My Wife Honey


Section 1

My name is Jim and my wife Honey and I have been married for eight years. We have two twin girls age four. I work for an insurance company and Honey works for a big advertisement company. Honey has to deal with big time clients and works off commission.

Honey has shoulder length blonde hair and is 5'6" tall with an hour glass figure. She has long slim legs and seeing her wearing her 5" spike heels. They show off all her curves in all the right places. Even after the girls were born, Honey has maintained her figure. Honey is as beautiful as the day I met her in college.

I remember back in college when we were dating. Honey always loved to wear short skirts with heels. She always seemed to find the right top to show off her ample breasts. Honey wears a 36C bra and with her 22"slim waist line, they appear much larger. To this day she still wears provocative attire. I really can’t complain about her wearing what she does to work. We both know it helps bring in some of the big commissions she has earned over the last six years.

This weekend marks the start of summer vacation for the girls. We made plans for them to stay with Honey’s parents in Florida for the whole summer. We’ll have the whole summer alone for the first time in four years. Although we’ll miss the girls, we both look forward to spending time like we did before we became parents.

Saturday arrived and Honey’s parents were here early to pick up the girls. We got everything loaded in the car and they were on their way before noon. Our first little date alone together would be a nice dinner tonight. Honey mentioned she wanted to drop off her wedding and engagement rings off to be cleaned and inspected. It’s part of our insurance plan that we do this once a year.

Honey picked a very nice place that had seafood. I have to admit, not seeing Honey’s rings on her left hand made me feel like we were dating again. I had noticed a guy in the mall this afternoon checking her out as if she were single. It’s only for a week and her rings will be back on her finger where they should be.

We returned home from our dinner and a last minute decision to see a late movie. I sat myself down on the sofa while Honey went up stairs to change into something a little more comfortable. Just when I thought I could fall asleep, I herd Honey making her way down the steps and into the family room.

Honey had changed into a pair of black stockings being held up by a black garter belt. She had on a matching half brassier and a pair of spike heels. To top things off she had splashed on a little of my favorite perfume. Honey made her way over to where I was setting and sat down on my lap wrapping her arms around me and giving me a big kiss as she settled herself down.

I told Honey I loved her, and she kissed me again, this time her tongue had found its way in my mouth. Honey knew what turned me on the most and tried very hard to please me in every way. I consider myself one of the luckiest guys on earth.

I reached around to unclasp Honey’s brassier and tossed it over on the floor. After caressing her firm breasts for a minute or more, I slowly slid my hand down her back to her legs. I spread her legs apart and ran one hand up and down her inner thighs and slowly worked my hand over toward Honey’s pussy while my other hand went back to massaging her breasts.

Honey than pulled her legs together and stood up pulling me with her. Honey unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off first. Than she unbuckled my pants and slid them down my legs as I stepped out of them. Next came my boxers as she pulled them down I stepped out of those as fast as I could.

I was already as hard as a rock when Honey reached down and began stroking me with her long slim fingers. She always wore red polish because she knew it got me excited and turned on. Honey pushed me back onto the sofa and kneeled down in front of me. Smiling up at me as she continued stroking me, I could see her cleavage from this angle.

Honey slowly bent forward and started to lick the sides of my shaft. She worked her tongue in tiny circles moving so gently around the sides of my shaft as I started to leak cum as Honey slowly moved her head into position to engulf the head in her mouth. Honey slowly lowered her head until she had the entire length inside her mouth. I’m not a very big man, just a little more than five inches long and not as thick as some of the guys I knew in college, but this felt good.

Honey has this way to coat my entire shaft with her saliva, than lick it back up. Her mouth felt so hot as she worked her mouth over my shaft. Honey kept this up for a few more minutes until she slowly stood up and moved herself into position with one leg kneeing on each side of me until she was setting on top of me facing me.

I reached around with both hands to cup her firm little cheeks in my hands. As Honey began kissing me, I moved one hand down around to grab my shaft to position it at the entrance of Honey’s pussy. I could feel how wet she was as she dripped onto my hand as I got close.

I slowly parted her pussy lips with my hand and the head of my shaft pushed inside just enough to feel the warmth of my wife as she slowly lowered herself down its length until she was setting still on my lap.

Honey than moved up slowly as I could feel her gripping my shaft as she moved up. Honey is very talented with her pussy muscles and uses them for the fullest advantage. Honey was now grinding her hips in slow circles as she moved herself around on my shaft. I glanced down to see her little belly rotating itself in little circular motions. As I looked further down at her shaved mound, I could see my shaft rubbing against Honey’s clit.

