My Wife Might Not Be Coming Home Tonight – Part 1 4.7/5 (53)

I lifted my head and gazed into her eyes“ O god yes! you know I do `I replied.“ I am so turned on at the moment and I need to cum soon.

She lifted her hips and positioned her opening in line with my cock and guided me into her wetness. I was in heaven as I thrust into her wanton pussy and I came quickly and with such a force that was so powerful it was frightening. It was by far the strongest orgasm of my life and the longest lasting. As I came down from my high, she cuddled me and kissed me passionately, “I love you darling“ she said.

“I love you too. “I whispered. We lay still, cuddling for a while, “ would you want me to do this again, to sleep with Dave I mean“ she asked, “ because I want to do it again. It was the hottest sex I have ever had. I want that feeling in my pussy again. Would you be alright if I fucked with him some more?.“ I was slow to answer as I pondered the thought of Dave fucking my wife, “darling I love you and I would be fine with Dave fucking you only I get worried I might lose you, but yes the thought that you want to fuck him again, it excites me too“.

I was hard again with images in my head of their lusty fucking l looked down at my wife`s pussy to see mine, my wife`s and Dave`s cum oozing out and trickling down her butt crack and I got harder still as I took in this incredibly erotic vista before me, I lowered my face to her beautiful pussy and caressed her swollen lips with my tongue then up to her very erect clit. I like you doing that to me, you know, licking me after I have been fucking“ she said. “ it turns me on“. “ it turns me on too “ I said. and I crawled up the bed and kissed her gently as first, then passionately with lots of tongue as we shared the sexy mix of cum from her pussy.

“I think it`s so wild that you would want to lick me after, it makes me feel so slutty, it turns me on, I need you to fuck me now“ she said, and I did. I placed me penis at the entrance to her pussy and thrust inside, she was so wet and slippery and as I entered her, she thrust her hips and pushed herself onto me. “ fuck me hard dear, I`m close to cumming“ she said, and I did just that, in deep and out until just touching then in deep at a pace I knew she liked, a good hard pounding deep into her pussy. “ you like Dave fucking you don’t you “ I asked. “ yes“ she replied.

“ you enjoy him with his big hard cock deep inside you right into your womb don’t you“ I asked. “ yes, yeess“ she cried. “ you love cumming on his cock and feel him cumming inside of you filling your womb don’t you “ and she writhed under me and let out a cry of passion as she climaxed wonderfully on my cock triggering my own release and I shuddered my climax shooting my cum deep inside her as deep as I could and it seemed to prolong her own orgasm. I slowly pulled my softening cock from her and lay beside her. and we cuddled.

She giggled, “ that was nice“ whispering in me ear. “ that was wonderful, that was the first time you have climaxed on my cock ever, the first time you have cum from me fucking you, it was fucking wonderful“ I said . She nibbled on my ear “It was, wasn`t it“ she said in a tone that indicated she might have been slightly embarrassed. “ I know you were thinking it was Dave fucking you when you were cumming and I fucking loved that you were thinking of his cock as I fucked you. I got so turned on knowing that you can orgasm so hard when you are just thinking he is fucking you. I imagine your powerful orgasms when he is taking you for real and it must be wonderful for you and I want you to feel wonderful cumming hard while he fucks you, I want him to fuck you again and I am ok if you want to set something up“ she leaned over closer to my ear, kissed my cheek, and spoke sexily “ I was hoping you would say that. I really want him to fuck me again, I love the feeling of fullness of his cock inside of me. I want him to shoot his cum deep inside of me. When I was about to come home this morning, we talked and he wants to get together Thursday this week if we can arrange it. Now I know you are alright with it, can I invite him over here?. We could fuck right here in our bed, would you like that? “

I smiled and she reached for my cock. I was hard again. “I knew you would“ she said as she slowly stroked my hard on. “What if when he comes in me I have forgotten to take my pill?, “ she asked, “ what if her gets me pregnant“ I squirmed under her touch and the thought of Dave planting his seed deep into her unprotected womb turned me on like nothing else. “ you like the thought of me getting pregnant , of me carrying Dave`s baby don’t you darling “ she asked as she stroked me faster and faster. “ yyeesss “ I replied edging closer to my release. “ I think I will come off the pill for a while , what do you think darling? “ yyyeesssss “ I cried as I came loudly spilling my seed over her hand and my belly. “ good “ she said as she wiped my cum from her hand.

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  • Jody

    Reply Reply November 8, 2019

    Mmmmmm. So hot!! Very well written. I can feel all the conflicting emotions of that cuckold situation. The writer definitely knows too! Can’t wait for part 2!!! Xxxooo Jody

  • Dr. Dick

    Reply Reply November 13, 2019

    This is so hot. Maybe a little slower with the pregnancy fantasy, but still hot.

    Cannot wait for part 3!

    Dr. Dick

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