My Wife Would Never!


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My Wife Would Never!

By Denny Allen (© Denny Allen & Phax-Genix, Inc. 2021)

Author’s note: A few months ago my friend David and I got together outside his home in SE Michigan and with Covid masks in place, he told me about his wife and their new and secret lifestyle which had been frustratingly, but hopefully only temporarily, derailed by the Covid crisis. As he explained what they had been up to I couldn’t help but think that my own wife would never agree to do anything like that! Then when he asked if I would write up their 1st encounter in story form, the thought returned as the title—My Wife Would Never!

PART 1 ~

I shook my head and laughed. “No. Sorry dude. My wife would never!”

“Really?” he asked with what seemed like sincere disbelief. “Are you sure?”

I had assumed his question had been more or less a joke, but now seeing the look on his face?

I was firm, “Totally sure. My wife is a Christian lady through and through. She’d never go for it. No way! Not a chance in hell and none of the other wives around here would either.”

“Okay. Good to know,” he said thoughtfully, though his expression said ‘I can’t believe it.’

I thought back to how this conversation had started…

A half an hour earlier I had been in the loft throwing—more like pulling and pushing—bales of hay into my flatbed below when I had heard a noise,.

I turned and looked over the edge. There was a large black man standing in the doorway!

I’m sure the surprise I felt showed on my face and spoke volumes of my discomfort.

“Hi,” he had said with a grin as he looked up at me. “Sorry if I’m intruding, but I’m your new neighbor Tyrell Jones. I came over to say hi, but nobody answered at the house when I knocked so I looked around, heard some noises out here and saw the barn door was open so…”

Section 1

He let the words trail off and I stood there a moment before I found my voice.

“Uhhh, well, hi. Ummm… glad to meet you Tyrell.”

I stood there mute again for what seemed like a year, before I finally said, “I’m David. David Barker.” But I couldn’t think of anything more to say. I was too stunned.

A black man? Totally out of place in the neighborhood. In fact, my wife was most definitely at home, but like me she no doubt was very startled at seeing one in our community. It’s not like we’re prejudiced particularly, but we’re mostly farmers, white and Christian—German, English with a few Poles thrown in.

But blacks? Other than the one in front of me, the nearest would probably be found at the University in Ann Arbor—40 or more miles away. I wasn’t sure I had seen any since I had been there to see my Doctor three months earlier. So Evie wouldn’t have answered his knock for any reason—too much of an uncomfortable novelty I was sure. I knew my wife.

I found my voice again, my manners too, as my brain finally turned back on. I smiled and said, “Always glad to meet somebody new to the neighborhood.”

A few more meaningless words went back and forth between us and then Tyrell offered to give me a hand with the hay bales.

He had stepped forward and started for the ladder as I nodded and as he climbed up I took the moment to stretch my aching back. When he was beside me he offered his hand which I readily took. I really needed the help. My back was killing me and there were still quite a few bales to go—an hour’s worth, maybe two if it was just me moving them.

He dug right in and we worked a bit before I blurted out, “So what made you move here?”

He laughed. “You mean why did a black man move into a community of almost all white people?”

I blushed I’m sure and not trusting myself to reply without thinking, I turned away and grabbed a bale, but I felt a twinge, a big one. The bale fell at my feet. I straightened up very slowly and probably with a low moan. This damn back!

“Hey! You okay?”

I nodded. “Back sometimes gives me a problem is all.”

“Oh,” he said, “You sure you’re—”

“I’ll be okay. Just go on,” I said as I started to reach for the bale again.

“Alright,” he said as he quickly reached around me and grabbed the bale at my feet. He gave it an easy toss over the side.

“So you were wondering why a black guy would move into your—.”

“No,” I said, interrupting him. “Black wasn’t part of what I was thinking. Not at all!”

Though of course it was. It was hard not to. Especially since he was possibly the most perfect poster child of an Afro-American male I had ever seen—tall, well built and a very dark brown.

Section 2

He chuckled. “Well, okay, if you say so. The simple answer, or rather the two reasons I’m here are first of all, for work. I’m a chef and got hired at The Blue Lake Chalet. I’m also going to work as a part-time trainer at Lake Side Gym.”

Our new neighbor paused. “I love to cook and love to train. So that’s plenty of reason enough right there for me to be here, but the other reason is better in a lot of ways.”

He laughed as he picked up another bale. He held it a moment or two then threw it over the side. “Yeah lots better!”

“What?” I automatically asked.

With an effort he stopped laughing and gave me a serious look. “Well, actually it is all about me being a good looking, big and strong black man. So you may not want to know.”

He held the serious look for another moment then burst out laughing again.

I didn’t get why it was funny, but I held my peace until his laughter had run its course. Then I prompted him. “Okay. Wanna explain that a bit more?”

He was still smiling at me. “You sure you really want to know?”

I smiled back. “Well, you kinda have me curious now so yeah. Go on.”

“Okay then. The second reason is that I love sex. I’m told I’m good at it too,” he added with dis-modesty. “And I truly do love it with…” he took a deep breath. “Ready for this? I love it most when it’s with married women. White ones especially!”


He ignored me, that is, any look I may have had, and just picked up another bale before sighing as if he was reminiscing. “Yeah, I had me some real fine white wives up in the big cities—Detroit, Dearborn, even Ann Arbor.”

He sighed again, “Unfortunately, mostly they couldn’t really go the distance, if you know what I mean,” He gave the bale a toss

It thunked as it hit the truck bed below.

“I figured that was all I’d ever get—enthusiastic white wives but who had stamina issues.

He gave me a glance as he rolled his shoulders and stretched his neck this way and that. It seemed he wasn’t quite immune to cramping up after all.

Turning to look at me eye to eye he said, “That would’ve been okay of course. I could live with that,” he said with a grin. “But then I heard something—that farmer wives tend to have lots of children, but on purpose and they take care of them without welfare help! So I figure they must have really huge sexual appetites. And that they might like some variety and that some probably have an intense curiosity about black men so…..”

He held out his arms in that ‘voila!’ gesture. “Here I am. ‘Cunt-try sidinit,’ I call it! Gonna find out for myself if that’s really true.” Still grinning at me, he grabbed and tossed another bale.

I’d been stunned. More stunned when a moment later he had asked the follow-up questions. “So you guys or any of your friends into swinging? Wife sharing? Your wife ever say she had an interest in doing anything like that?”

Section 3

Which brings us back to my answer—‘My wife would never’, his disbelief at what I said and his thoughtful silence afterwards, followed by my realization that he was totally serious about it and still wasn’t really convinced that my answer and explanation were true.

For the next few minutes we didn’t speak, but just tossed hay bales as I continued to ponder our earlier conversation. Finally, I broke the silence. “Look. I hope you understand that I’m not saying I’ve never had thoughts about playing around. But my wife? Not a chance. She’s very straight. In fact, like I said, all the wives ‘round here are. The men too.”

I think I chortled a little, “But just in case, the wives keep an eye on us and each other.”

Then I made a mistake. I shrugged, sending a lightning bolt through my hips. I gasped.

He was looking at me with what seemed to be concern as I stood there trying not to grimace.

“Your back again?” he asked.

When I nodded and moved to push another bale over the side he said, “You should stop. Rest a minute. Actually, I have a lot of experience with bad backs. He chuckled. “Shit, it’s almost as much as I have with fucking married white women.”

He picked up and tossed another bale, “So I know what I’m talkin’. You need to just sit a moment.”

I knew he was right. I carefully lowered myself on the nearest block of hay and took some deep breaths.

<thunk, thunk>

He was going for a fourth bale when he suddenly stopped and turned to me. “Now admittedly Dave, I don’t know your wife but I can’t help but wonder. You really sure about that? Sure your wife don’t want something more sometimes or maybe different? Some variety? Shit, man. You ever even asked her about stuff like that?”

I couldn’t just sit and let him do all the work anymore than I could answer his questions the way he probably hoped I would. I forced myself to stand. “I’m okay. And I don’t have to ask her.”

Struggling another bale off the stack I said, “I’m sure about it.” As I gave it a push towards the edge of the loft, I added, “She doesn’t.”

Another pain ravaged my back and. I know it showed on my face. He was looking at me with concern again.

“I’m positive.”

I forced the hay out of the loft.

“Look,” I said as I did my best to hide my discomfort, “You’re right about us having lots of children I suppose, Evie and I have three. I know families with four or more and they’re all on purpose and we do take care of our own. No government handouts here. But women like her are true ladies. ‘round these parts they all are. So I know what she thinks and wants, would do and won’t. Moral isn’t just a word. It’s a sacred code, the way people around here live. So my wife would just never. That’s all there is to it,” I said ending my little sermon.

He didn’t say anything for a long moment. Then he went back to pulling bales—two of them.

Section 4

<thunk, thunk>

“Even if the thought ever crossed any of our minds,” I added, “it wouldn’t and couldn’t happen here. No way to keep a secret like that.”

Another twinge hit me even though I was only standing there so I sat back down to let the ache subside a bit. “Actually, now that I think about it, it’s kinda hard to believe it happens anywhere any more. Not even in the big cities. All those STDs and diseases. Pretty scary shit to most people,right?”

He continued to work without comment as I tried to relax my cramped muscles.

<thunk, thunk,>

< thunk>

I took a deep breath, stood and managed another bale.

Then I had to stop yet again—my version of sitting and resting, at least in front of my new neighbor wasn’t exactly perfected. I breathed deeply a couple of times then suddenly realized that the sound of dropping bales had stopped. I turned slowly to look.

Tyrell had a scowl on his dark sweaty face and was just standing there staring at me.


It suddenly hit me that I might have just insulted him, all but called him a liar and that the look he was giving me might be a prelude to his leaving me to do this job all by myself. I inward-ly groaned at the thought.

“Hey. I’m not calling you a liar,” I blurted. “I believe it when you say you’ve fucked a lot of married women. I really do!”

I shrugged, but a lot more gently this time. “I’m just saying that there were a lot more possibilities of finding some straying wives in the places you mentioned. Maybe a lot of them. Maybe adultery isn’t as big of a crime everywhere as it is here. Maybe taboos aren’t as strict in the bigger cities so there were some white wives who were okay with having sex with an African-American man.”

The last words I had spoken reached my brain. Shit!

“Not that there’s anything wrong with being African-American,” I added hastily. “It’s just that mixing the races is still kinda taboo around here.”

I watched his expressionless face a moment before I added more, “There aren’t any straying wives here anyway so it just won’t happen, taboo or not. Sorry, but that’s the way it is. You’re gonna be very disappointed if that’s why you came to Summerville,” I added with authority.

I expected a reply, but he just stood there. It occurred to me that there still might be some tension between us. But what to say that would counter what I had just thrown at him—what may have still been disrespectful and maybe even condescending somehow. I was still thinking pretty hard about that, in near panic mode really, when a big smile broke out on his face.

“Well, I suppose you might know,” he said. Then with a bit of a smirk he added, “Then again, maybe you don’t really know what some husbands dream of, what so many wives desire or how many sexual secrets there are in marriages. Even in a supposedly conservative, traditional, close-knit society like the one we’re in, I’m sure a lot of couples have a secret or two. Fantasies they wish for, rituals or sexual things they do—that may even break taboos, but make their marriages special.”

Section 5

He dragged another bale off the stack and tossed it, seemingly without any effort, over the edge. The dull thump as it hit told me it had landed on hay, not the truck bed. The load was growing.

I sighed, then forced a laugh. “Well, maybe. I suppose that I might be a little bit naïve, but I’m not a total country yokel either. I took classes at Michigan State University’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources,” I said with a bit of pride.

“So I’m not dumb,” I said, “and I know about wild parties. When I was in the Army, I was stationed in Germany and also Stockholm. I’m pretty well aware of what people do and a bit of what some people dream of doing.”

“Yeah?” he asked. “Yet you don’t seem to know that a lot of white husbands want to share their wives with black men.”

Another bale went over the edge from his large hands.

That one had hit the truck bed again.

“Or I do and just know that it doesn’t apply to rural Michigan,” I countered.

I stretched and twisted gently again before I said with a light tone, “Even when it comes to good looking black guys like you, the wives around here would never—.”

“Good looking and big black guys,” he said interrupting. “And you know what I mean when I say big, right?”

I looked at his evil grin. Then he laughed and pulled two bales at once again. “I’m messin’ wit you now bro,” he said. “And you may be right. What you said about it not happening around here.”

<thump, thump>

Hay hitting hay.

I breathed a sigh of relief that he wasn’t going to push this, then took the moment to look over the edge of the loft even as my back screamed its protest. The pile was a bit haphazard, but my truck was plenty full enough. I sighed in relief.

“I think that will do it,” I said through clenched teeth.

I pulled off my glove, turned and offered him my hand. “I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help Tyrell. Not expected, but much appreciated. Especially from a brand new neighbor who just showed up to introduce himself. With my back the way it is today, I’d be working on this for another hour or two if I had to do it all by myself.”

He smiled. “I noticed you favorin’ it some—a bit more than just a slight problem, huh? I think you got yourself a problem down low and maybe in the middle of your back too. If you stop by the gym I could show you some exercises that might help.”

“You’re really workin’ there too? I thought being the Chalet’s new chef would take up most of—”

He cut me off with his laugh. “Yeah. I got lucky. I get to be a Chef about 40, 44 hours a week. Then I get to work as a trainer at the Lakeside on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon three to six, and Saturday mornings, eight to noon. Keeps me busy, but it’s a great schedule for me. Still plenty of free time so I can also go into the gym and work out or watch other people there whenever I want. So,” he added with a sly smile, “that means I have a good chance of at least seeing a whole bunch of smokin’ hot white wives.”

Before I could comment, he had swung himself onto the ladder, gone down a couple of rungs, dropped onto the bales in the truck, and then seemed to bounce off them onto the floor all in what seemed to me to be one very fluid and easy manner.

Section 6

Damned, fuckin’ show off.

He turned and grinned up at me, “Even if they’d never think of foolin’ around, it’ll still be fun.”

I sighed. Then I too headed down, but a bit slower, moving carefully and deliberately onto the ladder and then easing myself down one rung at a time until I had both feet solidly on the wooden floor. I took a deep breath as I stretched my back for the millionth time.

“Well,” I said in a tight voice as I fought off a twinge that turned to a burning sensation that ran up my back to sizzle at the base of my head, “I just might stop by the gym. You’re right. It doesn’t take much work to mess me up anymore and I’ll probably be up half the night because I won’t be able to find a comfortable position to sleep in. So my thanks again. It’d be a lot worse if you hadn’t helped.”

Of course I knew just about everything to do with back problems, but I hardly knew what else to say except that I’d stop in and of course that I appreciated him helping me. Especially after having doubted his story, more or less called him a liar, and just dissed black men in general.

“I’ve tried a lot of things, but if you have any exercises to make my back better I’ll take ‘em. And be forever in your debt,” I added. Then I began hobbling towards the door.

He nodded as he walked with me. “Well, I’m not a Doctor, but I was a Navy medic and worked in rehab. The best thing you can do is to strengthen your core.”

I nodded. I had heard that before.

“But you know if you have a disc problem. Eroded, bulging or broken…” He shrugged. “You need to see an Ortho or back specialist maybe a surgeon for somethin’ like that.”

I nodded again. I had heard that before too which is why I was a patient at UofM Medical College. Their diagnosis was Degenerative Disc Disease. It was somewhat treatable, but I also had a slow growing tumor pushing on some nerves in my back. A biopsy showed it to be non-cancerous, but problematical enough to be non-treatable with surgery. So they had me taking anti-inflammatory meds, stretching more and doing some back strengthening exercises. Next week I was starting a course of new drugs they hoped would shrink the tumor and help replenish the stuff that keeps the vertebra cushioned and supple.


It seemed to be an important concept to them, kinda like keeping a positive outlook. They pushed that too, said it would help me obtain a long term recovery. One I would need if I ever hoped to have a ‘real’ farm again, not one where I only grew some hay and corn and my wife had a small garden.

In actuality, I had already accepted that it wouldn’t happen and that my poor wife Evie was going to end up with an invalid for a hubby—a useless guy in a wheel chair that she had to take care of 24/7. Once in awhile I wondered if she had ever thought about that or was just refusing to—putting it off as long as possible.

At least we had some money—income from the investments we bought after I had sold off most of the acreage a few years ago and we had a monthly trickle from Evie’s inheritance.

I continued to shuffle slowly towards the door with Tyrell staying next to me. Maybe he thought the old white guy might not make it that far without help. Yeah, well maybe not easily, but godamn it to Hell, I would!

Tyrell took a step ahead and pushed the door open for us, then turned to me.

“Gotta question,” he said.

I tensed in preparation for whatever it was.

“Whatcha doin’ with that truck load of hay?”

I relaxed. “Just takin’ it to my cousin’s tomorrow. He ran out. I have plenty as usual.”

Section 7

“Well, if you need help unloading it, I only work at the Chalet until about two tomorrow.”

I waved away his offer. “Thanks, but he and his two young sons will unload. I get to sit while his wife Mandy serves me coffee and whatever sugary thing she’s made. She’s a blue ribbon winner at the county fair every year for her baking,” I said. “So whatever it is will be a real treat.”

“Baking does seem to be an art” Tyrell said quietly. “I should probably meet this lady sometime. We might could use her at the Chalet if she ever needs a job.”

I managed a chuckle. “Well, I’ll mention it to her, but she’s a real farmer’s wife. She helps with all the chores, takes care of two kids and has another one on the way. Not likely she will have the time even if she has an interest.”

“Oh so gonna be three, huh? And pretty active, energetic sounds like,” he said with a smile in his voice.

I hesitated, but decided not to comment. Mandy had been a high school cheerleader and had ‘gotten around’ as we used to say. She got knocked up about a day and a half after she graduated high school. Hopefully the kid was my cousin Jake’s, but I always wondered. And she was still cute as hell and, according to my cousin was still always DTF. Evie says that means ready for sex, though I don’t quite get how it does.

Anyway, damn if she didn’t fit the description of farmer’s wives Tyrell had described, but I didn’t say it. I just took a deep breath and headed for my back door, still at a slow shuffle, waving my hand as a good bye to Tyrell.

“Okay then,” he called to me. “Really nice meeting you. Glad I could help you out.”

Behind me I could hear his steps on the gravel drive as he started way towards his own yard. Then they stopped and he called out, “I’m serious. Stop by if you get the chance.”

My next step brought on a stab of pain, but I managed to turn back around. I laughed through clenched teeth and asked, “You mean the restaurant or the gym?”

His grin grew broader. “Well, hell David. Both. The gym for some back exercises, but bring your wife round to the Chalet and I’ll make you up something special. In fact, bring some of the other white wives if you want.”

He winked and added a laugh. “We’ll make it a sort of introductory to black Tyrell party! Even though,” he added, “now I know that’s as close to any of them white ladies as I’ll ever get.”

I couldn’t help but smile back, though I was also smart enough not to try and shake my head again. The lower back was still flaring. Then I must have frowned.

“Hey man,” he said. “Just teasing you a little. I got what you said. Truly. But you know I still have to check around, flirt some, at least.” He shrugged easily. “Hope ya understand that I havta test what you said about the wives around here.”

I let out a slow breath and smiled again. “No. I understand. No problem.” I took another breath and added, “And I hope you understand that I meant no disrespect towards you. I kinda envy what you’ve gotten to do, but it won’t happen here. We don’t have any cheaters. None.”

“Maybe,” he admitted, then broke into that evil grin again. “But you know. It ain’t cheatin’ if hubby says it’s okay.”

Then he took off towards his house in an easy jog while I turned back and struggled up to the back door. I was also struggling to get my brain around the idea of him fucking some white wife who had her husband’s permission. Could it be true? Probably not, probably just his way to shock me I thought as I stepped through our kitchen. But why would he want to?

I pushed it out of my mind as I stepped into our living room. Evie was sitting in the rocker nursing Emilee, our youngest. She smiled at me then bared her other breast to show me her other thick nipple was leaking milk. Her finger wiggle beckoned me to her and my back pain began to fade as my heart beat faster and my smile grew wider. I took the few steps to her chair a quickly as I could..

Tyrell was right about one thing at least, I thought. Married couples do have secrets—rituals, things they do to make their relationships special, and whether a taboo or just a weird thing to do, this was one of ours.

I slowly knelt in front of Evie and she leaned forward enough for my mouth to take her nipple—to latch on to her milk filled breast and began to suckle.

Section 8

+ + + + + + + + + +

Later that night ~

I couldn’t. No way. The pain in my back was too much. My little guy just wouldn’t work.

Even after I had rolled off her and onto my side and she had used her considerable skill to suck and stroke me, it wouldn’t get hard. I felt like crying.

“It’s okay,” she whispered. “Another time.”

Yeah right. That’s what you always say, I thought.

I moved my hand to hers and gave it a squeeze as I very carefully rolled onto my back. “Maybe you on top?”

I felt her nod then her lips found mine. It was a loving kiss. Not passionate, but at least it was a caring one. Then she was carefully sliding her body onto mine.

Evie continued to kiss me as she spread her legs wider and settled on top of me, her crotch against mine. She wiggled and moved forward and back sensuously, her warm wet vulva sliding over my pelvis and making my brain wild with desire. Still, nothing at all was happening below.

Then she rose up a bit and her fingers reached down between her legs and found my limp member. I felt a tickle as she began to gently manipulate me, rubbing the head of my penis against her velvet like flesh. I tried to will it to work by pushing harder against her, rubbing myself against her clit. I told myself to breathe harder, willed it to get hard! But nothing. Nada.

She traced my lips with her tongue and then kissed me harder. She whispered how much she loved me and wanted me. She continued to move her soft flesh against mine and I wanted so much to be inside her, to fill her—to pleasure her like a husband was supposed to pleasure his wife. I pushed up even harder, arching my body just a bit as she leaned forward letting her breasts drag across my stomach and chest.

I thought that maybe there was a slight stirring, the beginnings of an erection. I worked even harder, pushed my body up more and felt my semi-hard cock brush her wetness.

A flame of fire ravaged my back.

I gasped and fell back on the bed as knife-like slashes cut through my spine.

Evie held me tight and I accepted that as a lifeline might be clutched by a drowning man.

When the physical pain finally subsided I was a limp noodle again. Evie’s tears were on my cheek and she was mumbling soft words that didn’t quite process in my brain, but I knew were intended to soothe me. But the effort only seemed to emphasize the horror of my failure—my inability to be the husband she deserved.

I lay there long moments in that torture. She kissed me again and again, but eventually, when I didn’t respond, she started to slide off of me.

My hands seized her. “No,” I whispered urgently. There was a catch in my voice when I added, “Please. Let’s keep trying.”

She kissed me gently, “Anything you want, I do too my love,” she whispered.

My back injury had slowed our love making considerably, but hadn’t diminished my desire for her or thankfully her for me. We had had to make adjustments, but had managed three children. Now we did it for love, not to make babies but to sate our desires and meet our, or at least my wife’s needs. At least I wanted to. Desperately, I wanted to. I had to take care of my Evie. Somehow, I had to!

Section 9

My sweetheart lay there quietly for a few moments or maybe it was an eternity. I wasn’t sure. Then her lips lightly grazed mine. “Okay,” she said softly before reaching down and letting her fingers begin their deft manipulations again.

“And,” she added as she changed her position on me a little so she could gently guide my face towards her right breast. “Let’s try this too,” she whispered as the bigger of her thick nipples pushed past my lips. Through long practice my tongue reflexively compressed it against the roof of my mouth perfectly and I was ‘latched’ again.

I began to suck.

Having just drained her a few hours before I wasn’t sure how much I would get. Probably not much, but it didn’t matter. As soon as I tasted the first drop of her warm sweet milk, felt her thick nipple, there was a stirring down below. It was a dim sensation, but it was there. I was sure.

The honest truth is that nursing from Evie is one of the only ways that can get me hard enough, give me a chance of performing—of doing my husbandly duty, and getting me off too. It helps that she loves it and that the experience of nursing is so incredible, so much more intimate and enjoyable than I could ever have imagined—an addictive pleasure for sure.

And it had happened by accident right after Lucy, our first child, was born. She had rolled up against me one night, my mouth was right there at her leaking breast and I had just sucked without thinking. We had both been stunned and quickly moved apart. But then when she had scooted up to me and offered me her breast again I had accepted it, suckled until her milk was drained. We had both been so turned on by it we had then gone at each other like newlyweds.

Now it was working its magic again. As I suckled I was also growing, not feeling quite so ‘little’ and soft, though it seemed an eternity later before I was hard enough that Evie was able to manipulate the head of my cock into her opening. As always, it was an amazing series of sensations—my hard cock against her soft flesh then the feeling of sliding between her wet petals and slowly being enveloped, being drawn deeper and deeper into her warm tunnel, until suddenly my cock head popped beyond her pubic bone.

