New Year’s, Risk and Reward  5/5 (49)

Somehow I believe when a sexual fantasy is overly planned it takes much of the thrill and excitement out of it, at least I believe that now. The experience my wife and I had last New Year’s Eve was anything but planned and the thrill of being only feet away, watching other men have her completely, was more excitement than most humans can handle… When utterly unplanned.

Last December, while visiting a friend of my wife’s, we found ourselves being invited to a New Year’s Eve party at one of the finest hotels in Florida. Kristen and I have never been into the large party scene, usually preferring a small gathering of friends on such an occasion. Not that we don’t know how to party, or like to party, we just felt that a crowd of one thousand was no longer a party it was a “Look at me” convention.

After a great deal of begging from my wife’s friend, Kristen finally told her that we would go. Her friend was very relieved in that she felt obliged to go and would know almost no one there. She couldn’t stop thanking us.

Days later my wife Kristen began making plans for the big night. Still two weeks away, she began going to the tanning bed, which is something she hadn’t done in years because of how bad it is for the skin, but explained that it was the first big party we had ever been to and she wasn’t going without a tan.

It didn’t end there though, she began shopping for the perfect shoes, got online and ordered a new outfit, and later had her finger and toenails professionally manicured. I have to say she became more and more stunning with every day.

Even before prepping and dolling herself up for this party she was hot in anyone’s book. At thirty-two, she can always turn more heads than most twenty-one year old women, even on a bad day. She was consistently being taken for a woman in her mid-twenties.

I think what most men always noticed first were her perfect legs and ass. When I say perfect, I mean when she wore shorts or a bikini they looked airbrushed and flawlessly shaped. Since the day I met her, twelve years ago, she has always been a petite 5’2″, 107 lb brunette with lovely green eyes and a smile that lights up a room. I’m thankful every day that she takes so much pride in her appearance, and that she’s mine at all.

At around 6:00 P.M. the evening of the thirty-first, we both began getting ready for the big night. It goes without saying men get ready light years before women. True to form, I was ready two hours before she was, but stayed in the room working on the computer, chit-chatting with her as she put on her makeup and such. I’m not sure how many men enjoy watching their wives get dressed, but I always loved watching Kristen get dressed or undressed.

I especially loved what she was wearing this particular evening. She began with putting on her top which was a long sleeve, thin, tight, black sweater that was actually what she call’s a “one piece”, being that it was not only a sweater, it was her underwear that snapped at the crotch. She loved wearing that type of top saying that it felt so comfortable, but she also knew that it drove me nuts when she walked around the house with nothing but that on.

She then pulled up a zipped-from-the-side, reserved, yet very sexy plaid skirt that came three quarters of the way up her thighs. It very much accentuated her beautiful rear end.

Finally, she sat on the side of the bed making a silly face at me as if to suggest that the skirt was cutting into her as she put on her shoes.

Now most men probably don’t think feet can be all that sexy, but then they haven’t seen Kristen’s. I couldn’t take my eyes off her feet and legs as she put on these very hot four inch heels with a one half inch strap above the ankles and another just above her toes.

When she stood up and began turning and looking into the mirror with her hands on her hips, I was floored with how hot she looked. She was so gorgeously tanned and her outfit complimented her body perfectly. After asking me a thousand times for reassurance if she looked okay, and my replying over and over that she looked amazing, we hopped in the car and off we went.

After the valet took my keys upon arriving, we began walking toward the door when, within seconds, her friend yelled out, “Kristen.” After scanning the ocean of people at the entrance, we spotted her waving her hand wildly. I kept walking, but Kristen and her buddy began doing the woman prance toward one another and hugged as if they hadn’t seen each other in years.

Being the eternal optimist I figured I could still have a good time and perhaps even recoup most of the $80 we spent per ticket at the free bar, which I began working on immediately. After only thirty minutes or so, and a couple of drinks later, Kristen and her friend got the itch to dance, but I wasn’t ready to wade into the ocean of people on the dance floor. I must admit it was large enough for three hundred people, but it looked like seven hundred already had the idea to dance before Kristen.

They tugged on me for a minute or so when they finally said, “Fine, I guess we women will have to improvise and dance by ourselves.”

I grinned and replied, “Yes, yes, you two go ahead, I would just get in the way. Let me have some more fun juice and I’ll get out there.”

Kristen just smiled and playfully wrinkled her nose sticking out her tongue, and off they went. As I turned to the bar and ordered another vodka tonic, I glanced back and did a double take as I marveled at how incredibly sexy she looked walking away from me toward the dance floor. She couldn’t help but shake her cute rear-end. It was just that natural sexy way she walked.

They stayed out there for two songs and halfway through the second song I began to notice two black guys working their way toward Kristen and Jill; you know the type of guys, the ones who went to the dance floor alone hoping to walk off of it with a hook up.

Kristen and her friend Jill just ignored them as they danced facing each other, when the two guys began to split off, with one behind Kristen and the other behind her buddy. Toward the end of the song, the one behind Kristen leaned over and said something to her. She just smiled, rolled her eyes, and turned back toward her friend. As the song ended, he once again leaned over saying something to her and she again smiled saying something and nodding her head in a yes manner.

As she walked back toward me, I gave a funny face raising my eyebrows and asked as she walked up, “Do we have an admirer?”

She chuckled replying, “Oh, it would seem so wouldn’t it?”

I laughed and said, “Let me guess. Damn you look good baby. Are you here with anyone?”

Her eyes got big in a silly way as she replied, “Oh you’re good. You must have a miracle ear sir. But seriously, that is almost exactly what was said. He was very polite though, I didn’t have to put my rude on.”

We stood there for a while longer having another drink and a shot, and I could tell Kristen was beginning to feel a decent buzz. She rarely drinks at all, but it’s very obvious when she does. She begins to yammer away and gets fidgety, not being able to stand still for three seconds straight. It’s very cute to watch.

As we continued to stand there, a blaring dance beat began playing as Kristen and her friend Jill instantly began doing a joking rendition of dirty dancing with each other. It only lasted for a few seconds, but it was smoking hot and I noticed several men smile and glue their eyes to it. I’ve learned not to be the jealous type over the years because if I were, I would be in the seventh circle of hell with how many men stare at my wife on a daily basis.

After their little tease, and spiking perhaps a dozen men’s testosterone levels, Kristen walked up to me and put her arms around my neck and gave me a very sweet kiss. Afterwards, she said in a cute mischievous way, “Let’s do another shot.”

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