Nikki's Intro To Being a Cuckold Wife


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Section 1

This is a true recap that only took place recently. Obviously it is not verbatim but as close as one can expect from an “as told” narrative.

The wife, Nikki and I are in our late 20’s and have a great sex life.

Nikki, is a very small framed and petite woman that maxes out just shy of 5’ at best. A sim and trim 105#, and a perfect well tanned figure, prominent smaller but exceptionally firm breast with no sag whatsoever and slightly oversized rose pink, highly sensitive nipples that are overly sensitive and always hard and live wired directly to her pussy..

She can actually orgasm from having her nipples sucked alone!

And the pussy slit itself appearing tiny for her size. She loved to wear tighter clothes that highlighted a magnificent highly visual, protruding “Camel Toe”.

She loved knowing that men (and some women) scoped it out. The men wanting to see it “up close and personal” and the women wishing they has been so endowed! And she loved it all!

This nice “puffy” Camel toe cunt sports a full, thick bush of dark jet black hair on the upper area with the cunt itself, shaved daily to a perfect babies butt smooth highlighting her bare Camel Toe cunt and no “extra” vulva part exposed..

Imagine a very large and puffy marsh mellow with only a slightly visible line on it..

Most women detest the word “CUNT” but it’s Nikki’s favorite way of describing herself and that wonderful thing between her legs!

As said, a virgin when first married, nervous and reserved about sex but quickly discovered that she LOVED sex!

During fourplay I’d often whisper in her ear how much fun it would be to have a threesome or bring another man into our sexual enjoyment and it always made her so hot and wet.

And when I’d spread her wide and slowly slide my cock inside telling her to imagine it was some strangers cock and how big the head of his cock was just barely inside her was and as it got deeper in her wet cunt to actually visualize a large object, the big head of a cock, getting deeper and deeper in her and how she could feel it going in her and how good it felt.

And not just having a strange cock in her but also the eroticism of having another man wanting her and just having sex for the pure pleasure and enjoyment of the sex act itself.

Initially having a cock in her mouth was a no starter; however, without me asking for it she kept trying and slowly it got easier and not so objectionable.

But the thought of giving a blow job to completion was definitely a no-no..

Like other things, she kept at it and one night announced that she really wanted to experience giving me a blow job to completion.

Always wanting to give her what she wished I just laid back and enjoyed! LOL!!!

Surprisingly, she said that she really enjoyed it, especially feeling my cock throb and knowing the cum would quickly follow and the feeling and taste of it in her mouth when it did!

This stage was quickly followed by her working on her gag reflexes to be able to deep throat without the gag. As for me, I’m just your average guy, 5’ 8", 175# 6.5". I don’t know why but even when dating, I must have been a cuckold then as I liked the thought of my buddies fucking my girlfriends.

When we married, Nikki was a true virgin. The most sexual thing she had done was let a guy feel her up and had NEVER even seen a cock up close and personal much less hold one.

So she really had nothing to compare mine with but she was highly sexual and curious and loved to fuck and often asked me about other men and their “packages”.

Whispering in her ear telling her to imagine the strangers hard cock just resting in her hot juicy cunt and he starts withdrawing it slowly before giving all of it back into her and continue to slowly fuck her and then fucking her harder and faster till she cum’s and then feels his cock throb and knows he’s cum deep inside her cunt…

Sometimes the stories changed but doing this always made her organisms loud and explosive! Nikki was very vocal when fucking, especially when she got hers and often came so hard she’d almost pass out from them!

Section 2

I do this for her, OK, me, us, on a fairly regularly and I’m turned on by the thought of another man playing with and especially actually fucking her.

Occasionally, after we’d fuck with one of my fantasies whispered in her ear, she’d ask me if I’d be jealous if another man fucked her and I always assured her that I was always turned on when I saw other men looking and lusting after her it was a turn on for me imagining it actually happening.

The more I whispered my fantasy’s of another man feeling and playing with her..and the idea of her doing with another mans cock the things she enjoys doing with mine it seems she got more and more comfortable and curious of being with another man..

Our first experience came on a long weekend and we had accepted a party invitation when Rick, a close friend from a nearby town who frequently spent weekends with us showed up so I called the person having the party who said he was more than welcome to attend with us.

The party was at a larger house and even so was fairly crowded with guest and the wife and I made the rounds and mingled.

Not seeing her for awhile I went looking for her unsuccessfully until on the pool/patio area think I think I see her in the garden area so I quietly get closer and can hear her sounds of “enjoyment”

In the light of a nearly full moon can see that she’s with Rick and her back back is against him and she’s facing me so I can plainly see he has one hand down her pants and the other is massaging her breast.