We both gasped and a bit of her milk spilled from my mouth, but then she clutched my face more tightly to her breast and I began to nurse again. Mere seconds later I heard her cry out and felt her shiver. I was sure she had just had a small orgasm. Maybe that thought spurred me on as much as the sensation of suckling or being completely inside her I suppose.

But as always it was the fantasy I was seeing in my head that was really making me hard, that would maybe keep me hard enough to bring me to completion.

Fantasy. Yes. It was always fantasy.

Right or not, I just couldn’t help myself from imagining doing or watching sexual things—fantasizing about them. Usually, meaning almost always, imagining myself being part of it. It had always been what got me off.


From my earliest recollections of masturbating to the first time I had actually had sex with a girl I had always fantasized, even when I tried not to. Girls in my class, cousins, older women, celebs, centerfolds or any woman I met who looked to have breasts and hidden assets were all fair game in my dreams! If they offered a smile or showed even a hint of cleavage or thigh they’d almost always become a target of my fantasies later that evening. And I often thought of being with two of them at the same time.

Then I married Evie and all that changed. Well, for awhile…

I think there were a few months, at least a few weeks, where I didn’t fantasize while we were having sex. I just thought of her and me, of what we were doing, and of course how it felt.

Evie is hot and I love her, would never betray her by playing around, but eventually fantasy had intruded. But more like a friend, not something entirely unwelcomed because it helped us so much. The fact was that I was already having issues—back pain causing intermittent ED that no pill could fix. Fantasy was my go-to remedy, the only thing that worked.

Well, sometimes.

It started with me imagining Evie and I having a threesome with another girl, with a lot of girl-girl play and me fucking the other girl as Evie played with us both and me, no matter who I thought of as the other girl, ending up cumming inside Evie. Well, usually her. And of course in real life it was always me cumming, if I could, in my sweetheart.

It went on for years and years like that and was largely responsible for how I managed to make three kids with her. So though the sensations I was feeling and the desire I had to please my wife were very, very much a part of it, they were also sometimes, maybe often, somewhat peripheral.

The suckling sensation, the taste of her warm sweet milk, the feeling of my cock inside her, all worked their magic on me I suppose. And hearing her labored and almost frantic breathing telling me she was getting close also helped push me further along.

Section 10

But in all honesty, although those were all occurring in the real world and I loved them, as usual it was the threesome fantasy playing in my head that was mostly driving my pleasure and getting me closer and closer to the end point.

Except it was a new fantasy I was living this time. It was still a threesome, but one different from anything I had ever imagined before. This time in my mind’s eye, I could see and hear her panting and gasping and making other noises I rarely heard. And I? I was touching her thigh, kissing her cheek and trying to suckle at her breast while she happily and eagerly bounced up and down, up and down.

Suddenly she lifted up as far as her legs would allow, her nipple slipped out of my mouth and I stared. It was a vision of erotica, my hot wife holding herself there, hovering like a gymnast pausing at the top of her high bar routine to show off her control, while a small trickle of her milk ran down her full breast. Hot!

My hand was still on her thigh, but trembling a bit as I looked up at her, my sexual Goddess, the one who owned my heart, the heart that was now beating faster and faster. My eyes traveled down her beautiful breasts, over her long and sexy torso to where my hand was resting on her firm thigh and I saw the cock she was riding.

My heart beat faster still.

It wasn’t mine.

No. It was a much larger cock than my five inches, much longer and thicker than my stub of an oversized crayon that Evie had said she sometimes had a problem taking. It was actually more the thickness of a wrist! Yet as I watched, in my fantasy, she fell from her high bar balance and slammed back down on it, taking the whole thing all the way down to the balls. She cried out but I somehow knew that it was from the pleasure the action brought, not from pain. Then she rose up high and slammed down again… and then again, stretching and filling herself with this huge cock almost like it was easy for her to take—like she was born to it.

Maybe she was.

In my dream world I suddenly realized that maybe nature programmed a woman to desire this. Maybe to want or even need such a big hard cock to ride, to fill and stretch her, to reach and stimulate places inside her I could never manage. And then I also suddenly realized that the cock she rode was different in another way from mine. Not just bigger and harder, but also darker—much, much darker.

It hadn’t happened in a long time, but as I visualized her fucking this other cock—my lily white wife impaled on this deep brown cock—my own erection grew. It grew so much, got so hard that here in the real world Evie was able to ride me harder and without losing me even once!

My little guy was staying snug inside her as she rocked and slid around rubbing our crotches together. It felt fantastic and I slowly, carefully began to move with her—together, mated as one—man and woman in concert. The reality of it set in. Evie and I were fucking!

But in my head I still saw that much larger cock sliding between her soft folds. She and her lover were fucking, too. And as I looked up at her face. her smile told me it must be fantastic. Their fucking was so intense I could almost feel it myself. It was almost as if I were part of her, feeling her pleasure and the excitement…

My mouth found her bouncing breasts, pulled in her nipple again. I tasted her milk. I could hear her moans and groans, feel her hands clutching my head, pulling me harder against her large breast as another of her orgasms began to build.

She could hear his grunts and feel how he filled her up, how it felt as his cock head hit her cervix and so it seemed, could I.

More than just vicariously experiencing what was happening to her, I seemed to have become part of it, of her. I could see, hear and feel it all as she fucked a cock that was so in contrast to my pale little one. Strangely, her gyrations and trembling were almost as if they were my own. I could feel the building pleasure, how it hurt, but how it hurt in a really good way, in a fantastic and all consuming way. I felt it all so intensely as if it was my own.

I was becoming part of both of us, part of both sexual events. In both worlds—the real and fantasy, I was in a sort of hyper intimacy. And I was hyper turned on!

And then in my head I saw that huge cock, which barely fit inside her, stop thrusting. Evie, stopped moving too and a moment later, began to tremble. I heard animal-like male grunts and groans and then my wife’s whimper. I saw the balls of that cock begin to contract and then I heard my Evie gasp. I almost cried along with her from the ecstasy of it all as that huge cock unloaded in her.

Then as if I had dreamed it into being, Evie reached the grand finale with me in the physical world. She slammed herself down one last time and held herself there, locking me inside her as far as my meager few inches reached, keeping me still while she let out a low guttural growl. In the real physical world, my sweet love suddenly clutched my chest, and dug her nails into me as she began to twitch and jerk—to cum over and over again.

And then I came too.

+ + + + + + + + + +

Section 12

WE lay there a long time catching our breath, snuggled in a loving embrace. Her thoughts I didn’t know of course, but mine? I guess I knew them, but I honestly didn’t understand them. Not at all. They were so jumbled. That shifting point of view, how I seemed to live the experience in my fantasy and reality at the same time as well as from her point of view, was more than just weird.

As my hands wandered lovingly over Evie’s back, I was feeling confused, but also rather content. I was tired to the bone but also so exhilarated.

Evie sighed, interrupting my swirling brain, then very carefully slid off me and sat up. Even in the dim light of our bedroom I saw her smile. Then she bent down and gave me a gentle kiss. “I love you honey,” she whispered. “And I hope you didn’t hurt yourself, but I gotta tell you. You were fantastic!”

She sat back and stretched her arms up. Her full breasts wobbled a bit, the thick nips still erect with a single drop of milk, fully formed and translucently white, ready to drip off of the left one. Sexy as hell!

My Evie sighed again. “I don’t know how or why, sweetheart, but that was the best sex ever!” She giggled. “I’ll let you do that anytime you want.” Then she looked serious. “You didn’t hurt yourself, did you?”

I smiled and gently pulled her back down and gave her a kiss. “No. I’m fine. My back is fine. I’m feeling totally fine!” I said. Then I added as smugly as I could, “And yeah I was pretty amned good, wasn’t I?”

She giggled yet again, and gave my cheek a touch with her lips. Then we just went back to quietly snuggling though my brain continued to churn. Tyrell had planted the seed of the idea and my subconscious had grown and merged it with another and this was the result. I couldn’t get over it.

I was so turned on imagining Evie fucking somebody else! Not jealous at all, just so turned on that I just fucked her better than ever.

Was it because of fantasizing that it was another man’s cock fucking her? Or maybe because it was a much bigger one she was enjoying so much?

Or damn! Was it because I had imagined it being a big black one? Yeah. Maybe, I thought. At least I knew that whether intentionally or not, Tyrell had put that thought of sharing Evie with a black man into my brain.

Evie let out a long breath and stretched again, then lay back against me and began to run her hands slowly up and down my side, then across my chest. I turned my head to look at her and she gave me one of her light playful giggles. I never get tired of hearing those.

“You know I’m a bit of a slut, right? At least sometimes,” she whispered.

I grinned. “Actually not nearly as much or as often as I’d like.”

She playfully tweaked my nipple. “Yeah? Well be careful what you wish for mister!”

“Anything you want, I do too?” I asked playfully.

She giggled for the millionth time and it made me smile like always. “Absolutely. And vice versa,” she whispered.

“Oh really? But what,” I asked, trying not to laugh, “do you suppose I might ever want?”

I felt her lips brush mine, the bed shift as she sat up. “Lights up,” she said to the room and the night setting went from dim to not quite so dim. Now I could really see her big smile, the playful gleam in her eye.

She stretched once, then again making her breasts bob and jiggle enticingly. “These?” she asked with such a playful look my brain started shutting down.

“Always,” I whispered as I sat up, nuzzled her neck, then settled my arm around her waist and pulled her down next to me again.

Section 13

She let out an exaggerated sigh and then in her sultriest voice she said, “You know, I’m trying to let you know that I’m still worked up and wouldn’t mind a bit more relief, but in a different way if you know what I mean.”

She pulled back from my embrace a little. “Of course, since I’m not as slutty as you’d like, maybe you’d rather I find somebody else to—”

Our attitude was summed up in our sort of motto—‘Anything you want, I do too my love’. We said it because we believed it, wanted it to be true and had since day one. So as I pulled her back to me and kissed her to interrupt her comment, that’s what I was thinking. She wanted it, so I did too. Besides, my back still seemed pretty good at the moment so why not indulge in our other secret taboo?


She laughed, “You sure?”

“Well, I think I can handle it if you’re gentle with me,” I whispered. Then I pulled on her arms, helping her to crawl back on top again and maneuver onto my chest. My arms slid under her legs and helped her scoot up the last little bit. I felt her juices smearing my chin and stuck my tongue into her as she slid over my lips. She giggled again then wiggled around a little, teasingly, before she rose up so I could adjust my position under her a little bit. Then, as usual, she eased herself down so my mouth met her clit.

She twitched a little then sighed as I began to do my thing—my mouth making love to her sloppy wet cunt. From time to time she wiggled on me as my ministrations brought forth a trickle of her juices. As I eagerly drove my tongue inside her, lovingly sucked her engorged clit that wiggling became more and more intense, the trickle from her opening more like a stream until suddenly she whimpered and clenched, brought her knees hard against my head and squeezed me tightly as she spasmed, once, then twice, letting out a flood of juices that I could barely keep up with.

We both held still for a moment, then she slowly lifted off me, gasping for more air just like I was.

“Okay. Not bad,” she said still gulping her breath. “But please sir. Can I have some more?" she said in a sexy whisper, misquoting the line from Oliver. I love how she spontaneously comes up with stuff like that, makes comments off the cuff, but before I could comment she had slowly settled onto me again, allowing, as she well knew, my still eager tongue to drag between her folds again.

So I just gave her a hard deep lick in response and she shuddered, then shuddered again as I went back to licking her gently, but deeply. I think we both probably sighed more than once as she moved sinuously in lazy circles, sliding her cum dripping cunt over my open mouth.

As usual, my tongue caressing her softness, sliding up and down her petals, slippping inside and out of her slit, soon had her moaning softly. Each time it grazed her clit she also gasped, and as I sped up my ministrations her moans and gasps became almost continuous.

Moments later her thighs clenched again and I felt her pelvis twitching harder and harder against my mouth, then her hands joined her thighs to hold me even tighter as she reached the edge. She seemed to teeter there forever. Then suddenly she cried out and jerked hard once in a grand finale, a very loud and hard orgasmic spasm—a huge eruption of fluid!

I gagged, I coughed, I almost drowned.

I loved it.

And I loved the soothing warmness settling inside me too—the feeling of doing a job really well, as her gasps turned to deep contented sighs. More soothing still when her fingers tangled in my hair, her hands firmly grasped and held my face right where she wanted it.

I went back to gently licking and probing her most sensitive places—to using my tongue in our favorite way. My sexy Evie and I weren’t quite done, might not be for awhile.

Life with Evie can be exhausting, but I really love loving her.

|+ * + * + * + * + * + * + * + * + * + * +

Later that week ~

I hadn’t seen Tyrell for a couple of days, but he hadn’t been out of my mind. I kept wondering how he was doing and once or twice who he might be doing. I am such a funny guy.

Section 14

I had also thought about the idea he had planted in my head, probably by accident I thought, but mostly I had been wondering about how he was doing in his new jobs. I remembered that he was working at the gym on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons three to six, so when Evie went off to see her sister Felicia the following Tuesday. I decided to make a quick visit to the Lakeside.

I wasn’t a member and had never been there nor even knew the lady who owned it, but the ads were everywhere. The main part was inside a large converted old country-style barn, but they also advertised with pictures of some outside areas too—a track, hiking trail through the woods, an obstacle course and a pool.

He saw me first, almost as if her were expecting me. He was just sitting on the pommel horse, but got off right away as I stepped inside. The place wasn’t busy, just a few people working individually and one small class doing what I thought was probably yoga.

It didn’t look like he was part of any of it.

“Hey Dave!” he called to me. “Glad you could stop by. Good timing too, I’m on the clock, but my clients are late today.”

I walked over to him and shook his hand. “I thought I’d finally stop by and see how you were doin’.”

“I’m good, real good. And I’ve been thinking about you. Been meaning to stop by, but new jobs and all… Anyway, I’d like to see what we can do to help your back. Need to assess you a bit first, though. You up for that right now? Works good for me if you are.”

“Okay,” I heard myself say.

Then suddenly he was taking me through some range of motion stuff and frowning. I knew I hadn’t done well.

He looked me in the eye. “Okay. Your back isn’t too good, but I suppose you already knew that. I think we can improve things, but we’ll stick to stretching for now. No weights or running, nothing that could strain your back. We have to protect your joints and especially those vertebrae. We’ll concentrate on loosening and then strengthening your core later.”

He took a few steps to a rack of brochures, grabbed one and held it out to me.

“We’ll use these exercises for a week, maybe ten days—just simple sets of stretching. I think they’ll help get you ready for more advanced work which you need before we do any real core work. And I’d say no to throwin’ any more of them hay bales or doin’ much of anything involving lifting or bending for awhile. A couple of weeks anyway. Maybe three. Okay?”

I found myself nodding in agreement as I took the brochure from his hand. Damn Tyrell. You just naturally took over and I just went along. Is that how you get those wives to play with you, the husbands to agree to it?

I found my voice. “Look Tyrell. I appreciate your interest in helping me, but I can’t stop working the farm and I’m really not in a position to buy a membership right now, either.”

He smiled at me. “Wasn’t suggesting you join anything. Not now anyway. You can do all the things in the brochure at home. Here would be better maybe ‘cuz we have a couple of inversion tables and eventually you should probably use one, but it isn’t necessary. At least not now. As far as the farm. Well you need to be real careful.”

He shrugged. “Of course, like I said, you don’t have to do anything, but you really should. Rest that back until it’s in better shape. Might hurt yourself permanently if you don’t,” he added.

The U of M docs had sorta said the same thing—rest, right before they lectured me on having hope and to keep a positive outlook.

“You come get me if there’s anything you need some strength to do, okay? I’m not much on farmin’ but I’m in pretty good shape. I’d be glad to do them bales if you need to take some more to your cousin again.”

I had no words for such kindness.

I sighed. “Okay. Yeah. I’ll try that and the exercises too. Not really much to do on the farm. Growin’ hay and corn is all. I still have do a little maintenance once and awhile, but I automated a lot so mostly I just watch the monitors—the machinery does the work. Probably can do without delivering any more hay for awhile. Jake is full up now, but if I need any help with anything I’ll remember you offered.”

Section 15

I laughed. “You might be sorry you did, though. On a farm work can be unexpectedly hard. Even Evie’s garden can be a real chore. She got carried away with the plantin’ this year and it’s hard for her to keep it up. Harder for me I thought, but I left that comment unsaid.

“Nothing heavy to lift of course, but all that bendin’?” I shook my head. “Well, it’s pretty difficult her just having a baby and all and for me with my bad back to Help out very much, but we manage.”

“Well, I think I got me some pretty good neighbors,” Tyrell said, “and I ain’t ever been shy of hard work nor of helpin’ out good people. So you tell your wife I’ll be glad to help her with that garden or anything else that needs to be taken care of. Besides, what goes around comes around, right? I can see you helping me out someday.”

“Yeah,” I said, “I’ll keep all that in mind.”

“Good. Now what else you wanna know?”

I blinked. There was something else, but now I couldn’t think of how to broach the subject. My consternation seemed to send him the message.

He chuckled. “You’ve been wondering if I’ve ‘tested out’ what I was telling you. Right?”

I know I blushed.

“Well not yet,” he admitted, “but I might be close. I can tell you about it later if you want.”

Before I could even nod, he continued, “But now I have a question for you. You ask your wife yet about her desires, whether she’d ever consider playing around? I know you said she’d never, but I also think that you’ve never asked her either.”

I’m sure I glared. “Tyrell, I’m not going to ask her anything like that. I know her well enough that I don’t have to. I thought I made that clear.”

“Oh? So you know what fantasies she might have already?”

I didn’t have a response. ‘No’ didn’t have the sound of being the right one somehow, but yes wouldn’t actually be true. Beside then he’d want to know what they were. Maybe mine, too.

“Hey,” he said with a laugh, “I promise you I’m not trying to get into her panties. Seriously, I haven’t even met or seen your lady yet. But even when I do and even if I like what I see and I’m thinking I probably will,” he added with a grin, “I won’t try to. Tyrell’s rule is that he don’t go nowhere he not wanted. Since you obviously don’t want me to go there and you believe she’d never go there anyway, I wouldn’t ever even try to. Though, I hope playful innocent flirting is still allowed.”

I replayed what he had just said in my mind. It had the ring of truth to it. Sort of. I smiled. “Thanks. That’s appreciated too. And a bit of flirting, teasing is okay I suppose unless she doesn’t like it of course,”

“Okay. Good. I’ll try to only flirt nicely then,” he said with another laugh. “But hey. I’m just trying to help out a neighbor, be friends is all, not have a problem. But, I still might be able to help you out in the sex department even though it’s hands off when it comes to your wife.”

Before I could form a response, as usual, he went on. “Look. You have back issues so I’m pretty sure, make that I know, you aren’t performing like you want. Maybe not like she needs, either. Well, I have some ideas on how you can manage that better and I’m willing to share those. No strings attached. Just like any ideas I give you about your back. Okay?”

This time he allowed me a moment to think. “No strings attached, huh?” I asked.

He nodded.

I gave him a nod in return, even a brief smile. “Okay. I hear you. I can always accept or reject an ‘idea’ just like with the back exercises. And thank you for understanding the hands off my wife. That also means no coercing me or her into anything. Right?”

Section 16

He laughed at me again, but nodded and I felt a bit more in charge. I had set a rule and he had agreed to it. And that no strings thing was good.

“Okay,” he said. “I already gave you something for your back. Now the other thing. Go online and checkout Help4Hubby dot com. It’s a website owned by Sheer Fantasy Products in Toledo, Ohio. They sell lingerie and clubwear at a different site, but this one is dedicated to helping a husband take care of his wife’s sexual needs.

They have a store in Toledo I think, but I’m pretty sure you can get everything they have, even the things on sale, for the same price here. They also have books, articles that offer medical advice, free counseling chats, and ideas on how to ‘get’er done’ there, too. You might want to read some of the stuff they have posted.

“Oh, and if you ever want to buy sumpin’ you can get a discount if you use my code. It’s TJ-203 and you can have it sent it to my PO Box if you want to keep it secret. That’s Box 12 at the Summerville Post Office.”

“Really? Damn nice of you, Tye.”

“Hey. I told ya. I’m a neighbor wantin’ to be a friend. And anyway, I get points for every purchase and I’m only up to about 100, but I need 300 plus for what I want to buy next. So you’d be helping me out if you used it!”

I laughed. It felt good to finally be on top of him, so to speak. “So actually you really want me to buy something so you get the credit.”

He laughed with me. “Yeah. That would be good, help me out some.”

“Okay. I’ll take a look later,” I said as I turned to leave.

“They also have links to special interest sites,” he added in a softer voice.

I turned back. “What?” I prompted without thinking.

He grinned. “Well, I know you won’t be interested, but the four I’m partial to are The Cuckold Consultant, Venus Cuckoldress, Hotwife Lifestyle, and BCL which is Black Cock Lovers. But there’re some others, some links to some sites that you might like too. I think they even have a Sex in a Christian Marriage link.”

I was speechless.

He abruptly changed the topic. “So you gonna stop by the Chalet any time soon? Don’t need a membership there, neither,” he said with a smile.

Happy that the topic had changed, I smiled and found my voice again. “I was thinking we’d stop by whenever you think would be best.”

“Great. I’d say any Wednesday evening. We’re usually pretty slow that night.”

“Okay. But it might not be for awhile. We have to manage a sitter for the kids and the baby is nursing still. Evie will have to plan for all that.”

“Yeah. Well okay then. Whenever you can manage it. Let me know before though so I can make up a special meal for you. What do you guys like? Beef, Chicken? Fish or maybe sumpin’ more exotic? Wild caught pheasant maybe? I do that well. Or are you vegetarians?”

I stopped him with a hand up and a smile. “You don’t have to make anything special. Just off the menu is fine. And we’re not vegetarian. I’m a steak and potatoes kinda guy, we both like any kind of chicken. Evie does like duck and pheasant though, but if it isn’t on your regular menu—”

He interrupted. “It is actually. Both, now that I’m there. But sometimes we don’t have it on hand so if you think she wants it, let me know a day ahead of time.

Section 17

I nodded. “I’m sure of it.”

“Okay then. Call me when you’re coming in and I’ll make sure we have it.” Then he pointed to where two ladies were coming into the gym—two very white ladies.

“Sorry,” I have clients to take care of,” he said with a wink. “And I have a really nice sauce to go with both those wild things. The dinner entrees I mean,” he said laughing.“The best time would be six-ish. And whatever you want,” he said with a wink, “I’ll be sure she loves it.”

With that he went to greet the ladies, actually two young, very pretty white girls. Both had on wedding rings and both seemed to me to be practically glowing with anticipation.

Well, damn!

+ + + + + + + + + +

Later that night ~

THAT night after supper, I begged off helping Evie clean up by saying I needed to get off my feet, rest my back for awhile, that I was fighting a really bad headache. I went into the bedroom, but instead of the bed I went to my ergonomic chair in front of my desktop computer.

I logged onto our service provider home page, skipped over our email and went to our internet search window. I typed in

A slow moment later I had it.

Damn, Tyrell hadn’t been kidding.

The site was amazing—at least different than any I had ever seen anyhow. Everything on the site seemed to be directed to helping the heterosexual or bi-sexual male have better sex with his wife or girlfriend(s). There was a link to that thankfully didn’t include an explanation beyond the name for what it was all about, but everything else was for guys like me.

On the home page, under the site’s name banner there was a tag line ~ helping you be a better man by sexually satisfying your wife or lover.

Yeah. This is the place, exactly stuff I wanted to know about!

There were a bunch of topics in a menu format. I scanned through quickly.

A lot of what was on the home page seemed to be about staying ‘sexually fit’, conquering ED, how to stay hard and there was something about making ‘it’ bigger.

I would have to come back to take at look at those later.

I also saw ads and a whole long list of links to suggestions on lingerie, clubwear, potions, lotions, lubes, gifts to turn her on and all sorts of guides on how to get her off—techniques, words to use and fantasies to whisper in her ear and more.

Hmmm, more stuff I’ll have to go explore later.

Female Fantasies ~ what she probably already dreams of.

Section 18

Things a Woman Is Most Likely to Agree To ~ how to implant the desire into her mind

Oh hell yes I was going to read this. All of it!

I saw BDSM and Dom & sub headings which I skipped over No thank you.

Couple Sharing Well maybe, but not now.

Three-somes With Another Woman (FMF or FFM?)

Hmmm… The first line under that was pretty interesting…

‘70-75% of women have a same sex or bisexual tendency. Is your lady one of them?’

I wondered, as I had many times before, just how close Evie had been to her roommates in college. It was before I knew her, but the few times they had gotten together after that when I was around they had seemed pretty chummy, pretty touchy-feely. I had talked myself out of thinking it really meant anything but now… 70-75%? Really?

