No Regrets


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Section 1

It was a risky idea he was toying with. They had been happily married for 5 years. The loved and cared for each other. Only one thing had changed, the sparkle in the bedroom had faded. The raw excitement they felt when they first met was just not there.

They were in their early thirties. Both took care of their appearance. He worked out in the gym while she enjoyed her yoga classes. They wanted to retain the initial physical attraction for each other which brought them together.

Raquel used to love dressing in a sexy, provocative way, what some may even consider slutty. That is what attracted Philip. Her curvy figure in the tight fitting dresses would make many heads turn. She had the perfect body for short skirts, stockings and high heels.

She had tamed down her attire in recent months. She had acquired the conservative elegance of a career minded, married woman. He often wondered whether he liked her style more before she acquired good taste in clothing.

Philip often fantasied about his wife with another man. He recalled several nights when she was out late with her friends laying in bed wondering whether she was with someone else. It excited him to the point where he ended up masturbating on a couple of occasions. When she came home, smelling of alcohol, he would kiss her passionately. He often thought about what it would be like if it were to really happen.

It seemed a difficult thing to arrange. Finding a suitable person, bringing up the subject and where such an encounter would take place would all be challenges. The sanctity of their home would not be right, nor would a motel which would be too sleazy.

Raquel was a fun loving, carefree woman when they first met. She still was to some extent but marriage made her seek the security of a good job and the comfort of material possessions. It seemed that when she was on her monthly night outs with her friends she was her former self and when she returned home she reverted to her more proper behavior.

Philip decided to throw caution to the wind and suggest an experiment in something sexually different. No harm in trying new things he thought to himself. One night, when she was out with her friends he decided to wait up for her. This being the ideal time because she would be slightly drunk and in a good mood. He was sitting there watching TV when she got back. He poured her a glass of wine. Enquired about her evening before getting to the more delicate subject.

He described the idea but there was no response, just silence. Encouraged by the fact that there was no violent objection he continued. There would be rules and boundaries. It won’t go too far, it would just harmless fun. No answer, but he could detect a slight interest. That was enough.

He picked James, someone he had met in the gym. He was a quiet, reserved individual. He seemed discreet and could be trusted to keep his mouth shut. The next time he saw him, they arranged to meet up for drinks.

Raquel came out of the shower draped in a towel. She cast it aside to put on a red g string. He noticed that she had shaved her pussy which she had never done in the all the time he had known her. Next, she put on her black dress. Sprayed on a bit of perfume and brushed her hair. She put on her red lip stick and she was ready. He noticed her nails had been perfectly manicured and varnished red. Her dress clung to her and brought into prominence her large tits and shapely ass.

She looked amazing. Philip was starting to have second thoughts. He felt like calling the whole thing off but was comforted by the guidelines they had agreed to.

When they arrived in the bar it was quite busy but they still managed to find a table. James soon appeared. He was not expecting a third person. He introduced her and he shook her hand politely. Philip could see that he was attracted to his wife. He could not keep his eyes of her breasts. Her nipples were just visible under the dress material. He felt awkward because he could not control his gaze. He was a fit, athletic man, just the kind his wife liked.

With her bubbly personality she soon made James feel at ease. After the second drink her seductive charm went to work. She moved slightly closer to him. He started to open up. All the while his eyes constantly returned to the cleavage. During the conversation her hands innocently and naively brushed his thighs. Soon Philip was left out of the conversation.

A couple of drinks more and it was time for dinner. They decided to take a taxi to a Vietnamese restaurant. Philip got into the front seat leaving his wife with James in the back. They were getting on really well with each other.

When they arrived, Raquel briefly held James’s hand as they were entering the place. It seemed like an accident or the drinks were to blame. It was a simple establishment, they ordered some noodles and beer. Raquel made sure that she was sitting close to her new acquaintance.

When they finished, Raquel suggested a walk in the park nearby because she wanted some fresh air as she was feeling a bit light headed. It was all going exactly as planned.

The park was popular with young lovers seeking a bit of privacy. They started walking towards a raised platform which gave a good view of the rest of the place. It was a beautiful evening. Philip slowed down slightly so that there was a bit of a distance between them. Raquel held James’s hand.