Watching for a good length of time, I quietly leave them to enjoy themselves finding a bathroom to relieve myself.. I must admit, my cock had never been harder!

A little later both of them are back at the party and I suggest we leave and on the way home asked them if they enjoyed the party.. in unison they both gave a hearty said YES!

Back at home I made us a drink and we relaxed in the living room and Nikki advised she wanted a warm shower and went upstairs.

Returning in an almost see through nightie and sheer matching color thigh-high’s but even though it was fairly opaque it was obvious that she didn’t have any panties on with a shadowy area where her cunt hair was.

Her smallish but firm tit’s and nipples moved under the sheer fabric and her hard nipples were “inviting” and from his stares it obvious that Rick was interested!

He was setting on the sofa opposite me and when she returned with drinks, her butt toward him she seemed to lean way far over to set the drinks down and I’m sure that the length of the nightie rode up far enough to give him an eye full from the back and the look on his face reflected his appreciation!

shortly later saying that it was late and she was heading to bed. As soon as she was gone he said he hoped I wouldn’t be offended but he surely like someday to FUCK a woman like her and in fact was having fantasies of Nikki herself.

Guessing the drinks loosened up the conversation for both of us and were actually talking about Nikki herself and I’m telling him how tight her cunt is and what a great fuck she is and how much she loves a cock in her while all the time I’m getting a “firmie” thinking about him feeling her cunt just within an hour or so ago.

Now to describe Rick, he’s over 6 foot and quite handsome and from our school days in the locker room knew he was, shall we say, “well hung”!

If anything, “well hung” would be an understatement!

Thinking back, Rick and I had “shared” a girl or two during our school days and the girls seemed to “appreciate” what he was “providing”.. and with that, we headed off to bed ourselves.

As I slide in bed next to her warm nude body and as bad as I wanted to fuck her myself but even before I could make my move she grabbed my hardon and stuck her tongue down my throat.

Her hand grabbing mine and placing it between her legs as she whispered in my ear saying would I like really like another man to fuck her?

She says, tonight I also have a fantasy of another man fucking me!

She says that maybe she should start by telling me that at the party that she and Rick went outside and he started kissing and feeling her tit’s and cunt and telling me how much he wanted to fuck me.

Did it feel good I ask? Amazing she says!

Did you feel his cock and is it big one? She replies that she only felt it through his pants.

Section 3

So do you want to feel his cock “up close and personal? Oh god YES she says.

Do you want to fuck him, or better yet, have him fuck YOU and have him cum in you? Again, Oh god yes!

The next thing I know she’s whispers think about me showing him my cunt.. think about me letting him feel it.. or even really fucking me hard and for the next few minutes we both played with each other with gusto.

I lay her back fingering her wet cunt and sucking a hard nipples.

She’s turned the tables on me saying for me to visualize her completely necked in bed with Rick kissing and holding and stroking Rick’s cock feeling how hard it was.

Him feeling her tits, sucking her nipples and feeling her hard clit and his fingers deep in her slippery fuck hole..

Him spreading her legs wide going down on her and tasting her!

All I can manage is a low moan as I’m really visualizing it.

She adds that what she wants is to spread herself wide, him putting a pillow under her butt and him kneeling between her legs and her cunt inviting his hard cock inside her hot wet fuck hole.

Then feeling the head of his cock against her her cunt and she reaches down holding his hard cock rubbing the head between her wet, slick cunt lips guiding it to her hole.

Feeling its head just inside the hole and with her being so wet and ready, and with her butt propped up, with one good push feeling his whole cock slide all the way in and feeling him bottom out in her cunt.

She says to imagine his whole cock deep inside her wet cunt and him starting to fuck her cunt slowly at first, getting faster and harder and it feeling so good in her cunt and making her cum several times before he stops his thrust and she feels his cock throbbing and feels his hot cum filling her cunt.

Him resting there with his cock inside her and he’s pumped so much cum inside her as he slips out she can feel his hot sticky cum slowly leak out running between her butt cheeks and her ass hole.

Would you really like that I ask Huumm, YES she offers.

Well he’s right in the next bedroom I say and she replies “would you like that she ask? Are you OK with that she ask.

Only if you put a blister on his dick I advise…

She gets out of the bed and goes into the bathroom to wipe her cunt I suspect and puts her nightie back on, gives me a good hard kiss as she pats my still hard cock and exits our bedroom.

I lay there for a few minutes before my curiosity, OK, my cuckold gene got the best of me and I quietly went to their room finding the door ajar and could hear a little of what they were saying.