I saw Swinging ~ Partner Sharing and Swapping and read the first line. ‘A woman will often agree with either of these lifestyle choices if she believes that it will enhance your relationship as a couple and that she holds veto power!’

Also pretty provocative I thought and then there was Cuckolding, Stag-Vixen and Threesomes (MFM) with another man

I couldn’t help reading a bit of this, either. ‘Most women hold the same thoughts on these as they do on swinging and swapping partners: It isn’t acceptable unless… And it’s up to you as her guy to figure out what that unless is if you have an interest in pursuing either or both. Of course, if she’s dominant in your relationship then she has likely already told you what she wants to do and that she expects you to agree.’

All pretty interesting I thought, though I had to admit my interest might be because of the new fantasy I had courtesy of Tyrell.

I wondered if there was also a ‘how to get them to agree’ article too, but then I pushed the thought away. I wasn’t going to ever try to do that to Evie! To me, either. It was only fantasy.

I breezed through Male Performance Enhancers, Like ED pills I bet and Masturbation Toys For Both of You. I hesitated, but then I saw Toys to Get Her Off

I jumped to it, scrolled past the articles on how different toys worked, what they did, how they would help get her, or both of us, off and clicked on the first subheading—Beginners Group

There were all sorts of vibes listed. From bullets and eggs, dongs and dildos, realistic dildos, remote control, thrusters, squirters… Too many for me to browse at the moment. I stopped reading and went to the group below it—Non-vibrating, Realistic Dildos.

In the middle of the page there was a featured Sheer Fantasy Products item.

Her 1st Trio of Studs

‘Whether it’s for the woman who has never had a toy before or just wants to enjoy variety, this trio of realistic looking dildos is perfect!

No batteries needed. With these finely crafted tools, all you need to ‘power’ them is just a deft hand!

Section 19

She can start with the smallest or whichever feels best and over time, ‘graduate’ to a larger size or to using two or even all three at the same time!

Made to look and feel like the real thing, each is complete with veins and balls. The three studs also feature strong flanged-bases so they can stand by themselves (a great feature for use on a chair, the floor, or in the shower)

That also makes them compatible with any cyber lock, vac-u-seal, or 2 or 3 inch ring harnesses.

Use it as a substitute for your man when he isn’t available or plug it onto your favorite harness and become a unicorn for some girl-on-girl play or pegging the hubby.

It’s all up to you and with three different sized studs, small, medium and not so medium, you can no doubt find exactly the right one to fit your needs.

Her 1st Trio of Studs is regularly $49.95, but it’s on sale until the end of the month for just $39.88

And if you act now, for just $19.99 more you can also get our prize-winning XL-10. Nicknamed The Hammer, it provides 10 1/2 insertable thick inches for her ultimate pleasure!

Holy crap! Why in the world would you ever need three dildos. Much less a fourth one that’s this huge?

Suddenly I thought I heard Evie. I searched for the page exit, or a cancel button, but could only see an arrow. I started to panic. How would I ever explain—

I clicked.

Welcome Tyrell! Is this the product you’re interested in?

Oh shit!

I was in total panic mode now. How the fuck do I get off of this damn page?

Then I heard the baby cry and a moment later, Evie walking the other way, away from our bedroom. I breathed easier and started reading again. I had somehow gotten to a shopping cart page.

A personalized one, set up for Tyrell. A message appeared.

Hi Tyrell, We have both Her 1st Trio of Studs and The Hammer in your favorite color(s). Your credits will get you another $5.00 off! Just click Okay and we’ll debit your account and send them right out!

Well, if I ever decide to buy anything, it’s good to know how easy this is.

My eyes found Account History

I shouldn’t but…

I moved the mouse pointer up and clicked. A whole page of transactions flowed by.

Section 20

Holy shit Tyrell. I think you’re one helluva naughty boy!

I started to read through his purchases when suddenly I heard Evie coming down the hall towards the bedroom again.

EXIT was right next to where the pointer was. I clicked it, but the previous page with the cart popped back up. Damn it. How the hell do I get out of this?

I hit the escape key. Nothing happened except for another page popping up—a page of eggs.

I frantically searched the entire screen, clicking on anything that looked like it might close the page or take me out of the site, but I kept hopping from one page of products to another. Finally I found and clicked on another OKAY button, but the mouse jumped again. Several pages seemed to flash by, all too fast to follow and then I was at the shopping cart again

There didn’t seem to be any way off this fucking site! I looked all over the page. I could hear Evie, just outside the door!

The bottom right, DONE?

Yes, I am!

I clicked it with a flourish. There was a flash as the page I was on disappeared and our home page popped up. A window asking for our email password appeared. I breathed with relief just as Evie opened the bedroom door.

She looked at me quizzically as I stood up from my ergo-chair and stretched.

“You okay? I thought you’d be lying down,” she said.

I smiled as innocently as I could. “Headache was worse when I laid down so I got up, sat in the special chair and checked the email. Nothing really there of any importance though and I’m feeling better now so I was getting ready to come down and see if you needed any help.”

“Help?” she asked with a certain grinning look, “Well if you really feel up to giving me some help,” she said as she shrugged out of her top and tossed it over towards the bathroom door. “Maybe there is something,” she added as she unhooked her nursing bra and let it fall to the floor.

She jiggled her full breasts with her hands and grinned rather lasciviously at me “Yeah. Maybe there is. You see, these things still have a bunch of milk left in them. Maybe you could help me out with draining them.” As she stepped towards me she added, “I can rub your neck and temples while you do.”

Who could say no to that?

+ * + * + * + * + * + * + * + * + * + * +

Morning, a few days later ~

I had just finished my breakfast and the kids had gone off to catch the school bus. I figured now was a good time to ask. “Hey Sweetheart. How about if we go out for supper at the Chalet some Wednesday,” I said to Evie.

She gave me a ‘You must be kidding!’ look and then started in on all of the reasons we couldn’t. “Honey. I have too much to do! I have housework and if I get behind it is so hard to catch up. And the kids have to be fed and then watched so they actually complete their homework you know. And the baby’s nursing schedule has to be considered. I just don’t see how we can go out. Maybe after the baby has graduated high school,” she said jokingly.

I sighed my ‘Okay, I get it’ sigh. I had told her a little bit about Tyrell, mentioning in passing that our new neighbor was black and I wondered if that was another reason, maybe the real one, that was making her fight me. Was my thoughtful and fair minded wife actually a bit of a closet bigot?

Section 21

I let it drop, the whole idea nixed—done and over with. It was a disappointment, but not a terrible one and the rest of the day things went okay. I changed out a filter on the tractor, picked some corn for supper, reset and ran the auto irrigation system for the south acres and did some small chores, cleaning up mostly, and all very carefully to keep my back safe.

I had been doing the exercises from the pamphlet Tyrell had given me and even after only a few days, I actually thought my back was better. But ‘careful’ was now in my nature. Kinda like my middle, no make that my first, name now. Still, as careful as I had been, I had worked a long day and I was dog tired and feeling some strain in my back when I went in for supper.

Evie had made spaghetti and the kids outdid themselves eating all of it and making a huge mess on the table and floor. While she washed the dishes I cleaned it up as best I could. Then she went to nurse the baby as I did my exercises. Then we helped with the kid’s homework, watched a bit of TV and got them off to bed. A bit more pickup around the house and finally at 10:30, we decided the day was over. Not even any 11 O’clock News.

And really, who cares I thought as I pulled off my boots and then just flopped onto the bed and headed for dreamland. The world turns with or without us knowing what’s going on and not much effects us here anyway. I had almost arrived to sleepville when I felt Evie tugging on my belt. I roused a little bit and did the minimum to get undressed, then only pulled on my pajama bottoms before weariness overcame me and I fell back on the mattress.

“Honey?” she said as I slowly slipped under the blanket, “You know Helen from the church?”

Of course I did. “Huh, huh,” I murmured as I curled into my sleep position.

“Well, she said she met our neighbor Tyrell Jones at the gym. Said he was quite nice and that people who had been to the Chalet recently all said the food has never been better.”

“Yeah,” I murmured. “No doubt.”

“No doubt?”

I sighed again. We were going to talk.

I slowly rolled over and said, “Yeah. No doubt because Tyrell strikes me as a pretty competent guy at least if it’s about anything he really cares about and cooking and gym stuff are two things high on his like list. At least he says they are.”

Evie was quiet for such a long time, I started to turn back over, but then I stopped. Sometimes it takes her a minute or more to decide how to say something. If I tried to go to sleep now she’d just wake me up in a few…

“So?” I said prodding her to talk, wondering where this was leading. “You have something else?”

Evie looked thoughtful for another moment and I yawned, not holding any of it back.

She smiled. “I’m sorry dear. I know you’re tired and you want to go to sleep. I just wanted to let you know that I think we should go to the Chalet some Wednesday evening. We should go to support Tyrell. He’s our neighbor. Has been for a month and I haven’t even met him yet.”

“Okay,” I said trying to keep the surprise out of my voice. “But this Wednesday we can’t because—”

She waved her hand to halt my words. “Yeah, right. I know, I know,” she said. ”We have a church meeting and another one the following Wednesday. But I was thinking. With a couple of weeks notice we could manage it I think. As it turns out, the last Wednesday of this month would be perfect because that Thursday and Friday the kids have off. Teachers have something.”

“But Evie, if the kids are home—”

She laughed. “No problem. I should be able to get rid of them Wednesday afternoon. I’ll send them to Mandy and Jake’s. I’m sure your cousins will take them. The next two days too. We’ll just pay them back when their baby comes by watching their boys. We could have Wednesday night and both Thursday and Friday all to ourselves.”

“Okay. If you can arrange it that’s great,” I said. I gave another big yawn and she pointed at the mattress. I rolled over, curled up into my normal fetal. I heard her say ‘lights off’ to the room and then she spooned up against my back. I was drifting off again almost right away.

Section 23

Then she whispered, “I’ll have to store up some of my milk in bottles for the baby.”

“Okay. Good,” I slurred. “Whatever you want dear.”

“Does that mean I can buy a new dress?”

“Yeah. Whatever,” I said. “Now can we go to sleep?”

She kissed my neck. “I’ll save some milk for you too,” she purred.”And later maybe reward you for taking me out to such a fancy place too.”

I smiled to myself. I liked the sound of that. Suddenly an idea formed, sleep flitted away. I struggled back around so I could look at her even though the only light was what was coming through the window from the quarter moon.

“How about we treat this as a date?” I offered.

I felt her breath on my face. “Ohh! That sounds kinda romantic,” she said. “Yeah. I like that.” She giggled, “And maybe if you’re really nice to me I’ll even break my ‘I don’t fuck on the first date’ rule.”

“Maybe I will too,” I said.

I briefly thought of asking her what date she did fuck on or how often she had broken the rule in the past, but seriously. After nine goin’ on ten years of marriage did I really want to know? Besides another idea had formed and I knew that I needed to pitch it now. Until I did, sleep would probably be impossible. That’s how my ideas, my best ones anyway, seem to work.

“You know, I have another idea,” I said running my hand down her arm in what I always think of as sensuously. “How about I buy you a present—that brand new dress. Let me pick out whatever I think is a perfect outfit for you.”

She was silent for a moment before she asked, “Can I do the same for you?”

“No. I don’t want a dress, though maybe a new suit would be okay.”

I grinned at my little joke, but Evie just sighed like she does a lot after my comments, so I added, “Okay. Sure. That would be great, though you could just tell me to wear my best.”

She laughed. “No. Not a chance,” she said. “I am not going to go out with you wearing a mixture of awkward colors, a tattered or stained shirt, something really out of style or an outfit where you’ve mixed stripes and checks together.”

Then she added with a smirk, “Again.”

I, at least, chuckled a little at her attempt at humor.

“Okay, I guess,” I said. “You can pick out or buy whatever you think I might look good in and I’ll do the same for you. Deal?”

In the dim light I thought I could see her puzzled look and I knew she must be very intently staring at me, wondering what alternative motive I might have. I was rarely so easy when it came to spending money, especially over clothes. But then she leaned forward and kissed me, “Okay. Deal.”

And with that we curled up into our normal spoon again—her arm around me, her head against my back, and I finally got to go back to sleep.

Section 24

+ * + * + * + * + * + * + * + * + * + * +

Later that week ~

I was pulling out of my driveway, heading for the store when Tyrell came running out of his front door caring a package and waving at me so I stopped and rolled down the window on his side. He ran the whole of his yard, more than a hundred feet, but wasn’t even breathing hard when he reached my truck. “Hey man. How come you didn’t tell me?”

“Tell you?” I said, “Oh! About coming to the Chalet. Yeah. We want to make it the last Wednesday this month if that’s okay. And pheasant will be great if you have it.”

He gave me a funny look then said, “Uh yeah. Sure. No problemo, but what I really wanted to know is why you bought something on Help4Hubby and didn’t tell me. They dinged my account and used up the $5 credit I had, man. You should have let me know you did that.”

I shook my head. “No. I swear Tyrell. I didn’t buy anything. And if I had I would have for sure told you.”

Then I thought of the trouble I had had and how I clicked ‘Okay’ and ‘Done’ to get out of the shopping cart page. Shit.

Suddenly, I was embarrassed as hell. “Oh man,” I groaned. “Maybe I did. I was just looking at products and heard Evie coming so I was trying to log off before she saw and I was having real trouble with that so maybe I did it somehow, but if I did it was done accidently.”

He smiled and shook his head. “Accidently, huh? Well,” he said after thinking about it a moment, “I guess that could happen. I set my account up so I could buy with one click. And they auto match up things like colors and sizes with your pre-selected preferences. Anyway, I did buy something one time by mistake. It was a real fuck up.”

I couldn’t help myself. I asked, “What happened?”

He looked thoughtful again for a moment before he answered. “Well, I wanted to buy this new lady some lingerie. You know, make her happy, put her in my debt, make her more interested in taking me to bed.

Grinning his now familiar Tyrell grin he said, “Anyway, she was a little thing, a size four I think. A 34C at best on top and she liked purple. So I went online and found something purple on one of the linked sites and clicked on it. Two days later it showed up all gift wrapped and when I picked her up for dinner I handed it to her. She got all mushy gooey like. You know how that is.”

He raised his voice an octave, “Oh Tyrell. You got me something! You bought me a gift! That is so sweet Tyrell!”

“Yeah, he added. “She was happy as all shit until she opened it up. The damn outfit was purple alright, but a size eight skirt with a 38D top.”


“Yeah. Damn. I had forgotten. 38D was a previous lady. I had left her size set up in my pre-selects. Anyway, my new lady was kinda pissed, but I said it was their mistake, not mine. Then I took her to a nice place to eat and after that we went shopping and found something that was in her size before we had our little romp. The whole evening was a little more expensive than I wanted, and the bitch turned out to be a hottie who couldn’t fuck but once a night.”

He sighed like he was remembering her fondly. “But she was pretty and a damned energetic slut. I’ll give her that. Nice perky little tits too. And at least I got to have her that night and a few more times until things went all to hell.”

He laughed. “Not one of those situations where the hubby was okay with me fucking his wife. But anyway, I guess I can see how you accidently bought something on my account.

“Damn,” he added, laughing again. “I think I still have that size eight somewhere.”

I laughed with him. “Yeah? Well, maybe I can take it off your hands. Evie loves purple and she’s an eight, though I think she’s bigger than a 38D right now. I’ll have to check first.”

Section 25

Tyrell gave me a look—a raised eyebrow along with his ‘evil grin’ and said. “Yeah okay. Check that out. And let me know if you need my expert opinion on whether she has 38s.”

He laughed yet again. “Sorry. Had to say that, ya know. But about my account. I buy enough from them and I’m always paid up so that makes me a preferred customer. I got me that discount code and I got it setup so I don’t have to fill out credit card BS every time I buy something. But I can see it isn’t a perfect system. I guess you buyin’ by accident really proves that. By accident also explains why you didn’t use my preferred customer code either.”

Then he reached in and put the package on the passenger seat. “So, okay then. Shit does happen, and I hope you buy more stuff so I get my credits back.” He gave a slight wink to go along with his standard grin. “But I’ll need you to pay me back for this before too long, okay?”

“Oh God Tyrell. I’m really, really sorry about this and I’ll write you a check or just give you cash later today! I’ll give you the extra $5 too.”

“Awww man, I’m not in that much of a hurry. Just within a week or two, okay? And you can still use my account. Just let me know if and when you do.”

He started to turn away, but stopped. “By the way, I like what you bought. Pretty much what I would have suggested. I think your wife will love what you got her, too. But let me know, okay?”

I couldn’t quite read his expression. Bemused? One you might use with an inside joke or when you knew something somebody else didn’t? I wasn’t sure. Maybe it was both.

“Yeah. I think they’re a really good choice,” he said again. He gave me another slight wink, “And I’m sure we can work out something if that size eight will fit her.” Then abruptly my neighbor turned and was gone.

I sat a moment thinking about what I may have bought. I wasn’t lying. I really didn’t know. Could be almost anything. But I’d have to wait to find out. I was already late.

I got out and transferred the package to the floor of the back seat. Then I put an old blanket over it. As I headed to the store, I tried not to think about it anymore, but of course it wasn’t easy. But then I was there and through the door heading for the ladies formal wear section where my mind finally jumped to thinking about what my sexy wife might agree to wear.

+ + + + + + + + + +

I had been to Kola’s Department store before, but not on a Saturday nor in the woman’s department. I figured they’d have things separated by style and I’d just look for the sexy dress section. Then I’d quickly find a sales girl who was about Evie’s size and age to help me find exactly the right one. In 20 minutes tops I’d be on my way home.

The crowd of noisy customers shocked me. I squeezed through one bunch after another, looked here and there, but couldn’t find the department I needed. What the heck are Juniors and Misses anyway?

And all the sales women I caught sight of were very busy and also looked rather dowdy—overweight and much older than Evie. I didn’t believe for a second they could help.

So after 15 of those 20 minutes were up, I was ready to give up my aimless wandering—just give up looking and go home. It was hopeless. I would have to get some help from my cousin or even bring Evie back to help me find something so I turned to leave when I was startled from my depressing thoughts by a soft feminine voice, behind me.

“May I help you with something, sir?”

It wasn’t an old croaky voice. In fact, it was not unlike my wife’s. I turned with a happy face, expecting a certain kind of woman—the one I had wanted to find and knew could help me.

My hopes fell along with my happy face. The salesgirl that was looking at me was very short, very skinny and very, very young.

She seemed to understand my quandary instantly. “I know I look young,” she said reading my thoughts, or maybe the look I was giving her, “but I’m actually a manager and have been here almost seven years. If you’ll give me a chance I think I can probably help you.”

What else could I do? “Well, okay. I need a present, something for my wife. A nice dress, black and you know, err, uhh…” How to explain?

Section 26

“Something that will show her off a bit. Real…” I searched for the word. “flashy?”

“Okay,” she said overlooking my discomfort, “And what size does she wear?”

“Uhh, well maybe an eight, but you see… Well,” I stammered, “You see she’s gained some weight and…”

“How tall?”

“Oh. Uhh, about 5’7”

“Okay. That sounds like she might be an eight. But you say she’s put on some weight?”

“Well, not a lot. Just a little bit. And it’s pretty much all in one place. She’s uhhh… Well, she’s filled out a bit, on account of the babies.”

I suddenly discovered that my hands had drifted up to my own chest while I had been trying to explain. I pulled them down abruptly. I could feel the burning in my face as she smiled at me.

“Okay. So you mean her hips and waist aren’t as big as her top?”

My face was still burning as I gave her a nod.

“I think I understand. You’re looking for a sexy black dress in a size eight, but one with a larger top than the standard. Because she’s had babies,” she added, smiling. “May I ask if she’s breast feeding them now?”

I could just barely nod again. “One of them,” I added unnecessarily.” Oh damn! At least I hadn’t added ‘and me.’

“Okay. Do you happen to know her nursing bra size now?”

“38,” I managed to get out. “I think.”

She looked thoughtful. “Okay. Cup? That is, her cup size now.”

“D. I mean Double D.”

“Hmmm,” she said. “Alright. So looking for a bit or a lot of cleavage?”

I didn’t know how to answer.

“I mean,” she said after an awkward moment of my silence, “do you want her to show a modest amount or lots of it?”

I guess my blushing must have given her the answer, or maybe her experience was that most husbands want to buy their wives slutty outfits. I dunno, but she suddenly nodded and said, “Okay. I think I know what you’re looking for. Follow me and let’s see if I’m right.”

Section 27

Then she led me right to a collection of clingy low cut black dresses. After a moment of looking through them she pulled one off the rack and held it up.

“This one the kind you’re looking for?” she asked.

I smiled. It was pretty much exactly what I was looking for and I practically yanked it from her.

“Thank you,” I said with relief. “It’s perfect. I’ll take it,” I said.

I turned to go. I really needed to get out of there.

She laughed, reached around me and pulled it back out of my hand. “Good. Glad you approve, but you can’t take it right now, I’m afraid.”

“I can’t?”

“No. As it is, it won’t fit her. We’ll have to alter it a bit first.”

I was at a loss. I needed it in four, no five days. “How long will that take? I mean do you really have to alter it? It looks great as it is and I need it for a special occasion next week, Wednesday night.”

She gave me a shy smile, “Well, from what you told me, she’s rather larger on top than an average size eight. That is her size, right? And she’s a 38 double D? You know that for sure?”

I nodded.

“Eights in this dress are made for maybe a 35 or 36C cup. This particular dress is also very low cut in front so it just won’t work unless we accommodate her larger bust. We don’t want any accidents, right?”

I died.

She didn’t seem to notice.

“Also, you said she’s still nursing so we need to make sure her nursing bra will fit under it. Ideally we’d have her here to custom fit it, but since it’s a present we’ll make an educated guess. Okay?”

“Okay,” I said in a hoarse whisper.”

“Good. And actually,” she said looking at the inside of the dress. “I think we can fit in a removable pad that will work if she doesn’t already have a nursing bra for dresses like this one. Even a normal size breast can fall out of this if she isn’t careful and you wouldn’t want that to happen, right?

Can you die twice? I think I might have.

“But I think we can fix it so it’s not likely to happen,” she said to herself, “Yes, I think we can do that.”

She looked up at me with a playful grin that didn’t seem to fit her innocent face, “Yeah. I’m sure we can and I’m pretty sure you’ll really like the results. You can have it in two days, Monday. Just go to the pick-up counter.”

Section 28

I must have nodded and given her my credit card and name, but I barely remember it. All I wanted to do was get the hell outta there.

+ * + * + * + * + * + * + * + * + * + * +

The following Wednesday night ~

THE kids were gone off to see their cousins by the time I was done in the fields. Right off I suggested to Evie that we take a shower together, but she laughed and said, “Before our date? Why sir I hardly know you!”

So as she went to the bathroom by herself, I got the dress from the closet I laid it out on the bed and just took a minute to look at. To me, it was absolutely gorgeous—silky, soft, and black with silver threads running through it. Not that I’m an expert on women’s fashion, but I do know what I like! And to me it was a damn sexy dress, with an understated elegance about it, if that makes any sense to you, that would look fantastic on my wife. I figured it was well worth the price in money and embarrassment I had paid.

I also thought that the silver necklace and earring set her mother had left her would go perfectly with it so I got those from her jewelry box and set them out next to the dress. I stood another moment admiring my choices. My job was done. Shoes, nylons and whatever else she might need were all hers to choose.

I heard the bathroom door open and turned. My ‘date’ came out of the bathroom with only a towel wrapped around her. I grinned as I stepped towards her and casually mentioned, “There’s a little something for you on the bed.”

She smiled and her lips brushed mine in passing as she let the towel drop.

Naked. Beautifully naked. My heart seemed to jump and I was suddenly very interested in something other than going to supper.

She took two whole steps past me before I had my arms around her and her nipples in the palms of my hands.

Laughing, she twisted out of my embrace and gave me a push. “Your outfit is a new suit. It’s in the closet. Now go get your shower while I get dressed in whatever dress you bought and then get made up so you’ll be proud to be seen with me.”

Actually, the truth was I would have been proud no matter what she wore, even if only a towel. Especially if only in a towel!

She gave me another push towards the door.

+ + + + + + + + + +

WHEN I came out of the bathroom ten minutes later she was just standing there by the bed. The towel was still wrapped around her too. I started to ask her why, but she held up her hand fast. That’s the gesture that means ‘shut the fuck up!’

I waited patiently for what seemed like forever before she turned to look at me, that is glared at me. “Damnit Dave. You said you had a little something for me? Well, it’s little alright. Waaaaay too little!”

Then she picked up the dress in a wad and shook it at me. “This won’t fit! Not even close” she shouted.

“But honey it’s your size.”

