My Wife Might Not Be Coming Home Tonight – Part 1 4.7/5 (53)

This story happened some years ago when we were younger, I remember how it played out as if it was yesterday and it still excites me when I think of what happened way back then. For men who have experienced the depth of emotions that can rack through your mind and body while you are living in the moment, when your wife cuckolds you for another man.

We have had a couple of experiences prior to this one and I wasn’t even sure that other couples had tried what we did back then, I didn`t know how widespread the lifestyle was and I didn`t know they had a name for it, “cuckolding“ But I knew I LOVED IT when it happened.

Here then is one such instance.

My wife had followed this band for a few years now as they played their circuit. She let me know that there was one guy in this band that she liked very much and I encouraged her to attend their gigs where possible. Over time she developed a crush on this man named Dave. Dave sings vocals in the band that is playing at a local party. He is a friend of the host, Bruce, and is sleeping over.

Dave is tall and good looking and has a great voice and tonight I hope he is alone and available. My pretty wife was invited to this party and she let me know that she really wanted to have private play time with this man. My sexy wife has had the hots for Dave for some time now and I know she wants Dave to fuck her because we have talked about it during our own intimate moments together.

She would get wet and lustful and cum hard when I would talk about Dave seducing her, playing with her breasts, nibbling on her ears, kissing her neck, sucking her nipples, playing with her pussy. She would cum so hard when we talk about Dave fucking her. It was inevitable that she would eventually want to try the real thing. I was all for it, the thought of her fucking Dave turned me on like nothing else ever had before and I wanted her to do it.

I wanted Dave to seduce my wife and fuck her. I wanted her to seduce him, for him to give her the best fucking of her life, to make her cum so hard, not once but lots of times and have her whole body rack in orgasm during their lustful mating. Him cumming deep inside her, filling her unprotected womb with his seed. I don’t know why I wanted this for her, but I really wanted them to fuck and for her to have the best sex of her life, then to come home and tell me all about it, in detail if she could get up the nerve to relive the moment, blow by blow, a full account of their lustful fucking. I`d get so worked up imagining this happening, my cock would erupt without me touching it.

So here I was waiting alone at home, I had talked my wife into going to the party with the possibility of a sexual liaison with Dave. I told her that if anything happened between them, I was fine with it, that I wanted it to happen. I wanted her to have fun and that I loved her very much and that if she came home with a pussy full of his come and she enjoyed him, that would make me the happiest man alive. I really do love her you know.

For some guys, the idea of letting their wife fuck other men is insane, but for me it`s thrilling beyond belief. I have loved her since the first day we met at her place of work. It was their Christmas party. I was invited by the Company MD. I looked across the room and saw this amazingly beautiful young woman and It was love at first sight. An absolute angel in the room. We talked, she sat next to me and we had a connection and that was the start of our 30 plus year relationship together. She is the only girl I have ever had eyes for. My soulmate, my beautiful wife and I love her beyond life itself.

So how has it come to this, that I want her to be fucked by another man? and why is it such a turn on for me thinking about her getting fucked hard with another man`s cock, imagining her cumming so hard as he penetrates her pussy thrusting deep into her womb?

This kink of mine keeps me hard when I imagine her on her back with a well hung lover on top as he penetrates her again and again thrusting his hips driving his huge cock into her pink swollen and aroused pussy, she, moaning in sexual ecstasy. That is the image in my head that I want to see happen. I want her to experience incredible orgasmic intercourse and I know I can never make that happen for her.

I love her and I don’t want her to miss out on this potentially incredible sexual experience. I guess it`s because I can`t make her cum by penetration alone. I know I`ve tried when I was younger but it never happened for us with penetrative sex. I would make her cum in other ways but never with explosive climaxes that I wanted for her to have. I love my wife and she deserves to have multiple orgasms and it doesn’t matter to me who gives them to her.

I want her to experience what it`s like to cum while being well and truly fucked. It will always be her choice to select a man for her sexual coupling, fulfilling her sexual needs and tonight she has selected Dave, with a lot of support and encouragement from me wanting her to make it happen.

So here I was, waiting for my beautiful wife to arrive home from this party. I knew it would be hours yet, she left for the party at 3pm and it was now after 1am. I had a considerable wait ahead before she returned home, If things went well then I might not see her home until tomorrow sometime. There was no way I could sleep. I tried reading, watching the telly, I paced about in a haze of conflicting emotions, what had I done!

Encouraged my wife to be with another man! What if she falls in love with him? What if she leaves me for him? then I would imagine them embracing in heated passion and I would get rock hard thinking of their primal coupling, joining their sexes in the heat of their passion, him penetrating her beautiful pussy with his massive cock, her arching her back and moaning loudly as he enters her and the two of them exploding in orgasmic ecstasy.


  • Jody

    Reply Reply November 8, 2019

    Mmmmmm. So hot!! Very well written. I can feel all the conflicting emotions of that cuckold situation. The writer definitely knows too! Can’t wait for part 2!!! Xxxooo Jody

  • Dr. Dick

    Reply Reply November 13, 2019

    This is so hot. Maybe a little slower with the pregnancy fantasy, but still hot.

    Cannot wait for part 3!

    Dr. Dick

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