My Wife’s Birthday Surprise 4.5/5 (36)

I asked my wife two months ahead of time, what she wanted for her 28th birthday this year. She told me to surprise her. That wasn’t what I wanted to hear, considering I’m terrible when it comes to surprises and birthdays. Even after 5 years of being married I still go blank when it comes to doing something special for her. On Christmas, Valentines Day and her Birthday I serious suck.

I began thinking of all kinds of things, but I couldn’t think of anything that would be unique and special. This year I really wanted to do something wonderful, that she would remember for years later. Before I continue any further I would like express more details about my wife and how we came about as a couple. As I just mentioned we have been married for 5 years. We first met while she was traveling alone in the states from South East Asia. When I first laid eyes on her, my heart nearly fell out.

I had never seen a more breathtaking Asian women in my entire life. She stood just over 5 feet with tan skin, long black hair, and a body that was perfectly molded. I figured she had to be married or have a boyfriend, yet at the same time it was impossible to imagine this sweet girl in a sexual manner. She looked so pure and innocent. Clearly she was out of my league and I knew trying to pursue her would be a foolish effort.

Nervously I forced myself to engage a conversation with her. I melted as she smiled and introduced herself. Believe it or not I convinced her to have lunch with me and lunch later became dinner. After a delightful dinner we relaxed over two glasses of wine. I only assumed at that point the night would end and we would depart ways. When I asked if I could walk her back to her hotel room, she reluctantly said okay and I quickly assumed I stepped over my grounds.

As we reached her room, I assisted her with opening the door. Without an invitation I followed her into the room. I must admit at this point my motives became completely selfish. I figured without a doubt I would never see this girl again and I knew what I was ready to ask her would probably end with a slap to my face. I told her “Before I leave can I make love to you?” She didn’t smile or say anything. She took my hand and brought me to the side of the bed and began to undress me.

In tern I began to undress her as well. Once we were both naked she pulled back the sheets climbed in bed and gestured me to follow. I climbed in and wrapped my body around her body and uncontrolably began kissing every inch of her skin We had sex on and off the entire night and never once did she ask me to put on a condom. Believe it or not she didn’t continue her travels, instead she stayed with me and 4 month later we were married.

Now back to the present: A month later, with 29 days left until her birthday, I still didn’t have any ideas. Later that same week, one night as my wife and I were getting into bed an idea came to mind for the perfect present. As I lay in bed looking up at the ceiling, my wife inquired what I was thinking about. I told her, “stuff” She asked me to explain, I quickly changed the subject.

A bit more history: From the early years of our marriage my wife and I would talk about different fantasies, such as doing it in different places and with different people. When she asked me I told I had a fantasy about being with her boss. That didn’t go over well and I had to tell her it was just a joke. We didn’t have sex that night. Her fantasies were always about being with some movie star or someone famous. Her ideas were fun, but seem completely out of reach from reality. Still’ hearing it would always get me going.

Then one night, less than a year ago, I asked her if she had any fantasies about people we knew. Her answer was, “hummm’ let me think” suddenly a smiled came on her face and she just stared at me. With that being the case I knew she had someone in mind, which really brought on my curiosity. So’ I asked her who? She wouldn’t say, then finally blurted out “Tom Cruise” Hearing that’ I knew she was trying to change the subject or avoid answering so I kept probing her and wasn’t going to give up.

I was dying to find out. Finally she said “okay’ now don’t get upset” With such curiosity, I nervously promised I wouldn’t. She then confessed, “It’s Robert” I lost my breath hearing it and I didn’t have to ask her again, I knew exactly who she was talking about. Robert was pretty much my best friend. At one time we worked together and that’s how we met.

Now days he and I would hang and watch sports games together on certain Saturdays and Sundays. Her answer totally caught me off guard. I had no clue she looked at Robert in that way. After she told me about it, I began asking her what it was about him that she liked or was attracted to. She said she liked his personality and thought he was good looking, funny and real confident with his life. Robert was Hispanic and many women liked him a lot.

I acted cool with it, but felt somewhat uncomfortable learning it. We ended up talking for hours about all kinds of stuff. I can’t recall if we even had sex that evening. After that night I never asked her again who else she had fantasies about, fearing maybe with some of my other friends as well. There after we didn’t bring up Robert name again in that manner, but I’d found myself thinking about it and it made me feel strange, and kind of jealous.

It was roughly a month later when Robert came by the house to watch a game. Twenty minutes after the game started my wife was out the door with one of her friends. Hanging with Robert was pretty much the norm, in fact I never thought twice about what my wife said in regarding him. Later that evening after Robert had gone home. My wife arrived back and we had dinner and spent time together before going to bed.

As we climbed into bed I couldn’t help myself, I wanted to be with her. As I began to feel her breast through her nightgown, I could feel my desires getting really strong. I felt like being nasty that night and didn’t know the reason why. I pulled up her nightgown and began going down on her pussy as if I was devouring my last meal. Listening to her moans really turned me on and I knew my mind was drifting in a different and nasty direction. After undressing her I began kissing her all over her body and in wild affectionate way.

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  • Steve

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    This was FANTASTIC!!! I loved it. I was so glad that Robert fucked her so many times and that she enjoyed him fucking her in her ass. Also that she wanted him to come back as often as he wanted to take her so well!!!!!

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