“Ha! It might say it is, but it’s too short. No woman my age would wear a dress that short! And anyway, it’s too small on top. If I can even manage to squeeze into it I’ll probably fall out the first time I bend just to take a bite of my dinner!”

I smiled. “Well, that would make the night a bit more interesting.”

Section 29

She swatted at me with the dress. “No. I’m serious. I cannot wear this!”

“But sweetheart, they altered it so it would fit you. They said it would accommodate your 38DDs and they put in some sort of pad because you’re nursing.”

She glared. “I need a 40!”

I blinked. “You do?”

She let out an exasperated breath and continued to glare. “Well, I think I would in this dress. Just look at it! Who made it, Slutwear?”

I tried not to, but couldn’t help it. I laughed. “Well you said you were slutty so I naturally thought—”

“No! You did not think! At least not with your larger head,” she cried.

Sometimes I joke around too much.

And then I thought I saw a tear. Like most guys I hadn’t a clue what to do or say to her next so I just stood there like any other guy—clueless.

Evie shook her head and said, “Do you know how I will look, what people will say if they see me in a dress like this?”.

“Maybe that you’re a celeb? A beautiful movie star slumming it a bit in the farmlands of Michigan?” I offered.

She gave me a small smile.

And sometimes my jokes work okay.

“Actually, sweetheart,” I said, now that I was on a roll, “they will most likely say that I’m the luckiest guy in the whole world to be by your side.”

When she didn’t reply, didn’t give me the smile I thought I deserved for such a nice line, I did something smart. I stepped forward and pulled her into a hug. “I love you Evie and would love it if you’d wear this, at least tried it on, but if you really hate it…”

I don’t know how long we stayed like that, but finally with a sniff she pushed away from our embrace. “Okay. I’ll try it on for you, but if I hate it, and I know I will…”

“Then you don’t have to wear it, of course,” I finished, as I went to the closet to get my new outfit—a black suit with subtle thin white lines and a white shirt with faint grey patterns. I remembered she had told me to wear my black and silver tie with it so I pulled it out. “You know, I said, “I think you made a good suggestion about the tie. This will really look good with the suit you bought me and also…” I hesitated but then added, “Pretty good with your sexy dress too, I think.”

Evie didn’t respond. Oh well.

I took my clothes into the bathroom and quickly got ready, wondering all the while which of her dresses she had decided on. I was just finishing up, shrugging my shoulders to seat my jacket as I came back into the bedroom, to ask her if she was all ready to go. I halted just two steps past the doorway and just stared.

Evie was moving slowly in front of the full length mirror, checking herself out from every angle, wearing the new dress. I was more than just surprised. I had been sure she would still be fussing, still be smoldering mad at me, but she wasn’t acting like it. So wrong again, Dave.

Section 30

But I had gotten one thing right. She looked amazing. The dress flowed in a very sexy way as she turned this way and that. It also barely concealed her swollen breasts. I thought I even maybe got a glimpse of her dark areolas as she moved slowly in front of the mirror, but the bump from her nipples was damned obvious and it made my heart race even more.

The dress also ended well above her knees, showing off her great legs and a bit of her firm thighs. Okay, maybe they’re not quite as firm as when we were first married, but damn. They were still sexy as hell to me.

I couldn’t help myself. I quickly went to her, put my arms around her from behind, then kissed her neck. “The dress looks great on you,” I said almost breathlessly.

She shook her head, “No it doesn’t. I look awful in it. Like a slut.”

I took a breath. “Honestly I’ve never seen you look sexier, babe.”

She gave me a look in the mirror that bordered on murderous.

I tried again, “Seriously. You look really hot in it.”

“Actually, an inch one way or another and I won’t be in it at all!” she grumped.

I gave her a squeeze. “They altered it so that won’t happen.”

She shook her head again, harder this time and sniffed back a tear. “I’m sorry dear, but I can’t. It just shows too much.”

Oh well. It was worth a shot.

I slowly let go of her and stepped towards her closet. “Okay. I understand, dear. So what do you want to wear?”

She continued to sway, moving her hands over the dress, touching her breasts and straighten the imaginary ‘problems’ and of course sucking her lower lip. She was thinking and I let her be. It does take her awhile sometimes to make a decision just like it does to find the wording she wants.

Finally, she stopped looking in the mirror and looked over at me, but thankfully not with a frown. In fact, she gave me a bright smile.

“I’ve decided I’d like to wear the dress you bought me. It is very pretty. I love the way the silver threads sparkle and it does go well with my mom’s jewelry and also the new suit I bought for you.

“But I will need a cover up,” she added with a sigh. “Get one of my shawls out of the dresser. I think the black one with the red and fuchsia flowers will work.”

I was momentarily stunned, but only momentarily. I was a husband who had been married to his wife for almost ten years. I was getting used to my wife’s change of … Well, of heart and mind both.


Section 31

THE Chalet was pretty much as advertised, a classy place even though it had started out life as a barn. There were plantings of flowers and shrubbery everywhere outside and inside too along with paintings of rural America—fields and towns, horses and wagons. And it had valet parking, a coat check girl and a tuxedoed maître d'—actually called a Maître d’hôtel according to Evie.

He smiled at me when I gave him our names and he raised an eyebrow as he took in Evie. Thankfully she didn’t notice. As her husband, I didn’t take it as disapproval, but she probably would have.

As he led us across the lobby, Evie clutched her purse and pulled the shawl tightly around herself and I grinned at every guy who checked her out.

Our reserved table was nestled between some small trees—honest to god real trees in large pots! A few feet away a large timber column rose 20 feet or more to a balcony. But we had an unobstructed view of most of the restaurant and the open area—a wooden dance floor polished to high sheen. Beyond that was a raised stage with a grand piano and a set up for a multi-piece band.

Live music too? Damn!

I knew how much Evie loved to dance. She had even studied jazz and tap and had told me how in college she and her girlfriends would go out to dances as a group, just to tease the boys. I had visions of her wiggling and jigging through the Macarena—a spectator dance if ever there was one!

I also knew she was good, at least probably was, though I was an almost total failure in that ability myself, only managing to slow dance with her without stepping on her toes. Usually.

Athletic things had always come easy to me, but I’m just not coordinated for dancing. Never have been. Though I’ve sincerely wanted to be and have tried. For Evie’s sake, a long time ago I had even agreed to take some lessons in ballroom dancing with her. After four or five embarrassing and rather torturous lessons later though, she suggested we stop. She got it. I would never be a dancer, at least not one she’d want to be out on the floor with.

I held the chair for Evie and barely a moment after I sat down myself, a waitress was there putting menus in front of us, asking for our drink orders.

I said without consulting my wife, “Coffee with cream and sugar for me. The lady shall have ice water with a slice of lemon.”

I looked over at my wife who was straining this way and that, taking in the whole of the surroundings. She looked magnificent I thought.

“Well? What do think?” I asked.

Without looking at me she said, “Ice water is good.”

I laughed and she turned back to me and gave me that smile I can’t get enough of. The one that I think and hope means she’s glad she married me.

“It’s beautiful here,” she said. “And you say Tyrell will make us a special dinner?”

“Well, Yeah. Though I guess I’d better tell our waitress we’re here. He wanted to know when we arrived so he could come out and say hi.”

Suddenly our waitress was back with our drinks. Evie spoke up, “What’s your name?”

The girl was impossibly young, impossibly thin and impossibly pale. Even before she started looking frantically all over her shirt, her blush hit. Starting at her forehead it quickly passed down her neck, and I could only imagine how far south. Her face was scarlet before she uttered a word. Even her arms were pink.

“Oh, god. I am so sorry I forgot my name tag.” She giggled, “Not the first time either.”

She stood there not saying anything until Evie cleared her throat

Section 32

“Oh! My name is Clairella,” she said in a rush. “But you can just call me Clair if you’d like.”

“Okay,” my wife said, trying to hide what I knew was a grin. “Pretty name, Clairella,” she added, “So Clair, we’re supposed to let our friend Tyrell know when we arrive. He’s the head Chef. Could you take care of that please?”

The girl’s eyes went wide as she looked over my wife, then gave me a quick glance. “You’re a friend of his?” she asked Evie almost cautiously.

“Well neighbors, anyway,” my wife said, still smiling at her.”ThoughI’ve never met him.”

Clair laughed. “Oh. Well. Okay then. I’ll let him know right away.”

Then she was off, quickly wending her way through the tables. Evie said, “Was that kind of a weird response?”

I shrugged. “Who knows? I can barely believe she’s old enough to serve coffee. I have no idea what her age group thinks or what they might mean when they reply to anything.”

Evie laughed. “Yeah. I know. Right?”

I added in my smartass way, “You know for a moment there, I wasn’t sure if the little dingy knew her own name.”

My wife, bless her heart, actually laughed with me, but then added “Now be nice, dear. I doubt she’s actually dingy if she’s working at the best restaurant we have around here.”

A still smiling Clair was back in only a few minutes and with a whole fresh pot of fresh coffee for me this time, another ice water with lemon for Evie and a warming basket with a variety of freshly baked breads.

“Tyrell will be here in a few minutes to talk to you about your dinners,” she said, with a big smile. “In the meantime I’ll make sure you get some bread and drinks.”

She stood there a long moment looking down with a puzzled look at what she had just set down on the table. “Oh. I already got those, didn’t I?”

I couldn’t help it. I mouthed ‘dingy’ to Evie.

Clair stared down another second, then shook her head before looking at Evie.

“Yes,” my gracious wife said, “You did. Thank you.”

Claire giggled and blushed again. “Right. I did.”

She said looking lost for a moment, then blinked and said, “Oh and you’re welcome,” before turning to leave. Two steps away from our table she turned back to us and added, “I’ll be back to check on you again soon.”

Then she was gone again leaving both Evie and me trying desperately not to laugh.

+ + + + + + + + + +

Section 34

IT wasn’t a moment later that I saw Tyrell striding towards us. In his white on white uniform complete with the traditional Chef’s hat he was also pretty hard to miss. But just in case somebody might miss seeing the only black man for miles around, he was being what I expected—Mr. Friendly, waiving and talking to everybody, stopping to chat a second or two every now and again to the wait staff and patrons both. But always then continuing towards us with a grin and a waive.

Evie saw me studying something behind her. “What?”

I laughed. “Our neighbor. Making his entrance.”

Just as she turned to see, he arrived. His eyes lit up when he saw Evie. I thought he stood up a little taller, squared his shoulders and smiled a bit more than was actually necessary, too.

“I thought you said you were going to bring your wife, not your daughter,” he said smoothly.

My wife was speechless, maybe startled or maybe in awe. I’m not sure which, but before either of us could offer a response, he reached down and took her hand in his. Then he grinned at me a brief moment before leaning down and lightly kissing it. “It will be my pleasure to serve you, beautiful lady,” he said in a hoarse whisper.

Evie blushed. She looked away embarrassed, then back to him, but didn’t pull her hand from his. He straightened up and looked down at her. I’m sure, though it may have been at her eyes at first, where he was intently looking next was straight down her abundant cleavage.

Then he seemed to remember he had promised me good behavior—sort of. He looked back into her eyes and smiled even wider, “May I suggest for your dinner, you let me prepare my Wild Pheasant in a Porcini Mushroom and Wine Sauce? I assure you that it is extremely aromatic and flavorful. Some say that when their plate is bare they shed a tear from the loss.”

It was, on reflection, a bit corny. But I have to admit Evie was grinning. And somehow he made the thought of eating a poor dead bird pretty damn sexual.

Evie giggled. “Oh that sounds wonderful!” she said, in an overdone girlish-giggly voice I thought.

And as she giggled she shifted around in her seat. He glanced down again and I’m sure he saw what I did—at least a hint of her dark areolas. For some reason it turned me on to know that he had.

“And the side I would recommend for you can only be my Queen Marcella inspired, marinated and grilled asparagus and of course my own version of the Martha’s Vineyard’s seasoned red potatoes.”

Evie seemed to hang on his every word. “Oh,” she said breathlessly. “It sounds perfect.”

Then he bent and kissed her hand again. “I will make sure of it.”

I cleared my throat. Tyrell retained eye contact with my wife another moment before looking my way.

“And for me?” I prompted.

He blinked. “Why the Porter House, of course!” He looked up as if he were deep in thought, though I’m sure he’d already decided. “Yes. Porter, medium rare accompanied with wild rice and Portobello mushrooms in an Espagnole.”

He looked back at me and stage whispered, “Actually, it’s au jous thickened slightly with herbs and arrow root, but the Chalet likes the French term. You know it’s one of the five, classic mother sauces of French cuisine. Much better than something bland sounding and American.”

He laughed. “I think the asparagus for you as well. Long, firm, and browned up a bit, it will, I am sure, greatly please. Sound good?” he asked with a wink.

I found myself smiling. He was still being ridiculously corny I thought, though I imagined the sexual innuendo was mostly for my benefit. At any rate, my lovely Evie apparently loved it all so I smiled and said, “Yeah. That sounds perfect Tye. But maybe some salads too?” I asked.

Section 35

“Of course. A garden salad with house spiced tomato dressing on the side for you. And for you, the beautiful one,” he said turning back to Evie, “It must also be a garden salad but with the Golden Italian dressing of my own creation. It will compliment the pheasant which reminds me. Wine. Red Zinfedel or a Cabernet. This dinner demands it.” He said.

Evie giggled. “Dave is more a beer kinda guy and I tend towards white—”

He interrupted. “No. Pheasant needs the red. And the steak does well by it also. I will have Clairella bring you several to choose from.”

For a moment, they were looking into each other’s eyes in a certain way…

Then my Evie broke eye contact and immediately Tyrell let go of her hand and said to me, “I’ll try and have both meals finished and served at the same time, but your steak will take mere moments whereas the pheasant must be prepared with extreme care—served in its own juices at just the right moment when all the subtle but mouth watering flavors are perfect.”

“I’m sure it will be fine,” I said.

He nodded, gave one last smile to my wife, took another peak down her front I thought, and then walked away.

“Oh my,” she said. “He’s…”

“Something?” I offered,

She blushed. “Uhh… Yeah, something.”

Just then a piano started playing, giving background to the feast we were about to enjoy.

+ + + + + + + + + +

Forty-five minutes later I was feeling pretty damned good. The Porter House had been perfect and I thought the red wine had been too. And I couldn’t help but grin watching my Evie swoon over her own meal.

“Oh my God this is good,” she kept saying between mouthfuls. After a couple of minutes more of just stuffing ourselves, she finally took a deep breath and sat back. “Oh sweety, you have to have a bite. I can’t eat it all anyway.”

“What?” I said playfully, “If you could, you wouldn’t offer me any?”

Laughing she shook her head, “No. Probably not!”

But then she leaned across the table with a fork of dark wet meat for me. “I expect some of your meat in exchange,” she said with an almost, but not quite straight face.

For the next few minutes we enjoyed feeding each other and making goo goo eyes at each other too. This night was getting pretty perfect and promising to be more so later, I thought.

The pianist finished her part of the gig and we sat watching the 5-piece band finish setting up. The red wine ran out and I snuck Evie’s water.

Just as the band began to play, Clair was back to ask us if we needed anything. “Maybe doggie bags,” my lovely one said. “And more coffee later,” I added.

Section 36

Evie gave her a devilish grin. “Actually, Clair. Could you find a bartender and see if they can make me up something fruity with rum?” she asked.

As Clair ran off to do her bidding, I scooted my chair next to hers and she leaned her head on my shoulder. Another hour went by as we sat like that and enjoyed sipping our drinks while listening to the band play.

“Another drink” asked Clair from behind us. I started to waive her off but my wife held up a finger.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

She grinned, “You’re driving so yeah,” she said as she gave me a quick kiss. “We never get out so I want to make the most of it. And the baby has enough uncontaminated milk ‘til this is through my system,” she said downing the last of her drink. She leaned towards me, “Actually, I wanted two more. At least.”

She laughed, “Well when do we ever get to go out or me to have a drink. The baby is set for a couple of days and I doubt if you’d mind if my milk makes you even happier than usual, right?”

She stood up and laughed at me as I turned pink. “But one more will work. Just don’t drink it while I’m gone,” she said with another laugh. Like that would happen. She knows I’m not a drinker, especially of rum.

“Right now I need to go let out the previous one.”

Fifteen or twenty minutes later she was just finishing off her second rum-something of the evening, when Clair showed up with fresh coffee for me. “Are you staying for awhile to enjoy the band?” she asked.

Before Evie could answer I did. “Yeah. We love live music. And go ahead and bring my wife another drink. We’ll stay awhile.”

“Really?” Evie asked.

I nodded. “Like you said, “It’s a special night and I’m driving. So why not?”

“Okay,” Clair said. “I’ll get it and then do you want to pay your bill?”

“Yeah. I don’t think we’ll need anything else after that,” I said as I handed her my credit card. Bring me the receipt?”

She grinned at me. “Of course and thank you sir.”

I grimaced. ‘Sir?’ That was my dad’s title and he’d been gone a long time. Damn. Did she see me as that old?

“If you want anything more from the bar though,” she added not seeming to notice my reaction to her words, “you’ll have to go up and order it direct,”

“No worries,” I sighed.

A minute or two later Evie had her third drink and I, the receipt. I didn’t even look at it. Why spoil the evening? We just sat and listened to the music for awhile, enjoying our rare down time, until Evie had finished her third rum-whatever and started to yawn. Somewhere a clock chimed 12 times. Maybe it was time to call it a night.

Before the last echo had faded, the lights went low and over a subdued PA system a woman’s voice said, “The kitchen is now closed, but please feel free to stay and enjoy the music. Dance until we close at 2AM if you’d like. However, last call on alcohol is 1:30, per city ordinance.”

Section 37

“Oh. Honey can I have just one more of these?” Evie asked holding up her glass.

She was already looking a bit inebriated I thought, maybe even swaying a little just sitting there. Three is a bit over her limit, especially since we started having kids.


“I’m on it,” a deep voice said from behind us.

We both turned. Tyrell was motioning to somebody and pointing as Evie’s upheld glass.

She giggled, “Thank you kind sir. I think my husband thinks I’m overdoing it.”

“Well, so what if you are?” he asked. “I bet he’s driving, right?”

“Oh my god yes! That’s exactly what I said to him too.” She laughed hard and blew me a kiss.

Suddenly a waiter appeared almost magically with a glass for her. She accepted it and took more than a tiny sip before turning to Tyrell. “Oh yes. Thank you so much Tyrell. And the meal,” she said with a faux swoon. “Absolutely to die for!”

He leaned over her, took her hand and did a repeat of that silly-ass kissing it thing as she giggled.

“I am so glad that I pleased you.”

“Oh yes,” she gushed. “Didn’t we just love all of it?” she said, briefly glancing at me.

“Yeah,” I agreed. “The steak, the pheasant… Everything was perfect.”

He grinned and I noticed he was still holding her hand. “Well, that really does please me. It pleases me very much. Gotta keep my neighbors happy, you know.”

The next song was a kickass rock thing. Evie started to click her finger and do that ‘boppin’ thing girls do, especially ones who have been drinking, when they like the beat.

“So you like it?” he asked. “Hard?”

I blinked. So did Evie, just not as quickly. “What?” she asked.

“The music,” he said as she and I looked at each other. “Hard? You know. Rock?”

“Well yes. We both do, but Evie,” I said. “Well, my wife is quite a dancer so she really loves it.”

“Then you should be dancing!” he decided.

Section 38

Evie shifted in her seat, her cleavage jiggled a bit and we both noticed where Tyrell’s eyes went. I also noticed that he still held her hand.

A blush appeared on her cheek. She quickly took back her hand and covered herself in her wrap. She had also stopped moving to the music.

“I mean it,” he said unabashedly to me. “Your wife has the look of a really good dancer.”

“Uhhh… Well, yeah. I meant it when I said she is.”

“So do it with her bro.”

Evie acquired a deeper blush as she processed his words and I know I might have gone a bit pink myself. “Uhh… I don’t really dance,” I said.

“Oh?” He grinned in a certain way that made me wary. “Well, I think she really needs to dance. Work off those drinks a bit. So if you want, I’d be glad to take care of her for you.”

She looked my way. The blush wasn’t fading, but now she was sucking in her lower lip. I thought I understood her dilemma—her mixed thoughts. She absolutely loved to dance, but she was also a bit worried about me, what I was thinking, although maybe more so about Tyrell and the dress.

“You mean take her for one quick spin around the floor,” I countered.

“Sure,” he said. “That or a longer dance and any kind she wants. You know, whatever would make her happy.”

He winked at me. I know I blushed then, for sure.

Evie looked directly at me, blinked, then and said, “No Sweetee… I don’t nee doo—”

Tyrell tilted his head a bit at me and asked. “What? You don’t like to watch your beautiful sexy wife? You’ve never wanted to see her undulating and writhing to the beat? Never imagined looking on as she fulfilled her need to express herself or dreamed of watching her as she sated her desire, flaunted her talents and abilities in front of you?”

I blushed about as much as I ever had, but Evie seemed to be puzzled, not quite understanding what he had just asked me, much less might have meant by it.

He laughed. “Sorry man. Have to mess with you sometimes.” He turned and held his hand out towards my obviously ‘under the influence’ wife. “Come on, Evie. They only play a couple of fast dances before they go to a slow one and I think this is the second already. How about it? Let’s show these old folks how it’s done.”

Evie blinked a couple of times, then stopped sucking her lip. She might not have followed Tyrell’s banter, but she had made a decision about dancing. Well, maybe. She looked at his hand, then at me in a certain way, a way I knew that said ‘please’, but that I also thought meant, even though she had been drinking, I wasn’t in any trouble at all if I said no. Damn I love this woman!

I exhaled, smiled and then looked at our grinning, probably harmless neighbor. What else could I do? I nodded my yes, then added to Evie, “Anything you want, I do too my love.”

Tyrell gave me a funny look as Evie gave me a big smile and blew me a kiss. “Ditto, sweed-dy,” she said brightly. Then she took a quick gulp—a big one, of her drink before putting it down and placing her tiny hand in Tyrell’s large one.

“Ready Fuhreddy?” she said with a giggle, the inebriated kind. Then she practically jumped up from her chair. “Lez do it!”

Suddenly her eyes went wide and she stumbled a bit and had to grab onto Tye’s arm to steady herself. “Whoa,” she said with a laugh as she stood there swaying. “Let’s try that again.”

Section 39

Tyrell laughed with her and casually took the end of her shawl, pulled it off and rather carelessly dropped it to me. “It will be warm on the dance floor,” he said.

She blinked and shook her head no, but when she reached back for it, he quickly pulled her away and picked up her drink instead. She looked at me, then him, then finally at the drink in his hand. She took a deep breath. I could see the previous drinks were really coming into play.

“You going to be okay dear?” I asked.

“Uv course we bill,” She took a deep breath again that tested the strength of her top, but that also seemed to clear her head a bit. She turned to Tyrell, “Won’t we, hunky dorey?”

“We’ll be fine,” I heard him say to her. “But you might want a bit more of this. Liquid courage. Then we’ll show ‘em.”

She looked at me again and I shrugged. Damn she looked hot. Even intoxicated. And especially without the cover up. My Evie was smokin’!

“Okayaay,” she slurred, downing her drink. She sputtered as it hit her throat wrong and he took the empty glass from her and set it down on the table as she cleared her throat.


She nodded. “Okaaay. I thing iz all good,” she said as she took a really deep breath that stretched the top of her dress even more dangerously. “Let’s go. I wanna go do it widyou Tyreel. Doit reeel good.”

My sweetheart took one unsteady step then froze. She processes words somewhat slower when she’s been drinking, but she does process them, especially her own. Now her eyes opened wide and she turned bright red as she realized her unintentional innuendo.

“Yeah. Let’s,” said our grinning neighbor as he pulled her away onto the dance floor.

Seconds later they were dancing. My God, I thought as Evie started to get into it. Even half in the bag, she looks really good dancing. Really, really good!

Soon they had danced into the crowd. I tried to keep an eye on things and as far as I could tell, she wasn’t popping out of her dress. Well, not so far, and he was also keeping his hands to himself too. In fact they weren’t really touching at all. Even though they were somehow moving in a coordinated way, in sync I guess they call it, they weren’t very close together. I relaxed a little.

Watching them I had to admit, they were both good dancers and looked pretty damned good doing it—dancing together, I amended. I looked down at the table. Wine, then three, no four rum drinks with three plus of them in the last hour or two. And Evie hardly ever drank.

Not good I thought as I turned my eyes back to the dance floor.

The music morphed into a slow dance and the floor filled with couples. Evie turned and started to walk back towards the table, but Tyrell took her hand and pulled her into an embrace. I took a breath. His right hand was on her lower back while he held her right hand with his left. I knew it was classic ballroom posture but somehow far sexier in this context—my sexy wife, Evie in the arms of Tyrell, the black stud and hunter for white wives.

