My Wife Gives Me What We Want


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Section 1

My wife and I had spent the last 15 months working together, setting goals, working hard and when we hit our goal, we decided to take one of our special trips. I was pleasantly surprised when you told me where you wanted to go. “Are you sure you want to go all the way out their” I asked? “Yes, I remember how much trouble we had the first time in the booths and after all this I think we’ll have much more fun than the last time…call it redemption” you replied. :Ok, I’ll get it setup".

We pick a weekend and set off on Saturday morning. You mention that we have to be back Sunday afternoon so we’ll check out the place tonight after we find the hotel.

After checking and getting some dinner we decide to go and check this place out and get the lay of the land so to speak. It was a Saturday night, but it didn’t appear to be that busy. We walked in and we were the only ones in the store except for the women behind the counter. She was an older woman, but still in really good shape. She was tall with very red hair but she honestly looked bored when we walked in the store. We wondered around for 20 minutes or so looking around and their just wasn’t anything going on now. I walked over to the DVD’s and looked through them for awhile, when I noticed you over at the counter talking with the red haired woman. I walked around for a few more minutes, when you walked back over to me.

“Let’s try the booths” you tell me and we go back to the arcade and step inside a booth. After all our hard work we both realize that their is a good deal more room in the booth now. We share a quick hug to celebrate, but now it was time to get down to business. I put some money in the machine, while I watch you slide your pants down from your hips. “Why don’t you pick something out while I get situated” I tell you as I start working my pants down as well. I move over to the chair and sit down and watch you going through the channels and slowly start to finger you as you are trying to decide and when I push a second finger into your snatch you finally stop at a scene of a young woman getting gangbanged.

You lean forward against the wall and I start to finger you faster, while you reach down and start rubbing your clit. It doesn’t take very long and soon you start to cum all over my hand. You catch your breath and we are both disappointed that no one walked into the neighboring booth while you were being fingered. It’s my turn and I move the chair so that anyone who looked through the gloryhole would have the perfect view of you sucking my dick. You kneeled and took me into your mouth and started to give me a fantastic blowjob. I tried to hold off as long as I could and let you put on a bit of a show, but once again no one came into the other booth to see you jerk a huge load onto your face.

We spend a few minutes getting cleaned up and then sat for another few minutes to see if anyone else came back to the booth area. We were both disappointed that nothing happened, and I know that you could see that disappointment on my face. “Maybe this isn’t for us…I mean how do we consistently mess up a gloryhole” I say as we walk back out to find a still empty store.

“Why don’t you pick out a movie you like and I found a couple of toys that I thought you would really like to see buried deep in my pussy later.” “Lets grab them and we can have some more fun back in our room.” I mumble a yes…clearly bummed that nothing happened again…and shuffled over to the movies I was looking at earlier. I picked out a couple of options that I liked and noticed that you hadn’t came back with the toys yet. You were back up front talking with the woman behind the counter again. It didn’t look like you had the toys yet so I walked over to the giant dildos to see if anything caught my eye. You were talking for another 10 minutes or so and you seem like your making a new friend as I hear you start laughing together. You finally noticed me looking over at you and you talked for another couple of minutes before walking back over to see what I had found.

“What was that all about” I ask as you walk up? “Nothing, I just wanted to ask her if it would get any busier later tonight, I know that you are unhappy.” “Well, what did she say” I ask? “It’s not looking promising. You can never really know when they will get busy.”

You pick out the movie you like better and we agree on the toy we want to use and decide to head back to our room. We had a great time in the booth, but it was a real bust here and I was looking forward to heading back to our room to have some fun. We paid for our items and as we were walking out you stopped and said “Thanks for all your help tonight, Sue. I really appreciate it” and we walk out and make the drive back to the hotel.

We got back to the room and we did have a great time that night, but that will be another story later. We sleep in the next day and I get up and I take a quick shower and get most of our stuff packed up. I wake you up and as you head off to the shower you tell me “just leave the black bag and you can take the rest down if you want.” I gather up our bags and take everything to get it packed up. I stop at the front desk and take care of the bill and head back to our room. I give it a once over to make sure we didn’t leave anything and then knock on the bathroom door before heading in. You look incredible with the hot water running down your body and I would love to get back in their with you, but it’s already close to check out. “While you finish up getting ready, I’m going to go get gas and get us a drink for the road. Just take the card down to the desk when you’re done.” “Ok babe, I won’t be long” you reply.