“But your husband” Philip said.

“He won’t mind, trust me” she replied.

They arrived at the top. Philip maintained his distance. The other two stood there enjoying the view. After a few moments of silence Raquel pulled James closer to kiss him. That was just what he needed to release his passion. He could not control himself any longer.

He was groping her everywhere. He held her very tightly and Philip could see his hands holding her ass. Soon he raised the dress to hold the bare flesh. Her rear now visible to her husband. He slid to the front to feel the shaved part. His fingers probed in.

Raquel unzipped his trousers to release the hardened rod. She started stroking it gently.

She turned and said, “Would you hold my handbag for a second, please?”

Philip went over and grabbed it in one hand, took a couple of steps back to continue watching. She went down to lick James’s dick. Her tongue started with the tip. She moved further down the entire length. Her tongue started going up and down the long shaft.

Section 2

This was not part of the deal. Philip thought the rules were clear. He wanted to ask her to stop but he could not for some reason. Soon, the red lips were sucking the head. She got back up to kiss him. His hands cupped her ass, squeezing it. Next the hands went under the dress, one on her rear and the other exploring the moist part. Philip was mesmerized.

She went back to the eager phallus. It was harder than ever. James moved his trousers and underwear whereby his ball were released. She started licking them continuing up to the tip. Up and down several times. The whole area got the attention it was craving for. Then she took the entire length in her mouth, going in out. This rhythm continues for a while.

It did not take him long to explode. She was going to suck out the last drop. He was engulfed in pleasure. Philip stood there wondering if she would swallow. She did!

When he had finished, Philip grabbed her hand and said “Time to go.”

They turned round and started walking out of the park, handbag in one hand and her hand in the other. When they reached a quiet corner he took out a wet tissue from her bag to wipe the semen which had dribbled onto her chin. He kissed her cheek and they continued on the way. Not a word was spoken. They were both so aroused that they could not wait to get back home.

When they arrived, Raquel went straight into the bedroom. Philip went to get two goblets of brandy. His heart was pounding, his whole body felt like his aroused prick had completely overwhelmed it. He wanted this to last as long as possible even though his dick was dying to be released and indulge in the wetness that was eagerly waiting.

He was shaking with anticipation when he entered the bedroom. She was lying in bed covered in a blanket, the dress and panties on the floor. He handed her the glass and they both took a sip. He quickly got undressed and starting kissing her. Her breath smelt of a combination of the fish sauce served with the noodles, semen and brandy. He continued kissing even more passionately.

He picked up the panties to get a whiff. He was in a frenzy now.

When the blanket was cast aside and he saw her completely naked he was going out of his mind. He wanted to kiss and lick every inch of her luscious body. She looked more attractive than ever before.

He had a bit of a arm pit fetish. He stated kissing, one than the other. After that his tongue went to work. It was only slightly sweaty, smooth and hairless. He continued licking for a while. She loved it because she thought it was a mild form of submission and it showed a desire to please her in any way whatsoever.

He went to the breasts, fondling, licking the nipples.

Then he headed further down. Got a pillow and put it under her backside. He pushed her legs apart and was rewarded with the sight of the glisteningly wet shaved area. He positioned himself nicely because he wanted to take his time.

He parted the pussy lips with both hands and started with his pointed tongue. Each lick was rewarded with more juices. He wanted this to last all night. He loved this position. It gave him a lot of joy to pleasure her in this way. He continued like this for over half an hour. Then he started sucking her clit and she was screaming.

“I want one more, I want one more.”

He continued sucking a bit harder this time. She was tensing up again. He could tell her second wave was coming which was usually more intense than the first. more juices started flowing.

He could not control it any longer. He pushed his extremely hard cock in and Raquel was in ecstasy. He started thrusting hard. The vaginal muscles started tightening and he stopped to enjoy a brief moment of intense pleasure. He continued and they came together. It was quite possible the people in the flat on the upper floor could have heard her screaming.

He held her in his arms. She seemed happy.

Suddenly she said, “Next Friday, I am going to invite him over and you will be sleeping in the guest room.”

“If you ask me nicely, I will turn on the webcam for you to watch.”

Hearing that his cock was starting to get hard again.

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