He said something to her and she looked like she might have frowned. He said something else and then pulled her closer and began to sort of sway to the slow sensuous beat of the balled. Of course it had to be a Barry White song.

He held her even tighter it seemed to me.

She didn’t resist very much


Section 40



Tyrell was a master. He managed to navigate between the other couples, even twirled her a few times, all without bumping anyone. Then I lost sight of them for awhile. Suddenly the crowd opened up again just as he twirled her, but this time when he brought her back to him her back was against his chest. She leaned back totally dependent on him to keep her from falling and, I realized, also giving him a really good view down her front. I wondered how they were dancing like that, moving together, swaying and… Hell, I dunno. Whatever you might call their move, to me it was sexy as hell.

Then other couples got in the way of my watching them. I leaned this way and that way but only got the occasional view of one or the other of them for awhile. But whenever I did, they were still dancing that way.

Finally, as the song was ending and most of the other couples were leaving the dance floor, I saw both of them in profile. She was still leaning way back against his chest and swaying a little, but now he was saying something into her ear and I could just see the corner of her mouth curled up. Whatever his words, they seemed to have made her happy, not me.

His hands were around her waist, but as I watched, he slid them up until they were just under her breasts. And as the last chord sounded, he pulled her back up right and twirled her around to face him. My breath caught. A breast was partially uncovered.

A second or two later, Tyrell gently nudged it with his arm and then pulled her closer.

Real close.

I was growing anxious and not at all comfortable with the situation.

Another slow tune started and they danced like that in tight embrace until the end of it. Then they just stood there holding hands and talking. I was at the hand ringing stage.

Tyrell glanced my way, seemed to understand my distress and nodded to me. I let out a sigh of relief, but when he gestured towards our table, Evie nodded no. I thought she might have even smiled.

Then the band hit up a fast tune.

Evie threw he head back and laughed, then grabbed Tyrell’s hand and started leading him through a whole bunch of different moves. Ever see that clip of Ann Margaret in Vegas with the Walter Painter dancers, whipping her long hair around, wiggling and shimmying, jumping all over? Well that was my Evie that night! Poor Tyrell was working so hard, but it seemed, to me at least, he wasn’t really keeping up with her.

Then the number was over and they were both panting and laughing. Tyrell said something to her and gestured towards me again. Evie stepped back still laughing, then stumbled. Tyrell reached out to steady her, and again gestured to our table.

Wine, then four drinks? Yeah. At least one too many.

But my hot lady was shaking her head no. Emphatically no. He started to walk away from her, but she grabbed onto his arm to keep him there and then the band started playing again. Immediately, she let go of his arm and was twirling and shaking her head side to side letting her entire body wiggle to the beat. She turned her back to me, leaned over, her ass wiggling suggestively as she spun her long hair around in a circle over and over again.

The other dancers moved away to give her room as she started jumping this way and that, all the while twirling and shaking her body.

One woman stopped dancing and started clapping to the beat as she watched Evie’s gyrations. Her guy stood there laughing and shouting words of encouragement while from on stage the drummer suddenly took a solo, a ride as the musicians say, which was kind of appropriate I thought, though it was really a duet with my Evie.

She seemed to move one way with the beat of the snare, jump another to the splash of the high hat, and did a sort of pounce whenever the tom-tom banged. I had seen her dance before but never like this. God she was hot and sexy! The love of my life was jumping and turning this way and that, doing the shimmy thing that the girls did in the movies, then swinging her hips wildly, letting her breasts follow.

Yeah. It was sexy as hell. And now Tyrell was also standing back to give her room, watching her and grinning more than anyone, except maybe me.

Section 41

I heard somebody yell, “Now that’s twirking!”

Whatever the hell that was, hearing it seemed to make Evie work even harder.

Then Tyrell’s grin faded. Evie suddenly lost the beat and he quickly stepped forward and put a hand out to my wife. It was just in time. She stumbled, seemed to totally lose her balance and started to fall. But our neighbor easily caught her, steadied her, then turned her around facing towards me and started slowly guiding her back to the table.

I realized I had been holding my breath. I let it out just as she sagged almost to the floor. Tyrell stopped walking and just held her. For a moment I could see the bulge of her breasts threatening to push their way out of her top as she gasped for air. Then she leaned over a bit more. I could see her shoulders moving as she panted, but now her long hair hung down obscuring the rest of her.

I heard a couple of cat calls, then more laughing and clapping, and several more of the last of the couples melted quickly from the floor.

The drummer ended his solo and the band jumped back in as Evie slowly straightened up and Tyrell pulled her to a standing position. She swayed again and I saw he was talking to her. She even nodded.

Then as I felt the hairs on my back standing up, she fell against his broad chest and her arms wrapped around him again as the band started playing another slow tune.

Now they were belly to belly, swaying together again, but not really in traditional ballroom posture.

I was grinding my teeth, wanting to go get her, but to do what? Make a scene? All they were doing was what? Dancing? On the other hand, he was continuing to hold her closer than he really needed. On the other other hand though, Evie didn’t seem to be reacting to it.

I was less than happy, but…

Then Tyrell put his hands around her waist, pushed her away a little and held her away from his body as they continued to rocked gently side to side, though totally out of rhythm with the rock tune I thought.

Okay, they’re only dancing. Really. Relax.

But when they turned a little more to the left my emotions jumped again. Evie’s hands were between them. Moving around, doing something, but what?

I had to know. I stood up just as Tyrell’s arms scrunched her, pushed against either side of her, holding her in a weird kind of hug. What the?

Then it hit me. Tyrell wasn’t groping, he was helping her, covering her up while she did— My mind finally processed it. She must have slipped out!

As the band began another slow ballad, and as my heart came close to bursting, she stopped rearranging herself and put her arms up and around Tyrell’s neck.

I wasn’t sure this was any better, but at least the girls were both put away.

I stood there at our table watching them dance like that for a chorus or two while my own heart kept pounding away. His back was mostly to me, but when he turned them around again I saw they were no longer in a tight embrace at least.

My heart slowed a bit I suppose.

But then was talking some more and she was smiling—smiling a lot.

Section 42

I’m sure my heart started racing again, especially when he suddenly stopped talking and just pulled her closer again and held her in a tight embrace for a moment.

I’m sure I took a step towards them, but then he stepped back, took her hand in his and began moving them towards our table.

I began to relax again… a little. Enough that I stepped back and sat back down.

I was breathing much easier and trying to act nonchalant as they approached. They were within twenty feet of me when suddenly Evie stopped walking. I heard her gasp and looked up.

She was shaking her head at him, giving him a dark look as she said something to him. I couldn’t make out her slurred words, but I could hear the tone. She was pissed. Then she tried to shake loose of him, but he didn’t let go of her hand. She tried again angling to the side a bit as he continued to talk, apparently trying to calm her.

My sweetheart shook her head again, but stopped moving even as I prepared to get up and intervene.

She was just staring down at his front, eyes wide, her face a crimson red as Tyrell continued to speak. And as he stepped closer to her, he turned a bit and I could see what caused her reaction. Even from where I was, I could see it—a large bulge in Tyrell’s pants. It must have been pushing against her thigh when they were dancing. It had just taken a moment for it to register in her brain.

I didn’t know what to do, but I found myself standing up again, watching them intently.

Tyrell was still holding her by one hand, still talking, now shrugging and gesturing with his other hand. I’m not sure that whatever he was saying was getting through, but Evie finally looked up from his crotch to his eyes. Her frown seemed to be faltering.

Then Mr. Smooth talker grinned, she let him take her other hand and they started slowly swaying again. At least now it was at arm’s length and as he continued to whisper to her I saw her shake her head no again, then try to let go his hand—to walk away it looked like to me. But she hesitated.

I was already standing again, when whatever next he said to her made her smile. He said something else and she suddenly giggled and looked down at her own front, before finally nodding and letting him pull her close against him.

I was frozen in place, totally at a loss, knowing his erection was pushing against her again and that she was okay with it. I stood there watching them dancing like that until the end of the music. He hugged her for more than a few heart beats after that too. That’s when I finally found the will to walk towards them. I was almost within reach of her, when she put her hands on his shoulders and, I swear, wiggled a little against his chest. He laughed, said something else and she finally pulled back and turned towards me with an innocent smile.

“Thad wuzz fun,” she slurred, standing a bit unsteadily.

I looked her over. The girls were tucked away, she was still blushing, still breathless, still gorgeous and sexy and still holding his hand I saw. Tyrell looked at me, shrugged, then helped me guide her back to the table.

“My dring?” she said.

“Tyrell shook his head. “All gone. And I think maybe you guys need to go too.”

“Ohhh, ogay,” she said agreeably in that way some inebriated people do.

I don’t know if she was actually processing what was said, maybe not even her own words, but she was smiling as he thanked us both. Then I put my arm around her, symbolically and effectively taking her back from him. Evie sort of collapsed against me.

Tyrell grinned brightly, gave me a wink and pointed at his chest then hers.

I didn’t understand at first, but when I looked down I did. Her front was more than damp. It was wet and growing wetter even as I watched.

Section 43


Without saying another word to her, I wrapped her shawl around her shoulders and arranged it over her front before turning to our neighbor. “Thanks Tye. Thank you for such a really good time tonight.”

“Nothin’ man. Your Evie’s a great girl. We should get together again real soon. And I’ll take care of anything you owe at the bar. Just get her home, take care of her. Maybe I’ll see you tomorrow.” Then he turned and walked away.

I looked at my wife still standing, still swaying and still not herself as the alcohol continued apparently to do its thing. I had some questions I really wanted to ask her, but right now Tye was right. The priority was to get her home.

But as I gathered her things up and began to usher her slowly away from our table, I couldn’t help myself. I went over those questions in my head. What had been whispered? What had he said to her after she had popped out of her dress? And of course, what had he said to her after she’d noticed what was pushing against her leg.

And I wondered, as we walked ever so slowly through the almost empty restaurant, if I should ask her now anyway? In her condition, would it be fair to ask? Would the answers be uninhibited or nonsensical?

I heard the voices in my head arguing. ‘She’s had too much to drink. It would be wrong’, one said while the other, louder one was saying, ‘Hell yes, ask her now. Before she can think and make something up!’

She stumbled a bit and I caught her, steadied her. Actually, I doubted if she could even understand what I asked if I asked her now. So I pushed those arguments away and just squeezed her shoulder instead as I continued to guide her towards the door.

But just to make conversation, I finally said, “You guys danced really well together.”

After a long moment’s pause she managed to say, “Thang you, sweety.”

So maybe she’s not totally out of it?

We continued to move slowly across the carpeted dining area, which hadn’t seemed nearly this huge before, while I thought about it some more. I know my sweetheart and alcohol. She knows she’s a bit tanked after she’s had just two and then she gets quiet. Very quiet and purposelessly does everything carefully. She only moves slowly and if she says anything at all, it’s with great care.

But four, plus the wine before that, made for uncharted waters.

Still, she had managed an answer to my comment.

“Actually you were awesome!” I said as we reached the entry lobby. “I think you turned on every guy in the room.”

A long moment passed as she navigated the steps, then another one as we moved towards the front door before she finally worked through my words. She giggled the way she does when she’s embarrassed.

“Noooo, hunee. Why? Whya - would - they?” she asked, enunciating each word as best she could. “jus dan - sin’.”

“Cuz you were hot, babe!” I said, giving her cheek a kiss that I wasn’t sure she felt or maybe would even remember.

“Don’ beee sil - lee.”

I opened the main door and carefully walked her down the steps before I added, “I’m not,” I said. “Every guy and probably half the women loved it. The way you guys burned up the floor. Was very, very hot. I’m sure they wanted to see more.”

Section 45

I laughed lightly, “Especially when you popped out of your top, dear. Wow!”

I let that comment linger as we began our slow wobbly trek towards the car.

“When that happened I know every guy was hoping you’d just keep on dancin’, that you’d just leave those beauties hangin’ out, give them all a better look at your girls as you bopped around the floor.”

We were half way across the drive and into the parking lot before she finally said, “Reeedishuloush. No buh – dee. nobodysaw egzcep you no – tissed I slipped owwt.”

“Tyrell did.”

She took another slow step, then another, then stopped in her tracks. “Oh,” she said looking at me carefully, perhaps in an attempt to get me into focus I thought. “Miss - ster Ty – a - rell.”

“Yes. Tyrell. He saw your girls when they fell out and helped you put ‘em back.”

We stood there in the parking lot, as she swayed and slowly processed everything, for so long I figured she would never answer. I was starting to pull her forward again when she giggled. “No. Dint. He… jus heldme So. Couln’d see so I could a, while I… I reuhh, raged… No, reearagd. So I dint fall out.”

I wasn’t quite sure I understood. Then she took a breath and added, “He helbd figzed it so I would – not- slip out hun - nee. Thaz all.”

“Yeah. Right,” I said as I started dragging her along to the car again, this time not slowly. She stumbled but I kept going, pulling her with me. I couldn’t help myself I guess. I was now a tad bit annoyed.

But 20 feet from the care I stopped cold before I added, “I meant during the fast dance. What did he say? And I know you did fall out of your dress, babe. At least one of your girls did. People saw. Everybody acted like you did, especially Tyrell.

She seemed to understand me I thought. She pulled the shawl tighter around her shoulders, making sure it didn’t happen again, I guess.

“Mumsorry. Tol you. Pretty dress bu too toooo small socoud happened.”

I was now something I am rarely. Pissed.and it showed I’m sure. “Right. You did. You knew you might and I bet you also knew that if you did, it would be quite a show, turn all of us guys on. Especially turn on Tyrell. Just like it did,” I added. “Just like you hoped. I saw his reaction!”


“No. His erection!” I corrected.

We were a few feet away from the car and maybe I pushed her a little hard towards it. She stumbled again, fell against the car door and just stood holding onto it while she took several deep breaths.

Then Evie slowly turned her face and looked at me with wide eyes. “I wha? He did?”

“Yes. I saw it. His erection. Damnit Evie. Kinda hard, no pun intended, not to see it. It was huge and rubbing right against your thigh through most of that dance so I know you noticed!”

She blinked eyes that looked pretty watery to me, then looked away. I suddenly felt like a shit. I stepped to herand gave her a hug. “I’m sorry. It’s okay babe,” I said softly. “Really. No worries. I know you didn’t know. Not right away anyway and when you did…”

Section 46

I let the words trail off and just held her for a moment. “We’ll talk about it tomorrow, okay? I love you and I’m really glad you had such a good time tonight. You made everybody else have one, too. Let’s just go home now.”

Evie turned slowly in my arms and looked at me. Now I saw actual tears as she noded. But then suddenly she was smiling. “I did, dint I?”

I had to smile with her. “Yes, sweetheart. You did.”

Then I carefully got her into the car and before we were out of the lot, I think she was probably asleep with a big smile still on her face.

All the way home I kept going over it in my mind—though there were moments I wished hadn’t happened, I had to admit that overall it had been perfect. The meal, the way Evie looked in her dress, how well she and Tyrell had danced together. And I also had to admit to myself, that Tyrell’s flirting with her had aroused her perfectly, too. I almost laughed out loud. Not to mention how turned on I had gotten over the whole thing. What was up with that anyway?

I had been looking forward to the rest of the evening being also perfect. But now I amended that. Looking at the sleeping beauty next to me, I said to myself, maybe tomorrow.

+ + + + + + + + + +

20 minutes later ~

I was able to wake her up a little, but still had to practically carry my sleepy, and very under the influence sweetheart, inside our house and situate her on the couch. Then I did my bathroom thing as fast I could. When I came back to get her she was already slowly making her way towards the stairs. I quickly caught up with her and put my hand on her arm to steady her.

“Gotta go, really need to pee,” she whispered.

“I can imagine,” I said as I helped her up the stairs towards the master bath.

Once we made it to the bedroom, she mumbled what I thought was that she was able to make it the rest of the way by herself. So I stepped aside and watched as she took a couple of stumbling steps, but when I tried to take her arm again, she waived me off.

I smiled. Even half way, or more in the bag, my Evie is as stubborn and independent as she is smart and sexy. It was just as well, I had the rounds to make—locking up everything, making sure nothing was amiss.

I waited until I heard her bang the seat down, then I called out to her, “I’ll be right back. Gotta lock up.”

Doing my nightly thing, making the rounds as it were—checking that the main computer and automatics were on and working, that the house, the small outbuildings, the main barn, and our vehicles were all secured—was a ritual of my own. As I finished checking my truck and started heading back towards the house it suddenly hit me. The package!

I turned around. Evie might still be getting ready for bed, but not for much longer so I hurried. I wanted to be there to help like I usually did. That awkward three-hook bra.

So I moved as quickly as I could, retrieving the package, running back to the house, and quickly setting the main alarms to ‘Night’ in record time, but then I halted. Where to hide it?

Well, duh! Only one place, I realized.

I rushed to the small office under the stairs I always thought of as my Harry Potter room and just tossed it down on my tiny desk. Neither Evie or the kids were likely to visit here. It was too tiny for more than just one person to be in at a time and usually it only held boring book keeping stuff anyway so everybody kept out. I closed the door quietly and then I ran back upstairs to our bedroom.

I could still hear her taking care of herself, clinking a glass, knocking things around—making quite a bit of noise even though I knew she was probably being as careful and quiet as she could.

Section 47

I changed into my pajamas and lay down on the bed, stifled a big yawn and waited for her.

It took so long I had almost lost the battle against sleep when she finally came out. Her dress was still on, but all bunched up around her waist and she stumbled again as she made her way to the bed.

I grinned up at her as she just plopped down beside me and stared up at the ceiling.

“You’re still dressed,” I said.

She blinked at me, then giggled. “Oh. Hit. I thing I pud my clothz bag on, inzted of my baby doll.”

I stifled my laugh. “You okay now?” I asked.”You don’t need to pee anymore.”

“Nod drun. Not”

She lay quietly for another moment then said in a hoarse whisper, “Yeah. I peed. And things are spinning a little, but I’m much better now.”

She lay quietly for a bit longer, then whispered to me, “Bud Honee?”

“Yes babe.”

She wiggled a bit and managed to shrug her top down and started pulling at her bra.

“Thang you Sweetee,” she mumbled as I reached under her and popped each of the three hooks, “I really need to… well, you know…” she said.

I didn’t until I saw the gleam in her eye, the sly grin as she pulled the bra away and let her breasts finally fall free. I smiled and pulled her to me.

“Helb me?”

“Always,” I said.

A few seconds later I was suckling happily at her left breast and she was sighing like she always does when she feels content. 15 minutes later I maneuvered her onto her side and went to work on the right breast. I had barely started when she was snoring softly. So I just covered her up with a sheet and cuddled up against her and latched on again.

And that’s the way we were in the morning. She, still in her new dress and I, at her breast.

+ * + * + * + * + * + * + * + * + * + * +

Thursday morning ~

I’M pretty much programmed to wake up at 6AM and I did the next morning, but it took me a few minutes to get myself together enough to actually get out of bed. The previous night had taken a toll even on me, it seemed, and I hadn’t had nearly as much to drink as my wife nor danced like crazy, either.

Section 48

I did a bit of stretching, then reached down and touched my peacefully sleeping wife like she insisted I always do each morning to get her up, though I wondered if she’d beg off today.

To my astonishment, she woke up as soon as I touched her and gave me a big smile.

“Good morning,” she said brightly.

Well. Damn. That’s my Evie. Resilient as hell.

“A pretty wild night,” I casually mentioned.

She stretched and of course the motion exposed her breasts to me. I naturally started to reach for them but she giggled and rolled away.

“No. I have the most foul taste in my mouth and I smell like sweat and sleep. I’m getting up, brushing my teeth and taking a shower before I let you near me,” she said.

“Well, you were quite the party girl last night. A real show stopper,” I said as I scooted out of bed. “So I get the bathroom first, and you get to take your time while I fix breakfast.”

“What?” she asked a bit too innocently I thought. “Party girl? Me? What are you talking about, dear?”

But though she asked the question several times in several different ways as I brushed my teeth and gave my face a quick shave, I didn’t answer except to say, “After coffee, dear.”

Then I was downstairs and getting my day started, making first the coffee then starting our breakfast because it was my turn, while Evie did whatever women do to get ready to face the world.

+ + + + + + + + + +

45 minutes later ~

SHE pushed her empty plate away and sat back. “Thanks for making breakfast hon, but now tell me. What did you mean when you said that last night I was a real show stopper?”

“I also said you were quite the party girl too.”

She smiled but it was one of those ‘tolerant’ ones. Specifically the one I know means ‘stop stalling and tell me.’

“Okay. You drank up a storm—some wine and four of some girlie rum drink. You know the kind with fruit and juice and little umbrellas?”


“Yeah and you know how they can sneak up and hit you, especially if you aren’t used to it and since you’ve been breastfeeding…”

I let the explanation trail off. She knew. And she also knew that she shouldn’t drink while feeding the baby. But then again, I suddenly realized that she’d been stockpiling her milk for the last couple of weeks. We had a bunch of it in the freezer and refrigerator.

Section 49

“You really prepared for last night.” I said as it hit me.

“I did,” she said laughing. “But now tell me. The rest. What did I do?”

“Okay,” I said as I shook my head in awe at my wife’s forethought. “Like I said, you drank up a storm, then practically brought down the house when you and Tyrell danced.”


“Yep. You danced like a Dervish, sexy as hell, by the way. Everybody loved it, especially the guys and even more so when your boobs, or at least one of them, fell out of your dress.

“No way!” she said adamantly, but the reddening of her face sort of let me know that she was remembering it—at least parts.

I let her sit and think a long moment then asked, “So now you remember?”

“Maybe,” she whispered. “Some of it I guess,”

“Okay, so what did Tyrell say to you?”

She blinked. “Tyrell? What? When?”

I sighed, “Well, actually any of the times he whispered or talked to you on the dance floor.”

Another long moment passed. “Oh. We’ll, he just said I looked hot.”

“Oh? Every time he spoke?”

“Well later. He was just apologizing.” she said softly.

I saw the pink flush beginning and I waited. And then waited a bit more as she processed last night, as she remembered more of it and maybe found the best way to tell me.

She looked at me, saw it in my eyes I suppose. “Okay,” she finally said, “It was nothing really, though I’m embarrassed and you won’t like it.”

“Okay. What?”

She took a moment, organizing her words I guess. “Well… when we were dancing Tyrell got an erection. Said he just couldn’t help it.”

I waited some more.

“And you’re right. It was after he saw my girls,” she added, touching her chest. “He said he couldn’t help but get turned on a bit.”

Section 50

“I can understand that,” I said as my smile formed.

She smiled back. “And that’s when we decided to stop and come back, back to the table.” She added, taking a sip of her coffee.

I said casually, “Actually dear, that’s not quite true. You finished the dance first. Face to face, pressed in close, crotch to crotch as far as I could tell.”

Her blush deepened and I thought I saw a tear. “Maybe,” she said. “You know he didn’t mean it though. Not the way you might think anyway. And it didn’t mean anything to me. He’s really nice.”

We waited there at the table sipping our coffees without saying anything else for what seemed an eternity before she finally said. “Okay. We always said we’d tell the truth so…. Even though I was a little bit tipsy—”

I laughed and she playfully swatted at me.

“Even though I was a little bit tipsy,” she said again, “I do remember that I thought he had a really nice one.” Then she let out her breath and added, “I’m sorry dear. Maybe the drinks, the lateness the… Well, I dunno. I remember that I was very startled when it happened, but also… Well, it just seemed pretty hot at the time, pretty hot and sexy to feel him against me, to see that bulge in his pants, to know that another man found me so… Well, attractive I guess.”

“You mean that a guy with a really big cock found you really hot and wanted you?”

She grimaced. “Please don’t be mad.”

I leaned across the table and I kissed her. “Does that make you think I’m mad?”

She blinked. Then again and looked totally at a loss. It doesn’t happen often, but once in awhile my wife is surprised by me, by what I say.

“I love you Evie Marie Barker and I like it when other people, men especially, notice how hot ‘n sexy you are. So last night? Well dear, you looked awesome and I felt really proud to be with you. And when you guys danced? It was really exciting and steamy hot. I loved watching you, knowing that everybody else loved it too.

“But to be honest with you, it was even hotter to know you were turning Tyrell on and… Well, guess what? It was even hotter yet when he reacted the way he did. I happen to know that he is quite a womanizer yet my sexy wife got him all hot ‘n bothered! I loved it. And I could tell that you liked doing it so that made it even better.”

She sat with her face bright red and her mouth hanging open.

“Seriously,” I added, “Maybe it sounds crazy but it sorta… Well, it just totally turned me on that you liked turning him on!”

+ * + * + * + * + * + * + * + * + * + * +

The next night ~

I had just finished up my nightly routine, was just about ready to head to our bedroom again when I remembered it.

I could hear Evie upstairs still getting ready for bed. Why not?