As I pulled back in you were waiting out front for me. You looked all set for the long drive home, in a pair of baggy sweat pants and hoody. “I’m ready to go if you are” I say as you buckle in." “Lets go for a ride and try the booths again, we’ve got some extra time and I know that you were disappointed last night. To be honest I was a little disappointed myself.” “Look what’s the worst that can happen”, you say, “You’re at least going to get your dick sucked before we head home.” It’s hard to argue with that and we make the drive over to the bookstore again.

Along the way we smoked some weed we had brought and when we pulled into the parking lot we were both really high, and you were giggling so I knew that you were completely gone. As we pull up to the front door I notice that their are a couple of cars in the parking lot this time.

“Go ahead and go in and check it out. I need to call mom and let her know about what time we’ll be home later. Get some change for the booth” you tell me as I shut the car door and head inside. As I walk in I see a couple of guys in the back and the same woman working behind the counter again. “Other people actually work here right?” I joke with her as I get some change.

Section 2

I walk back over to the movies and started looking those over when you walked through he door. You were know longer in the sweatpants and hoody you had on. You came in wearing black shoes, with black pantyhose going up to a small black skirt that ends just below the curve of your ass. The final touch was the sheer white blouse that was pretty easy to see through, since everyone in the room could clearly see your tits. The other guys were trying very hard not to stare and not really doing a very good job of it. I was completely speechless and very, very hard. You walk in checking out the other guys in the store and then glance over to the woman behind the counter, who says hello and gives you a little nod.

I haven’t moved yet and am still trying to take it all in, when you walk past me “Follow me” I hear you say. It takes me a few moments to process what you said and when I look up I just see the door closing behind you. I was still getting my head straight when it hits me that you just waked through the door going to the theater room and not the booth area. I start to follow you when I realize that no one has paid yet. I go to the counter “Two for the theater I guess.” “Don’t worry no one is in their yet.” she says. I hand her a twenty and she rings me up. “I’m sorry just give me a second, this stupid register never wants to work right.” It takes her about five minutes to get the drawer open and give me my change and as I head in, she says to me “Sit in the back corner away from the door. It’s the best seats in the house to see the show.” “Thanks,” I stammer as I open the door.

The door opens into a dark hallway that has a black cloth draped over the door to the theater room. I pulled back the sheet and step inside, hoping you’re not pissed that it took me so long to get back here. As my eyes adjusted to the dark I see that you are not alone in here. How did that woman behind the counter not know that their were guys already in here? I’m about to head back to the counter to let her know about these guys, when I finally spotted you sitting on a love seat towards the front corner of the theater with another guy sitting next to you. How could she miss three guys walking into the theater, I wonder. I was really confused and as I turned to walk out you caught my eye and looked pointedly over at the seats towards the back of the room almost directly opposite you. These were what I could only assume were the best seats in the house that Sue behind the counter had mentioned. What were you guys talking about last night I wonder again. I didn’t know what to do, but when you looked over and me and then back at the seat I went and sat down in the back.

Just as I sat down the movie starts up on the big screen. The first scene was pretty boring, but I wasn’t really watching the movie anyway. I couldn’t stop staring over at you. During the first few minutes of the movie you just sat watching and I noticed you leaning over and speaking with the guy sitting next to you a couple of times. When the next scene started I knew that you would would really enjoy it. Three very attractive women getting it on.

As the movie went on I could see your nipples poking out the fabric of your blouse. You were squirming around in your seat as the action heated up and your skirt was riding higher and higher up your legs. I couldn’t quite see your panties yet, but I could tell that the pantyhose were crotchless, so I doubted you were actually wearing any. As you kept watching those women eating each other out, I could see your hand disappearing beneath your skirt. I was in shock, but very horny watching you play with yourself.

