My Wife's First Lover

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Section 1

My wife Wendy is 5 ft 6 inches tall and around 100 pounds size 38d breasts and she loves most kinds of sex. She was a smoker before we meet some 5 years ago, I have told her of my fetish (that I love watching women smoking).

I have diabetes and have for the last 12 months have been having problems getting and maintaining an erection; this is having a bad effect on our sex live.

So while I was surfing the Internet for solutions I came across a site on swinging and swapping partners. I showed this to Wendy and asked her what she thought about it, she bluntly said no way. I left this alone of about 1 month then while we were trying to have sex one night I brought it up again, this time we talked about it for quite a while and wendy said that maybe it could benefit both of us and she would think about it,

We then were both astounded to see I had a very hard erection to which wendy then went down on and suck me for a while till she wanted to be fucked, she had three orgasms very quickly a first for a long time. I also cum big time and after we talked. Wendy agreed that if her fucking others was going to help our sex live she was all for it.

So began our live in the cockold lifestyle.

Wendy first time with another man was about 3 weeks later when a friend of ours came over to stay for a holiday, John was a buddy from school who now lives in northern New South Wales about 5 hours away.

So while we caught up with each other wendy fixed us some drinks. We talk til about 1 am the first night, wendy had already gone to bed.

I came to the room to find her using her small vibrator and having an intense orgasm. After she calmed down I asked her why she was using it, she told me that she was thinking about what we talked about and that set her off thinking about john fucking her.

I then said if you are still hot go to john and do him, come back to me after and tell me all about it.

She asked me was I sure that’s what I wanted all I had to do was revel my hard on and she was convinced. She took hold of my cock and slipped into her mouth and started to suck harder then ever before I nearly cum but pushed her away and said go to john if you wish.

Wendy then got up and walked out the bedroom door walk straight to john’s room just down the hallway. She was gone for over an hour I could hear noises cumming from the hall but could not make out what they were saying or doing.

I hear the door from johns room open and wendy then walking to our room as she entered she was naked and very happy, she came to me and stared to suck my cock to life then as she told me what they did she slowly wank my cock.

This is her words as she told me what happened,

As she walk in the room john was undressing, she walked to him and kissed him deeply, he pushed her away saying what’s the matter with you peters just in the next room. Wendy told him that it was ok with me, john said that’s great I’ve wanted you since you and peter meet.

With this wendy knelt down and stated to suck johns now harding cock.

John said you had better stop for I can’t hold back much longer, Wendy just sucked harder till john cum in her mouth (this was the first person after me to cum in her mouth). She told me that she swallowed most of it and that he tasted different to me much sweeter.

John then placed wendy on the bed and started to lick her pussy she also cum very quickly.

John soon had an another erection and wendy said please fuck me, john then went straight for her pussy and slid straight in to the hilt.

They fuck in the missionary position for a while the wendy asked john to fuck her doggy style her favourite.

Wendy was having her fourth or fifth orgasm when john said, I’m going to cum,

Wendy said fill me up baby. John then came deep in her.

They rested for some time till wendy told john she hoped he was staying of a long time.

Wendy then kissed him and walks out to our room.

That’s when I started to fuck wendy harder then I have in very long time.

We both cum and went to sleep in each other’s arms telling each other that we loved them.

I wake the next morning about 6 am to find wendy not in our bed, I slowly walked down the hall to johns room and listened to them fucking again.

John was groaning so I thought he was cumming in wendy again but he said god dam you can suck well baby.

I heard wendy say that he tasted great and that she will swallow all the time if he wants to cum in her mouth.

I went back to my room and made some noise so they would know I was awake.

I then headed to the kitchen for a cup of coffee only to find wendy at the kettle,

She smile at me I went to her and kissed her, I said I was hoping for more of last night this morning. Wendy then knelt down opened my pyjama pants took out my cock and started to blow me. I didn’t last very long after hearing her blow john, as I came she held me in her mouth till I finished cumming she look up at me then swallowed the lot.

I then said I love you and she stood up and kissed me.


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