I ran back to my little hidey-hole under the stairs, grabbed my letter opener knife from the desk and cut the tape.

Section 51

In the box, there were some product flyers and packing material all nestled around three rectangular shaped, fake-wood boxes. They were marked in gold lettering—Little Joe/5 ½”/ pale white, Medium Man/7”/medium, and Strong Guy/9”/medium dark. I took each out and laid them on the desk, then noticed another larger, but unmarked cardboard box in the bottom of the package, but before I could check it out I heard a cough behind me.

Right behind me.


I turned and saw my sexy wife in a see-through nightie standing in the doorway. I stammered. “Uhh, well…

She stepped inside and picked up the box marked Little Joe. “Training Toys Manufacturing Company?” she asked. Before I could think of how to answer she was opening the box. “Oh my God,” she said. “It’s a dildo!” Then she quickly looked at the others. “More than one?”

She pretty much glared at me, “Who are these for David?”

“Uhhh, well actually I was thinking that you, that is that maybe you and I could use them to get you—”

My wife suddenly smiled, threw her arms around me and kissed me. “I love you! You didn’t have to buy these, but it’s really thoughtful that you did.”

I was stunned, too stunned to say anything more as she opened the three boxes.

“Oh my god dear. These are big! I mean, this first one is about your size, but the other two? Did you really think they’d fit… really work for me, for us?”

She looked at the brochure—Training Trio 1. “It says here that a woman who has never used a dildo should probably start out with the small one which is often the one closest in size to her husband or boyfriend’s penis then try the middle sized one and eventually the largest to experience and enjoy the pleasures only a big dick can bring. She may also want to try more than one at a time for extra pleasure. Oh my god!” she said with a giggle.

She kept grinning as she read a bit more before saying, “There’s also a section on ways to manipulate the toy. Techniques I guess,” she added as she ran her hand over the small one a few times.

Then she picked up the two bigger ones, one in each hand and spent some time examining, more or less fondling them. I heard her say to herself, “I don’t think I ever saw even a black cock that was this big…”

Evie suddenly looked at me, and blushed. “I didn’t mean that the way it came out,” she said. “I just meant that even in pictures they’re all about the same size…”

I laughed nervously. “Well we never have to use them you know. Though I think I’d like to at least try the small one someday. You know, to give my back a rest?”

She nodded and gave me a wry smile, “Testing our ‘Anything you want, I do too?’ Well, I’m willing to try the smaller one, I guess. We’ll see about the others later.”

Then she put all three back in their boxes, then to put them back in the package but stopped. “What’s this other thing?” she asked.

Before I could stop her she had it open.

I think we both blushed but in retrospect, I wonder if she drooled a bit as well. We looked at each other for a moment before she picked it up. And she had to do that with two hands.

“Heavy thing,” she whispered. She juggled it and tried to put her fingers around it but they didn’t quite make it. “Shit. How big is this fucking thing?”

Section 52

We stood there, her fondling and looking mesmerized by it and I just watching my wife in awe as she examined it closely. Very closely. Was she actually imagining?

Finally I picked up a slip of paper that had fallen from the box when she had opened it. “Here’s something about it. It says it’s the hand powered muscle controlled version, not the light up, or battery powered one. “I have no idea what that means,” I added

My Evie nodded, almost like she knew and then asked, “So is there anything on the other side?”

I flipped it over. “Yeah. It says that it’s called The XL-10 Plus, aka The Hammer.”

She smiled as she nodded almost knowingly again, “And,” she prompted.

“Well,” I said, “under description it says Item #44, 14 1/2” long with more than 10” insertable inches and it weighs…” I looked hard, trying to make out the rest.

“What?” she asked?

“I don’t know. The number’s all smeared.”

She bounced it in her hands. “Several pounds at least I would think,” she said as she hefted, then bounced it again. “A two hander,” she added.

“It says it also comes in light brown, and Caucasian, but that last one is special order,” I offered.

She snorted.

“The one you’re holding is traditional style, but there are three more variations for each color. Lights up - vibrating, squirting, and…” I stopped reading. “Squirting?”

She turned and gave me a look I couldn’t read before going back to studying The Hammer again.

“And the third is a hollow version that’s made to fit over a real penis.”

“Really?” she asked in a contemplative way. “Well I can’t imagine that would be very good.”

“Too big, huh?”

“Well maybe,” she said slowly as she seemed to think it over, “but actually I was thinking that I can’t imagine it would ever feel as good as the real thing.”

Does she mean not as good as any real penis would feel or not as good as one over 10”?

She put it carefully back in the box. Then studied the other three for a moment before turning to look at me with a smirk. “Okay? Ready?”

I’m sure she could see I had no idea what she was talking about, but she didn’t explain, just turned and put her hand behind her and still giving me that smirk she said, “Here goes.”

Section 53

I heard her fingers as they danced over all four of the boxes. “Eenie meenie miney moe…”

I’m sure my surprise was written boldly on my face.

She suddenly stopped and laughed. “Kidding. But I think I see your plan!”

Then my Evie took out Little Joe again along with a small vial marked ‘Super Lube’ that I had overlooked. “Yeah. I think I see your plan dear. And I think it might be a good one. Worth a try anyway.”

She reached for my hand and pulled me to her for a quick kiss. “So let’s go up stairs and get this plan of yours going, starting with Little Joe.”

+ * + * + * + * + * + * + * + * + * +

Three days later ~

I had gotten the cash for Tyrell Friday morning, but it was Monday afternoon before I got around to stopping to see him. I had included the $5 and rounded it up to $65 to make up for the trouble I had caused. As soon as he opened the door, I handed him the cash and started to apologize about the whole mess again, but he waived it off. Then he insisted I sit on his back patio and have a beer with him and chat a bit.

That one beer of course became a second as we got caught up—his job, the farm’s condition and the progress I was making with my back. For once I had the time. I was waiting for Evie to get dropped off from the church meeting, or the kids from school whichever happened first.

It gave me a good opportunity to ask the burning question. “So any progress on your white wife booty hunting?”

He frowned. “Some flirts, even some serious ones, but naw. Nuttin’ yet.”

I laughed, actually with a bit of relief. I had secretly worried he was ballin’ a friend’s wife, maybe the Minister’s—she was a bit of a hottie and came from the big city of Jackson where I had heard they were rather friendly. Or maybe, I had really worried, my cousin’s Jake’s wife, Mandy was eagerly spreading her legs for him.

Yeah. I was relieved.

“I told you. Not happenin’ around here. But I did get the impression that Clairella had an interest in you so if not a white wife, maybe a—”

“Forget that! She’s just 18 and I mean just. I want me somebody at least 30.”


“Well hell man. I’d do her if it was like a 3-some or a swap probably, but not just as a girlfriend or a one on one. Ya know?”

I tried to think, to understand what he had just said and why, but I finally had to shake my head. “No Tye. Not really.”

He laughed. “Yeah. Maybe not.”

“Look,” I said, “I get it that she’s pretty skinny, a bit dingy, but she’s cute and she’s legal and seemingly enthusiastic about you so why not?”

Section 54

He burped then sighed. “Okay man. Maybe you’re right. Maybe I should. She is comin’ on to me every day, but I just never been able to get interested in a girl young enough to be my daughter.”

I thought about that some more as he burped a couple more times. “Well maybe I get that,” I finally said, as I let out a belch of my own. “For me though, it would be more about the lack of boobs not the age.”

“Yeah, really? You’d have a problem bangin’ a skinny girl?”

“Well, I might not have used to. Probably wouldn’t have at all at one time, but now… After my Evie…”

He burped a few more times, then said. “Yeah right. Your babe is got some really nice ones. So I guess you’d find it hard now to go with something less.”

He looked at me a moment and said. “No offense, man. But I did get a peak.”

I laughed. “Hey. It’s okay. I know they’re nice and actually I sorta enjoyed showing her off. And her falling out like that? I thought it was kinda hot actually. By the way thanks for helping her cover up.”

He laughed again. “Man it sure was hot! And I gotta tell you it was fuckin’ all I could do not to help put them away. You know. With my hands?”

I smiled at him. “But you didn’t touch her at all Tye. Just shielded her from prying eyes. So thanks. Glad you enjoyed seeing them, but thanks for not touching. And no worries about your big reaction to the situation. I understand.”

He hesitated, looking at me to see if I really was okay with it. Finally he nodded and smiled at me.

We clinked our bottles.

“So I guess I get it,” he said after awhile, “That you’d not be interested in Clairella. She doesn’t have more than a small mouthful.”

We sat in comfortable silence for a bit. “Then again…” he said and let the words hang.

“Then again what?” I probed.

He smiled. “Nipples. Big ones. That skinny girl’s got big honkin’ nipples the size of your thumb.”

I couldn’t help it, I laughed. “So you lied. You did do her!”

He shook his head as he joined my laughter. “No, man. I didn’t. Jus’ saw ‘em. Accident like with your wife ‘ceptin this was at a sort of an impromptu wet T-shirt contest. The waitresses were playing around at our picnic a couple of weeks ago and they started dousing each other. Clairella got a whole bucket full. She wasn’t wearing a bra. Probably doesn’t very often cuz she’s so small. But anyway, those nips stuck out a mile!”

“No shit? Bet she was embarrassed.”

“Well maybe. I know her boyfriend was. That’s for sure. He rushed her right outta there.” He laughed. “Another reason I wouldn’t play with her. Don’t want to wreck anybody’s relation-ship.”

We sat in companionable silence for awhile again before he said. “Ya know. Every guy has something he likes best ‘bout his woman. With your wife Evie though. Well, I have to guess it’s hard to pick.”

Section 56

I laughed “Well, my friend, Not that I don’t love everything else Evie has, but it’s her breasts and her big nipples I like most.” I hesitated, “And her milk too,” I finally added.

“Oh yeah. Right. She was leaking at the end of the night at the Chalet.”

“Yep. Only drawback to breastfeeding. You have to think ahead, try to know when you’ll have to nurse or let it out. But sometimes you can’t help it. It just hits quick and you just gotta let down or you’ll start leaking. Besides, not letting the milk out hurts, can even lead to health problems.”

“Shit. Didn’t know that. That it could be painful and cause problems not to let it out. And you called it what? Lettin’ down, huh. Like let the milk flow?”

“Zactly. But the good side is that it makes the boobs bigger and the nips look great and it’s really hot to suckle.”

“Suckle?” He paused in thought for a moment then looked at me wide-eyed. “Wait. You mean you? Well, shit man,” he said shaking his head, “I never tried that, but if you say so…”

“I do. I know it sounds weird, but it’s pretty natural. It’s even in the Bible. Women are supposed to feed their husbands as well as their children. ‘Be a wellspring’, I think it says in Scripture and again in different ways elsewhere I’ve been told.

I shrugged. “And the women like it too. A major bonding experience for a couple and it’s a turn on for both of us so we do it. If you ever get a chance you should try it.”

“Well, okay.” he said with a grin. “But really. How likely is that?”

+ + + + + + + + + +

Several hours later ~

I was already in bed when Evie came upstairs and pulled out our special box. My back was grateful tonight. It seemed she was horny but I wasn’t really feeling up to it.

“Little Joe’s helping us tonight?” I asked.

She grinned, crawled into bed with a box and gave me a kiss. Then as she pulled down her top to show me her engorged nips, she said, “No. I’m thinking he’s worked hard the last couple of nights so he can sleep, have the night off,” she said with a grin. “I’m thinking not him.”

I laughed. “Anything you want, I do too my love.”

Still grinning, she said. “Good. And me too dear. Right back at you. Whatever you want,” she said. “So I know your back is tired from the way you were moving earlier, but I think I need something big and hard inside me tonight so I’m thinkin’ I’d like to give our new friend Mike a try tonight if you don’t mind,” she said as she handed me the box marked Medium Man 7.


”Yes. And all you have to do is come along and help me take care of these,” she said mischievously jiggling her breasts in her hands, “while I do the driving, so to speak.”

+ + + + + + + + + +

.Just a few minutes later ~

Section 57

MY tongue had barely touched her clit when she started leaking a steady trickle of her arousal fluid. I kept my mouth there, away from between her thighs, as she moved the head of the dildo against her soft petals and began sliding it up and down between them. Almost immediately she began making those purring noises and rotating her hips. The trickle soon became a stream and she was pushing up hard against the head of the dildo.

It was a bit weird for me watching her getting so excited by rubbing against a rubber dong. Maybe it was because I was so close—mere inches away. Maybe it was because it was shaped like a penis and my very hetero mouth was so close to it or that it looked so much like a real penis, but a darker and bigger then my own little weenie that it was making me uneasy.

Whatever the reason, when she put her hand on my head and pushed me lower to where the toy cock was filling her, I had trouble doing what she wanted. I balked for the first time ever.

She didn’t seem to notice that I had, she just reached down and put both our hands on the balls. Suddenly I was helping her, moving the fake cock up and down between her cunt lips, letting the head barely penetrate once in awhile, and then her other hand force my head against it and I was licking her and it both.

Totally weird. Totally unnatural. But apparently totally hot to my Evie. She began to shake and moan, to move and breathe faster and faster.

I was suddenly caught up in the act. I started licking and sucking her clit, dancing my tongue all over her lips like I always did. And then I added something new. I also gently pushed the head of the dildo into her opening and began moving it in little circles.

She cried out, then let go of it altogether, letting me push it in an out as both her hands clutched my head, then clutched it and began pushing on it as she raised up to meet it.

Suddenly my mouth was wedged against her pubic mound while my chin was hitting the dildo hard, hard enough to drive it further inside her.

I felt it hit bottom.

“Oh my god!”

Evie’s voice was so loud and forceful it caught me off guard!

“Yes! Push it in!” she cried, “Push it hard inside me!” she cried as she gripped my head even tighter.

I struggled in her grip. I needed to breathe, and get my chin off the damned balls!

Finally I managed to move my face a bit to the right. Just enough to catch my breath while still licking and sucking her.

Evie was squirming and making the noises I love as I managed to maneuver my hand around to do as she wished—I began to fuck her with the faux cock, slowly and carefully.

She twitched hard a couple of times and pushed on my head, “Yes! Do it! All the way!”

I started moving it in and out a bit faster, but going ever deeper until only an inch or two was left of the seven. Then I moved my hand to the balls of the thing again and wiggled it, sort of testing to make sure she could really take the last of it.

Suddenly her right hand fingers slipped off my head, moved down and grabbed my hand. Before I could react she was shoving my hand up onto the shaft, then we were pushing the last two inches of Mister Mike along with two of my fingers inside her!

She cried out, then rose off the bed and seemed to float there a moment before suddenly scrunching up her face, opening her mouth wide and crying out—a long thin cry of pleasure. Then she came slamming down on the bed, legs coming together trapping my hand and the dildo as she lay there panting and twitching in spasm after spasm.

Many deep breaths later, she let her legs fall to the side and I let go of the dildo, pulled back my hand and sat back. She was still gasping a bit, her body more of a rag doll than the firm fit girl in charge I usually saw. No. She wasn’t entirely in control of herself yet, but she managed to slowly pull the toy out and lay it down next to her.

Section 58

I was in awe of what had just transpired—she had taken all seven inches and my two fingers inside her too? I looked down at those fingers. Her cum had thickly coated them, made them really sticky and left them feeling like they had just been crushed. Amazing.

Then I looked at my Evie. So beautiful she looked—sweaty, flushed, with her large breasts heaving, her long legs spread wide. Suddenly I just couldn’t help myself. I was too overcome with desire. I leaned down and began kissing the inside of her thighs, then made my way up to her messy twat where I lingered until she started to giggle and finally pushed me away.

I stopped to laugh with her but then I slid up and latched onto her right breast. It made her sigh and she began to run her hands over my shoulders. “Oh god, babe,” she whispered, “Thank you. That was another good one.”

I stopped sucking. “You’re very welcome,” I whispered as I slid up her over her belly and started kissing her. We did that for awhile, before I suddenly pushed into her. She gasped at the unexpected action, but quickly wrapped her legs around mine. I heard her giggle again as I began to move. Then I gave it to her as hard and fast as I could and in mere moments I was over the edge.

I was still a bit out of this world when a bit later she pushed me off her, but not so much that I couldn’t turn on my side and accept her breast and start to gently suck again.

She sighed and said, “Thank you again dear. I guess we both needed that. She kissed the top of my head. “But I hope our enthusiasm didn’t hurt your back.”

I stopped suckling. “No. I’m good,” I said.

“Good. And you know. I think I like it that we named Medium Guy, Mike. Do you mind?” she asked. “Mister Seven would have been okay too I guess, but it just seems that they both need real names. You okay with that? ”

“No problem dear. Remember. Anything you want—”

“I do too,” she finished with another sigh. “You know I love us, right?”

“Yeah. Me too.”

She snickered, “Actually I mean our whole Crew.”

It took me a moment. I have this thing about being exhausted, happy and content and not being able to get the brain cells to work right away. But then it clicked.

I probably chuckled. “The Crew. Yeah. Got it. And I’m glad you love ‘em so much.”

She gave me a gentle squeeze. “I do, but mostly because I don’t want your back to be hurt and I know you. To keep me happy, you’d kill yourself, but with the toys now…”

“Right. I agree they help. They help a lot. And yeah, I would do anything for you, Evie. Anything to keep you happy and keep you satisfied sexually. It’s pretty important to me,” I said as I kissed all around her nipple.

I didn’t add that the Crew also played a pretty important part in my fantasy, or that seeing Mike as a real guy with a solid seven inches getting her off was what had gotten me so hot for her and that it helped me get off too.

“But dear,” she said, “I appreciate that, but… A lot of times, after we use a toy, you really go after me and I worry about your back. You know I’d rather have you alive and well than anything. You really don’t have to—”

I cut her off. “Actually dear, I got off really fast just now so my back didn’t get overused at all. Besides, I’ve been trying not to overdo working around the farm too. I’ve been resting a lot during the day between chores and I’ve also been doing the new exercises. But I am glad we have some new friends now to help us.”

“What?” I heard the uncertainty in her voice, “What do you mean new friends?”

Section 59

“The Crew. Little Joe and Medium Guy, err that is Mike,” I said. “And Tyrell too, of course,” I added.

“Tyrell? Oh, right,” she said in a whisper. “For helping your back, you mean. Yeah. I guess I have to agree. We’re lucky we’ve found such good ‘friends’,” she added with a chuckle.

+ * + * + * + * + * + * + * + * + * +

Two weeks later ~

THE next week had gone by in a blur and the one after that too. Half a dozen times we had used Joe and Mike. In fact it was almost routine now, one of those sexual secrets, a ritual that made, like Tyrell had said, a marriage special.

I would lick for awhile, then Joe took over for awhile followed by Mike, who was slipping in and out of her more easily now, always bringing her to a solid orgasm. Then I would lick her again before nursing.

My back continued to get better and twice I even managed intercourse with Evie. Both times, after we had made use of the Crew, specifically right after she had cum from fucking Mike. In actuality, I was living the fantasy—imagining two real cocks, taking turns fucking my wife, getting her off really well, real hard, and spewing their own cum inside her, which turned me on incredibly.

So much so, that then I had slipped inside her super wet and somewhat gaping cunt with a very hard and eager cock. I would give her my best thrusts, my most passionate kisses while my fantasy played on—Joe and Mike at her breasts while she writhed in ecstasy under me. To our delight, I ended up cumming both times too.

And yeah. Both times afterwards, I had then slid down and licked her before moving up to latch onto her breast.

Like I said before—almost routine, a secret ritual, special things we both liked, so much so that they were all pretty automatic now. Except… I think Evie sort of made sure they were.

My wife was becoming more assertive, initiating our sexual fun more often. And she started leading us through it step by step, eagerly and almost forcefully sometimes. She would cum from both our Crew, sometimes twice with Mike. Then she would quickly rearrange herself so I could fuck her. Sometimes she came too, but either way, after I got off, she’d rearrange herself again so that I could lick her again—so she could cum yet again. In moments she would be clutching, gasping, twitching and jerking as the intense spasms tore through her, as she gushed all over my face. It was always the loudest, most prolonged, wettest and intense of her orgasms. And that was very okay with me. It just fed my fantasy that much more!

After all that, we’d slept peacefully and soundly.

Life was good.

+ * + * + * + * + * + * + * + * + * +

The following weekend ~

THE kids had been really great so that Saturday we took them to the Toledo Zoo for the day.

By the time we had gotten back everybody was exhausted, my back was going crazy, and I knew Evie’s breasts must be a bit engorged. She had only nursed the baby once right before we left, feeding from bottled milk the rest of the day. I made a couple of subtle hints and she nodded, and mouthed. “Yes. They’re aching like crazy. For you,” she added with a smirk.

But as always she could tell somehow that my back was acting up, so Evie shooed me off to bed and took care of the kids by herself. I know I fell asleep for awhile because I never heard her come upstairs or do her nightlies in the bathroom. I barely even heard her rummaging around in the bedroom, but I was able to rouse enough when she finally snuggled up to me, that I whispered. “I can suckle if you need me to. In fact I really want to.”

“Well, I do too, sweetheart,” she said in that sultry voice I had been hearing so much lately, “but I don’t want to hurt your back any more than it already is, so…”

She kissed my ear, ran her tongue along my chin, then down my neck making me shudder. “I want a friend or two to play with tonight.”

Section 60

I was very surprised. “After the long day we had, you want both of them?”

“Actually,” she said rather shyly. “I’ve been thinking about it. Almost all day. Tonight I want more. Use the bigger one—Strong Guy. Okay?”

I couldn’t believe it. “Nine inches?”

“I think I want… No I think I need to try it dear. Please?” she said, seeing my look. “You did buy him for me, right?”

“Well, yes but…”

“You wanted us to use it didn’t you?”

I couldn’t, or at least didn’t want, to explain about how I had gotten it, all of them… They had been a big help in satisfying my wife. So I took a breath then heard myself lie. “Yes. I thought you might like it… Sometime.”

She kissed my cheek. “Well I think tonight is sometime, dear.”

I hesitated. At nine inches it dwarfed what I had and every time I had thought of it, how Evie had bounced it in her hands up and down and looked at it. I had been intimidated. But apparently not Evie and now she wanted it and I do love my Evie so…

“Okay,” I finally said. Who am I to deny her anything, at least sexually.

“Oh. And can we call him Steven?” she asked

I took a breath. “Whatever you want, I do too.” I said softly. “So Steven, Mister nine inches, it is.”

She gave me another kiss, then energetically hopped off the bed and fetched him from the box. As she slipped back into bed beside me she held it out to me.

I shook my head. “No. I think you have to. I’m afraid I’ll hurt you.”

She smiled, then kissed me again. “Okay. I’ll get it inside me, get used to it, make sure I can handle it, but then I want you to fuck me with it. Go deep and hard. Promise me.”

I could only nod. There was a tone to her voice that somehow precluded any arguing.

+ + + + + + + + + +

IT took at least a minute, one that seemed to last forever, and all I could do was watch in amazement as my sweetheart maneuvered it inside herself. When it was half way in she grabbed my hand, put it around the balls and together we started goin’ in and out with her. Slowly at first then faster, deeper, and harder. She started jerking and moaning, her hand left mine to grab her breast. She begen to plead with me to give it to her harder, faster.

Her insistence was absolute. My resistance was nil. Whatever she wanted…

Something clicked, or maybe twisted, in my brain and I started really giving it to her. She screamed, thrashed and rolled around, but never once did she tell me to stop. I slammed it into her all the way, then pulled it almost all the way out and rammed it into her again.

Section 61

“Yes!” She cried out, “Yes, do it!”

In record time she was cumming, gushing, forcing her fluid out around the thick phallus and all over my hand. But I didn’t stop. I kept fucking her with it until finally her moans of pleasure began to change. She clenched, pushed at my hand, twisted this way and that trying to scoot away from my thrusts. Then she was screaming at me to stop, that I was killing her.

The messaged arrived, my brain processed it and finally I slowed down then, moving slower and slower before finally pulling out. “Oh my god Evie. I am so sorry. I just got so caught up in it… So carried away,” I whispered. “I couldn’t help myself…”

She was chuckling now. “Oh you did, did you?” she said with a grin. “Well, I’m a bit sore down there now so I think you’d just better kiss it better then.”

She blew me a kiss, but then gave me an Evie ‘I mean it’ look like she uses on the kids when they don’t jump at her command to do something. “I mean kiss it better right now, dear.”

And I did.

+ * + * + * + * + * + * + * + * + * +

Later that week ~

THE next few days went well. The end of the school year was in sight and we were planning on a family outing in July. Evie and I had also been having a great time playing with the Crew—the trio of Joe, Mike and Steven. I had even managed a few of my own penetrations, always of course with the aid of fantasy. We were happy, actually I thought she was more than, and all was right with the world.

