My Wife Might Not Be Coming Home Tonight – Part 1 4.7/5 (53)

I awake at 11am and there is no sign of my wife. I shower quickly wanting to phone her to check she is alright. No! I`m deluding myself, what I`m wanting to know is has she fucked him, that’s what I really need to know and I`m tenting my jeans thinking about asking her all about her hot night. I grab the phone and dial her number, she answers “hi dear“ I question her, “are you able to talk“ She replies, “not really, but last night was wonderful dear, we did, if you are asking, 3 times, wow, I will be home soon, just having brunch, love you, bye“ then hung up her phone.

Now I know they have fucked and I`m hard again, I squeeze my cock through my jeans and I`m engorged, the head of my cock is massive and I rub it through my jeans going over her words,, “we did, 3 times, wow,“ I imagine their first time, its frantic, a desperate lustful mating, I resist the temptation to get my cock out and stroke it, but I`m so hard and already wet through my jeans with my precum. ` three times, wow“ and I free my cock from the confines of my jeans and stroke it. I am so hard, she has fucked with him, it`s such a turn on for me thinking of their lustful mating.

I could cum so easily but I push myself away into my jeans and try to calm myself down, she is only an hour away at most and I should be able to hold out that long. I put the kettle on to make my morning cup of tea and find some clean sheets then change the sheets on our bed with them, trying to keep occupied until her arrival. I decide on a short walk but I can`t get the thought out of my mind of them fucking and I`m bone hard and tenting the front of my jeans.

I adjust my cock in my pants and sit down with my cup of tea and turn on the tele and wait. The distraction helps and I relax a little and sip my tea. I try to come to terms with the events of last night. My wife has fucked another man and I absolutely love the excitement of it. I`m waiting for her to arrive home after being out all night fucking another man and I`m hard as hell at the thought of it.

If I touched myself I would explode with very little effort. What is wrong with me? but there is no denying how turned on I am knowing my wife has been out all night and has fucked another man and they have fucked each other three times.

As I am contemplating this reality I hear her car pull up outside, I`m nervous and don’t know how to react to her now. I feel embarrassed. Does she still love me? does she still want me? I love her so much. I open the door to greet her and she pushes past me carrying several bags of stuff, I hadn`t noticed her leaving with them but she puts them down and turns to me and smiles. I smile back and walk over and embrace her in a warm hug and kiss her gently on her neck and ear. She reaches down and squeezes my cock through my jeans and I`m wet and rock hard. She giggles and steps away to look into my eyes.

“ your excited that I have been fucking Dave aren`t you, I love you“ she said, and moves closer to kiss me, exploring my mouth with her tongue. I kissed her back with lots of tongue action of my own and I could taste what I thought was Dave in her mouth, had she been sucking on his cock? had he come in her mouth? I was sure I could taste him on her. I continued kissing her, savouring the taste in her mouth, on her lips.

She pulled away briefly to ask “you like“ I was uncertain of what she meant. Did she mean Dave`s cum in her mouth and the taste of his cock on her lips? I answered “ yes I like“ and we kissed again passionately. I loved the taste of him on her, in her mouth. “You have been sucking his cock haven’t you “ more of a question to her than a statement, `yes“ was her only reply as we kissed again savouring his taste on her.

I needed to explore this further, to know more, “ Come with me“ I said as I led her into our bedroom. I hugged her and at the same time I began to undo the buttons to her dress until it dropped to the floor. I reached around and unclasped her bra then removed it from her shoulders. Her nipples were hard. I laid her back on the bed and sucked her nipples, first one and then the other back and forth licking and sucking her hard nipples.

I rubbed her mound through her panties and they were very wet. She moaned and kissed my neck. I reached with both hands and pulled her panties off as she raised her hips to help. Now I was in front of her pussy and I slowly moved her legs apart to reveal her pink and swollen pussy. Her pussy lips glistened with the moisture there and between her hairless mound and her pussy lips she was coated in his dry cum.

I had never seen anything so sexy in my life or ever been this turned on. I was light headed, I think because most of my blood was drawn to my rampant cock pulsating in my pants. I commented “you have just had sex with Dave! “ yes It was just before brunch after I came back from having my shower. He was naked and engorged like a stallion, he was so animal and I just submitted to his lust and when he started to take me it ignited feelings in my pussy I have never felt before and I was overcome with desire for his cock deep in my pussy. I wanted him, I needed him to fuck me hard and he did. My pussy craved for his cock and I came loudly. I`m afraid I made a lot of noise and alerted the whole house to what we were doing. I didn’t mean to do that but I was so caught up in my incredible sexual desire for Dave to fuck me with his big cock that I lost control and moaned and screamed loudly. I`m sorry honey but everyone there knows we fucked“

The thought of all her friends knowing she was cuckolding me with Dave sent goose bumps down my spine and I liked the feeling and the humiliation of it all. It was so hot to think that they all knew that Dave was fucking my wife. That my wife was letting Dave fuck her.

I spread her thighs a little more and bent forward to kiss her belly, I moved down her body kissing her abdomen until I reached her pussy. I could smell Dave there, I kissed her outer lips and I could taste him. I loved it. I licked her wet slit all the way to her clit and heard her moan. I did it again and she clamped down on my ears with her thighs, forcing her pussy to my mouth, grabbing my head and holding me tight to her slit while grinding her sex on my mouth and tongue all the while moaning loudly. I pushed my tongue as far inside her love canal as I could, lapping up all of Dave`s cum as my wife writhed in orgasmic pleasure bucking her hips wildly and cumming hard on my tongue.

As her passion diminished she had a few questions to ask me. She hesitated at first, then quietly “do you like licking Dave`s cum out of my pussy? Where was she going to with this? I wasn`t sure if I should answer her honestly. She continued, “ because I absolutely love you doing it, it`s so hot and naughty, it`s almost sinful. I love the way you tongue me after Dave has cum in my pussy“

I was thinking what an extraordinary thing to ask me, she must have really liked this to happen to her and it must be exciting her beyond belief, she loved me tonguing her naughty pussy coated in their cum and I knew we would be doing this again in the future and I loved the thought of it and how excited doing it had made me.

I told her I loved the taste and how turned on it made me licking her cum filled pussy.

“Would you want to do it again? she asked,“ because I want you to“


  • Jody

    Reply Reply November 8, 2019

    Mmmmmm. So hot!! Very well written. I can feel all the conflicting emotions of that cuckold situation. The writer definitely knows too! Can’t wait for part 2!!! Xxxooo Jody

  • Dr. Dick

    Reply Reply November 13, 2019

    This is so hot. Maybe a little slower with the pregnancy fantasy, but still hot.

    Cannot wait for part 3!

    Dr. Dick

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