It's Not Cheating; I Have Permission

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My husband of 30 years was involved in an industrial accident about 3 years ago. The doctors have done everything they can but he has only regained very limited ability to move his legs. Additionally he has lost the ability to have an erection.

He has told me several times that I should go and find someone who can satisfy my sexual urges. He has even tried to hook me up with a friend and a guy in a bar. I just can’t bring myself to do that in front of him because he is so dejected about this whole thing.

His work took him out of town for two weeks of training.I decided this would be my opportunity to step out and get satisfied. So Thursday night I dressed up a little slutty and headed out to a bar about a half hour from where we live. I figured I would not run into anyone we knew there.

The bar is kind of a honky tonk towny bar but I thought it was safe. I sat at the bar and within 10 minutes there was a guy sitting next to me buying me a beer. he was a okay guy six four 250. We sat and talked for a few minutes and he asked if I wanted to go somewhere quieter. I knew exactly what he meant and sheepishly agreed.

When we got to the parking lot he told me I could leave my car that he would bring me back that he only lived about five miles down the road. So he opened the driver’s side door of his pickup and I climbed up in i slid to the middle of the seat. The truck was a standard and when he shifted to reverse the shift lever hit my leg causing me to shove closer to him and spread my legs so he had room.

When we were out on the main road he dropped his hand off the shift lever on to my leg. instead of instead of closing my legs I put my hand on his and guided him to rub the inside of my thigh. I felt so dirty doing this but I also felt so excited.

Within just a few minutes we pulled down into a dirt driveway and came to a stop at a small mobile home trailer. He was a perfect gentleman and helped me out of the truck and held the door for me to go in. Once inside he led me down the hall to the bedroom.

My heart raced when I saw the huge king size bed staring at me. This felt so wrong but again it felt so right I had to stop thinking about my husband. When I glanced over my shoulder at him he already had his shirt off and was unbuttoning his pants. This what’s my sign that there would be no foreplay.

I slept my clothes off and climbed onto the bed and he followed me. He was already hard and looked to be a little larger than my husband. He wasted no time and took up a position between my legs and began two slide his cock in my sloppy wet pussy

He felt so good inside me it felt that all I could do was mon and Beg him to fuck me.And he did. I came quick and hard the first time but he was not done and after about 20 minutes of Non-Stop pounding I came again and he started to grunt and unloaded his cum deep inside me.

It was at that moment I realized he had not put on a condom. It wasn’t like I was going to get pregnant but he was a stranger and this was the first time any man besides my husband head filled me with cum.

I stopped thinking about it when he looked at me kissed me and said that felt amazing. He climbed off me and I got up and went to To go clean up. When I came back in the bedroom he was already dressed. I put on my clothes and we climbed back in his truck and headed for the bar. When we got to the bar he helped me out of the truck and walked me to my car. He wrapped his arms around me and gave me a wonderful goodnight kiss. He said he would really like to see me again and gave me a piece of paper with his phone number.

My head was reeling as I drove home thinking of what I had done but justifying it with the fact my husband had given me permission. I went home showered and climbed into bed I tossed and turned all night.

I must have looked at that piece of paper with his number on it 20 or 30 times as I sat at my desk at work on Friday. Finally I put his number in my phone and texted him asking what he was doing that night.

He answered immediately that he was free the whole weekend. We agreed I Would meet him at his place around 8. Again with no foreplay we were in bed screwing like crazy. This time I spent the night and we kept two more times before the morning.

When I finally woke the next day it was about 11. I crawled out of bed and walked out into the kitchen bare ass naked. He greeted me with another hug and kiss then laid me on the kitchen table and f***** me again.

When I finally got home Sunday night I was pretty worn out. I got a good night’s sleep and went to work on Monday and could not stop thinking about the pleasure I had had. By Tuesday afternoon I couldn’t take it anymore and texted him once again I spent Tuesday night Wednesday night and Thursday night with him. By Friday I was exhausted but greeted my husband at the airport.

I still feel dirty about what I did but it hasn’t stopped me from meeting him whenever I can. My husband still knows nothing about it.