My Wife Might Not Be Coming Home Tonight – Part 1 4.7/5 (53)

I would cum easily while thinking of her doing these naughty things and my anxiety would disappear for a while. I was in a space filled with remorse and regret and at the same time incredibly turned on with a constant erection leaking precum, thoroughly wetting the front of my jeans. I didn’t want her to fall in love, I wanted her to have the best sex of her life and I hoped it would stay there, the best sex of her life but with no emotional attachment.

I was just kidding myself. Deep down I knew there was no way that she could have mind blowing sex and not have feelings for him. If not on the first time together then on the 2nd or third time they mated. It was only natural. On some primal level I wanted her to have a sexual relationship with him and I would imagine them together and get excited to the point where I would masturbate and cum with the most intense orgasms of my life just thinking about them together and then the anxiety would return.

From feeling so high to a depressed low and all in the space of a few hours. Being honest, there were times I wanted her to have a boyfriend, someone to take her on dates and fuck her regularly. I wanted that for her. In the deepest darkest recesses of my fantasies, I wanted her to get pregnant to her lover, for her to carry his baby.

This fantasy I had often, I wanted this to happen and I would get so turned on at the thought of their coupling and of his seed impregnating her womb and his child growing in her belly, then remorse would set in and thoughts of losing my wife to her lover would spiral me out of control to a state of panic as I imagined this to happen, her announcing she was leaving me for him. It could happen so easily.

What the hell was I doing encouraging her to go to him. How stupid was I to encourage this sexual liaison. I had never discussed this particular kink with her, worried that she wouldn’t understand. It was only a fantasy right, and I didn’t want to lose her. I knew her leaving me would break me forever. I love her with all my being.

Then I imagined Dave and my wife fucking and Dave cumming, pumping his seed deep in her womb getting her pregnant and I came again thinking about her having Dave`s baby and in that moment I wanted her to get pregnant to him, for her to have his child but after the euphoria of the moment I`d go to a dark place inside my head full of remorse with a dose of loathing for being so mental, for wishing this on her knowing that if she got pregnant this would in all likely hood end badly for us, but the sexual high I got from it was so overpowering that I couldn`t shut it down in my head despite the obvious consequences if this really happened. I would tell myself that I would love and support the child just like being its real dad if she stayed with me, if she loved me.

My phone rang, it could only be her ringing at this hour. She promised to keep me up to date with progress on her seduction if it was likely to happen. I was torn between answering my phone and not answering it, to know or not wanting to know. I reached for the phone, “hi dear how are things going? trying to sound cheerful “ Great actually, the band has just stopped playing and we are having a few drinks, Its been a wonderful evening and Dave has been chatting to me every chance he could get. I am starting to think something might happen. I am feeling more than a little hot and flirty and he is definitely coming on to me, my panties are wet and I like the feeling, I thought you would like to know that my panties are wet and he is turning me on. He looks so sexy tonight. Are you still ok for me to go to bed with him because I won`t if you have changed your mind. If you don’t want me to I won`t.“ My answer was brief, “I want you to darling, It`s so hot thinking of you with him, enjoy yourself “ If your sure“ she said, “then I think I`m going to do it with him if I get the chance so I am staying the night. Bruce has a house full of people, but Dave has his own room, I have a mattress on the floor in the lounge but I might not need it so don’t wait up, I have to go now, I love you lots, see you in the morning“ I replied` I love you too, have fun“ “bye“ and she hung up.

Well that’s done it, I could easily have said no don’t you dare, I could have easily stopped her, asked her to wait and have another think about this. but I wanted her to fuck Dave, to cuckold me with Dave, to be ravaged by Dave and his big cock and she was clearly going to do it. I felt as if I was in a thick fog I felt faint and sick to my stomach, I wasn’t thinking clearly going over her words, “ hot and flirty“,“ wet panties“ and “I`m going to do it with him“.

Holy shit she is going do it, she wants to fuck, no, she is going to fuck with him tonight. Now my lustful thoughts win through and I release my cock from my jeans. Its so hard and I`m dripping precum onto the floor. She is going to fuck with him tonight, I stroke my engorged shaft slowly and I imagine their heated coupling. Their first time will be frantic and quick, both desperate to cum and both driving the other on in their raw carnal mating until they cum together in an earth shattering climax. My hand is moving rapidly now and I explode my own cum over my chest and belly, my third time tonight and the night isn’t over yet.

I lay quietly rubbing my cum over my chest and belly then scooping up some of my cum and placing my fingers into my mouth savouring the taste, I do it again and discover I like the taste, I taste some more and imagine its Dave`s cum and I`m licking it from my wife`s sex. I imagine I`m cleaning up her cum filled pussy with my tongue before I fuck her naughty cheating and ever so sexy pussy adding my cum with his, inside of my wife, both our seed seeking out the greatest of prises, to impregnate her womb, to make her pregnant and I`m hard as hell again.

My lustful imaginings of what they are doing together inflame my desire, edging me on to an overwhelming orgasm as I stroked my steel hard cock again and again. My cock engorged and rigid at the thought of licking her cum filled pussy and in the moment I was sure I would do it, I would lick Dave`s cum from my wife`s pussy after he has finished with her and as I stroked my cock, I knew I wouldn`t hesitate to clean up her sloppy pussy full of Dave`s and her cum and I came again for the fourth time since she left for the party, thinking about his cum in her pussy, imagining his cum deep in her pussy and yes, wanting to lick his cum off her pussy lips and tongue lick inside her pussy. I scooped up as much of my cum from my belly as I could with my fingers and placed them in my mouth and confirmed that yes I liked the taste. I wondered if Dave`s cum would taste as good.

I lay there thinking that there was no going back now, my wife was fucking another man, even as I thought of it my cock stirred. I resisted the urge to touch it, to hold it and drifted in and out of sleep for a while. Each time I woke I thought of them fucking and got hard again but resisted temptation as I wanted something left for when she would arrive home. I imagined she had forgotten to take her birth control pills and she fucked him bareback and she was pregnant.

I imagined she deliberately stopped taking her birth control pills when she knew Dave was going to be at the party and wanted Dave to come inside her to make her pregnant, to have his baby. Now I`m stroking my cock again to these insane fantasies, that she has been so well fucked with mind blowing multiple orgasms, that Dave has seduced her to be his exclusive fuck. She needs him now, she can`t go on without him fucking her every day, thrusting his large thick cock deep into her pussy as she orgasms so powerfully over and over. She must have him, she craves for his cum deep in her pussy, he, pulsing in orgasmic frenzy triggering her own explosive climax as he unloads inside her unprotected womb. I cum again, that’s five.

I try to rest, thinking of other things but my mind always bringing me back to the two of them together, holding each other, caressing and kissing each other, touching each other. orally pleasuring each other`s sex, their penetrative coupling and then their incredible orgasms together and I am hard again but I`m tired, I`m worn out. This sort of night can take it out of you and I drift into a deep sleep.


  • Jody

    Reply Reply November 8, 2019

    Mmmmmm. So hot!! Very well written. I can feel all the conflicting emotions of that cuckold situation. The writer definitely knows too! Can’t wait for part 2!!! Xxxooo Jody

  • Dr. Dick

    Reply Reply November 13, 2019

    This is so hot. Maybe a little slower with the pregnancy fantasy, but still hot.

    Cannot wait for part 3!

    Dr. Dick

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