I than tilted my head down to take one of her beautiful full breasts into my mouth to suck. I felt like an infant as I ran my tongue in small circular motions around her nipple than doing the other as Honey kept up her motions on my shaft.

As I sucked on her right breast, I could see her shapely legs still wearing the spike heels. God this woman is hot I thought to myself. I moved my head back up to kiss my wife as I was nearing my orgasm, I wanted to hold out until Honey had a chance to cum herself.

This didn’t take long as I felt Honey starting to shake her whole body above me. Honey leaned back as I held her hands in mine. I kept her from falling off me as she reached her orgasm screaming how good it felt and telling me to keep screwing her as she came.

Her orgasm seemed to last about a minute when I felt her shake again as she was having a second one in a row. This in turn caused me to release my load deep inside my wife’s pussy. I gave out at least six good spurts of cum all hitting her cervix each time. Honey’s pussy started to grip me again as if to squeeze every last drop of cum from my shaft.

Section 2

Honey slowly leaned forward as I put my arms around my wife telling her how much I loved her. I could feel cum oozing out from around my shrinking shaft as it slowly slipped out of my wife’s pussy with a trail of cum behind it.

Monday morning came too fast as we were both getting ready for work. I watched Honey as she came out of the shower and started putting on the clothes she had chosen to wear today. She slid into a pair of nude panty hose.

I didn’t notice any panty’s this morning as she reached around pulling up a black brassier around her full breasts. Honey had chosen a black skirt, not too short but just above the knee. Honey has also picked out a blouse that showed off a little cleavage. It was a green in color and green always made her blonde hair look more attractive.

As we left this morning saying our goodbye’s and kissed, I could smell the perfume my wife was wearing and wanted to take her back into the house and screw Honey again before we both left for work. But we were both running late this morning. We got into our cars and left.

Evening came and I waited for Honey to come home from work. I got off a little early and made dinner for us. I was just lighting the candles when I herd the front door shout.

Honey had a big smile on her face and kissed me as she walked in. She still looked as fresh as she did this morning when we left for work. I hadn’t noticed this morning how much Honey’s pushup brassier had pushed her breasts out in this blouse. There was so much cleavage showing, and she looked so hot!

We just got ourselves seated for dinner when Honey started to tell me about this exciting news she had today at work. She told me there is this new company they will be running some ads on tv and the contract will be for three years and means millions. Honey said she was going to be the person in charge of getting the contract signed. Honey said she met with Mr. Howard the top executive from their firm today and said everything looked good.

Honey had gone on to tell me all the details about the contract and that she would be entitled to a big commission on the whole deal. In fact, Mr. Howard took me to lunch today and he likes me enough to have me close the entire deal by the end of the week.

Than, Honey hit me with a little curve that I didn’t know how to respond to. Mr. Howard assumed I was not married because he didn’t see I was wearing a wedding ring. I just looked at her for a moment until Honey said she didn’t want to say anything because she was so close to closing in on this contract. I couldn’t blame her for that but how were we going to get out of this one if he asked her out.

Than, Honey told me, he asked her out tomorrow evening. I was stunned by what my lovely wife telling me. I asked her if she accepted his offer to go out and she responded with a yes. She said she didn’t know what else to do at this point.

Anyway, she told me how Mr. Howard had suggested a nice restaurant for dinner and maybe afterward going back to his place for a drink. Honey than explained to him that she had a brother at home that would be worried about her if she were out too late.

Honey than said that was all she could think of saying at the moment because his offer had taken her by surprise. Than she went on to tell me that Mr. Howard had a very disappointed look on his face. Honey said she made a suggestion about coming back to her place. She didn’t want anything to get in the way of closing this big contract.

Honey told me that Mr. Howard seemed to be happy with my suggestion and dinner would be at six. Honey told me that I was going to have to be her brother for the evening. I didn’t care for the situation she got us into but I knew she was trying to do the right thing for the company. At least she told him no about going to his place after dinner. I knew my wife loved me and thought about what may happen alone with a stranger in his house.

Maybe we may have not been so lucky if Honey hadn’t taken her rings in for cleaning this week. Maybe things would have turned out different had he knew she was married. I didn’t mind playing along with this. I can be my wife’s brother for one evening. What the heck, it might even be a little fun.

( I hope you enjoy reading the first part. The second part is pretty hot when Honey and Jim get a taste of something they didn’t expect.)

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