Never Say Never…How I Became A Hotwife 4.7/5 (84)

As the expression goes: ‘never say never’. I would certainly have said ‘never’ if anyone had asked me a year ago if would ever become a hot wife for my own pleasure and willingly fuck men other than my husband to fulfil his voyeuristic fantasies.

In most ways we are just like any young married couple. I was twenty-six when we married and Alan was twenty-eight, so we had both had partners and relationships before we met. I had four long-term boyfriends since I lost my virginity at seventeen and three sex ‘flings’ including a really hot one night stand with a Dutch guy whose name I never asked! Alan had a few more conquests and I had known three of his former girlfriends – it was one who introduced us.

Like most couples we occasionally talked about our ex lovers and John always seemed fascinated to hear about mine. He especially liked me to tell him about my one-night stand and he said he was lucky to be married to a sex vixen as he called me. It did seem to turn him on and sometimes he wanted me to pretend he was a stranger. That always led to some hot and crazy sex.

Unlike Alan, who never seemed to mind my previous sexual activity, I was always a bit jealous of one of his ex-girlfriends, Monica, who I had known through work. She was the most stunning tall leggy blonde imaginable and she had done some modelling. She looked like every man’s fantasy, with awesome firm large tits, a tiny waste and a pert rounded bum that she could wiggle with a hip swinging sexy walk. Her face was cute and her mouth seemed to hold a permanent sexy pout with full lips always just open enough to suggest they would accept a cock at any moment.

I would quiz Alan about her and I was always surprised that he insisted she was lousy in bed despite looking so hot. One day I bumped into her at a local caf? and all my jealousy came rushing back. Compared to her I felt frumpy and plain, so that night in bed I couldn’t help myself asking Alan about her all over again. This time, I just kept asking more and more questions until Alan revealed a few details I had never heard before.

“Yes, I admit she has an amazing body”, he conceded, “But she would just lay there admiring herself in the mirror while we fucked – she barely reacted to me. She is such a narcissist; she only cares about how she looks. Sometimes, I really wondered if it mattered to her that I was doing it to her!”

“She had a mirror just to watch herself?” I asked.

“Her closets had full length mirror doors, there was another huge mirror which covered almost the whole of a wall and a mirror above the bed-head. She could watch herself from all angles”, explained Alan. “It was like having a porno movie going on all sides, except she wasn’t watching it for the sex, just to see how good she looked as the star of the show. She would adjust her hair or change position and even comment that she looked better at a certain angle”.

“Did you like watching yourself too – after all you can be pretty vain!” I teased.

“A bit. But not the way you think”, Alan hesitated and I could tell he was deciding how much to reveal, so I gently ran my fingers across his chest, trying to appear nonchalant.

“In what way then?” I asked eventually.

“I liked watching her being fucked. I was kind of being a voyeur”.

“How so?” I asked, not really understanding.

“Well it was a bit like watching a porno. I could imagine that I was watching any man fucking her – not necessarily me. That was the part I enjoyed. I could make up any fantasy I wanted about the scene in front of me. In the end, that became the only turn on. If there hadn’t been any mirrors, I would have grown bored of sex with Monica very quickly”, explained Alan.

Now I was intrigued. This was revealing more about Alan than I expected.

“So why did you break up with her?” I had never asked that question before.

“It was the other way round. She broke up with me. It was because of the mirrors and my fantasies. She didn’t like them”.

“Because it wasn’t about her?”

“No because it WAS about her. I told her that I liked to imagine I was watching other men fucking her. Then I asked her if she would do it for real while I watched and she ended the relationship after a big argument”.

“You wanted to watch her fuck other men?” I asked, completely shocked.


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      Hi there Jaime,

      I wouldn’t ever recommend using a story to get your wife to go into the hotwife lifestyle. There are plenty of other articles on the site here to help you take a more effective approach than simply hoping a story will get her to say, “Yea let’s do that!”

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