Then as so often happens in life, we ran into a problem. As they go, this was just a bump, a fender bender you might say, but still it was something unexpected to deal with. Jimmy, our middle child was at baseball practice. One of the other kids, his cousin Ned who was one of Jake and Mandy’s, accidentally hit him in the head with a bat.

Stitches, the ER, and dealing with a whole bunch of his ‘I think I’m dying’ whining later, we had him back home in bed, trying to still give him a bunch of attention while at the same time not neglecting his older sister Luci.

Fortunately, Emilee only needed a dry diaper and her mother’s milk to be happy, so we got through the day and only fell into bed an hour or so later and bit more tired than usual.

As I drifted off, Evie whispered, “I think we need a more interesting life, dear.”


+ * + * + * + * + * + * + * + * + * +

The next day ~

I was a bit cranky. Luci had woke up sick so Evie was busy taking care of her and we both knew that in another day or two the others would likewise be down for the count.

And as if that weren’t enough, I had just discovered that the automatics weren’t being as automatic, self-reliant or self recalibrating. I ended up rebooting the whole damned system then waiting while everything recalibrated, though twice I had to intercede and correct the correcting subroutine.

At least everything seemed to be okay now. The crops would be monitored correctly, watered and fed appropriately, invading critters warned off with non-lethal noises and lights. I could breathe easier.

Evie was online when I came up to bed.

Section 62

She clicked off the computer and gave me a smile. “Been reading. Can we try something new tonight?”

I gave her my skeptical look and she grinned, “Whatever I want, you do too, right?”

+ + + + + + + + + +

Five minutes later she had taken two of my fingers inside herself. Then she asked for the third and then the fourth.

It occurred to me that we could be on the road to fisting, but before I could ask, she said, “Training dear.”At my look she said rather gleefully, “Working up to The Hammer. So get out Mike and Joe and let’s see if we can get both of them inside me tonight.”

I, of course, didn’t argue…

+ * + * + * + * + * + * + * + * + * +


The following Friday ~

I had just come in from my chores, tired, not bummed, but not all that cheerful either. It had been a long day. But one look at her smiling face and I started smiling myself. Actually I think it was accurate to say that Evie was ecstatic.

“Guess what? We have the weekend free Hon!”

I cocked my head to the side and gave her my most bewildered expression.

She laughed in response, “The kids went to your cousin’s and they’re all going to Bay City for the weekend.”

“Jake’s parents place?”

“Yep. You know they love it there what with the ponies, paddle boat and their small swimming pond. Then we’re taking Mandy’s two when she goes into labor sometime next month. Probably have them for a week, so it’s a pretty good deal for them. And for us too!” she added.

“Okay, so what should we do tonight?”

“Well,” she said with a big smile. “First I’ve fixed lasagna and fresh bread for supper. Then later Tyrell asked us over just to sit on his patio and talk. Then after that when we’re home again…” She let the rest go unsaid and just grinned at me.

“What?” I asked innocently.

“You never know. Maybe the next step to… Thor?” she said with a wink.

Section 63

“Thor?” I asked.

She giggled. “Yeah. The Hammer. Thick, almost 12 inches long. Thor seemed apropos.”

“Riiight… He gets a name too.”

Then we both laughed and started setting the table for dinner. That’s my Evie. How did I ever get so lucky?

+ + + + + + + + + +

Later that night ~

I was holding the baby and she was starting to wake up probably because she was hungry. Evie handed over a baby bottle from our baby bag filled, I knew, with her own milk.

Tyrell looked at Evie, probably checking out her boobs, wondering if she was still milky.

“Mom’s formula,” I said raising the bottle. Then I heard myself add needlessly, “We’ve stocked up on it so she’s free to alcohol indulge a bit once in awhile, if she wants.”

I couldn’t tell in the dimly lit setting, but I wondered if anyone was blushing. Well, besides me.

Tyrell picked up the wine bottle and shook it. “Well, we did that one in, but since the lady is having a night for indulgence… I’m pretty sure I have another. I’ll be right back.”

Evie put out a hand and touched his wrist. “No. I’m done, I think.”

“Sure you wouldn’t want another?” he asked. “It’s no trouble to get it.”

“Seriously Tye. I don’t. I’m already feeling it and when I drink too much, as you no doubt remember, I embarrass my sweetheart. Then the next day, myself as well. So no more wine. Really.”

“Well you have to have something,” he said. “You can’t have an empty glass and sit on my patio enjoying the fire. It’s a rule,” he said with a laugh.

She giggled. “Well, okay. Maybe a 7-up if you have one,” she said.

“Yeah. I think I do,” he said as he got up and took the couple of steps to the cooler by the Barbeque pit. Then he squatted down and started rummaging through the ice.

He shifted around a bit, and finally put a knee down on the stone and started taking stuff out and laying them aside. Suddenly I heard Evie inhale, an intake of breath like when you’re frightened or something has really caught you off guard. I looked at her in time to see her hand cover her mouth.

I coughed to get her attention. Without looking at me, she just subtly gestured towards the cooler where our host still knelt as he sifted through the ice.

I didn’t understand right away, but then I saw it. Holy shit! The head of Tyrell’s cock had slipped out from under his shorts.

Section 64

I know my mouth was hanging open. I looked back at Evie and she was still looking at, more like examining, Tyrell—at part of him anyway.

I cleared my throat.

Evie was suddenly a bit flustered and looked away just as Tyrell announced, “Here’s one. I knew there was one here somewhere. It just had to be on the bottom of course,” he added with a laugh as he held a bottle up.

Then he started putting everything back into the cooler while Evie and I tried not to look at him. Well, I did at least.

When the lid closed, he stood up, stepped around the fire pit and held out the 7-up to my wife. “You know the bar sometimes buys the generic lemon-lime soda and I suppose I could bring some of that home, but I like the real stuff, not the artificial. You like the real thing better to?” he asked without any inflection.

She reached for the drink carefully. Was her hand shaking just a little?

“Well, I suppose I do,” she said as she took the can from him.

He smiled and stepped back to his own chair and sat down.

There was a lull in the conversation, actually one of those uncomfortable silences—the image still fresh in our minds. Maybe he knew and that kept him quiet too.

I finally said, “Hon. Why don’t you tell Tyrell about your work at the church. He’s still relatively new here. Maybe—”

He jumped in, “Yeah. I’ve been wonderin’ what all you ladies do ‘round here for fun and recreation.”

“Oh, well… I guess,” my wife stuttered, being caught off guard. Again. “Bu umm… there’s not really much to tell you. Nothing all that thrilling anyway. There’s bowling, movies and shopping I guess, but most of the regular activities are to do with church. In ours for instance, there’s the Tithing and Donation Committee, Summer Youth Program, International Outreach—which raises money for churches in 3rd world places, the Rummage and Bake Sale Committees, the Music and Entertainment Group and of course the Family Potluck and Picnic Committee.

“All of those are mostly made up of women who don’t have full time or 9-5 jobs,” she added.

“Yeah. Lots of committees. There’s also a building and finance committee,” I added. “Mostly men on those and we usually meet in the evenings.”

“Pretty interesting,” Tyrell said. I saw the wheels turning even before he added, “You know I’m often free during the day and I know about entertainment and food at least. Think any of them groups would ever want me to help out?”

My Evie, always on the lookout to recruit people, jumped on it. “Yes! I’m sure we could use you. But of course would you want to be in committees made up mostly of married women who often bring their babies and toddlers and have trouble agreeing on almost everything, even what day to meet?” she asked with a laugh.

I’m sure I rolled my eyes as he smoothly answered, “Well, I think I could manage it. At least I’m willing to try as long as you don’t think I’d disrupt things. Although,” he added thoughtfully, “I’m not all that good with older women. I think it was my upbringing by my aunt, a very difficult woman! So now I’m never comfortable around them. But younger ladies like you? That would be just fine.”

Evie quickly reassured him. “Oh no. No problem. The older ladies are mostly into just morning committees like Outreach and us younger ones meet in the afternoon after lunch and nap times. I’m sure if anything, you’d probably help smooth out the arguments a bit. So, if you’re serious I’ll make a couple of calls to see where you might best fit in and ask if I can bring you along sometime as a guest. You know to see if you’d really like to get involved.”

“Sounds good,” he said. I wasn’t sure but he might have winked at me.

Then our neighbor changed the topic by asking about our childhoods. Evie launched right in with tales of her Ozzie and Harriet-like up bringin’. Nothing I hadn’t heard many times before and I may have tuned some of it out and then it was my turn. I handed over a now sleeping baby to my wife and drank the last of my beer. I kept it as short as possible, mentioning being a hard working farm boy until going off to the Army at 18 and getting hurt, but then coming back and getting lucky enough to marry Evie.

Section 65

Evie leaned over and gave me a hug and kiss for that last comment.

See? I can be pretty smart sometimes!

And then she asked Tyrell about his life before Summerville. He responded with hood stories from Detroit and other big cities he had been in, then his stint in the Navy as a Medic and finally coming home to become a Chef. Then he casually mentioned the parties he had catered, how some had been pretty wild—like you wouldn’t believe wild. I felt a bit of dread as I wondered if he was going to talk about his white wife adventures, but then he shifted to his getting a job at the Chalet and the gym—how well he was doing here in Summerville, how much fun he was having meeting such nice people.

A sudden gust made my wife shiver and I put my arm went around her. “Cold?” I asked.

A little.” Her hand adjusted the baby’s blanket then went to her front to adjust her blouse. “Damnit,” she whispered.

I knew what that meant. I knew right away. Even with all her planning, she was unexpectedly leaking again.

“Hey Tye. I’m afraid we need to get going,” I said.

+ + + + + + + + + +

A few minutes later ~

WE hurried into the house and didn’t get past the kitchen chair before she had pushed me into the chair. Then she sat down sideways on my lap and as soon as she had her top off and her bra down I was at her breast. Both sides were leaking and when that happens I suck on one for a minute or two, then switch. It seems to help. She calls it ‘evening out the load.’ Tonight I could see it was going to be a difficult leveling.

She shifted around bringing her back to my chest, twisting a bit more so my mouth could still find her right breast as my left hand massage her left. She sighed contently and let me play, all the while leaking far more than usual.

I heard a noise, dim and in the background. “Hey guys? You left your baby bag—”

And then Tyrell was through the door with his mouth wide open. Staring at us.

Evie froze, but opened her eyes wide I’m sure.

My mouth stopped sucking, but for some reason my left hand continued to work Evie’s left breast. Milk ran down my wrist.

Tyrell took a step towards us seemingly mesmerized by what he was seeing. “Wow, man.” I heard him say quietly. “Unbelievable.”

“Told you. They’re fantastic,” I whispered back, referring to her breasts, but then added, “The milk too.”

He took another step and then another. Evie started breathing faster. I sucked on her again, felt the warmth and tasted the sweetness in my mouth. As she moaned softly, I squeezed her other breast and more milk dribbled out.

Tyrell took the last few steps and sank to his knees in front of us.

Evie tensed.

Section 67

“It’s really good,” I said as I sucked again. He looked me in the eye, then at Evie. She didn’t move, didn’t even breathe.

“Seriously. You should try it sometime.”

Never taking his eyes off of Evie’s he slowly leaned forward, brought his face to within a few inches of her leaking nipple.

My wife was holding her breath I think and she didn’t say a word. Then I moved my hand away from underneath her breast, letting it drop and bounce a little. He leaned forward still staring her in the eyes and I stopped sucking for a moment and watched him poised there, mere inches from her fully engorged nip.

Finally he leaned in and kissed it. She gave a little shudder.

Tyrell glanced at me for a moment, then back into her eyes. They just stared at each other for what seemed like forever.

When he finally brought up his hand and placed it on her breast then groped it enough to make it squirt a tiny stream, she moaned and squirmed a little. After another long, long moment, she put her hand on his head, but not to push him away—just to hold him there and not let him back away. Encouraged by that small gesture, he put his mouth over her nipple and a large part of her areola and gently sucked it into his mouth. She gave out a small whimper, sighed and pulled him tighter against her—like she always does with me.

I started suckling again then stopped and looked up at her. She turned her head slowly and looked down at me. Her eyes were a bit glazed, her face flushed, her own mouth open as she breathed in little rough gasps, but there was a smile directed at me too.

I let out a breath I hadn’t realized I was holding as my sweetheart closed her eyes again and whimpered softly. I may have whimpered too. I know I at least whispered, Love you baby. Because she smiled again and ran her fingers through my hair before pushing her breast to my lips again.

Now she had both Tyrell of me at her breasts and soon we were eagerly nursing from her. Her sighs were louder than usual, and she was wiggling and breathing more heavily, then I heard her gulping larger breaths of air. That’s a signal I knew. She was really getting turned on and wanted my finger.

I slipped my hand over her belly, under her bunched up skirt, and down between her legs but then I stopped. Tyrell’s long fingers were already there.

I’m sure I was surprised, but I was turned on too so without a pause, I slid up to the waistband of her panties and started working them down. When Tyrell lifted her butt together we slid them off her entirely almost like we had practiced it.

A moment later, her little mewing sounds had given way to much louder, more urgent ones and I knew his fingers where back inside her. As we continued to take her milk. I moved my fingers to her clit and rubbed it gently in a certain way.

She started wiggling and breathing faster almost immediately, then she suddenly clutched. Her fingers dug into my head, she arched her back off the bed, and gave out an almost desperate cry before falling back, still squirming, bouncing.

I didn’t know what to do. Well, I knew because I know my Evie. She was right on the edge, almost ready to fall over the precipice, but needed more. Expected more. Normally from me, but how could I make that happen?

I moved my mouth from her breast and leaned forward to kiss her, perhaps to ask her what she wanted me to do. But Tyrell’s face was already next to hers and I heard him ask her, “Should we all go to your bedroom?”

She made another whimpering sound, wiggled a bit more before mumbling okay. But in another moment she added something else about it being wrong. She weakly struggled to get off my lap, but Tyrell held her back, then looked at me questioningly.

I was unsure, near panicked actually and Tyrell was waiting. What should I do? What did Evie want? Hell, what did I want? I really had no idea what to do. Well… Maybe I did.

I took a deep breath, nodded to Tye, leaned down and kissed my wife’s cheek. “I love you Evie,” I whispered.

Tyrell easily picked her up in his arms and started following me. As quick as I was, I was but two steps ahead of them as he hurried behind me up the stairs and into the bedroom and I had barely jerked back the covers before he had laid her down on the sheets and she was pulling me to a breast, then Tyrell to her other.

Section 68

This time, both our fingers found her sopping opening at the same time. Immediately, she bucked, began to roll back and forth, making loud moans as we diddled her.

Then as if we had practiced the maneuver, Tyrell moved up to her neck as I left her breast and started sliding down. By the time I was between her thighs and eagerly licking and sucking her, his lips had met hers.

Evie is mostly submissive she always says, but I know better. Often times if she wants something she lets me know. And of course as we always say, ‘What you want, so do I.’

So as she pushed my head away and pulled on my arm to get me to slide back up to her breast again I didn’t hesitate. I did what I thought, what I knew she wanted—eagerly, as she pushed Tyrell’ face back to her breast, too.

It was clear to me she liked being double sucked. When our fingers found their way back between her thighs it also became obvious she liked that a lot too.

For beautifully sensual minutes her hands held our heads tightly to her breasts while we drank her milk, her hips wiggled and her legs moved around on the bed as we fingered her. And my heart raced faster and faster.

But suddenly Tyrell pulled away. She gasped and twisted a bit and we looked at each other. His eyes moved down to her short bush, then back at me. I may have hesitated, but then I just sort of shrugged and he got my meaning.

He began to scoot down as I scooted up to kiss her cheek. “I really love you babe,” I said.

“I love you too,” She murmured, but then she opened her eyes, looked at me, and her eyes opened wider. “This can’t be happening Davey. It—”

My kiss stopped her in mid-sentence. Then she gasped and raised her hips and when I looked down Tyrell had his face buried between her legs and her hand was holding his head, keeping him right there as she squirmed more vigorously, holding him tight like she always did with me. She let out a deep sigh and shuddered. Then she closed her eyes, began to move again as she accepted his ministrations.

My heart raced faster.

She continued to writhe and make little noises as he licked her, while I sucked first one breast then the other trying to keep up with the streams she was still leaking.

Her movements grew wilder, the noises she was making, louder and my heart raced faster still. I knew what was going to happen next. I knew.

Before his pants were off and he was on his knees. Before he was between her legs and she was spreading them, I knew. If there had been any doubt, her squirming and twitching, thrashing from side to side and making the muted noises I had always loved to hear, told me. She was ready.

When he finally dropped his shorts and his half-erect shaft sprung into view, I also knew the next part was pretty inevitable.

He pulled on himself, stretching something that didn’t seem to need it, before reaching down and taking Evie’s hand. When he put it on in his cock, she squeezed it, pulled on it a little bit herself. Now her noises were clearly moans of desire, her movements more wantonly energetic and growing more so it seemed as he was growing, too. Her eyes finally opened as he positioned himself just inches from her opening, she moved her hand away and just stared at what he was offering.

My heart now seemed to flutter. Fully erect it was even longer and thicker than our nine inch Steven. Could she even actually take that? And the head? My god it was huge!

“No,” she whispered again shaking her head, her heels digging into our mattress trying to scoot herself away. “I can’t.”

But then he began rubbing it on her legs and thighs, then down across her tummy and finally up and down between the folds of her opening. She raised herself off the bed, arching her back as if she were trying to reach it, to join with him.

I heard her whine and moan as the head touched her here and there, but still… I also heard her say it repeatedly, “No. I can’t.”

Section 69

She was still arching her back though, still keeping her legs spread wide and still moving like she wanted him inside her. My brain almost seized at the contradiction.

Then when he started to push forward she actually put her hand against his well toned stomach, “No,” she said again, this time more firmly. They stayed that way, paused for an eternity, but then she sighed like she does when she gives in on something and after a few long seconds her legs went up around his thighs.

She whimpered again as the head started to push inside her. “It’s not right,” she protested weakly as the fingers of her other hand reached up and grasped his hip. She looked at me like she might have wanted me to stop it, but by now I was salivating over the idea, too far into the excitement of it to stop him, even if I could. When Tyrell pulled her hand away and moved it to mine, I took it, kissed it and held it fast, hopefully in a way that said, ‘It’s okay. I love you.’

Evie gave me that look again that I still couldn’t read, but it didn’t seem like she was fighting any longer. So when our motto sprang to mind, I just leaned down close to her, still holding her hand. “I love how hot and sexy you are,” I whispered. It was all I could think of to do.

“I have to have you,” I heard Tyrell whisper to her just then. “I have to,” he said again.

She blinked then said, “Oh god Davey, I—”

She was cut off as he finally stopped rubbing up and down between her cunt lips and pushed the head and an inch or two inside her. “Oh my God,” she cried,

My sweetheart clenched my hand hard and cried out again. “Too big!”

Tyrell immediately pulled back so that just the head was inside her, but she was almost immediately wiggling and arching her back again as if she wanted more. He glanced at me, down at her and then pushed it in slowly again. When she just moaned he added a bit more of his shaft, then stopped. For a moment, the only movement was my wife, wiggling around, maybe trying to get comfortable with his size I wondered?

When she relaxed her grip on my hand and stopped wiggling, he pushed in another inch, then another…

Her hand suddenly jerked in mine and she let out a loud gasp, cried out something unintelligible. Tyrell just stopped moving and gave me a thin smile, but I couldn’t imagine how he could hold still.

Evie wasn’t just laying there catching her breath. She started to roll back and forth again almost immediately. She was panting, making all sorts of noises, the hand on Tyrell’s hip was squeezing him hard and her legs were pumping him frantically too. Obviously she was trying to get him to move, putting all her energy into it.

But somehow Tyrell, self-proclaimed master stud he claimed to be, was managing to be a statue, waiting quietly with part of his big cock snugly inside her, while my wife continued to gyrate and wiggle, to whimper and gasp.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, she slowed her efforts to get him to move and started breathing closer to normal. Again I heard her whisper, “My God.”

I squeezed her hand trying to reassure her, but when he moved a little bit sie to side, she cried out and pulled it away from me. Now both her hands went on his waist and holding it in the proverbial death grip. Doubts started to replace my enthusiasm for this.

He moved a bit more, pushing more of his cock into her and she gasped.

“Shit!” she cried out as she flung her head back and forth again. “Shit!”

He moved a second time and Evie shrieked. “Fuckin goddamn it!”

Now suddenly afraid of the pain he might be causing her, I leaned towards them, my hand went to his shoulder and he turned. We were eyeball to eyeball.

“Should he stop?” I asked her, though I hadn’t taken my eyes off of Tyrell, “If he’s hurting you, if it’s too—”

Section 70

“No!” she practically screamed at me. “Fuck, no!”

I looked down and saw her glaring at me.

It clicked. She hadn’t been trying to push him away. She was trying to pull him deeper! Suddenly embarrassed, I nodded at Tyrell and backed off a little.

“Do it,” she said to Tyrell.

Tyrell laughed and moved enough to make her cry out again. “If you really want this cock then you don’t say ‘do it’. You ask Tyrell nicely.”

There was barely a pause before she answered. “Please,” in a whisper.

“Please what?”

“Oh God,” she said as her head jerked back and forth, “Please just give it to me.”

“Do you mean you want me to fuck you with my big black cock?”

She whined and cried a little, then whispered, “Yes.”

“Say it so your husband and I can both hear it. Say you want my big black cock.”

“Fuck yes!” she cried, “I want it. I want your big black cock.”

“Okay,” he answeredd softly as he began to go in and out of her slowly and not very deeply. “How’s that?” he asked.

“More,” she said pleadingly. “Deeper.” Then she added a soft, “Please.”

He turned and winked at me and no doubt saw that I was unzipping. He winked at me and and then he did go deeper, almost all the way to his balls. And stopped moving again.

I heard Evie let out a moan, a whimper. “Please?” she said.

She wiggled. And after a moment’s pause she began to wiggle more, to squirm and then she was arching her back, her hands were pulling on his waist and finally, her legs were pumping and squeezing him to get him to move again.

Tyrell gave me a glance and saw that now my hand was stroking my semi-hard cock.

I know I must have blushed, but Tyrell didn’t respond. He just held himself there, deep and not moving, still as a statue, his cock deep inside my sweet Evie.

I was now officially in awe of not only how big he was, but also his his self control—his cockmastery.

Section 71

Evie’s breathing finally slowed, then eventually stopped.

He gave me a quick side long glance before whispering to my wife. “I’m in control Evie. Accept it. Embrace it. Lay still.”

She whimpered a little more, but didn’t move. Then he slowly pulled out about half way and then stroked into her several times, before going all the way into her again, bottoming out.

She bit her lower lip and made mewing noises, then went quiet.

He waited a dozen heartbeats then slowly did his moving in circles thing again before suddenly pulling out and slamming into her really hard, then holding himself as deep as he could, grinding his pelvis against her and no doubt his cockhead against her cervix.

“Oh my God!” she wailed, then jerked and twitched hard, cried out again and in another moment she was making familiar noises and trembling almost as if having a seizure.

Her eyes closed tightly, she choked and coughed, and choked and coughed, digging her nails into his sides before lifting herself and him off the mattress. At the top of their arch, she let out a long moan that turned into a growl. Then she fell back, her arms and legs flopping on to the mattress like limp ropes. The love of my life lay there gasping, spent.

Tyrell had made her cum.

He looked at me and chuckled, before he started to move again, this time in a slow and rhythmic pattern. She barely reacted so exhausted, and maybe numb she was. He was fucking my wife very gently now, sighing as he enjoyed the feel of her warm softness, as he just used her for his own pleasure now. I imagined how self satisfied he must feel as he continued to go in and out, in and out of her.

Occasionally he looked at me and grinned that devilish grin. I wondered for just how long this was going to last. How long would he savor every stroke, each touch of her flesh—enjoy every bit of my wife? It seemed like it would go on forever..

But then suddenly, he pushed all the way in and stayed that way, letting his balls rest on her butt as he stretched his torso, took a couple of deep breaths. When he wiggled a bit, she finally responded by letting out a soft moan and when he began to slide in and out of her again I heard a few little mewing sounds. But I heard no cries and I saw no frantic movements either.

I got it. Tye had totally stretched her out. That had to be it. He was so huge and she was so small. He had just stretched her to the point past it hurting, to where now she was numb.

After forever, he started moving slightly faster. A half-dozen strokes layer, he moved her hands to his waist and pulled each leg up around his thighs again.

“What do you want Evie?” he whispered. “What do you want from your Tyrell?”

She didn’t answer. She just moaned and whimpered a bit more before moving her hands from his waist to around his back. A moment after that, she was pulling her legs up higher and he moved his arms under them so he could place them up on his shoulders—to fold her into that position some call the G-Whiz. I remembered it. It was the one Evie says narrows the vagina and helps target the G-spot. The one that she and I hadn’t been able to do in years because of my back.

