No Means No! 4/5 (23)

Colin was fascinated by the cuckolding scene, I know that he was. I mean he was always wide eyed about some of the more forward behaviours of the men where I work. I’m involved with the construction industry and I visit building sites to make progress reports.

I wear tight jeans and boots to scramble around in such places. The men, very casual and masculine men, give me a lot of eye. I asked Colin what he’d do if one of the men made a pass at me? Would he let me go out on dates with the guy, to see what developed? He insisted that he would! He would rather like it if I was rather wild! That made me feel sexy, it really did, but of course I didn’t really know what Colin would put up with. He might have been all talk.

In fact I got picked up by a man not from the building sites but from a restaurant that I and Kerry my sister visited. Wesley was a student who waited table to make some living expenses money. Wesley was completing a business masters degree and in his final year. When he finished his father was going to set him up in trade, running his own wholesale food business.

Daddy was rich, but he thought it important that Wesley make his own way through college. My experience of black guys was that they were usually a bit wide, a bit street savvy and angry about life in general. Wesley though was different, he was going to be privileged, he was sophisticated, really charming and I melted. He asked for my phone number very casually and Kerry smiled.

She had always said that black guys didn’t respect white marriages and here was a man proving just that! He could see my wedding ring but he persisted and I gave it the number to him. ‘Right decision’ cooed Kerry. I think that she was smitten too.

Wesley took me out the following weekend. Colin was away on a course so that it was easy. After dancing at a club we returned to my house and Wesley fucked me on the marriage bed. I did try to steer him to a guest bedroom but he was having none of that! I remember clinging to the sheets, my fingers knotting the cotton, feeling Wesley’s bare and very handsome prick sliding in and out of me whilst I clung on as best I could.

I remember the phone rang, whilst I was climaxing on. my date and then the recording machine kicked it. It was Colin! He’d drink quite a bit of beer but he was feeling frisky. He hoped that I gone out cock teasing! I thought, Christ, Wesley would think that so weird, but he didn’t. He kept pumping into me and I kissed him fervently as his cock started to squirt semen inside. ‘You a bitch to that fucker?’ Wesley gasped and I groaned yes. I was a bitch to him, well I would be a bitch to him…you know!

The next night Wesley took me out for a meal. He drove daddy’s sleek black Jaguar saloon. I’d shared a picture of me in a bikini onto Wesley’s phone and apparently daddy had seen it and approved! Daddy paid for the meal and said that when Wesley dated me he was to use this car. Wesley was charming and the meal wonderful! He said though, his brows knitted, his hazel eyes intent, that Colin wasn’t allowed any ‘sloppy seconds’.

For a moment I didn’t know what he meant so he said firmly, ‘he licks you, he doesn’t fuck you from now on.’ That made me feel horny, it really did! So I said OK, I would tell Colin that. I remember wondering how! did you do that!? Wesley guessed though. There were men who worked for daddy, not nice men who could enforce that if there was any trouble.

For all why bravado I knew nothing of the etiquette of this living, but when Colin got home on the Tuesday evening, I did it. I told him that I was seeing someone. You should have seen Colin’s eyes, they lit up like beacons. Goodness, that turned him on. Of course he wanted to know everything and I demurred. I gave away so little. The guy was black, intelligent and he had friends who were handy with their fists.

I think the news that I was seeing a black guy terrified Colin, but he did his best to cover the fear. He asked if we could go up to bed and I said OK. Colin virtually ran the stairs, honest!! In the bedroom he stopped and sniffed the air. ‘He been here?’ he asked suspiciously. ‘Yes’ I said firmly, ‘don’t be stupid, you’ll get hurt’. Colin’s hands were trembling when he undid my blouse and released my leather mini skirt. He fumbled with my bra and saw my breasts bob free. I was really aroused so my nipples stood proud.

Colin kissed me passionately, his mouth open and hard against mine. Of course he imagined Wesley kissing me, he imagined Wesley’s hands all over my tits and down between my legs. He ran his fingers down. to my sex and felt exactly what Wesley had done with me the previous night. I was sticky, gloopy, lathered by my lover and hadn’t wanted to shower.

‘He handle you well?’ Colin asked. It was a coarse way too put things. I nodded and was equally coarse, ‘better than you’ I observed. Colin blushed. He started a series of questions, urgent, anxious. ‘He bigger than me?’ I guessed that he meant the man’s cock, but I wasn’t playing ball. ‘Taller than you, stronger’ I said simply. ‘You climax on him?’ It was such a dirty, a mean question given what he had intimated, what he had fantasied in the past. ‘Yes, ‘ I whispered, ‘of course.’

Colin wanted to fuck me, he needed to fuck me. It was as if he needed to reclaim me somehow but putting his dick inside me too. But that’s stupid. You can’t erase a memory or a realisation, about going with a bigger, a better man. I watched Colin undress, his cock sticking out like a stick of celery. He was really excited, muttering what `a hot bitch I looked. I taunted him, showing me the thick rich white residue inside my sex. It taunted him, a plug of pleasure between the soft fleshy lips of my sex.

‘You’re to lick my cunt’ I said, watching him kneel up on the bed between my feet.

‘Yeah! Sure!’ chirped my husband.


  • UnHappy Hubby

    Reply Reply January 30, 2019

    Very well written story. Imaginative and evocative. If it is true, you have a deliciously cruel streak that Wesley released in you, like in other situations a man releases a woman’s inner slut. It cannot be put back once it comes out to play. Of course it is not fair to do that to your husband, but love, sex, and marriage are not fair. The content was well written, but the points were reduced for the corrections (minor) that need to be made. Stories lose flow when you have to correct the writing in your mind.

    • Kristen

      Reply Reply February 1, 2019

      Thanks Unhappy Hubby for the thoughtful points. I don’t suppose many couples rehearse in advance the nuances of what will or won’t be allowed after cuckolding starts. Colin certainly imagined that he would be allowed to fuck too. But for women, at least for me, its mentally too confusing to fuck with both men. I wanted a hierarchy and Colin had to learn that was expressed through fucking rights. I would say one thing, that having your cunt licked is very special. If you have fucked with your man, a husband who takes time to lick up the residue and tease your clitty, thinking about it is wondrous. I make Colin take his time, he has to be devoted to licking me out. He tells me that my lover’s spunk tastes bitter, salty, glutinous. Well, too bad. I didn’t ever suppose that it would taste good.

  • Avid Reader

    Reply Reply January 31, 2019

    Incredible story. Is there a follow-up..?

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