The women on the screen all started to cum and you pushed two fingers into your pussy and were leaning over listening to the guy next to you. When the scene ended, you pulled your fingers from your pussy and with every eye on you we watched you put both of them in your mouth and lick them clean. The man sitting in the front row had to stand and adjust his pants because of the growing hard he had. The next scene was right up my alley.

A dark haired beauty with a good, but not perfect body, wearing nothing but stockings was grabbed from behind and pulled into a room where five men waited for her. Soon all five guys were in a circle around her while she took turns blowing them. As the movie played your were talking to the guy next to you again. I watched your hand lift and I thought you were going to start to play with yourself again, but you moved over and started rubbing his dick through his shorts while continuing to watch the movie.

The women on the screen was pulled up and lead over to a couch. She sat down and laid back with one guy kneeling by her head and feeding her his cock, while another guy started to finger her pussy. As this was going on, I watched the guy lift up a bit and push his shorts down, pulling his cock out as he sat back down. I watched transfixed as you licked your hand and wrapped your fingers around his cock and started stroking him. You continued to watch the movie as you started jerking him off. I noticed that as the action on the screen got more aggressive, so did you.

Your hand started to move faster and faster up and down his cock and then you brought your legs up so that your feet were resting on the seat with your knees bent. This forced your skirt all the way up around your waist and totally exposed your pussy. You tried to spread your legs even wider when he reach over and started to rub your pussy.

The man sitting in the front row finally stood up and walked over to kneel in between your legs. The first guy stopped playing with your pussy and the new guy started licking you all over. He spent a few minutes eating your pussy, then straightened up and roughly shoved two fingers into your dripping snatch. As he did this you let out a deep, primal moan and this encouraged the last guy in the room to walk over to you. He looked to be about 7 inches long and was rock hard as he walked over to the side of the couch.

He pushed his shorts all the way down and guided his dick to your mouth. You didn’t even hesitate as you opened your mouth and started sucking his cock. You started to really moan around the cock in your mouth when the guy between your legs added a third finger to your pussy. I can hear how fucking wet your pussy was as he really picked up speed. The first guy must have felt a little left out and he moved over to the seat on the other side of my wife taking his pants off and getting comfortable. You turned around and started blowing him, while jerking off the guy just in your mouth. I was so hard watching what was happening in front of me that I had to pull my dick out. I stood and took off my pants and sat back down with my dick already in my hand jerking off.

I don’t think you noticed me stand up because just as I did the guy between your legs also stood up and took his pants down as well and out flopped the biggest dick I have ever seen in person. It wasn’t crazy porno big but it was at least 9 inches long and thick. You were switching back and forth between the two cocks in your face and you didn’t see the size of the guys dick as him kneeled back down and lined up his dick with your pussy.

My heart was hammering in my chest as I was about to see my beautiful wife get fucked by this monster cock and I knew I wanted it to happen. I was so turned on by you right now I could barely stand it as I started stroking my cock faster. Any small reservations I might have had were washed away by the look on your face as he pushed his giant cock into your sopping wet pussy. He took a moment to let you get used to his size and slowly started fucking you.

He would pull out until just the head of his cock was inside and slowly push himself back in you all the way to his balls. He kept going gradually picking up speed. I couldn’t tell exactly how many times you came, but it was at least twice so far.

I shot my first load all over my hand when the cock you were sucking exploded all over your face. As you lay back on the couch with cum dripping off your chin onto your breast the guy between your legs starts to really hammer his dick into you. “I’m gonna cum soon” he shouts. “Don’t stop, don’t stop fucking me I’m so close” you moan. “Keep fucking me with your giant cock.” “I got to pull out baby, I’m going to cum” he tells you again.

Even after everything I have witnessed today I can’t believe it when I see your legs lock behind his back and pull him deeper into you.

“I’m so close, don’t fucking stop” you tell him as he starts thrusting his cock into your pussy again and you pull him in deeper with each stroke. “Yes, that’s it…fuck my dirty pussy. I’m going to cum all over your cock…keep fucking me hard” you tell him. I hear him finally tell you “hear it comes slut” as he picks up the pace of his thrust. “Don’t stop…don’t stop…keep fucking me…fill me with your cum” you shout out. I watched as he buried his dick in you up to the balls as started shooting him cum deep inside you.

