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I’m sure he was hard and that his cock was rubbing up and down her nearly naked mound. With him playing with her nipples, she ground herself to a loud orgasm which really seemed to surprise Brad.

When she recovered she smiled and said, “I needed that so bad. Now I want to repay the favor. Hop up on the rail.” She moved so Brad could stand up and when he did Jill immediately pulled his shorts down. A rather sizable cock sprung out hard and ready.

Jill grabbed it and led him to the railing without letting go. When he sat down Jill instantly engulfed him with her lips. His head fell back and within thirty seconds he erupted in her mouth.

He looked kind of embarrassed for cumming so quick but Jill reassured him, “I’m surprised you didn’t cum while I was grinding myself on you. I could feel your cock pressing between my lips and hitting my clit just right. It felt so good. Now that we have the easy one out of the way we can have more fun.”

She rose up out of the tub and removed her suit and stood before us naked. I wanted to devour her body but I just sat and watched her have fun. She sat down next to Brad and picked up his hand and guided it to her vagina. He didn’t seem to know quite what to do other than put his finger inside her. I could hear how juicy she was from where I was sitting.

He finger fucked her steadily while sucking her nipples. Jill can never cum from anything but direct stimulation of her clit and the fingering and nipple play was making her hot but I could tell she was getting frustrated. I heard her tell her young lover to play with her clit.

Brad looked at her and asked, “How?”

Jill beckoned me over with her finger and said, “Show him how I like it.”

I moved over between her legs and Brad lowered himself back into the water to watch. I showed him how to make little circles with his finger and Jill gasped and started thrusting against my hand. I looked at Brad and said, “See, that will get a girl going better than anything. And here’s something else.”

I lowered my face between her legs as Brad looked closely. I inserted a finger inside her and showed him how to find her g spot. I massaged it while I told him that girls love to be licked while being fingered. The moment my tongue touched her clit she exploded in a hard orgasm. Brad watched closely as she shook for about thirty seconds.

When she was done cumming I moved from between her legs and said, “Your turn.”

Brad replaced me and slowly inserted his finger inside her as he watched her face. She helped him find the right spot and gave a moan of approval.

I said, “Now let your tongue go to work on her.”

Jill held his head in her hands and guided him how to best please her. He was very enthusiastic in his licking and she had to slow him down several times but he finally got it just right and Jill convulsed in her third orgasm of the night.

When her body finally relaxed, she pulled him up and tasted her juices on his lips. His hard cock was level with her pussy and he gasped when she took it in her hand and started rubbing it up and down her slit. I could see her juices glistening on it and she inserted the head inside her opening. He just stood there and she reached back and pulled his hips forward, driving him inside her.

He started thrusting and Jill’s head rolled to the side and she looked at me through half closed eyes and mouthed, “I love you.” I watched as he fucked her hard for a good ten minutes. She reached down between their bodies and started stroking her clit as he fucked her and she came again.

Brad couldn’t take it anymore and started shooting his sperm into my wife. Jill wrapped her legs around him and pulled him as deep as she could as she received every last drop of his semen.

Jill kissed him while his cock softened inside her. After the kiss ended she said, “Thanks for helping break in the booty rail.” He pulled his spent cock out of her and I could see a river of cum follow it. She sat there on the edge with her legs still open.

Brad suddenly acted shy and said he should probably get home. Jill continued to sit with her legs splayed open and her young lover’s cum oozing out of her flared lips as he got his shorts on and left.

When we heard the gate slam she asked me, “Do you want any of this?” She pointed to her dripping cunt and I moved between her legs and pulled my shorts down. She grabbed her second cock of the night and inserted it in her sloppy hole. I was so turned on that I started thrusting in and out quickly.

While I fucked her she started talking dirty to me. “Did you like watching me get fucked, baby? His cock is a very nice size. Both times that he came he really filled me up. I could hardly swallow his first load and when he came in my cunt I could feel how warm he made me inside.

His cock swelled up so hard right before he came and it felt so good. I think we might have to have him over some night and I can take turns fucking you both. I want to feel him in my cunt while I suck you and make you cum in my mouth.”

I couldn’t hold out anymore and added some more cum to her pussy. I kissed her and said, “I love you.” I let my cock slip from her and sat down next to her. She reached over and ran her fingers over my slippery cock. With her other hand she lazily stroked her clit.

She had a dreamy look on her face and said, “I think I’m going to like this booty rail.”

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    Very hot like a true story

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    Do they need a gardener?

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