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Want to share with you all the story of how my wife became a “hot wife.” My name is Chris and my wife is Melissa. We are both in our late forty’s and have been happily married for nearly twenty years. We are your typical “suburb” couple with your normal life filled with work, family activities and various social and community obligations that keeps our lives fairly full. Melissa and I met in college where we dated and not long after we graduated we got married.

Both Melissa and I had been each other’s first and had been mutually exclusive to each other until that one fateful night. Looking back, I would guess that our sex life resembled most people in the sense that in the beginning, we did it everywhere and anywhere and as often as we could. Over time, as our lives bogged down with family and careers, the frequency of our love making dwindled down to once or twice a week.

Neither of us were complaining, but I now see that it was because we didn’t know what we were missing. My wife is an account manager for a local investment firm and has managed to keep herself in really great shape considering how busy she is with work, family and just day-to-day life.

She stands 5ft 8in tall and weighs about 130. Melissa has these age defying breasts that are 34D’s and still retain a really nice “perkiness” considering she’s nursed our two sons and being in her late thirties…. a number of her female friends have expressed their jealousy in the fact that my wife’s tits still look like those belonging to a twenty-something year old. She manages to keep a fairly flat mid-

section thanks largely to her regular trips to the gym which not only keeps her mid-section lean and sexy but keeps her lower half tight an toned. Melissa is not one to be overly sexual with the way she dresses but I really like it when she heads to the gym with her short Lycra shorts that hug the shape of her ass…. YUMMY! Although we aren’t as sexually active as we were in our twenties and thirties, Melissa still keeps her pussy exquisitely groomed either sporting the thinnest line of pubes leading to her love slit or she goes completely bald…. Either way I love the way her pussy looks.

As I mentioned, the frequency of our love making had been slowly dwindling over the years. When we did make love, it was great… but little did we know how much we were really missing. Once in a while, we would introduce various fantasies into our love making to help “ignite the fire”. One night out of the blue we decided to watch a video and it featured couples where the wife was a “hot wife”.

This was a new concept to us, but it soon became a source of a fantasy that I would use to spark a fire every now and then. That soon evolved into use blindfolding Melissa so she could “imagine” that it was someone else that she was fucking as her way to live out that fantasy. Over time, the thought of watching my wife have sex with someone else became more and more of a desire of mine.

I began to tell my wife that she had my blessing to have sex with another man, as long as she told me about it and I got a chance to watch. However, things never evolved beyond that. It had been about a year or so that the fantasy of Melissa becoming a hot wife when things changed… definitely for the better. Melissa was scheduled to attend a conference in another city that was a six hour drive away and she’d be there from Wednesday through Saturday evening.

Our plan was for her to head out Tuesday afternoon and she’d be there alone till I met her on Friday. We’d spend the rest of the weekend there enjoying the perks of the resort where her conference was being held… kind of a mini-staycation. As Melissa prepared to leave mid-day Tuesday, I once again mentioned to her that she had my blessing to take advantage of my offer to have sex with another man.

I reminded her that my only request was that she would let me know that she’d be doing it. She had her bags packed and I quickly went through her clothes to see what she had packed. I saw that she had packed no sexy lingerie, so I quickly went into her drawers and grabbed some of her sexiest underwear and packed it for her … just in case. I met Melissa for lunch as we normally do when she goes to one of these conferences and we headed home for a “quickie” before she left for the other side of the state.

Later that evening, when Melissa had arrived at the location for her conference, she called me to question how her lacy thongs and bras had made their way into her bags. I told her that I wanted her to be prepared just in case she decided to make good on my offer…. jokingly her response was that if needed, she could have gone out and bought new stuff “just in case”. Wednesday came and I went about my normal routine not expecting anything out of the ordinary to happen.

Then it was late in the afternoon / early evening and I had gotten a call from Melissa like she normally does. We exchanged our normal “I miss you’s” and the regular checking on how each other was doing. Before hanging up I once again reminded my wife that she had my blessing to take advantage of my offer to have sex with someone else while she was at her conference.

Melissa’s reply kind of shocked me in a the sense that her reply wasn’t a “no” but instead she said that even if she wanted to, the attendees were a bunch of overweight, bald-headed older dudes, none of which she’d ever want to jump into bed with…. I didn’t know if that was her way of diverting the discussion or if she was actually contemplating of fucking someone else.

Late that night, probably about twelve or one in the morning, Melissa surprisingly called telling me that she was unusually horny and couldn’t sleep. We talked a bit then did something we had never done before, we both used our video telecom apps on our phone and for the first time ever had long-distance video phone sex with each other. It began with Melissa lying in bed in just her panties and a sleep shirt talking about how horny she was and as a result couldn’t sleep.

She told me how wet she was and desperately wanted to have an orgasm so she could fall asleep. It didn’t take long before Melissa began to masturbate using one hand to pleasure her pussy while the other hand played with her tits and nipples. Seeing my wife masturbate made me erect so I decided to pull my cock our and let her watch me jack off. We both watched with great anticipation and sexual excitement as the other masturbated.

It didn’t take long before Melissa began to cum and I soon followed shooting a load of semen all over my hand showing my wife the result of our mutual masturbation session. It was great to see my wife’s inhibitions fading away, so I wondered if things could or would go farther. Thursday came and things seemed to be normal both at home and with Melissa on the other side of the state.

About 2 o’clock in the afternoon, I got a text message from Melissa saying that there was a guy that was fliting and hitting on her, to my surprise, her next comment was that she actually found his efforts exciting. Again I encouraged her that if she wanted to, she had not only my approval but my blessing to see where thing with him could go. Instead of getting her normal reply declining my offer, she did not reply….was she actually considering it?!?!

Thoughts of my wife getting fucked by another man began to race through my mind and the next thing I knew my cock was now semi-rigid and getting harder by the minute. It must have been about four in the afternoon when I got a text from my wife, this time it was a selfie of her and this gentleman who looked like he crawled off the cover of a GQ magazine. He looked to be in his late twenties or early thirties and had that GQ look to him from his impeccable grooming to the attire he was sporting.

I began to wonder if this was the guy that was hitting on my wife… if it was, I wanted her to get fucked by him and fucked real good too! I didn’t get my normal phone call from Melissa letting me know that she was going to bed, so I began to wonder if she had indeed taken the leap and was getting fucked by the guy in her selfie.


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    Reply Reply October 6, 2019

    Great story! Are there any others from this author?

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    Reply Reply October 13, 2019

    Fantastic story simply wow , almost an instruction how to do manual

  • Dob

    Reply Reply October 19, 2019

    Outstanding story hope it becomes a series of stories

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