With the door ajar maybe six inches the near full moon streamed in ample light for a good view of everything.

Watching them kissing and her breast exposed, him sucking her nipples and massaging her tit’s and his hand massaging her cunt and her slowly stroking his hardon

Her slipping off her nightie I see his hand hand finding her bare cunt.

Fearing they get suspicious that I may be spying on them and wanting to ensure they enjoyed without any distractions I go back to my bed enjoying the cuckold thoughts and visions of her laying there beside him and them feeling and fucking my wife while I slowly stroked my hardon imaging Rick and Nikki necked, in bed together alone and enjoying each other.

The thoughts of her small body under his tall and fairly muscular body looming over her and envisioning that larger than average cock of his in her was nearly overwhelming..

Relishing every moment in my cuckold said, I’d shared other girls with him, but this time it was Nikki, MY WIFE!

And my cuckold thoughts of another man enjoying her cunt or her letting another man put his hard cock in her cunt, or better yet, the taboo of actually knowing and letting my wife fuck another man, him cuming in her and enjoying it!

Soon I can hear her muffled moans of ecstasy knowing “something” was feeling good and I can hear the headboard gently hitting the wall and wondering which one of them was causing it? Him on the downstroke or her bucking on his cock? OR both just having a good FUCK!

Section 4

Soon the headboard noise stops and I know he’s cum deep in her cunt! But wait, a short period of rest and their back to it with abandon, her moans were no longer moans but clear vocalizations of extreme pleasure and the headboard loudly keeping up with their rhythms.

In about a half hour or so she returns to our bathroom and then our bed where I’m anxiously waiting.. in truth I imagined them to be “busy” for an hour or two, but I guess in truth Nikki and I generally spend about the same time.

In bed she cuddles up and I ask if every went well..

Perfect she answers, did you enjoy your first strange cock I ask?

Ummmn she now I have my hand between her legs and feel a little wetness in her bush and then some sticky cum she missed in her quick clean-up.

My fingers go into her cunt and she offers “with as much as he put in me I’m sure you’ll find something in there she says as she spreads for me..

As a cuckold I’d often thought of feeling and playing with her freshly fucked cunt..and yes, even going down on it!

So, OK here’s my chance..I draw my fingers from her cunt and taste them before getting my face tight to her cunt..

Smells musky but nice..I lick between the lips and then get my tongue in her fuck hole as deep as I can all the time thinking of his cock just in there..and his cum! Magnificent!

She’s pushing my face HARD into her and grinding her cunt into my face! HARD.

I get beside her and she tells me about it..first, how big he was and wondering initially if she could take all of it and at first it did hurt but he kept at it slowly and gently.

A little at a time until it was all in me and as he fucked it hurt a little but a good hurt along with all the good feelings!

I never thought that you’d want to feel my cunt after being fucked, much less licking it she says..but if we do it again I’ll make sure to keep it fresh if that’s the way you like it!


Being noonish when I got up & about Rick joining me he seemed to have a hard time looking me in the eye, his guilt trip for fucking his buddies wife I expect and after coffee went to take a shower, and maybe to put some distance between us.

I took a coffee to the wife and finding her awake asked her how her initiation was..GREAT she beamed, sorry we haven’t done that long ago she say’s.

Like more of that I ask? Ummm and a smirkish smile is her only reply, but it was a clear yes.

But are you still OK with it she ask..Wish we’d done it long ago also I replied.

Well there’s lot of stuff we can experiment with and see what rings our bell..Like maybe two guys for you, or maybe a BBC I offer, but that I have to explain to her!

I tell her that I could clearly hear the two of them, especially her, enjoying it.

So does he have a nice cock, thick and long to get in deep with a nice head for you to enjoy I prod as my cock is getting hard knowing she had just had her legs spread wide letting someone enjoy how good as fuck she was.

We showered together and I went downstairs and invited Rick to join me by the pool and shortly she joined us with three Bloody Mary’s.

Her looking “eatable” in a tiny bikini and the tight bottom highlighting her ample Camel Toe which immediately got his attention.

He tried to avoid staring, but to no avail and guessing he was getting aroused.. I was! And she was just parading around ensuring him good views…

I had to see him squirm so I said still wanting to fuck that?

He gives a nervous grin and I offered how good her tight little cunt was and how hot and wet it got!

Like he didn’t already know!…LOL!

Rick said he had to be leaving soon and I get her attention to follow me inside and asked if she’d like an instant replay..

Section 5

She bit her lip sexily and her grin sealed the deal.

I told her to give me a few minutes to adjust the cameras around the house to ensure optimum views and went back to the pool with them.

