My Wife Might Not Be Coming Home Tonight – Part Two 4.6/5 (68)

Its been a couple of days since the most incredible sexual experience of my life. It was when my wife delivered a present home for me. This present wasn`t your normal one, it was warm and sticky and was soaking her panties. She had been out all night partying and had hooked up with a guy named Dave and had let him fuck her. In fact during one of their 3 times they fucked last night, he had taken her forcefully and she told me that she liked being submissive to him and that she enjoyed being taken and ravaged by his huge cock and how hard she had come while he was fucking her.

She wanted to fuck with him again and in the heat of the moment, I had agreed to a second liaison. Now in the cool light of day I was not so sure. What was troubling me was this feeling of dread that I could be loosing her to him. I love my wife and would do anything for her but she was bringing her male friend home on Thursday to fuck him in our bed. This wasn`t the problem, I liked the thought of them fucking, It turned me on. The problem was what she said as we made love when she returned home from her night out.

We were playing out our fantasy of her pregnancy to her lover, she was asking me if I wanted her to take his come in her unprotected womb and get her pregnant and this excited me beyond your imagining but it is just a fantasy and in my passion I yelled “yeess“ to her question. Then my lusty wife asked me If I thought she should come off her birth control ready for Dave`s visit this Thursday. My naughty wife had me close to cumming when she asked me this and as I came I answered her that yes she should stop taking her birth control. This was just a fantasy right? Well, her response to my answer was “ good“ What could she mean by good. Good that she was happy with my answer that she should stop her birth control. Did she really want to get pregnant to Dave? Did she want to have his baby? I was unsure if she was playing with me or was she serious about getting pregnant to him. I tried to check to see if she was taking her birth control pills but I couldn’t find them and I looked everywhere. Had she thrown them out already?

I hadn`t talked to my beautiful wife about going off the pill so Dave could fuck her and put a baby in her belly but I knew that I should talk to her soon as there was only 2 days before her date. I was anxious about even mentioning this subject to her. We had fantasied this outcome a few times the other night but it was the first time she had heard me express my desire for her to have another man get her pregnant. It has been in my private fantasies forever and it never failed to excite me and turn me on. I had mind blowing orgasms thinking about this happening, but in my wildest dreams I never thought that she might be contemplating her mating with Dave so she could get pregnant to him.

I knew she has had a crush on Dave for over a year now and as far as I knew, last Saturday night was the first time they had fucked, so how come she wants to go off the pill and have him fuck her? or is she just playing with me?

As I lay there contemplating all the things happening, her impending date, their fucking in our bed, she not taking her contraceptive pills, my cock was rock hard. I was excited at the thought of her offering her unprotected womb to this man so he could pump his seed deep inside her making a baby. The thought really got me going and I stroked my stiff cock to the image of my wife with lactating nipples, larger breasts and a chubby belly with their baby inside her, his child growing inside my wife, and I came with the illicit sexual thrill and excitement of it. I had fantasied about this exact scenario probably a hundred times secretly and now could my wife be having the exact same fantasy? Was she about to make her fantasy a reality?

I knew that in my fantasy, I wanted her to do this forbidden thing, betrayal of her marriage vows, this deeply disturbing sinful act, this lust driven depraved coupling with its life changing outcome. My cock was hard again and leaking precum. This is what I wanted, yes what I really wanted her to do. I knew it now. I decided to let my naughty lustful wife decide how this would play out and make it her decision as to what may happen and I would go along with whatever was the outcome. I has thought about this often enough in my fantasy and I imagined I would be a good loving father to this child in every respect except its conception. That, I would leave it up to my wife and her lover. I felt much better after working my way through this turmoil. I still had nagging doubts that she would want to stay with me after this, but I loved her and I wanted this for her too, and I knew that I would love her baby as well.

The next night we were cuddled close together on the couch. I was gently massaging her neck and shoulders when she turned and kissed me gently on my cheek then whispered into my ear “ I love you darling“ “ I love you too “ I replied as I continued to rub her shoulders. I moved my hand around to her front and cupped her breast in my hand and caressed her gently. Her nipples stood out strongly under her shirt and I gently rubbed them as well.

“Are you excited about tomorrow darling“ she asked with a questioning look in her eyes. She held my hand and pulled and lifted it under her skirt to her pussy, she wasn`t wearing panties and she was very wet and she wanted me to know it. “I am “she said. She reached for my groin and squeezed my cock through my jeans, “I can tell you are too“ she answered as she unbuckled my jeans and exposed my straining member and she leaned forward and placed her lips over my cock.

Lifting her mouth from my bloated cock head she looked me directly into my eyes asking “Are you still ok with Dave coming over tomorrow night? She was stroking me now. “you know i`m not on the pill right now don’t you? “

wow!! two of the sexiest, erotic, horniest questions a girl can ask her cuckold and I was close to cumming, it was going to be a gusher of an orgasm. “ Did you hear me“ she asked as she stroked me in a frenzy. “ I`m no longer on the pill so I`m fertile right now and are you ok for Dave to fuck me tomorrow? It will be natural, you know, no condoms“.
,,“ I could hardly get my words out, I want him to come in your womb “ is all I could say as I unloaded my cum high in the air landing on her chest and thighs. “wow you are excited for this to happen, you want it as much as I do don`t you baby“ It wasn`t a question, she knew I wanted her to fuck Dave and have him cum into her fertile womb, filling her with his seed conceiving his baby.

I looked over at her lying there with her skirt lifted above her waist exposing her sex. She was sliding her fingers over her mound and dipping them into her opening, “I need you to make me cum“ she pleaded, I moved down to her pussy and stroked her lips with my tongue, I explored her opening and pushed my tongue in her as far as I could then inserted two fingers inside her sweet honey box and caressed her g spot and had her moaning loudly. “ You really want Dave to fuck you, don’t you? “Yes“ between her moans, “ you want to be his little cum slut don’t you?“ again a moaning “ yeesss“ You want him to come deep inside you filling you with his baby making seed don’t you“ oooh yyeessss “ was her answer and I sped my stroking in and out of her sweet sex while clamping my mouth over her nipples sucking them in turn, I let go with my mouth briefly. “ you want him to come deep in your womb seeding you and making a baby. You want Dave to make you pregnant don’t you“ I reattached my mouth to her nipples. “ hellll yyeeeesssss“ she wailed as she clamped her thighs together squeezing my hand inside her lusting pussy hole as she rode my hand to a shuddering climax.

I held her and we kissed each other tenderly as she came down from her release.“ I love you my beautiful sexy girl“ I softly whispered into her ear.


  • Jody

    Reply Reply November 11, 2019

    Oh! I just read part 2 of my wife might not be coming home tonight. Really good! Well written! I throughly enjoyed it! I just wonder if she ever got pregnant from Dave. Very HOT!!! XXXOOO JODY

  • Dr. Dick

    Reply Reply November 22, 2019

    It’s so hot. Please part 3.
    Hope for pegnancy and cream pie cleanup

    Dr. Dick

  • The groom

    Reply Reply January 24, 2020

    Please finish the story. Did Dave make you a daddy?

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