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Our son had just left for his first year of college at Florida State. His best friend since early childhood lives next door. Brad works for his father in his construction business and his body is fit and trim from the hard work that he does.

Brad is very mechanically inclined and has done work around our house for years. We’ve offered to pay him but he has always declined, instead insisting he owed it to us for all the meals he eats at our house.

This past weekend he helped me build a “booty rail” for our hot tub. We didn’t get started till late afternoon and didn’t get finished until just after dark. My wife, Jill kept us happy by bringing out ice cold drinks and snacks as we worked.

Jill has always been fond of Brad and has treated him like one of the family for years. I couldn’t help but notice that on this day, however, her treatment was much more friendly than usual.

Halfway through the project she came out with sandwiches wearing her shortest pair of shorts and a white swimsuit top under one of my button down shirts. She left the shirt open and it was quite easy to see her hard nipples through the almost sheer material each time she leaned over. We took a break and sat at the patio table where we enjoyed our snack and the wonderful view of Jill’s body.

At forty, Jill has maintained the body of a teenager with workouts four times a week. I am quite proud to be married to her. Her breasts are still high and firm and capped with dark nipples to match her dark hair.

Her nipples were captivating both myself and Brad as we watched her and munched our sandwiches. I found it amazing how many times she managed to turn just right or lean over to give us a glimpse of her charms.

When we finished she disappeared back into the house and we worked for another couple of hours before she came back out carrying a tray of freshly squeezed lemonade. This time she wasn’t wearing anything but her swimsuit. She handed us our drinks and said, “I’m not waiting any longer. I’m getting in now.”

I picked my drink up and started to go inside. “i’m going to add some vodka to mine.”

Jill smiled and replied, “Don’t bother. I already put some in it. Sorry Brad, yours is virgin.”

She set her drink on the edge of the tub and we both watched as she stepped into the water. Her butt looked so delicious in the tiny bit of material covering it. She submerged up to her neck briefly before standing up and reaching for her drink. My jaw dropped slightly when I realized that her almost sheer bikini when dry was now a completely sheer bikini when wet.

I had never seen that one before and was surprised she was wearing it around Brad. Her dark nipples showed through it plain as day and if you looked closely, you could even make out her pussy lips. If she wasn’t waxed you would have been able to see every pubic hair.

It was funny to watch Brad’s reaction. He didn’t know where to look. We continued to work while Jill relaxed and provided quite a show. By the time we finished she managed to climb in and out of the hot tub a half dozen times to use the bathroom and get more drinks.

She never bothered to dry off and came back out dripping wet to serve us. Finally Brad was getting used to it and I watched as he took in Jill’s scrumptious body.

We finally finished and I asked him if he wanted to join us in the hot tub. He said he would go home and take a shower and get his suit and be right back.

After he left I walked over to our outdoor shower and stripped down and washed the sawdust and grime from my body. I heard the wood half door slam and felt Jill behind me. She took the soap and let her hand wander between my legs and started to lather me up.

She teased me to rock hard before I let the water wash off the suds. I kissed her and asked her, “What are you up to?”

She let her fingertip graze the length of my cock as she turned and walked out with a grin. “Nothing.” I pulled my swim trunks off the top of the shower enclosure and put them on before joining her in the tub. She had fresh drinks sitting on the brand new booty rail. I waded into the water and hugged her to me and gave her a long kiss. I heard the side gate slam and reluctantly separated from her lips.

Brad came walking in wearing a long pair of board shorts. He dropped his towel on a chair and climbed in. Jill handed him a drink and we sat there enjoying the swirling water. It was now quite dark out and the only lights in the back yard were some solar lights scattered here and there and the dim underwater light in the tub. I was wondering where all this was leading to.

I had never seen Jill so openly flirty with our son’s best friend. She was laughing and hanging on every word he said as we bullshitted the night away.

Brad seemed to be getting more animated than usual and I finally figured out that Jill was giving him the same drinks as me. I was surprised that she was actually putting vodka in his drinks. She’s usually very adamant about no und*rage drinking but I think she was trying to get Brad drunk.

Every time she went to get us new drinks she made a big production of getting in and out of the tub. One of the times she stumbled and dropped under the water and when she stood up her top had moved to the side and her left breast was hanging out. She didn’t even know it and stood there laughing for about thirty seconds before she realized it and pulled it back into place.

When she finally got back with the drinks she walked around the outside of the tub and set all three drinks on our newly installed booty rail. She then paraded around the other end of the tub before getting back in. She plopped back down in between us both. Brad was obviously feeling loose because he said, “Why did we go to all the trouble of installing this booty rail if you’re not going to use it?”

Jill said, “I put our drinks on it, didn’t I?”

Brad looked at her cross-eyed and said, “That ain’t no booty.”

Jill took this as a challenge and hopped up on the new platform. She looked so hot sitting up there with her almost transparent bikini on. Even in the dim light you could make out everything. It looked like she was naked. Her nipples were as hard as I had ever seen them.

She casually let her legs slip apart slightly and Brad and I both openly stared. Her suit had crawled between her pussy lips and you could make out everything. Her lips were swollen about twice their normal size. Her clit protruded obscenely.

She finally noticed both of us staring and giggled, “Are you two enjoying yourselves?”

Brad was completely uninhibited by now and said, “I’m having a great time but by shorts are way too tight.”

Jill laughed and said, “You can always take them off. This hot tub is clothing optional.”

Brad just stared and didn’t know what to say. Finally, Jill hopped down off the booty rail and jumped at him, “Here, I’ll help!”

A wrestling match ensued with Brad trying to keep his shorts on and Jill trying her best to get them off. In the midst of it both of Jill’s tits managed to escape her top and she was now wrestling with this young man topless. She ended up on top of his lap straddling him with both breasts right in his face. They paused and Brad slowly flicked his tongue out over her nipple.

Jill arched her back and let out a loud low moan. She wrapped both hands around his head and pulled his face tight to her body. Brad looked over at me questioningly and I just winked at him.

After getting my assurance he let his hands start exploring Jill’s wonderful body. She put her lips to his and began kissing him deeply. I watched as he played with her tits, twirling her nipples between his fingers just the way she loves. Jill loves nipple play and as he continued to tease them I could see her humping herself up and down on Brad’s lap.


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    Reply Reply February 24, 2018

    Very hot like a true story

  • Victor Balero

    Reply Reply February 25, 2018

    Do they need a gardener?

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