My phone rings and I have a “ghost” conversation with Nikki and I telling them I had an issue with alarms at the office and the police needed me to check it out.

I tell them I’ll be back as quickly as possible and will call when leaving there. I go to a nearby hotel lounge and choose a seclude private booth and order a beer.

Powering up my laptop I see them in the pool, his shirt off and her top off and him feeling and sucking her nipples…her obviously enjoying it.

Their pool time ended shortly and they got out of the pool and stripped there.. his manhood standing tall and he’s as “well endowed” as I remembered…a nice thick girth for a snug fit, length to get in deep and and a surprisingly extra large head!

Both nude they make out, feeling each other up and she grabs his hard-on and leads him to the bedroom..

I follow via the cameras and see them naked on the bed both free to do whatever they wanted with no chance of being interrupted.

I watch him finger her cunt and clit, him going down on her and best of all her sucking his big cock and then her spreading wide and her holding his cock guiding it between her swollen lips.

Arching her back as he slowly buried his long thick cock in her wet’s obvious it feels good to her as she wraps her legs around him.

He’s fucking her hard and I’m amazed he can fuck her so long and not cum.. she cums several times and he only slows his pace slightly before resuming hard and fast.

He rolls off of her and she takes his half-hard cock in her mouth again and when ready, she mounts him for a rematch and gives as good as she got!

I call and say that I’m on my way home and see him hurriedly dress and leave..

Arriving home with minutes of his leaving quickly strip and join her on the bed she just got fucked on last night and again today..

She ask if I enjoyed the video and I only grinned with my cock at the ready..

I see all the old and still wet spots on the bed and grinning she spreads her legs and ask “want this” and see her cunt full and ready to clean!

And it only gets better

And with her introduction to sex with other men her curiosity deepened about other men and different “opportunities” as well.

During the next few weeks it seemed our sex was endless. Had I awakened the slut in her? Great!

We scanned the different personal ad websites and found a plethora of ad’s by men and contacted a few; however, very disappointing results as most responded with little or NO info on themselves.

OK, a different route would be needed so we thought of booking a Saturday night stay at a close upscale hotel which we often had dinners at and the unaccompanied men ALWAYS took notice of the wife so we thought the hell, why not book our own room and for her to dress really sexy, set at the bar in the lounge and just see what happens.

OK, so come Saturday evening we check in and around 9 PM and I go to the lounge and take a seat so I can watch the action and shortly she enters the lounge looking sexier than ever in a really tight fitting short, short skirt… dressed to the T’s and has a seat at the bar.

There are six or seven men already there and she takes a seat and it’s obvious they all have noticed her and it isn’t long before someone buys her a drink. She smiles at him and moves down the bar to set to him thanking him for the drink and some small talk..truly he has an interest!

He’s “older”, 60’ish, fairly handsome and obviously very fit silver haired gentleman, expensively dressed.

Section 6

He orders another drink and they move to a booth directly behind me and I can overhear some of their “small talk”. Her cover story is that she’s here as an assistant to her boss.

Now she’s not much of a drinker and well into her second tall glass of wine and can tell she’s feeling it as she tells him of her husband (whose older) doesn’t pay as much attention to her as he once did and she get’s extremely horny at times with no outlet and the only reason her boss brought her on this trip was that he wanted to fuck her!

OK, she’s set the hook..she needs a good fuck! Another glass of wine and she’s getting “giddy”, I hear him suggest they go to his room for a nightcap before they call it a night..

Soon they’re leaving the lounge and she gives me a wink as they pass me.. My cock is hard already! Another drink or two for myself and I head to our room to await her return and a rundown on her encounter.

I figured that this 60’ish guy might be up for a quickie, and even with some small talk and “seducing” her, he might be good for a hour with her at best!

Well over two hours later I hear her come in and ask her why so long? I figured this guy for a quickie at best for his age!

Not so she says, getting to his room he immediately dimmed the lights and put on some soft music and telling me a husband should NEVER neglect a woman like me and clearly understood why the boss wanted to fuck me!

He offered that he had been a widower for a number of years and hadn’t felt the warmth of a woman for a number of years and how he was truly turned on by the thought of being with me.

And as she set on the sofa in his room in her tight skirt setting so he had a full view of the crotch of her panties and was taking taking full advantage of’ the view..

He didn’t waste anytime in letting me know he wanted me and he put his best moves on me, the kissing, touching and proceed to undress me down to my bra, panties and hose…

He has a very obvious erection and I rubbed it through his pants and then unzipped his pants and reached in and found a nice size cock and pulled it out to better size it up..