“Fuck me,” I heard her whisper. “Fuck me, fill me up. Make me cum again.”

Then he brought his face to hers and as their lips joined, they started moving their bodies together. My loving wife began to move in sync with Tyrell. They were moving faster, harder, than I had ever seen, or imagined two people could. They slammed together over and over.

They were…

Damn. The word ‘fucking’ just doesn’t describe it well enough. Just like on the dance floor, they moved so well together, energetically, coordinated as if they had been partners for years and I couldn’t help but wonder. Were they made to be entwined like this, his cock made to be balls deep in Evie, stretching and filling her up? Was her cunt made to envelop and squeeze Tyrell’s huge cock?

Whether or not, it was breath taking to watch them much like it had been on the dance floor, only this wasn’t dancing. It wasn’t even really dirty dancing.

Section 72

Actually, there wasn’t a word I knew that expressed how physical, how totally animalistic it was, how perfect their union seemed. It was something in its own category and it was amazingly hot! And it gave me an erection that was almost painful.

Evie suddenly moved her hands to his shoulders next to her legs, clutched him hard, her nails biting into his flesh. She screamed out and I knew she had cum again, but Tyrell hesitated only a moment while she gained some breath before he was pummeling her hard again and then she quickly joined in again, using her arms and her legs to help him.

“Do it!” I heard her say. “Give it to me,” she said louder.

He shuddered and started making growling noises and she laughed through her own ragged breath, but then almost immediately closed her eyes tightly as he stopped thrusting. As he began to jerk, spasm, she did too. He was obviously cumming deep inside her and she must be feeling every squirt.

I moved to the side to see her better, just in time to see her shudder massively, then a few short moments later see her eyes roll back. She cried out almost pitifully. My Evie had cum at least once, but she still seemed poised on the edge.

And as he finished pumping her, I heard a deep rough growl from my sweetheart and saw her shudder again for a long moment. She threw her head back and forth while she made more growling like noises. She had cum again!

It popped into my brain immediately. He must have nailed her G-spot and his cock was so long he had probably been hitting her cervix too. Obviously one or maybe both had pushed her over the edge again, but twice or even three times in just a few moments, I asked myself as I watched her arms and legs fall limply to the mattress.

I swallowed hard. However many orgasms that made, it was certainly more than she and I had ever managed.

They lay like that with him on top of her for quite a while before Evie finally found some energy and strength enough she was able to push him so that he rolled off her.

I heard the ‘plop’ of his monster leaving her.

She opened her eyes and looked up at him. “That was pretty nice,” she sighed. “But how about we stop now? I’m not used to this and I’m getting a little sore,” she added with a breathless laugh.

He laughed as he sat up on an elbow and said, “For a few minutes. But we’re not done you know. I need to cum again, too.”

She giggled then rolled away and onto her stomach. “I don’t think I have any energy left.”

“Okay. We’ll take a whole five then, but after that…”

She laughed again and shook her head.

Tyrell moved closer to her, stretched out against her side and put his face to hers. He began whispering something to her. I couldn’t hear him, but I could see that his hand was now on her butt massaging it and Evie was shaking her head no.

He continued to whisper and at one point she looked back at me. I’m sure she saw me with cock in hand and how hard my much more modest sized cock was. She didn’t acknowledge it though. Instead, she turned to Tyrell and I thought I saw a shrug before she shook her head at him again.

“You need to adjust your thinking,” he said as he moved away from her and sat up. “And to fucking me again right now. too. In both cases, sexy lady, the only right answer is ‘yes’.”

When she didn’t reply, he roughly pulled her around so her face was next to his dangling cock. She let out a yep. Then tentatively put her tongue out and he pushed the head of his snake against the tip of it.

Evie pulled back, laughed a throaty laugh, smiled and then just sat there a moment looking at what was just inches from her face—flaccid, but still long thick and wet…

Section 73

Suddenly she scooted forward and took the head then a couple of inches into her mouth. She gagged, coughed, took a deep breath then did it again, and again, going deeper and deeper until she had it all—all deep throated. Tyrell’s hands flew to her head, held her there as his breathing went out of control.

I felt a pain in my stomach, but I was also strangely aroused. We had never done that… I didn’t know she could…

Then he let go of her head and she pulled back and it drooped down. She took a moment to choke and gasp. Long strings of saliva and maybe cum hung from her chin and his now semi-erect cock as she grinned.

Tyrell was grinning too. “Not bad. Not bad at all. Next time maybe I’ll let you feed on my seed,” he said with a smirk. “But now say it,” he said loudly enough for me to hear. “Say it. Tell me you love my cock.”

Evie turned her head away from his cock, hung her head, coughed for another moment before she turned and looked up into his face. She nodded, then closed her eyes and said, “I do,” she whispered. “God help me but I love it a lot.”

My heart seemed to shrink to nothing.

He turned and grinned at me, then turned back and stared at her for a second before commanding her. “Get on all fours. Now I want you doggie style, bitch.”

“No. I told you I’m tired and—”

He cut her off by simply grabbing her, manhandling her, dragging Evie around so he was behind her. She started to protest as he roughly pulled her up on all fours, but he was already pushing his half-erect monster into her again and whatever she had been trying to say immediately turned into a low moan.

Tyrell held still for a moment, gripping her waist he began to rotate his hips while slowly pushing further into her. I heard her whimper and he went still as his tummy snugged up against her butt. Then he pulled out enough that I could see he was hard again before he started slamming her.

She tried to hold herself up but against his onslaught soon she just fell face down on the bed as Tye kept moving in and out of her.

I thought I might have heard her say something. Asking him or telling him, I wasn’t sure. But I did hear her moans groans and sighs clearly enough,

Then I saw Tyrell lean down, put his face right against her cheek again, then followed it around to give her a kiss on the lips. She responded by wiggling weakly underneath him, but he stopped her by raising up far enough he could slap her butt hard enough to get her attention.

“Say it or I’ll stop fucking you!” he said as he continued to slide in and out, but slower now. “Is that what you want?”

This time I clearly heard a whimpered “No.”

He stroked in and out of her a few more times, before slowing down. Now he was barely moving. “Say it again. Louder, to make sure Dave and I can both hear it.”

Instead she cried out, “Please. Don’t stop.”

“Then say it.”

She squeezed, pulled at him, raised her butt off the bed and whimpered.

“Say it.”

Section 74

“Oh God,” Evie whined.

“Dave wants to hear what you want

“I want to cum again,” she cried. “Please fuck me.”

He gave me a look, sort of a sneer, maybe one of smug conquest? Then he reached under her, grasped her beasts and pulled her back into him before saying. “Okay baby, I will.”

And then he did.

He started with slow long strokes again then fucked her harder and harder until it was once again a frenzy of motion. I heard her crying out, saw her grab at the sheets hard and I knew she had cum again.

He slowed his thrusts, then stopped and they rested a bi. A minute? Ten? I’m not sure. Time didn’t have much meaning to me just then. But eventually he turned and gave me a thumbs up, then rolled off her.

“Get on top. I still haven’t cum again,” he said.

Evie never hesitated, but she did struggle. My sweetheart really was tired, but still apparently eager. She managed to roll over, then slowly climb on top of him and in another blink his dick was inside her and she was rocking, sliding back and forth, then he was thrusting up and she was bouncing up and down on his cock.

It was just like in my fantasy.

I was hurt, aroused, disgusted, turned on, and of course afraid. It suddenly occurred to me that I had lost her. Yet something held me, rooted in place, forced to watch and to look on as the love of my life, road Tyrell’s big black cock so unhesitatingly and willingly.

Something caused me to be stroking my own hard cock as I watched. Something caused her to find another burst of energy, to ride and ride him like that even though she was tired and sore, just as his hard cock seemed so tireless in fucking her.

Maybe they were all related, one thing causing the others. Yes, of course they were. Just as the ‘something’ was how amazingly well they fucked together.

Finally, Tyrell pulled her down so he could suck her breast again, but then suddenly pushed her back up and forcefully said, “Tell me you love the way I’m fucking you.”

She whimpered, but didn’t answer. He abruptly stopped and waited, unmoving again. She tried to move, but suddenly he had his hands on her waist and was pushing her away from him.

Then she let out a yelp, as he roughly pulled her back down on him hard. “Answer!”

“No! I mean yes,” she cried. “Yes, I love the way you’re fucking me.”

He pushed her away and this time, rolled her off and onto her back. She lay their panting and then he mounted her again, sliding in with one thrust, driving into her so hard that she cried from what had to be both pain and pleasure. Then she began to roll her head back and forth even faster than before, holding onto his waist in a death grip as he fucked her like a demon—hard, relentless and self-serving for long enough that I just knew he had to be close, how could anyone not be, to unleashing another load into her. Instead he slowed, stopped going so deep…

I heard her cry out something about cum, and then she began grabbing at his arms, pulling on him, clawing, wiggling around. It looked like she was trying to get him to fuck her even harder… and faster. And she was whimpering louder, with tears in her eyes now too.

“Please she cried out!”

Section 75

I knew the signs—she was close. Very, right at the edge. She just needed a little more…

And Tyrell must have known, but he didn’t give in to what she wanted, needed. Or, I thought, the fierce desire he must have also. Instead, he stopped moving and leaned down to whispered something in her ear.

She whimpered. I saw beads of sweat covering his forehead. She tried to wiggle again.

“Is that what you want?” he asked somewhat breathlessly as he sat up and began to fuck her almost in slow motion. And then, to my total amazement, he stopped altogether again. His big cock was still inside her, his breathing a bit ragged and the sweat was now dripping off his face, and I thought his cock had to be pulsing with its own need for release. But unbelievably, he wasn’t moving otherwise.

“Please,” she cried again as she wiggled hard beneath him.

He sucked in a deep breath of air. “Then tell me, say it,” he insisted.

“I…” she started to talk but was in such turmoil… I thought she might have whispered something but wasn’t sure.

Another deep breath. “Say it so both Dave and I can hear what you want,” he commanded. “Tell us you want more of my seed. Tell us!”

“Alright. Yes. That’s what I want!,” she cried. “Please. Cum inside of me. Please. I want it. Fuck me.”

I saw his smirk, saw him take another breath, lean over and gently kiss her. And then… He began to move. Slowly at first like before, then going balls deep nd moving in circles inside her making her shudder and gasp, before, then pulling almost all the way out. There he hesitated before slamming deep again, then it was just pistoning in and out, balls deep on every stroke, then almost all the way out, then deep again.

He did it over and over and while Evie cried and made noises I had never heard before. It seemed she was holding on for dear life except she offered no resistance, and she was definitely moving with him. Together, in sync, the two of them as one just like before.

He pounded into her over and over again and then, just as I thought he couldn’t possibly keep going, Evie shrieked and began shaking uncontrollably. I knew what that meant. She was cumming and then I heard him let out a growl and knew he was going over the edge with her.

For me, it was a thunderous silence, a gust of breath being held, and of course the beginning of an end of something perhaps. And it was as if I was frozen with them like in my dream, feeling, seeing and hearing it all as if I were part of it.

But this time, in my mind I saw myself as superfluous, sadly sitting on the sidelines, of no use to anyone anymore but especially not to my Evie. She now had Tyrell’s BBC, and he a hotwife to end all hotwives. I felt myself growing thin and ethereal with no substance…

I was maybe in a bit of shock in part from the vision I had seen, partly from the fantasy I had that allowed Tyrell and Evie… but more from what I had just witnessed—a totally amazing performance.

Suddenly a noise, a giggle from Evie and I was back in the real world.

Tyrell very slowly rolled off her. I heard her moan as his cockhead left her cunt followed by the plop as his huge cock pulled out completely. I saw that he was still big and thick still wet with their fluids and just impressive as all hell. As he sat back still breathing hard, she giggled again and mumbled something.

Then she just lay quietly with our neighbor, both trying to find their breath for a long time while I continued to look on.

My Evie, if I could still call her that, was still laying there, her eyes closed, smiling dreamily and murmuring something,

I listened more closely.

Section 76

“ohmygod,ohmygod,” she was saying over and over again. Then she also said, “Davey.”

Was she mocking me? I wanted to go closer to ask, to just get it over with if she was sending me away.

But all I could do was wait. And wait some more.

She murmered again, this time clearly adding, “God, Davey.”

My heart seemed to leap. I felt the cock in my hand firming up, but as hot as I was for her, as much as I wanted to go to her, I was also afraid.

What if she meant she wanted me to go away. What if she was going to forsake me now for Tyrell—the lover I had never been or ever could be? Or maybe… she might be angry at me for allowing this to happen? I was in total turmoil. My heart pounded, my brow was covered in sweat. I was almost shaking myself.

But as she lay there totally exhausted and sated, a larger smile emerged and when she opened her eyes she was looking at me.

“You little devil, you,” she whispered. “I get it. The Crew were all to get me ready. Ready for this.”

She giggled, then ran her hand along Tyrell’s arm. “Thank you, babe,” she said to me. “I love you,” she added softly before she closed her eyes again.

I was stunned. More than…

Tyrell leaned down and gave her another kiss, then whispered something.

Her smile turned to a frown, “No,” I heard her say. “I don’t think so.”

He whispered again. She looked at me as he continued saying whatever it was and finally she nodded. A bit of a smile crept in again, but then she shook her head.

“I’m serious. It’s part of it,” he said loudly enough I could hear.

She more or less whimpered, “Are you really sure?”

“Yes,” he said. “It is. Remember how it was? If you love Dave and I know you do, then you need to, you have to, let him experience that too.

What the fuck? I thought.

She seemed to consider it another moment before finally nodding, “Maybe.”

She thought some more before saying, “Okay. I guess if you’re really sure.”

He took her hand, pointed it at me where I was still rooted in my confused state, and pushed her finger into a curl. “I am,” he said as he scooted off the bed.

Section 78

Now Evie and I were staring at each other. For the first time, since maybe when we had first had sex, I had no idea what she was expecting from me. I could see how ravaged she looked and how wantonly sexy she still was, but what now? What did she expect from me? I couldn’t compete with what she had just experienced.

She motioned with her finger. “Take off your clothes. Then come here,” she said in a sexy hoarse whisper. “Now,” she added, “I have something for you, a gift.”

My heart felt like it was going to burst. I was still in turmoil, but my hands seemed to work without any conscious thought. Suddenly my clothes were in a pile on the floor just as she had said to do.

“Come on dear. Now. Crawl up here to your sweetheart.”

My limbs must have moved of their own volition because suddenly I found myself her on the bed crawling forward towards her. Her little kitty was soaked, I saw, and a large puddle of their cum was right there on the bed in front of me. There was also a sweaty sheen over her legs and torso, and her nips were sexy thick and erect—still managing to leak their goodness. The smell of what I thought was probably from their wild and unrestrained sex, hung in the air and was getting more potent as I moved closer to her.

I stopped, maybe sensually a bit overwhelmed.

“Yes sweetheart. Keep crawling to me.”

God, my Evie is so sexy, so gorgeous, I thought. A Goddess, actually. And still my loving wife I added to myself as I saw the big smile on her face and she mouthed, “I love you.”

How could I do anything but what she wanted? She opened her arms to me and then I was there, on top of her, within her embrace and accepting her proffered kisses.

I vaguely heard Tyrell leave the room. My focus was on Evie. God I love this woman, I thought. She can fuck a stud like Tyrell like a wildcat, be as sensuous as any woman in the world has ever been, and then still somehow love me and make me feel so very special…

“You still want me?” she asked with a smirk. “Still want this well used old pussy?”

I trembled as she leaned over and our lips met. “Of course,” I said as we parted. “I love you so much Evie. How could I not?”

She smiled again and this time gave me a tender lingering kiss. When she finally pulled back from it, she pushed me back and gave me a sexy smirk. “Good. Then you’ll do what I need to get me off again, right?” she asked, as she ran her fingers down my back.

“Again?” I asked as she continued to gently rub my back.

“Yes. I want to cum again. With you.”

My heart leaped, my stomach too. “Oh god of course Evie. That’s what I want too!”

“Good. So get on your back,” she said pointing to the bed next to the large wet spot.

I hurried to do as she said. I was ecstatic, my cock was actually hard and I was sooo ready for it to be inside her. I practically threw myself down on my back and she laughed at my eagerness, at the rigid cock I was holding up for her.

But instead of mounting it she crawled up onto my torso. “No. Later for that sweety. For now, do what you do better than anyone. Lick me,” she commanded softly. “Lick me until I tell you to stop,” she added rather sternly. “Now.”

I was stunned by her words, even more stunned by her sudden dominance. She was never this bossy, never so demanding. But it had an effect. I suddenly wanted to do this. What she wanted I really did want too. I wanted it with all my heart!

Section 79

Even though she was full of her, no their, cum, I still wanted to please her, eager to do her bidding. Even this. Without hesitation, I positioned myself under her dripping cunt and opened my mouth to her.

A short few minutes later she was clutching my head and gushing an enormous quantity of cum. She held me there for a good long time, rubbing her opening on my face every time I stopped licking. My tongue was numb by the time she started to shudder again.

“Open your mouth wide,” she cried.

I had barely complied when she came so hard, gushed so much it totally wiped out any record we might have ever set before. I swallowed, coughed, choked and struggled to keep up with the flow, but I couldn’t. It came pouring out. A Niagra filling my mouth, overflowing it and running down my neck as she convulsed over and over again.

When she finally stopped shaking and drowning me, she still held me tightly for another moment while she caught her breath.

“Okay,” she said through gasps for air. “Now I want you to fuck me. I want to feel you cum inside me.”

When she slid down, I hesitated, wondering if I could manage that, but amazingly, I was still hard and I really wanted and needed to do this.

She push-pulled me into her, then leaned forward and put a leaking breast to my mouth. Then she began to move with me, clenching and unclenching her strong vaginal muscles in a vain attempt for my little guy to actually feel her stretched out flesh, or more likely in an attempt for her to actually feel me.

But she didn’t have to wait long for the events of the evening to catch me up in its embrace. I came hard just from the idea of being inside her.

+ + + + + + + + + +

WE lay in each other’s arms for several hours not saying anything. What was there to say? Well, actually, several things, I finally decided.

“Sweetheart?” I said softly, in case she was sleeping.

She opened her eyes, then rolled off me. “You want to know if this evening’s adventure changes something between us,” she stated.

I startled, “Yeah. I do because I’m sure it does. You got fucked better than ever. You loved his cock. Right?”

“Yes. Both.”

My heart fell.

“It was the biggest cock I could ever imagine and it felt wonderful,” she said. “Better than I thought it ever could feel actually. So big and thick it stretched me, hit places… Maybe soon I’ll even be up for The Hammer” she added with a chuckle. “I can’t really imagine how that will feel. But of course it probably won’t be quite as good as fucking Tye’s awesome BBC.”

She sighed.

I died. I knew it. I wasn’t what she wanted. Not now. Not anymore. Not after Tyrell.

“But of course it wasn’t the best sex I ever had,” she added a moment later.

Section 80

Oh shit. Who else has she fucked?

She giggled when she saw my distraught look, then poked my chest with her finger. “You, dummy. You gave me the best sex ever!”

“I did?” I searched my memory. It must have been before my back got so bad but I just couldn’t remember when…

“Tonight,” she said as she kissed me. “When you went down on me after Tyrell had fucked me silly. That was so hot! It was totally amazing. The most loving thing ever and most definitely the best sex I’ve ever had. ”

I had no words.

“You know,” she continued, “Tyrell told me to tell you to eat me out and not to take no for an answer. I wasn’t going to but then he said that I needed to be in control for your sake. To let you earn me back, show me how much you loved and wanted me. He also pointed out that being in charge and forcing obedience was part of the reason I had let him fuck me and how we had fucked so well. Dominance, he said. I responded to his dominance, wanted to please and be used and I needed to give that experience to you, too. So I did it the best I could and I think it worked out.”

I took her face in my hands and gave her the biggest most loving kiss I could. “Yes. I think it did, too.”

She smiled her best smile. “Quite a night dear. For me anyhow. Best cock ever, then the best sex I’ve ever had and that was from the man I love more than anything.”

I grinned so hard I couldn’t talk for a long moment. Then I asked, “You think we’ll ever do it again?”

She patted her tummy. “Get on top.”

I hesitated. “I’m not sure I can.”

She pointed between my legs. I was about half way there.

“Get on top,” she said again so I obediently rolled on top of her and pushed inside. I still couldn’t actually feel the sides of her cunt, but I was in it and soon moving slowly.

“Can you cum again?” she asked.

“Probably not,” I admitted. “But this is nice. Just moving gently, being in contact.”

She sighed. “Yes it is. But I was hoping to get you off again. I think I sorta owe you. Don’t you?”

“I’m okay,” I assured her, “enjoying just being with you, feeling my hot wife in my arms moving against me.”

That earned me a kiss. We continued to move and caress each other, though my little guy was now growing softer.

“So you’re not sorry about tonight?” she asked as I all but slipped out of her. She stopped wiggling beneath me and used her fingers to help push me back inside her. Then I carefully began to move again.

I sighed. “No Dear. I’m not sorry. But you never answered me. Do you think we might do this again sometime?”

Section 81

We kept moving but still not hard or fast—just gently, carefully. We both seemed to understand my limitations.

“I love you,” she said.

“I love you too, but you didn’t ans—”

She suddenly pulled my face to hers and kissed me again, then gave me another kiss, a nice lingering one this time, before putting her face next to my ear. “Thursday, dear,” she whispered. “Thursday afternoon.”

I stopped moving. “You mean this Thursday? Two days from now?”

“I do,” she whispered.”

“But we’re out of town Thursday,” I argued, “We’re dropping the kids off at church camp for the weekend, then picking up farm supplies. We won’t be back until late afternoon.”

“Yeah. Well, that was the schedule before dear but it wouldn’t work, so now I’m staying home. That totally makes it possible,” she added as she wiggled to get me moving again.

“Tyrell also has to work at the Chalet until two, then be back there at about five.”

I was speechless “But then how are we—”

She stopped me with another quick kiss and a giggle. “But in those few hours…” She shrugged. “I’m pretty sure that when you get home, there will be creampies waiting. Several. And we will have all night to play in them, use them up.”

She gve me a quick kiss, I blinked, the words hit home and suddenly I was fully hard, moving faster and faster, and a moment after that Evie was giggling again as I came hard inside her.

+ * + * + * + * + * + * + * + * + * +

Epilogue ~

IT’S been several months now and our life is good and predictable in its routine. My back is still getting better, the Crew stays in their box under our bed mostly, though I still have hopes The Hammer will lose its virginity someday. Tyrell and I bang Evie on a regular basis—actually whenever she wants, and she gets suckled a lot too!

In the afternoons whenever the kids are gone she’ll often slip away to Tye’s house and brings home creampies. If the kids are gone overnight, it’s our bed we all play in and I get the sloppy seconds or thirds right then and there. She’s a very happy Hotwife! Tye and I are very happy in our roles as well.

But then yesterday, Tyrell stopped over and caught me working in the barn.

Section 82

“Hey, remember how you guys always say ‘whatever you want I do too’,” he asked. “Well, if I were to ask Evie something and she said okay, then you’d be okay with it?”

I gave him my most puzzled look because I was… Well, really puzzled. “Yeah that’s our motto. So what is it you want to ask her?”

He looked almost sheepish I thought, not like his usual over-confident self. “Well, my old gang of bros up in Detroit, ‘The Six Niners’ they call themselves, are having a party next month.”

“What kind of party?” I asked.”And if you’re asking whether we might want to go, I’ll tell you right now it’s not likely we can because of the kids,” I said.

“Yeah I know. Somebody has to watch the little guys. But here’s the thing. It’s a white girl only breeding party so actually you wouldn’t be invited.”

My stunned expression made him continue with an explanation. “What it is, is that each of the bros brings a white girl, usually a married lady, and we share them over the weekend from Friday night until Sunday afternoon. No hubbies or boyfriends allowed. We’re all there just to play out the hotwife fantasy of being black bred. They even have breeding racks so the ladies can take one BBC after another without tiring as quickly.”

My brain was whirling from the details that he had thrown at me, but it landed on one in particular. “Breeding Party? Like you try to knock them up?”

“Well, not really. It’s just the fantasy of being bred. So no condoms are allowed,” he said. “Of course sometimes a girl might not be on B-C or she might really hope to get impregnated and have a black baby. Kinda rare though. It’s usually just a creampie party.

“Anyway, I know Evie doesn’t have an IUD or take the pill, but if she was past the dangerous most fertile time of the month, you think she might want to go?”

I blinked then laughed. “My Evie? Go to a party without me?”

After a moment I shrugged. “Well, I suppose she might go to a party with you and without me, but for the weekend to have lots of BBCs give her creampie after creampie?”

I laughed at him again. “Oh hell, Tyrell. No way, dude. My wife would never!”

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