Section 3

He pulled out until just the head was inside as he pumped the last of him cum into you and I heard you fucking growl at him and say “Yes, fill up my whore cunt with your cum.”

Hearing that caused me to shoot my second load of the day onto the floor in front of me and also piqued the interest of the two guys walking into the theater just then.

It turned out to be the two guys that were in the store when we arrived. As they walked up the guy fucking you pull his dick out and alot of cum started running out of your pussy. You just looked up and smiled at them and told them to take their dicks out. “It’s my turn now” said the guy who started all this. He grabs you and puts you over the arm of the couch, gets behind you and slides his cock into you. It’s not as big as the last one, but he knows what he is doing with it and soon you are thrusting your ass back at him. He doesn’t last long and when he tells you he is going to cum, you pull off his dick, spin around and take his cock into your mouth. He starts to cum and you pull out and jerk a second load all over your face.

He tucks himself away and leaves the theater as you turn to the two new arrivals. These guys already have their cocks out and are very hard. You grab the first one and sit him on the couch. You said something to the second guy that I couldn’t make out and then turn back around, bent over and started blowing the guy on the couch. The guy behind you starts fingering your pussy and I can see cum just running down your thighs and he pushes a couple of fingers in and out. After a couple of minutes he switches hands in your pussy and then pushes the middle finger deep into your ass. He continues to fuck both your holes for another couple of minutes while you suck cock.

You stop blowing him and sit on his lap sliding his cock deep into your pussy. As you lean forward he grabs you ass and spreads your cheeks apart exposing your asshole for his friend. He steps up behind you and spits on your ass and press the head of his dick against your asshole. He pushes just a bit harder and I hear you gasp as he pops the head of his cock into your ass. The guy underneath you stays perfectly still as his buddy pushes more and more of his dick into your butt. He goes slow, but your so horny and soon he has all 7 inches buried in your ass.

It take a minute or two but soon these guys fall into a rhythm and really start to fuck the shit out of you. You could tell it wasn’t the first time these guys had done this together. I watched them fuck you for a good ten minutes, while you came a couple more times. This was incredible and my dick started to get hard for the third time today. I was stoking my cock again when they wanted to switch positions up.

They pulled you up and together they picked you up and lowered you down onto the first cock into your pussy. As soon as you were in position the other guy worked his cock back into your ass. It was wild watching this…the guys were standing their facing each other with you sandwiched in the middle. The both grabbed your waist and together started raising your up and slamming your back down on both of their cocks. You cried out in pleasure as you came again over both cocks. They continued to pick up the pace, slamming you down on their cocks.

“I’m going to cum” says one and then the other as they start to fuck you a little harder. “I want both of you to fill me up with your cum. Keep fucking me and and fill my fucking holes with your cum” you tell them both. I couldn’t take it anymore and I walk over next to you. You came hard again as they both started unloading into you. They kept fucking you as they were cumming and as their dicks kept ramming into you the cum started to get pushed out and running down your legs. This was to much for me and I started to rub my cock all over your stocking covered foot and blew my third load all over your sexy toes and foot.

The guys clean up and walk out and I move around and take in the greatest site I have ever seen. Your hair is a wreck and your face it covered in cum. You have cum leaking out of your pussy and ass. “Let’s get you cleaned up” I say as I reach down to pull you up. “Your right, it is time to get me cleaned up. Get on your fucking knees and clean me up.” I looked down and your pussy and it looked really sexy having just been fucked, while I didn’t have a problem cleaning up my own cum, this was something different all together. “DJ…if you want something like this to ever happen again you better get the fuck down their and clean out my pussy.

I loved what just happened and wanted to see if again so I went down to my knees and shoved my tongue deep into your pussy. I cleaned and licked every inch of your pussy and then turned you over licking your ass clean as well. I didn’t have much choice when I started anyway. As soon as my tongue touched your pussy you grabbed a handful of my hair and kept my mouth pressed against your pussy while you kept telling me how you loved being my filthy whore.

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