Helped him undress and he led me to the bed and lays me back and begins playing and removes her bra and attacks the nipples while feeling the wet spot in her panties before removing them and had a wonderful time looking and feeling it.. She spread for him and he’s taking his time just looking at her cunt and he’s shaking like a leaf from anticipation and excitement…

she holds his cock and slowly stokes it for him and he grabs her hand stopping me saying he doesn’t want to finish to early!

Letting him just touch, feel and play for a while.. but what he liked best was just looking at the cunt slit.

I asked if he liked what he say it was obviously he did saying that in his days women didn’t shave there so a good encumbered view of it was a lifetime adventure for him come true!

But she wants to give him more and with her legs spread opens her cunt so he can see where a cock goes and why a cock enjoys it so much.. she feels and plays with her cunt letting him watch and can clearly see he’s enjoying the view Asking him if he’s knows what a clit is and if he’s ever seen one.. Yes he knows what it is, has seen one on internet porn but not in “real life”.

She fully exposes her clit and ask “like it”? Well obviously any man would!

She’s enjoying this older gent from another era which hasn’t had a full and unbridled sex life so she ask..has he ever licked a he advises.

Had he ever been sucked off..again, no, offering that his wife had been VERY prudish and was a put it in, get his and get off and that was very infrequent..

Her legs spread before him, ask if he’d like to kiss it.. obviously yes as he quickly obliged and obviously enjoying it!

And then I guess, feeling sorry for him, she has him in his back and gets on top with her ass facing him so he can see her cunt as she gives him his first blowjob but she didn’t want to get him off to soon.

She positions herself on her back and him between her legs allowing him to nurse her hard nipples telling him how good it felt and she could cum with him doing that alone as she squeezes her tits..

But she says she wanted to give him something he’d never had..A good FUCK and as he’s over her kneeling between her legs she whispered “nasties” in his ear about fucking and telling him what to do to her and what she was going to do for him!

Section 7

Eventually she ask him if he’s ready ready to feel how good his cock would feel in her hot wet cunt and as she’s holding it rubbing it between her cunt lips guides the head of it to the hole and telling him to fuck her!

She states, him trembling like a 16 year old kid getting his first he slips into her and INSTANTLY cum’s!

He’s embarrassed and apologies profusely and she’s telling him it’s ok and she understands.

She allows him to lay there with his cock getting soft inside her for a period of time before telling him to roll over and she ask him if he’d like to try again?

Do you think I can he replies as she fondles the soft sticky cock she’s holding as she skins back it’s foreskin watching it’s head emerge, kisses it and puts her mouth over it tasting and cleaning his now half dry cum from behind it’s head.

She reverses her position where he can view her cunt from the back and she can again fondle, play with, stroke and suck him while he probes her cunt with his fingers.

She turns back around and places her now wet cunt square on his mouth to enjoy all the while talking “dirty” to suck her clit him, eat that cunt, get that tongue deep in there, does it taste good and want to put your cock in it, fuck it and cum in it for me.. and how good it’s feeling to her..

His cock has become rigid again and she places her cunt over it letting it touch her now wet cunt still talking to him how hot her cunt’s going to feel to his cock and telling him to watch it disappear up into her cunt as she slowly lowers herself down on it..and telling him how good it feels as it gets deeper and deeper in her.

His cock in her she first remains still, then squeezing her cut tightly and then slowly raising and lowering herself telling him how good it was feeling in her and for him to watch his cock sliding in and out of her.

Again, he doesn’t last long!

She excuses herself retrieving her cell phone and goes into the bathroom to call me and give me an update on her “date” so far and tells me she will be awhile as she wants to make sure he makes up for the many “dry” years .. I tell her to “have fun”.

She goes back to him and invites him to have a hot soapy shower and clean each other up before they take a long rest period before she resumes her “education” to him.

Even after a prolonged rest he tells her that he doesn’t think he’s good for another so she decided she decides she’s going to just give him a “show” and with that starts feeling her her cunt and pinching her nipples and getting more and more aroused as her already plump Camel Toe swelling even more as he watches closely, her fingers going in and out of her wet cunt.

She’s moaning from the pleasant feelings in her cunt and gets off loudly.. with the look on his face she ask if he’s ever seen a woman cum before and he states NO, she was the first! And it was FANTASTIC!

They exchange pleasantries and she leaves. Returning to our room she offers a light kiss and ask to just “cuddle” and quickly drifts off to sleep.

Tomorrow will start with breakfast in bed, a recap and then (hopefully) some good sex!

Lets see where all this is leading us on our magnificent erotic journey…

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