire about. Really thanks for sharing it.

  • Cucktim

    Reply Reply July 13, 2018

    Wonderful story. Totally captured the essence of being a cuck as he obviously was more concerned with her pleasure in order for his pleasure. Only part I was disappointed by was that he wasn’t able to watch.

  • Samuel Brandt

    Reply Reply October 19, 2018

    Love your story. Mine is close. 2 months after my wife and I started dating we were talking turn ons ( we never had sex yet but I ate her everyday)…I went first and all about cuckolding creampies and she had the biggest smile laughed and said I’ve been eating her creampies every day…

  • Kelly kute

    Reply Reply January 27, 2020

    Wow Great Story ,Please send More…

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